BREAKING: Terrorist Gunmen Kill Dozens In Tunisia Hotel Attack

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“Gunmen killed at least 27 people at a beachfront Tunisian hotel on Friday, the same day a terrorist lashed out brutally in France and a mosque in Kuwait was bombed,” reports. “A woman from Wales [vacationing in Tunisia] told CNN’s Robyn Kriel that she saw bloodied bodies lying in the sand and people from neighboring hotels jumping over to fences to get to her hotel. She said she is staying about a mile from the main attack scene, but visitors there still took precautions by putting mattresses up against the door to slow any gunmen who might try to barge in.” Ah, the old mattress defense! Meanwhile . . .

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Cops Bust Jersey City Bloods for Gun Video [NSFW] – A Year Later

The wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine. Or so the saying goes. Eight Jersey City (NJ) gang members busted for felony gun possession after flaunting same in their video D.F.G – MoneyCello (Monticello reference?) may be a case in point. Or not. Garden State police said they only saw the rap video a few months ago. Hello? The video was posted June 1, 2014. Anyway, “Officials believe that at least one of the guns is real, while a second gun may be a replica,” reports. Their belief was based on expert – expert! – analysis . . ..

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Will Sicario Shoot-Em-Up Tell the “True” Story of U.S. Cartel Conspiracy?

The Congressional Investigation into Operation Fast & Furious was a damp squib. Despite incontrovertible evidence that the feds channeled firearms to the Sinaloa drug cartel, despite the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry at the hands of a “rip crew” enabled by the ATF, despite Attorney General Eric Holder’s Contempt of Congress citation, those responsible for F&F walked scot-free. The upcoming movie Sicario . . .

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Top Dem: Church Shooting Would Have Been Worse if Parishioners Had Been Armed

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: when innocent people are gunned down by a spree killer (regardless of his motivations) most people empathize with the victims. They imagine being there. Their next thought isn’t “a gun law would have stopped it from happening in the first place.” If prodded, they are willing to consider the proposal “what if someone had been armed?” That kind of common sense logic, which evokes Hollywood-inspired visions of successful armed defense, leaves anti-gunners in an awkward position. That’s when the spout abject stupidity, like the pearls dropping from Democratic strategist Bob Shrum’s mouth. Never mind. He’s helping the cause of gun rights. Keep talking guys, keep talking. [h/t DrVino]


BREAKING: NBC’s Meet the Press Accused of Racism in “Gun Violence” Video

This morning’s NBC’s Meet the Press ran the above anti-gun segment on “gun violence.” The carefully-edited excerpt from a larger film presented incarcerated criminals who’d shot innocent people and lived to regret it. All of those interviewed were black. Todd asked his audience to ignore that fact. Yeah. No. Within minutes the Internet was abuzz with charges of racial bias. Host Chuck Todd hardly had time to strip off his microphone to pen a public explanation. It’s a combination of “sorry if we hurt your feelings” and “screw you, it’s our job to make you uncomfortable.” Seriously. Here it is . . .

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Church Spree Killer Planned to Attack College of Charleston

Christon Scriven (courtesy

“A black friend of the white man accused of murdering nine people at a Charleston church says the suspect told him a week prior to the killings that he planned to shoot up a local college campus,” reports. “Christon Scriven, [above] a drinking buddy of Dylann Roof, told The Associated Press that he thought Roof’s statements were just drunken bluster. However, Scriven said that he was concerned enough that he and another friend, Joey Meek, went out to take his .45-caliber gun, hiding it in an air-conditioning vent of a mobile home until they all sobered up.” And then gave it back, later. Here’s how Scriven described the conversation . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Chase Bad Guys

Jeremy Cook (courtesy

My Facebook friend Beth Baca recently asked her followers what she should do if she had a bad guy at bay in her home. Most commentators recommended that she should perforate the perp. Wrong answer. That’s cold-blooded murder. Also wrong: holding a bad guy at gunpoint. Other than a free-range bad guy, nothing could be more foolhardy than attempting to hold a dangerous criminal at gunpoint. Just let him go. Then let the cops go find him. Equally, it’s a bad idea to go bad guy hunting. Here’s a tragic story from our neighbors to the north that illustrates the folly of being your own law enforcer/cop/detective . . .

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Bishop E. W. Jackson: Urges Pastors to Carry A Firearm

Bishop E.W. Jackson was none too happy when President Obama compared ISIS terrorism to the Christian crusades. He’s equally displeased with the fact that members of the Emanuel A.M.E. church were unarmed when Dylann Roof opened fire. The Bishop urges pastors to carry a firearm to defend themselves and their flock. “If someone comes into my church to hurt my members I have an absolute obligation to defend them, to protect them.” Can I get an amen?


Random Thoughts About Charleston And The Denial Of Evil


You’ll find several buildings of note in any American city. Among them, the courthouse and at least one major church. In the courthouse, lawyers and judges ply their trade. The rule of law is observed and, sometimes, realized. In the church, men, women and children of all races come together to worship God in faith and fellowship. The inhabitants of both buildings acknowledge the existence of evil, and its unceasing work among us. But they have very different ways of dealing with the potential for evil arriving on their doorstep . . .

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