The Legacy of the Sullivan Laws

You may not know what a so-called Sullivan law is, but you’ve probably already dealt with it in one way or another. Sullivan laws, as they’re known, were the laws that largely created firearm permitting systems that remains in place today. In other words, these were the laws that required a person to get a […]

Texas Constitutional Carry Talking Points

Rachel Malone (above) is a mover and shaker in the Lone Star State. The formerly unpaid gun rights lobbyist (and concert level pianist) recently became the Operations Director for the Republican Party of Texas (RPT). Last weekend, the Divine Ms. M invited me to address a small group of constitutional carry (CC) advocates at the RPT’s […]

Constitutional Carry on the Move in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin legislature is moving forward with Constitutional Carry in bill AB 247. In 1998, the people of Wisconsin voted for Constitutional Carry in a state referendum amending the state constitution. The amendment, which created Article I, Section 25, is very clear. It received 74 percent of the vote. From Article I Section 25:  The […]

Texas Constitutional Carry R.I.P.

Rachel Malone of Texas Firearms Freedom writes: After a season of plot twists, Constitutional Carry in Texas is dead. Activists fought hard, as did the few legislators who took a stand for the strongest gun rights legislation filed in the House. Texas made history, moving the issue farther along than ever before. And yet, as the […]