Indy Goes for the Gold, Washington Petition Problems and Bailing on Tedra – TTAG Daily Digest

City council to consider declaring ‘public health crisis’ as Indy battles gun violence So in Indianapolis gun control isn’t just about control…it’s also about the cash . . . By declaring gun violence a public health crisis, La-Keisha Jackson says the city would be able to gain access to federal dollars that could help address systemic […]

Hate and Vitriol, CPD Video and Disappointed in Massachusetts – TTAG Daily Digest

Marion Hammer Files Lawsuit over ‘Hate and Vitriol’ This doesn’t seem like a winning proposition . . . The federal lawsuit said the conduct of the defendants — Lawrence “Lol” Sorensen of California, Christopher Risica of Connecticut and Howard Weiss, and Patrick Sullivan, whose places of residence are unknown — has caused emotional distress, humiliation, […]

Kasich Can’t Do It Alone, Other People’s Money and Tedra’s Dilemma – TTAG Daily Digest

Kasich Says He’s Frustrated Lawmakers Won’t Take Up His Gun Regulations Proposal So the Gov is frustrated that pro-gun legislators are being…pro-gun? . . . Gov. John Kasich is sounding off on the lack of movement on gun regulations that he’d proposed earlier this year, commenting on it in two separate public events. Kasich talked […]

California Backs Down, Dealing a Big Blow and the Secret Service Weighs In – TTAG Daily Digest

California DOJ Withdraws Regulation Requiring Registration of ‘Assault Weapons’ How great is that? . . . The California Department of Justice withdrew a regulation Wednesday evening requiring California firearm owners to register so-called “assault weapons” following a lawsuit filed by a group of gun rights advocacy organizations including Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Firearms Policy Foundation […]

Kavanaugh on Guns, White Defends Himself and Fitzpatrick’s Inconvenient Friends – TTAG Daily Digest

Judge Kavanaugh and the Second Amendment A must-read from Dave Kopel on Brett Kavanaugh’s view of gun rights . . . As Justice Kavanaugh explained, semi-automatic rifles date back to the Winchesters and Remingtons of 1903-06. Meanwhile, “The first semi-automatic shotgun, designed by John Browning and manufactured by Remington, hit the market in 1905 and […]