It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: London Beheading Edition

Edmonton crime scene (courtesy

“A woman was beheaded in at a house in north London this afternoon, with witnesses reporting that a man then went ‘on the loose with a machete,’” reports. “Police say the suspect, a 25 year old male is now in custody at a local hospital receiving treatment for wounds sustained during the course of his arrest. He will be assessed by psychiatrists, tested for drugs and questioned by Homicide and Major Crimes officers. . . . DCI John Sandlin, who is leading the investigation, earlier said . . .

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WA Gang Leader Taken Down for Selling Hot Pink Bolt-Action .22


“Carlos Carmona-Gonzalez, 23, was nabbed with the colorful rifle after he offered to sell weapons to a police informant,” reports. “Gonzalez, also known as ‘Downer,’ faces up to seven years on charges that he was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.” While it looks like entrapment to me, saying Downer’s no saint is like saying it’s not a good idea to mess with an IDF soldier. Still, result, with bonus points for girly gun humiliation.


It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use: NY Burglar Stabs Homeowner to Death

Staten Island crime scene (courtesy

“Police in New York City say an intruder stabbed a couple who interrupted a burglary at their home, killing the man and injuring his wife,” the AP reports. “Police say the two were returning to their Staten Island home at around 10 p.m. Sunday when they encountered the burglar. Police say 67-year-old Peter Gialluisi was stabbed in the face and hand during a struggle. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. His 66-year-old wife was stabbed in the head, neck and back. She was listed in stable condition. Police say a suspect in the attack is in custody.” Fat lot of good that will do Mr. or Mrs. Gialluisi. If one of the couple had been carrying a gun when they returned to their apartment this story might – might – have had a happy ending. A carry permit for an elderly couple in “gun free” NYC? Fuhgeddaboutit. For shame.


Chinese School Killer Stabs Three Children to Death

Fruit knife (courtesy

“The new school year in China began Monday with a horrifying attack,” reports. “A man stabbed to death three children at a primary school in central China and then committed suicide by jumping off a building. The attacker broke into Dongfang Primary School in Hubei province around 10:20 a.m., Xinhua news agency said, citing the local government. Wielding a knife [not shown], the man stabbed eight students and a teacher before he took his own life, the report said. Three of the students died, and the six other victims have been hospitalized, Xinhua reported. Two of the students are seriously hurt, it said.” TTAG commentator NYC2AZ emailed the link. He directs our attention to the last paragraph . . .

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Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: Fake Taxi Driver Edition

Don’t mess with Mama bear. That’s one of the takeaways from this assault on a mother of three by a faux Big Apple taxi driver. The back story [via]: “Police said the 26-year-old woman and her children — ages 1, 3, and 5 — were picked up about 2:45 a.m. Wednesday allegedly by Vargas, who claimed to be a cab driver, on 207th Street in Manhattan. When they arrived at their destination in the Elmhurst section of Queens, the driver was caught on camera attacking the woman. Police said he was trying to sexually assault her. As the woman fought back and tried to escape with her children, the attacker elbowed one of the children and tossed another out of the car before fleeing.” You caught the time, yes? Which raises a few questions . . .

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BREAKING: CA Ammo Registration Bill Dead, “Gun Violence Restraining Order” on Governor’s Desk


Word comes to us this morning that there are mixed emotions among the People of the Gun in California. Three firearms-related pieces of legislation have been voted on and while one is now taking a permanent dirt nap, two more have advanced to the governor’s desk for his signature. A bill requiring registration of people wanting to buy ammunition (SB53) failed to pass, but the much-dreaded “Gun Violence Restraining Order” bill (AB 1014) got the Assembly’s approval. That law would allow anyone at any time to drop a dime on any gun owner and get the police to confiscate his or her firearms. Also heading to governor’s office is a bill requiring the registration of homemande firearms (SB 808) As a quick reminder of why AB 1014 is a dangerous idea . . .

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Red Jacket Firearms Fires Will Hayden Over Child Sex Allegations

Will Hayden (courtesy

“A Louisiana firearms company at the center of the reality TV show ‘Sons of Gun’ distanced itself from the program’s star this week after he was arrested on charges of repeatedly raping a child,” reports. “Will Hayden was arrested Tuesday. As of Thursday, Red Jacket Firearms said that ‘with heavy hearts,’ it had legally cut ties with him but would continue to operate. ‘We are the heart and soul of Red Jacket and will remain steadfast in our commitment to quality and our customers, for years to come,’ a statement on its website said.” [Facebook statement after the jump.] also provided some new details of the charges against Hayden . . .

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Ammo Scandal Rocks Athens, OH

Sheriff Pat Kelly (courtesy

“The ‘good ol’ boy’ practice of purchasing personal ammunition through a law enforcement discount is nothing new in America,” opines. An opinion mooted by now-suspended Sheriff Pat Kelly, currently awaiting trial on multiple felony indictments. Repeating Kelly’s defense at the top of the article without attribution is an extremely odd way to start an expose of illegal ammo sales in Athens Couty, OH. Everyone does it so it’s OK? I don’t think so. The local po-po bought 90k discounted and tax-free rounds (that we know about) for $22,592. Customers included . . .

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BREAKING: Was Michael Brown Accused of 2nd Degree Murder as a Juvenile?


The latest twist in the furious battle of Ferguson is an effort to get Michael Brown’s juvenile criminal records released. According to a report at, “The citizen journalism website GotNews took St. Louis County authorities to court Wednesday to secure the release of the records because it believes they do not need to be kept private since he is no longer alive.” The reason: speculation that Brown’s juvenile history would yield evidence that not only was he allegedly involved with the Crips street gang but “faced a second-degree murder charge” . . .

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Store Owner Proud of His Gun-Wielding Employee

In Claxton, Georgia on Sunday, am armed stick-up man attempted to rob a Shell Food Mart at about 4 a.m. It didn’t turn out as well as he expected. The clerk on duty at that early hour was armed, too. “Surveillance video shows the suspect approach the counter, pull out a hand gun, and start waving it around. (Rick) Patel then reaches under the counter and pulls out his own gun.” Patel chased the would-be holdup man front the store . . .

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Chicago Police Commander Shoves Gun Into Suspect’s Mouth

Cmrdr. Glenn Evans (courtesy

“It was unclear at what point Cmdr. Glenn Evans allegedly placed the barrel of his service weapon into the suspect’s mouth,” reports. Despite the Trib’s deployment of the word “allegedly” it seems pretty clear that’s exactly what Cmdr. Evans did. “DNA from the man was found on Evans’ gun, according to a State Police lab report.” That said, innocent until proven guilty! Despite the fact that “Evans is among 662 officers with 11 or more complaints during a five-year period in the 2000s, newly released police records show. He had 14 complaints between 2001 and 2006 and faced no discipline for any of them, the records show.” Evan’s boss, Supt. Garry “Guns Are the Problem” McCarthy, is a big Evans fan. In fact . . .

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Less Lethal = Less Survivable


The Michael Brown shooting has, once again, provoked rampant and uninformed speculation about “less than lethal” alternatives to stopping attackers. “Why didn’t the officer use a Taser?” “Why didn’t they shoot him with beanbags or rubber bullets?” Some have even suggested that chemical sprays of various kinds are a viable alternative to deadly force. I’ve recently covered the fallacy of “shooting to wound.” It may be useful to expose the fallacy of these other “options” . . .

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