Pharmacist Fired for Armed Self Defense Loses Appeal

Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven worked at Walgreens in Benton Township, Michigan. After a robbery in 2007, Hoven complained to management about security at the store. While he waited for improvements, Hoven obtained a concealed carry permit. In 2011, at 4:30 a.m. on May 8th, the pharmacist used his concealed firearm to defend himself against armed robbers who’d entered the store, taken a manager hostage and tried to shoot him. It was all captured on a dramatic video [above]. A local police Lt. said . . .

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BREAKING: Three Dead At Alabama UPS Facility

Crime scene (courtesy

A former employee at an Alabama UPS facility shot two UPS supervisors before taking his own life. “The incident happened just before 9:30 a.m.,” reports, “as police received multiple calls of an active shooter at 4601 Inglenook Lane, the customer service center and warehouse. ‘Patrol units responded quickly, they rallied and made entry,’ said Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper. ‘They were able to clear the building and, of course, during the shooting, multiple employees exited the facility.’ Once the officers arrived and entered the building, they found three dead people inside the business. ‘It appears it was the shooter still wearing his UPS uniform and two other employees,’ the chief said. The shooter is believed to be a 45-year-old white male from the Argo area . . . Police this afternoon confirmed the shooter was fired from his job.’He received his final papers Monday,’ said police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards. ‘Today he was not expected to return to work because he was no longer employed there.'”


Man Shot in GA Target Parking Lot

“A man was shot Sunday evening in the parking lot of the Target store at The Prado shopping center on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. The man, whose name has not been released, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wounds to the back and arm,” Steve Rose said. TTAG reader KA writes: “Well, I wonder if Shannon and friends would consider getting carjacked and shot in the back in a Target parking lot #offTarget. Personally, I find victim disarmament zones leave me feeling #targeted, to use their vernacular. Oh well, at least it didn’t happen inside the store, because, you know, that would be against Target’s, um, polite request that guns stay in the car. Best wishes to the guy who got shot.”


Milwaukee DA Stats Confirm: Existing Gun Laws Not Being Enforced

One of the NRA’s constant refrains: we don’t need new gun control laws. We need to enforce existing gun laws to take dangerous criminals off the streets. It’s a complaint that doesn’t get much attention in the mainstream media. or much credit when it does. Well here’s a story that proves the point. And how. “In an open records request to the Milwaukee Police Department, Media Trackers requested information on all MPD police reports forwarded to the DA’s office with the recommended charge of ‘Possession of a Firearm by a Felon’ – a felony under current law — during June, July and August of 2013. What Media Trackers found was that nearly half of those cases referred to the DA’s office by the MPD were never charged. Of the 142 cases recommended for charges by the MPD between June and August of last summer . . .

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Question for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: What Gun Control Law Would Have Prevented This?

Jessica Arrendale and baby (courtesy

Here’s a recent post on the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook page: “DEAD GEORGIA MOTHER HAILED AS HERO: Last week, a Georgia mother saved her 6-month-old baby by sheltering the infant in a toilet before her boyfriend shot her in the head with a semi-automatic rifle. He then turned the gun on himself. Both Jessica Arrendale and her child’s father, Antoine Davis, were found dead. The baby, who police found 13 hours after the shooting, is safe after being treated for injuries: Davis, a war veteran, had a history of depression and domestic violence. American women are 11 times more likely to be shot to death by an intimate partner than in other developed nations. We must elect leaders who support laws that protect women from gun violence. In honor of Jessica, SHARE and SIGN our Gun Sense Voter pledge..”  OK so . . .

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Note to Gun Control Advocates: Do You Think of Children Like These When Fighting “Gun Violence”?

Denzel Burke and Michael Phillips (courtesy

Gun control advocates are famous (in these parts) for using misleading statistics to promote civilian disarmament. Gun violence claims 30k lives a year! they proclaim. The antis ignore or skim over the fact that suicides account for around half of these deaths. Gun control has no appreciable effect upon this behavior (see: “gun-free” Japan’s suicide rate). Doesn’t matter. Gun control is for the children™. For example . . .

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Is That a Banana In Your Pocket or are You Just Hard Up for Cash?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.35.14 PM

“Philadelphia Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a suspect who was caught on camera using a banana hidden inside his sweatshirt to rob a market.” As reports in their story titled Man Robs Store With Banana, Peels Away on Bicycle, the bodega bandit grabbed a nanner from the counter, poked it through his hoody pocket and demanded cash. “’We’re fearful this male may continue on doing further robberies and he did put these people in fear because they cannot tell what the item was when he demanded money and claimed he had a gun,’ (Philadelphia Police Lt. John) Walker said.” It’s probably only a matter of time now before Everytown member and Philly mayor Michael Nutter moves to institute background checks on all pointy fruit purchases. 


The Curious Case of the Handcuffed Barber


The 11th circuit court has provided an epic slap-down on police…er, exuberance, ostensibly in order to enforce state  regulations via warrantless SWAT raids. From

Although ostensibly justified as a regulatory inspection, the raid on Strictly Skillz, like similar sweeps of other barbershops that same day, was part of an operation hatched by (Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Amanda) Fields and Cpl. Keith Vidler of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO), who hoped to find drugs, “gather intelligence,” and “interview potential confidential informants.” The barbershops chosen for the sweeps “were apparently selected because they or barbers within them had on previous occasions failed to cooperate with DBPR inspectors,” the court says. “All of the targeted barbershops were businesses that serviced primarily African-American and Hispanic clientele.”

The 11th circuit held that . . .

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Update: Florida Shooter Was a Felon, Previously Killed Son in “Hunting Accident”


Yesterday we caught wind of a Florida mass shooting in which a family was murdered. Details were scarce at the time, but with the morning comes additional information. It appears that a total eight people are dead: six children, the mother, and the grandfather by suicide. The suspected murderer is Don Spirit, a person who was previously convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm when he “accidentally” killed his son in a “hunting accident” years prior . . .

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BREAKING: Reports of Mass Shooting, Including Six Children in Bell, FL


From “Several news organizations are reporting a multiple shooting in Bell, Fla., and WCJB in Gainesville confirms that there have been deaths. Six children are among the dead, the Gilchrist County Journal reported on its Facebook page, and the Gainesville Sun tweeted that two adults and six children are dead in the incident.” Very little is known at this point though there are multiple reports that the shooting was a murder-suicide. For more we turn to CNN . . .

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It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use: Disarmed Teen Edition


After the machine gun accident that claimed the life of a Las Vegas shooting instructor, there’s been a lot of talk about the appropriate age for introducing children to firearms. I think it’s completely down to the parents’ discretion. They are their children’s guardians, not the state. I’m more interested in a different question: when is it appropriate to leave a child with a firearm for self-defense? Again, that’s the parents’ call. Depending on the child, I reckon it’s long before most children reach the legal age of majority. Otherwise, this . . .

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Aussies Thwart Domestic Beheading

Female Palestinian suicide bombers attend a news conference in Gaza

“Police said they thwarted a plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group by detaining 15 people and raiding more than a dozen properties across Sydney on Thursday,” reports. “The raids involving 800 federal and state police officers — the largest in the country’s history — came in response to intelligence that ISIS in the Middle East was calling on Australian supporters to kill, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.” And here’s the really scary bit . . .

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