Gun Rights or Medical Marijuana…You Can’t Have Both

This is becoming more of a problem every day . . . Patients must choose: Medical marijuana or gun ownership The town drunk can buy firearms. So can someone who has been involuntarily placed in a mental hospital for a short stay. But anyone who wants to treat their Crohn’s disease with medical marijuana is forbidden from owning a […]

TSA Set to Confiscate 4000 Firearms from Travelers in 2017

“The Transportation Security Administration on its blog publishes a weekly tally of weapons found,” reports. “As of Christmas Eve, 3,888 firearms had been discovered on passengers at U.S. airport checkpoints for the year.” If so, that’ll be up  nearly 15 percent over 2016. Despite the Times’ shock horror, and the obvious indication of ongoing gun […]

St. Louis Backup Gun for the Win!

I don’t carry a backup gun, just a spare magazine. Then again, I don’t carry my gun in my waistband . . . Victim shoots suspects during robbery in Old North St. Louis Police say the incident happened at a BP gas station the intersection of Madison and Florissant around 6:45 p.m. Thursday. The victim went […]

Anti-Gunner Sentenced to Anger Management After Assaulting Pro-Gun Election Observer

Why are civilian disarmament advocates so violent? . . . Gun control advocate pleads guilty to assaulting gun rights activist during election recount The charge stems from an incident that took place last November, during a state Senate race recount at the state archives building on South Fruit Street. Susan Olsen, a prominent gun-rights activist, was […]

Juvenile Justice System is Little More Than ‘Hug-a-Thug’: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“So, I ask the legislators, before you listen to that hug-a-thug bunch, go ask [the victim] what she thinks about the forgiveness of the criminal justice system,” Judd said. “Had it been just a little tougher, she wouldn’t have been shot. By the grace of God, she’s still alive.” – Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk […]