Concealed Carrier Fired After Saving Woman’s Life at GM Facility


‘You shouldn’t have had a firearm here. After this is done he needs to be escorted off the property. He’s not welcome back here.” That was the reaction of an un-named General Motors employee after Didarul Sarder used his lawfully concealed handgun to safe the life of Stephanie Kerr after she’d been attacked and stabbed multiple times by another woman at GM’s technical center in Warren, Michigan earlier this week. Sarder was a valet for a subcontractor at the GM facility when the incident occurred. And while Government Motors may not think much of his decision to carry on the job (in Detroit…go figure), the local mayor and police chief have good things to say about him . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Virginia Republican Del. Todd Gilbert

Republican Del. Todd Gilbert (courtesy

“Virginia’s Republican-led House of Delegates has approved a bill that would allow people who are protected by a protective order to carry a concealed handgun without a permit,” reports. “The House approved Republican Del. Todd Gilbert‘s bill with a 68-29 vote on Wednesday. It heads to the GOP-controlled Senate. Genius! If Michael Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic BFF, Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe, vetoes the bill, he will be seen as anti-gun in a War on Women kinda way. If he doesn’t, even better. HB 766 — Concealed handguns; carrying with a valid protective order — stipulates . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: LA CCW Stops Mass Shooting

Crime scene, Treme, LA (courtesy

On the afternoon of 31 January, 2016, some ten ATVs were getting gas at the intersection of Claiborne and Esplanade Avenues in New Orleans, Louisiana. Richard Macklin pulled up in a white Volvo. Police said Macklin became upset; the ATV riders were blocking the gas pumps. He pulled out a firearm and opened fire, sending more than a dozen rounds into the crowd. Three were wounded. One of the wounded was armed . . .

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Question of the Day: Mandatory Live Fire Training?

No live fire training required (courtesy

The anti-gun agitprop propagators at have got their proverbial knickers in a twist over the fact that some states “allow” citizens to carry a concealed weapon without applicants proving (to the state) that they can “hit the broad side of a barn.” Most TTAG readers agree that state-run concealed carry licensing — regardless of its requirements — is an infringement on Americans’ natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Given that constitutional or permitless carry is a pipe dream for many states (e.g. New Jersey), should their courses have a mandatory live-fire component?


Random Thoughts About Rhonda’s TX LTC

Texas CHL fingerprinting (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As I ponied-up to the counter at Lone Star Tobacco, a large gentleman approached my six with single-minded determination. “Can I take a picture of you gun?” he asked. “It’s the first open carry I’ve seen in the wild.” “Of course,” I replied as the adrenalin rush slowly subsided. A few minutes later, Rhonda and I basked in the sun outside the shop, a T52 fueling nicotine dreams. I asked the pistol peeping paparazzo, now seated nearby, why he doesn’t open carry . . .

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Triathlon Community Mauls Concealed Carry Questioners

Bike and gun

TTAG reader Big Tex writes: is the go-to website for triathlon info, and arguably for cycling info. HBB posted a thread on concealed carry recommendations when cycling. They were promptly lampooned for being crazy, paranoid, stupid, a danger to society, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseous. The editor started a thread asking how many readers actually conceal and carry while cycling. That devolved quickly . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Be Ready for a Gun Grab

No, not the kind of gun grab that resides in the orgiastic fantasies of folks like plutocrat Mike Bloomberg, I’m talking about a straightforward attempt by someone to grab your firearm from you, either from a holster or from your hand. Renata Birkenbuel of the Missoula (Montana) Standard reports that a middle-aged woman found herself in just that situation around 5:00AM this past Sunday when allegedly accosted by two men while trying to leave a house party . . .

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Michigan Businesses: Firearms Welcome!

We hear a lot of stories in the legacy media about large corporations either formally banning firearms from their properties (or for moral cowards like the leadership of Starbucks or Target, “asking” that law-abiding citizens not carry firearms at their establishments, even those that have a history of being patronized by violent customers.) Some of the folks in the central Michigan city of Saginaw, however, appear to have a different approach . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Oklahoma Foster Parents Edition


That’s the photoshopped image sitting atop‘s Foster Parents Sue to Tote Guns & Tots. The article’s about a brace of Sooners who aren’t OK with OK Social Services’ new  “weapon safety agreement.” It requires prospective parents to “maintain weapons in locked storage while in the foster/adoptive home or when not in use; not be carried on the parent’s body while the child is present; and to be kept unloaded or disabled and stored in a locked container while in an automobile.” Let’s look at that image . . .

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Rush For Concealed Carry Permits Forces Spokane to Turn Applicants Away


By James England via

Despite cities like Seattle pushing for increased measures intended to raise the cost of gun ownership, the city of Spokane has another issue — too many concealed carry applicants. Normally, the Spokane County Public Safety Building is open from Tuesday to Friday, 8 am to 3:05 pm to process concealed carry applications but just yesterday, county officials were forced to turn away applicants as early as 12:30 pm due to the increased volume . . .

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