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BREAKING: Unconfirmed Reports of Weapon Confiscation Near Bundy Ranch

(courtesy Bundy Family Facebook page)

No question: the “standoff” at the Bundy Family Ranch in Nevada is growing more tense with each passing hour, as media and militia pour into the area and the feds tool-up for an old-fashioned confrontation over grazing rights and cattle. It must be said (and was, kinda by our man Hyde earlier): the Bundy family is doing nothing to calm the situation and much to roil it. Earlier today, the Bundy family suggested the feds may have cut cell tower service to disrupt communications amongst their supporters. Now this from The Bundy Ranch’s Facebook page . . .

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Pisotorius Prosecution Prompts SA Gun Owners to Defend Their Rights


South African reader Gideon Joubert writes:

In the early morning hours of February 14th 2013 world famous paralympian Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, four times through the door separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom in his Pretoria residence. All four of the shots fired from the Taurus 9mm parabellum struck Ms. Steenkamp, one fatally wounding her in the head. The prosecution headed by Senior Advocate Gerrie Nel, who successfully prosecuted former South African Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi on corruption charges, accuses Pistorius of premeditated murder. The defence counsel headed by the formidable Senior Advocate Barry Roux argues that it was a tragic accident . . .

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Federal Air Marshalls Director Resigns Over SIG Selling Scheme

“The director of the Federal Air Marshal Service [FAMS] is resigning after being investigated for his role in an alleged operation to acquire guns for officials’ personal use, has learned. Director Robert Bray’s home was raided in December in connection with the ongoing probe. Law enforcement and congressional sources told that Bray’s recently announced resignation, which is effective in June, is directly related to the investigation. Bray allegedly is among several officials who were obtaining weapons through this operation.” Here’s how the FAMS jefe’s straw purchasing scam went down . . .

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LA County Sheriffs Shoot and Kill Hostage

Aspiring TV producer John Winkler (courtesy Facebook)

“John Winkler, 30, was one of three men being held and attacked by a 27-year-old man with a knife at an apartment on Monday night,” reports. “He and another man ran out of the apartment to get away, but sheriff’s deputies called to the scene thought he was the assailant and shot him, the Sheriff’s department said. Here’s how it went down, according to the County Sheriffs’ statement . . .

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OMG! Forgetful Gun Owners At Orlando Airport Given a Pass! OMG!

 An English passenger would be mightily offended. Just sayin' (courtesy

OIA gun arrests rarely end with convictions, the headline proclaims, adding Gun arrests dismissed almost every time a defendant says, ‘I forgot,’ records show. Although the story doesn’t actually come out and say “Hang ‘em high!”, scribe Henry Pierson Curtis’s incredulous tone tells you that the paper’s editor is unhappy with the fact that Orlando International Airport gives forgetful gun owners a pass when the TSA’s blue-shirted goons discover a firearm in their carry-on. Actually, that’s not true. It’s neither the airport nor the unionized gropers who let our People of the Gun go. In fact it’s . . .

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Open Letter from Lt. Patrick Cook on Fort Hood Spree Killing

Lt. Patrick Cook (below) (courtesy Facebook)

My letter to Congress, read today at Texas Senate committee on Constitutional Carry. It is now public record.

To my friends, fellow Texans, brothers in arms, members of the committee, and everyone within the sound of my voice, greetings.

My name is First Lieutenant Patrick Cook of the 49th Transportation Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas, and this past Wednesday I found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow Soldiers, one of whom was barricading the door against a madman with a .45 pistol when he was fatally shot. Through what I can only describe as a miracle, he somehow found enough strength to continue pushing against that door until the shooter gave up and went elsewhere, at which time he collapsed. Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth from when I and my comrades breathed into his lungs for 20 long minutes while we waited for a response from the authorities. This Soldier’s name was Sergeant First Class Daniel Ferguson, and his sacrifice loaned me the rest of my life to tell this story . . .

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Newly Revealed ATF Letter Explains Why Ares (and EP’s) 80% Lowers Are Illegal


Ares Armor sells EP Armory 80% lower receivers. Well, they sold them. We reported that Ares Armor was raided by the ATF (even after a restraining order was issued against such action) for selling these lowers, and at the time there wasn’t much information available about the reason why the ATF believes that these lowers actually meet the legal definition of a firearm. Now, thanks to one of our buddies, we’ve gotten our hands on the actual letter from the ATF on the subject and it answers a lot of the questions that we’ve been having. . .

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