Personal Defense Tip: Approach Domestic Disputes With Extreme Caution

“Just before noon on Monday, 35-year-old T.J. Antell, who had served in the Marines, watched the unfolding of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman outside a Walgreens in Arlington, Texas, authorities said. The man, a soldier stationed at Fort Hood, allegedly fired a gun twice, one bullet burying into the ground and another striking the woman. He then climbed into his truck in the parking lot and attempted to leave when Antell tried to stop him.” So reports the Washington Post. And nothing at all good came of Antell’s efforts to stop a fleeing suspect . . .

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How New York Became a Nexus of Second Amendment Infringement

Timothy_Sullivan (courtesy

After the American Revolutionary War, New York legislators didn’t include gun rights in their state constitution. They considered firearms freedom too obvious to include. And any legal protection redundant, thanks to the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. And so it was — until 1911. That’s when the Empire State legislature passed the infamous Sullivan Act to protect organized crime from armed citizens . . .

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No Fun In Acapulco: Another Day, Another Mexican Journalist Murdered

Journalist Francisco Pacheco Beltrán (courtesy

Considering the violence and lawlessness south of the border, Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between Mexico and the United States is looking more and more like a scaled-up version of Escape from New York. How long before we simply escort criminals to the other side of The Donald’s wall and let them fend for themselves? Meanwhile, Mexico is an excellent/horrific example of what happens to a disarmed populace. This story — republished from — goes out to the U.S. journalists who love them some gun control. When gun rights advocates say the Second Amendment protects the First, they ain’t just whistling Dixie. It’s your neck that’s on the line boyo. You have been warned . . .

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Fast and Furious Investigation Slow and Tedious

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry writes [via]

Since December 2010 the government program known as Operation Fast and Furious has morphed into a program that could be accurately labeled as Operation Slow and Tedious. The objective is to delay exposure of the truth until that exposure has no political or personal impact on the various players involved. Efforts to get at the truth of the scandal got a boost in January when . . .

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BREAKING: Cardel Hayes Indicted on Second Degree Murder Charges for Will Smith Killing

“Cardell Hayes has been indicted on four charges, including second-degree murder, in the death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith,” reports. “The other charges are attempted second-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage and aggravated criminal assault with a firearm. Smith’s wife, Racquel, was wounded in the shooting.” I guess the defense’s contention that Mr. Hayes shot Mr. Smith in self-defense didn’t fly. Let’s see what the judge/jury thinks . . .


“Heavily Armed Men” Murder Former Autodefensas


In case you’ve just joined us, Mexican civilians have formed citizen militias to protect themselves from cartels and the Mexican military. These autodefensas are armed — illegally — with whatever firearms they can scrounge. Neither the cartels nor the Mexican government are OK with that; both prefer a compliant populace. In response to the autrodefensas, the Mexican government formed the fuerza rural – a sham force of government-paid and controlled “security force.” The autodefensas could either join or be tortured/die. The cartels adopted a similar policy, minus the join bit. The following story from chronicles a hit on the citizen militia and the government’s [non] response . . .

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TSA Confiscates 73 Guns in One Week. And?

TSA confiscate firearms (courtesy

“Airport screeners established a new record last week when they stopped passengers from boarding planes with 73 firearms in carry-on luggage,” reports. Wow! Even the Rabbi wouldn’t carry 73 firearms! Anyway, “The Transportation Security Administration officials said the number was reached in the seven days ending April 21 and the haul surpassed the previous high of 68 set in October.” But wait! That’s not the half of it (apparently) . . .

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Force Science Institute Survey: The “Ferguson Effect” on Policing Is Real

Ferguson riot

By David Blake of the Blake Consulting and Training Group in Brentwood, CA. Republished from Force Science Institute:

Nearly half of patrol officers surveyed nationally say they have cut back on traffic and pedestrian stops, confirming that a suspected “Ferguson Effect” is significantly affecting proactive policing. The recent poll was designed and conducted by certified Force Science Analyst David Blake, a retired 16-year police veteran with a master’s degree in psychology who heads an independent law enforcement consulting and training firm. Through an online Survey Monkey questionnaire, he gathered responses from a cross-section of nearly 500 front-line sworn personnel, many of them encouraged to participate by their departments. . . .

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Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills Man During Church Altercation. DGU? Media Jumping the Gun?


By Brandon [via]

A man was shot and killed during a North Wales, Pennsylvania church service Sunday morning and police are still trying to determine if the shooting was justified or not. “The person shot and killed, identified as 27-year-old Robert Braxton, was said to have been in an altercation with another church member. The person who fired the shots has not yet been identified, but police say that he’s cooperating with their investigation and that he holds a valid PA concealed carry permit. He has also not been charged with any crime” . . .

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Police Shoot and Kill Gunman Who Injured Two at Wisconsin Prom


“An 18-year-old gunman who injured two students at a high school prom in northern Wisconsin Saturday night died after he was shot by police,” reports. “The shootings took place just after 11 p.m. local time when the suspect showed up with a rifle outside Antigo High School and started shooting, said Eric Roller, the city’s police chief.” The report uses the usual terms to describe the now-dead rifleman (and former Antigo student) Jakob Wagner’s weaponry . . .

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