Gang-Style Shooting Leave Three Dead, Seven Wounded in New Orleans

“‘This has to be personal,’ (New Orleans police superintendent Michael Harrison) added. ‘Firing indiscriminately into a crowd? Shooting 10 people? Killing three? That’s personal, it doesn’t get more personal and we take it personal, whoever did this, you should know that the law enforcement takes it personal and we’re coming for you.’” New Orleans’ top […]

Man Holding a Toddler Hostage, Writing On Windows in Blood, Is Shot by Maryland Police

As of this morning, 30-year-old Jean Perez is in critical condition after barricading himself in his ex-girlfriend’s home with their 3-year-old son. This happened in Montgomery County, Maryland. According to officials, “The first call to 911 was reported to be a woman screaming. The call taker heard a male voice state, ‘I will kill you,’ and […]

17 Shot, 3 Dead Following Father Pfleger’s Shutdown of Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway

This weekend, the Illinois State Police closed Chicago’s busiest Interstate for a gun control demonstration. Obviously, Saturday morning’s publicity stunt did nothing but irritate commuters and travelers over a holiday weekend. Meanwhile, the rabidly anti-gun Catholic priest Fr. Michael Pfleger claimed “The people won today.” In reality, nothing changed in Murder City USA as over […]

The Truth About Gun Violence in America

How many times have we heard it, “The NRA and Republicans are responsible for gun violence in America!!” Whoa, whoa, whoa – now just hold your horses there one minute, missy – since when does the NRA or the GOP advocate for gun violence? And excuse me but what about the cries to “stop politicizing” […]