What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Handgun Sling Edition

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: removing your gun from concealment quickly, efficiently and safely is more important than marksmanship. That’s because many if not most defensive gun uses end without a shot fired. The bad guy or guys see an armed self-defender’s gun and decides not to attack. There are dozens of carry systems – gun + holster – that enable easy access to a firearm. This isn’t the carry system you’re looking for. Not just because the odds of pulling that coin thing off you gun’s grip during a full adrenalin dump are small, especially under a cover garment (not shown). while moving, but also because . . .

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NJ Pistol-Packing Pastors Denied Right to Carry [VIDEO]

New Jersey Second Amendment Society president Alexander P. Roubian writes [via Ammoland.com]

It is not every week that you get contacted by two pastors who want a concealed carry permit to protect themselves and their church. With a rise in violence targeting churches and religious groups do you blame them? Watch our video story on Chasing News below. When I was contacted by Pastor Kevin Bernat and Pastor Jeff Kovach two weeks ago, I honestly did not know what to think. They told me about their insane experiences in dealing with the New Jersey gun laws and how local authorities would make up rules which clearly violate NJ statutes. What is even crazier . . .

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Concealed Carry Tip: Don’t Be That Guy


By Brandon via concealednation.org

WEATHERFORD, TEXAS — Remember the new Texas legislation that allowed campus carry but still gave administrators permission to restrict lawful carry in certain areas? That law did not extend to high schools or other protected school zones. Once Weatherford, Texas high school parent must have forgot — and the clearly marked signs outside the auditorium where he went to his son’s ninth grade orientation wasn’t enough to jog his memory . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Judge Mark Henry

“’We’re glad to be on the cutting edge of something like this. We are the first governmental entity we know of to have encouraged it,’ County Judge Mark Henry said. ‘The reaction has been phenomenal as evidenced by the class getting full in five minutes.’” Judge Henry’s talking about Texas CHL classes he’s paying for out of his own pocket for Galveston County employees. And he plans to expand the offer to employee spouses and dependents down the road. Spreading the RKBA gospel, one public employee at a time – an idea so crazy, it just might work! So for putting his money where his 2A-loving heart is, Judge Henry is our gun hero of the day.

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Campus Carry Vs. Alcohol

"Mourners gathered at Gannon University's Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel after Mass in Erie on Sunday to pay their respects to Brynda" (courtesy dailymail.co.uk)

Guns are scary. BLAMMO! Someone dies. It’s so … violent. Sure, other forms of death are violent, too. If you’ve ever seen the aftermath of a particularly bad car crash, well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty at all. The thing that freaks out a lot of anti-gunners and firearms freedom fence straddlers: it’s so easy to shoot and kill someone! Of course, it isn’t. And it doesn’t happen that often, statistically speaking. But the idea of scary gun death is out there, somewhere. Actually, it’s right there, in the lead of every anti-gun editorial ever written. Like this one in Miami’s newsherald.com:

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Will Someone Please Threaten Michael Tumminelli’s Life? (JK)

According to njtvonline.org, “[Michael] Tumminelli says he wants and needs the gun to protect himself, his wife and their 3-year-old son. He’s a civilian employee of the Department of Defense . . . assigned to counterterrorism task forces that target the Islamic State and others. He prepares and trains agencies in explosives and cooperation in the event of an attack. Tumminelli has a wall full of accomplishments. He also has high-level security clearance.” But New Jersey won’t give him a permit to carry his .45 outside his abode. Newton Police and the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office say Tumminelli hasn’t shown . . .

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