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Mercy Hospital DGU Doc [Not Shown] Keeps His Job

Hospital shooting crime scene (courtesy

Details of the defensive gun use at Philly’s Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital are now emerging. “A doctor with a semi-automatic gun and a caseworker who was “nothing short of heroic” were able to wound and then subdue an armed psychiatric patient after he had killed another caseworker and appeared intent of reloading and shooting more people in a Pennsylvania hospital, police said today.” says “The patient, Richard Plotts, 49, suddenly pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot his caseworker, Theresa Hunt, in the head at point blank range while inside psychiatrist Lee Silverman’s office for a scheduled appointment on Thursday. Hunt was killed instantly . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: STFU After a DGU

“I come back and they see me with a gun, and they run,” 80-year-old Long Beach homeowner Tom Greer told, recalling a recent home invasion. The male robber escaped, but Greer shot his female accomplice. She fell in an alley behind his house. “She says, ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ And I shot her anyway,” Greer told the reporter. “She was dead. I shot her twice, she best be dead … (The man) had run off and left her.” You don’t have to be a prosecutor to see that Mr. Greer has given the state more than enough rope to hang him with. The threat was over when Greer fired his gun. And it seems Mr. Greer administered a coupe de grace to a pregnant woman pleading for her life. Now I’m not saying . . .

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Rock Hill, SC Home Invasion. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I’m going on the bloggers’ equivalent of a two-week holiday. In other words, I’ll be blogging from a different location. Dan and the team will take up the slack – won’t you boys? And speaking of slacking, I’m going to toss this one to you. AW sent me this story of a Rock Hill, South Carolina home invasion reported by What teens would open the door to strangers at 3:00am? I reckon the boys’ account is as fishy as a fully stocked koi pond. What’s your take? . . .

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Media Spin Pennsylvania Doctor’s Defensive Gun Use


Don Natale writes:

I was wondering how the press would spin the doctor DGU in Pennsylvania. Well today I found out, they’re reporting intentionally ambiguous headlines of the format, “Gunfight erupts between doctor and patient…why God, why?”. From ‘Cause sought for gunfight between patient, doctor’ (since changed). From our friends north of the border: ‘Gunfight breaks out between patient, doctor at Philadelphia hospital.” Then there’s the reliably anti-gun Star Tribune: “Authorities seek motive for gunfight between patient, psychiatrist at Pennsylvania hospital.” The Strib’s editor must have gone to J-school with the Washington Post’s headline writer: “Authorities search for motive in gunfight between psychiatric patient and doctor.” That’s pretty clever huh? . . .

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Obama Administration Loves Restrictions on Law Abiding Gun Owners. Criminals? Not So Much


“We have this irony. The Obama administration, which is asking for more in the way of gun regulations — in terms of increased background checks for private sales and at gun shows — is actually prosecuting less of the gun laws already on the books. For a lot of people, there’s more ideological cache harassing Bubba at the gun show than getting a handle on gun crime.” That’s George Washington University’s Robert Cottrol commenting at on the fun fact that the Obama administration’s federal law enforcement operation is on pace this year to prosecute the fewest number of gun law violations since 2000 . . .

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PA Hospital Shooting Update: On-Scene Cop Reports

Mercy Hospital crime scene (courtesy

A regular reader and PA police officer just sent us this email re: the shooting and defensive gun use at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, PA:

Just cleared the crime scene.

I can not tell you the rage that myself and many of my fellow officers felt as we looked at the sign which prohibited weapons from the building. The mental patient did not seem to pay the sign any attention. And neither will anyone else who wishes to hurt people.

One moment of joy, in a day filled with sadness was when we learned, as we were closing in, that the doctor/victim had a firearm and defended himself and his staff,. you could probably hear about 30 officers, make statements along the lines of “Hell yea!”, “Good for him” and “the way it should to be!” from outside the building.

Thankfully the Doctor ignored the sign.

Crime scene guys are working it now, more facts I’m sure to be released in the press.

BREAKING: Armed Doctor Stops PA Hospital Killer; Faces Loss of Job, License to Practice Medicine

Mercy Hospital (courtesy ABC6)

“One female employee is dead and two are wounded in a shooting at the Wellness Center on the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital campus,” reports. “The shooting happened at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the Wellness Center, which is across the street from Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital on the 1500 block of Lansdowne Avenue . . .  According to [Delaware County DA Jack] Whelan, the shooter came into the 3rd floor Psychiatric office and opened fire . . . Whelan confirmed one female employee, who was a case worker, is dead and the doctor has a graze wound to the head. The doctor is expected to be treated and released from HUP. Whelan confirms the suspect also suffered three gunshot wounds to the torso area and is in critical condition at HUP. He is undergoing surgery at this time.” Once again, it looks like a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun . . .

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