UPDATE: CA SBR Charge Apparently Not Because of Pistol Arm Brace


Yesterday we reported on a couple big stories. The first was that the ATF is trying to make using a pistol arm brace improperly a felony (more on that in a bit). The second was a story about a group of felons in California who are being charged with possession of a short barreled rifle when what they had appears to simply be an AR-15 pistol with an arm brace. A source within the law enforcement community has sent in a hot tip that the charge might not be because of the pistol arm brace after all, and might instead be because of a much more straightforward (but equally dumb) law.

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BREAKING: Unarmed Good Samaritan Shot and Killed in Melbourne, FL Mall Attack

Melbourne Square Mall Florida (courtesy mynews13.com)

“Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan told Florida Today the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute between a woman who worked in the Melbourne Square Mall food court and the woman’s husband,” foxnews.com reports. “She said the man had a gun and shot his wife. A co-worker of the woman then tried to get the gun away from the husband and was shot in the struggle and died. The mayor told the paper the husband then apparently shot himself. The paper said a police official briefed Meehan on the shooting.” One wonders how that might have gone down in the good samaritan had been armed. No guarantee of anything of course, but a better chance of survival. Protection? Retribution? Suicide prevention? Something. Autoplay video after the jump . . .

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“For those who say when someone sticks a gun in your face, just give them what they want and you’ll be OK…”

“Police have made several arrests after a man was carjacked outside a Kroger on Moreland Avenue,” wsbtv.com reports, “Investigators say a group of men approached the victim around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and demanded his car. After he surrendered his car keys, detectives say, they shot him anyway…. One witness said off camera that he heard as many as seven gunshots. ‘It can happen anywhere. It happens in this area all the time. So you have to be careful,’ said shopper London Dyer.” [h/t for link and headline Frank Williams]


BREAKING: CA Man Charged with Owning an SBR for Pistol Brace Equipped AR-15


Late this morning (like, midnight ish) three men participated in an armed home invasion in California. One of the men was using an AR-15 pistol equipped with a pistol arm brace. The men were caught and arrested, but instead of simply being charged with the usual weapons related felonies the California police decided to tack on the charge of “possession of a short barreled rifle.” This is a state statute and not a Federal one being charged, but it still doesn’t bode well for others . . .

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Papa John’s Pizza: No Guns for Employees! Except For One. Retroactively.

Donquaz Stevenson (courtesy foxnews.com)

“A Papa John’s Pizza employee was making a delivery in Decatur, Georgia, Sunday night when a man approached her vehicle, forcing her onto the ground at gunpoint,” foxnews.com reports. “The woman, who had a gun in her pocket, was able to fire at the man while on the ground — striking the alleged assailant, identified as 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson [above], in the face. Stevenson was later found in a neighbor’s yard and arrested, according to police, who said the pizza delivery might have been a setup.” Ya think? “Local media outlets reported that a second suspect carjacked the delivery woman’s silver 2000 Honda Accord and remains on the run.” OK, so, Papa John’s has a strict no-guns policy for all its employees. Only not so much . . .

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Australian Gun Bust


“An Uzi submachine gun, an assault rifle and more than $20 million worth of drugs has been seized by police during a house raid,” dailymail.co.uk reports. “Detectives raided a property at Edensor Park in Sydney’s west last Thursday and found a number of firearms as they investigated signs of drug manufacturing.” Are we sure that Uzi was full-auto? Anyway, the coppers also confiscated a silencer, two sawn-off shotguns and a GLOCK pistol (“one of many”). If you’re pro-civilian disarmament, the bust proves that gun control works! At least in this case. Which means there’s only way to solve Australia’s Beretta-berated illegal gun problem: more police! Alternatively, it proves the old adage when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Who knew?


Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet…And One to Let Them Walk Away



Albuquerque police officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez were charged on Monday with murder for the March 16, 2014, shooting of James Boyd, a 36-year-old homeless man who (allegedly) was illegally camping in the Albuquerque foothills. Officers Sandy and Perez shot Boyd after a standoff that lasted four hours. Boyd allegedly had refused to leave his ersatz campsite after officers approached him guns drawn. The entire confrontation was captured on a helmet camera . . .

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Paris Terrorists Bought Their AKs, Rocket Launcher at a Belgian Train Station


So much for strict European gun control. From ilfattoquotidiano.it via the magic of Google Translate, we get the news that Paris terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly (above), who murdered four Jewish hostages in a kosher grocery store, bought Kalashnikovs and a rocket launcher for himself and the Kouachi brothers (who carried out the murders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo) at a Belgian train station. And how did he come up with the roughly five grand he needed? “Amedy Coulibaly has found the money to finance their attacks and probably the massacre made ​​by brothers Kouachi in the drafting of Charlie Hebdo simply asking for a loan to a company that specializes in financing online and telephone, the Cofidis. That he readily granted 6 thousand euro, even though it was already a criminal definitely convicted to five years in prison for his part in the plan of escape of Ait Ali Belkacem Smaïn.” I’d have edited that into a more standard form of conversational English, but you get the gist.


Self-Defense Tip: Do Not Consent To A Police Search of Your Car

It has become a hallmark of advice from lawyers: do not give consent to police to search your vehicle or your home. If they had probable cause to search, they don’t need to ask. Politely refuse to give consent. Believing that you “have nothing to hide” is escapist fantasy in today’s world of overlapping amd  vague laws. Are you certain that the pretty bird feather that your daughter picked up on your walk and left under the back seat . . .

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Paris Sends Good Guys with Guns to Schools

Soldiers defending a French synagogue (courtesy theguardian.com)

Paris is deploying 10,000 soldiers and police to provide security within metropolitan France, and will send “thousands” of police to protect Jewish schools in the wake of attacks by Islamic terrorists that left seventeen French citizens dead last week. This is certainly a step in the right direction, given the severity of recent attacks, and the fact that the Jewish community has been repeatedly been the target of violence in the past, to the point that some recently talked about leaving their homes for safer countries . . .

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It’s True: Your Gun May Be Used Against You

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.56.27 AM

“The incident happened at about 6:45 p.m. in the 500 block of Saratoga Lane,” Missouri’s stltoday.com reports. “Police said three masked men knocked on the front door of the home and the resident, 51, answered. The men forced their way inside. The man was struck several times with a handgun, the suspects stole an assault rifle, and fled. The man was taken to a hospital with several cuts on his head and was in stable but serious condition Thursday night.” Judging from that information it seems that the bad guys . . .

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Happy Ending for JFK Ammo Bust

Sequester Cuts Expected To Cause Delays At U.S. Airports

Republished with permission from newyorkcriminalattorneyblog.com

New York gun crimes law firm Tilem & Associates is pleased to announce another victory in a firearms related case, winning a full dismissal of all charges after a person was charged with possessing handgun ammunition and a handgun magazine at JFK airport. As reported almost six years ago in our blog about New York City’s ban on commonly possessed items, possession of handgun ammunition and ammunition feeding devices are illegal in the five boroughs of New York City under New York City Administrative Code Section 10-131. That section makes it a misdemeanor, to possess these items punishable by up to one year in jail . . .

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