D.C. Issues First Concealed Carry Permits

The Washington, D.C. concealed carry permitting process is done on a may issue basis, requiring 18 hours of training, a $110 application fee and “proof” that you have a “need” to carry a firearm in the nation’s capitol. “Needs” include facing a personal threat, handling large amounts of cash, or having a disabled relative who needs defending. And you can’t carry in parks, on public transportation, in schools or government buildings, or in protests around the White House or Capitol Hill, and you have to stay 1000 feet away from government officials or foreign dignitaries. Oh, and until recently, there was only one guy in the entire city who was certified to give you the 18 hours of training, though the city has since certified a few more. But things are finally starting to change, however incrementally . . .

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New From PWS: Enhanced Duty Slide for GLOCK

Primary Weapons Systems has released a replacement slide — the EDS or Enhanced Duty Slide — for Gens 1-3 GLOCK 17 and 19 pistols. Swapping this slide onto your gun is supposed to improve the trigger pull to a crisp, consistent, 4 lb. break. Sure enough, PWS’s factory-fresh demo GLOCK felt just like a normal GLOCK. Ten seconds later we’d swapped the slide and the trigger pull was excellent. I was shocked just how crisp it was with almost no creep at all and a very nice break. The slide also brings front cocking serrations, great looks, and DLC coating to the table. More details and photos follow. . .

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New from Crimson Trace: Green Everything


Crimson Trace is best known for their eponymous red lasers, but they have been steadily branching out into green lasers as well. The power hungry and clunky green diodes have been a problem, but it looks like CT has finally made it economically viable to put green lasers into the same packages as the existing red lasers. The one I’m most excited about is the Rail Master, a standalone laser device that slots onto any available rail. Also in the works are green lasergrips for a bunch more guns, including . . .

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Heizer Introduces Semi-Auto 45ACP Handgun


Heizer, the same people who brought you such firearms as the pocket sized .410 shotgun and now the pocket sized 5.56 handgun, are bringing to market a 45ACP semi-auto handgun. The concept is that the handgun is no thicker than the existing line of guns, but it is a lot more massive. I had a chance to handle a pre-production model at SHOT Show and talk to the guys behind the concept, and they seemed convinced that it was a winner.

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New From Taurus: Wings, Convertible Hammers, Metal, and Curves.


New for 2015 and in stark contrast to some other companies, Taurus gives you wings. Well, they’ve given the TCP wings. For those with diminished finger, grip, or arm strength and/or limited dexterity, it can be quite difficult to rack and manipulate the slide on a semi-automatic pistol. Folding wings on the TCP allow for an AR-15 charging handle-like grasp or for pushing against a solid object (or your belt, pocket, etc) to very easily and confidently rack the slide. The Model 85 revolver now has a convertible hammer. And the View has 100% less View. Photos and details follow. . .

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Shannon Watts: Assaulting Gun Owners Should Be Legal


Earlier today, we reported on the story of a (white) man who tackled a (black) CHL holder after it was noticed that the CHL holder was actually carrying a gun. Shannon Watts apparently saw the story as well, and her response is perfectly in line with what we’re used to seeing from her and the Moms. Namely, it betrays an utter lack of respect for gun owners even as human beings, and a burning desire to do harm to those who avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights . . .

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Licensed CHL Holder Tackled, Put in Choke Hold by Freaked Anti-Gun Civilian

Moms Demand Action for Guns Sense In America's new anti-open carry in Kroger ad (courtesy huffingtonpost.com)

When you’re out doing your daily shopping and minding your own business, the very last thing you expect is to be tackled to the ground by a complete stranger and put into a choke hold until the police can tear your attacker off. Nevertheless that’s exactly what happened in Hillsborough, Florida yesterday at a local Wal Mart. A man was legally carrying a concealed weapon, and was attacked without warning by a civilian bystander. The local news picks up the story from there . . .

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A Tale Of Two Children


From the Washington Post. On January 2, 2015: “Larry Wilkins was watching television Friday evening when he heard a faint knock on his front door of his home in Lyon County, Ky., east of Paducah. When he opened the door, he discovered a 7-year-old girl standing in the cold. She was bloodied, covered in scratches and barefoot except for a single sock” . . .

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TTAG Charlie Hebdo Simulation: Preliminary Results

I don’t have all the data from the event yet — all the videos are still en route, for example — but Robert wanted me to post something about the event immediately, so I obliged. The office shooting simulation we ran in Plano, Texas involved two scenarios, and was repeated for a total of 9 repetitions. There were some problems with the event, but we also had some interesting findings and noted some areas to investigate further with a larger test. Here’s a quick look at the methodology, issues, and initial results…

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Self-Defense Tip: Do Not Consent To A Police Search of Your Car

It has become a hallmark of advice from lawyers: do not give consent to police to search your vehicle or your home. If they had probable cause to search, they don’t need to ask. Politely refuse to give consent. Believing that you “have nothing to hide” is escapist fantasy in today’s world of overlapping amd  vague laws. Are you certain that the pretty bird feather that your daughter picked up on your walk and left under the back seat . . .

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French Terrorism: Is It On Its Way Here?


The most recent attack by terrorists in a western nation has come to an end with the deaths of the primary killers and, as can be expected in such things, the deaths of many innocents, including hostages. Special Operations forces around the world have a common aphorism: “it sucks to be a hostage” because so often, so many of them are killed, and so it was in the Paris terrorist attacks. Though one terrorist remains at large, possibly headed for Syria, this particular series of attacks appears to be, for the moment, over. However, the issues it raises are not . . .

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It’s True: Your Gun May Be Used Against You

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.56.27 AM

“The incident happened at about 6:45 p.m. in the 500 block of Saratoga Lane,” Missouri’s stltoday.com reports. “Police said three masked men knocked on the front door of the home and the resident, 51, answered. The men forced their way inside. The man was struck several times with a handgun, the suspects stole an assault rifle, and fled. The man was taken to a hospital with several cuts on his head and was in stable but serious condition Thursday night.” Judging from that information it seems that the bad guys . . .

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