OMG! 666 GA Felons’ Gun Rights Restored! OMG!

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“Everyone deserves an opportunity for a second chance,” Gale Buckner told The former Georgia state parole board chairwoman was defending her employer’s decision to restore the gun rights of more than 1400 Peach State felons in recent years, 666 (mark of the beast!) in 2013 alone. says 358 of those felons were convicted of violent crimes (including 32 homicides), 166 went down for drug-related crimes and an unspecified number were incarcerated for crimes against children. To qualify for rights restoration, an applicant must maintain a clean record for five years after release and provide three references. Successful applicants’ criminal records are not expunged. As you can imagine, the antis will seize on the info as proof that “guns everywhere” Georgia is a pistol-packing pariah amongst “civilized” gun control states. I say good for them.


Young Jeezy and Crew Arrested on Gun Charges

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“Young Jeezy is currently behind bars for possession of an assault rifle and TMZ has learned the weapon turned up during the investigation into the deadly shooting at Wiz Khalifa’s concert Friday night. We’re told Irvine PD executed a search warrant on the rapper’s tour bus Sunday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in connection with the shooting in Mountain View, CA … where a man died after being shot 5 times. Cops found an assault rifle they believe belongs to Jeezy. Several members of Jeezy’s entourage were also arrested for gun possession. Jeezy’s being held on $1,000,000 bail.” FYI Young Jeezy (Jay Wayne Jenkins) is the titular leader of . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Move

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Over the last five years or so, TTAG has chronicled government abuse of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. There is no question: these insults are geographical. Arizonans do not face the de facto ban on carrying a firearm that bedevils residents in New Jersey, Hawaii, New York and California. Texans are not subject to the “assault weapons” ban imposed on gun owners living in Maryland. I’ve never suggested that people living in [what we used to call] “slave states” stop fighting for their gun rights. But there comes a time when a beleaguered gun owner must realize that an anti-gun regime puts them in the crosshairs. And decide whether it’s worth it to run that risk. Check out this Constitution State story . . .

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BREAKING: Active Shooter at Fort Lee, Virginia

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The U.S Army’s Fort Lee base in Virginia is reporting the end of an active shooter incident. Their Facebook page says the incident occurred at Building 5020 at the Combined Arms Support Command. “An all clear has been issued by the Fort Lee installation operations center at 9:50 a.m. The law enforcement event is over.” Quoting an unnamed official source, Fox News reports that “a single female shooter — described as ‘disgruntled’ — has been detained by authorities at the base in central Virginia. She appears to have been injured during the shooting. No other injuries to personnel have been reported at this time.” 


BREAKING: Shots Fired at Chris Brown’s pre-MTV VMA Party

Those kooky rappers. Always going on about drugs, money, women and expensive playthings. Kinda like . . . bankers. The main difference: this part of the music industry is prone to violence. As evidenced by gunfire at a pre-MTV VMA party. “Music producer Suge Knight has been injured during a shooting at a glamourous awards show party in a Los Angeles nightclub hosted by singer Chris Brown,” reports. “Witnesses said 25-year-old singer, who is still on parole following his recent release from jail, had been the target of shots fired at the 1OAK club in West Hollywood, where he was hosting a pre-party for MTV’s Video Music Awards. Brown was thought to be unhurt, but three other victims – among them Death Row Records founder Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, 49, were reportedly taken to the city’s Cedars Sinai hospital.” More details as they emerge. Or not.


More Guns, Less Crime – Even When They’re Illegal Guns


So New York City ditched their police department’s decades-old “stop and frisk” (a.k.a., Walking While Black) policy. reports that “the stops have fallen off a statistical cliff — down 92% during the first half of 2014 compared with last year.” So what of all those claims that stopping stop-’n-frisk would unleash more firearms-related crime (e.g., the Daily News headline above)? “Cops seized nearly 400 guns during stop-and-frisk encounters last year — the lowest tally since 2003, when the NYPD began keeping records of firearm recoveries tied to the controversial tactic” yet “murder and overall crime are both down in the city.” Specifically . . .

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Charges Dropped Against Man Who Fired Shotgun In Air on Biden’s Advice

It was one of the most jaw-droppingly idiotic things I had ever seen. In the middle of the rush for gun control legislation following the Newtown shooting, Joe Biden did an interview in which he advised the U.S. population that it was perfectly OK to blindly fire a shotgun through their front door if a stranger knocked on it, and to crack off a shot in the air if they felt threatened. One man in Washington foolishly followed the Veep’s advice, discharging his shotgun recklessly into the night sky, and was promptly charged with a crime. As a defense, he had planned to claim that Joe Biden told him to do it during trial. Now it seems like that won’t be necessary . . .

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Crowdfunding Raises Over $230K to Support Officer Darren Wilson

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While virtually all of the media attention over the last ten days or so has been directed toward protests, riots and the family of Michael Brown, supporters of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson have put up a GoFundMe site to raise money to help him in his efforts to cover what are sure to be astronomical legal expenses. As reports, the crowdfunding effort has racked up more than $230,000 in donations in the 4+ days since it went live. As Ralph points out, given the fact that Officer Wilson is facing the possibility of state and federal criminal charges as well as the virtual certainty of a civil suit, he’s going to need the best legal help money can buy.


The Ferguson Shooting Case – What’s Next?

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Sometimes the wheels of justice grind slowly and sometimes they race around in circles like they’re competing for the Porsche Cup. In the Ferguson case, the latter seems to be the way it’s going. “Big Mike” Brown was shot and killed on August 9th. Jury selection started on the same day in every kitchen in America. The guy’s not even in the ground yet but the race to official judgment goes on, making haste rapidly . . .

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