Hillary Clinton Slams AK Open Carry (a.k.a., “Chipotle Ninjas”)

In the video above, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tells a bunch of financially forthcoming anti-firearms freedom folks that the Supreme Court is “wrong on the Second Amendment.” Mrs. Clinton is saying — force record — that the McDonald decision should be overturned. That landmark ruling “incorporated” Second Amendment protection for the right to keep arms for lawful purposes. And that means that . . .

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Oops, I Did it Again! Mercedes Benz of Austin Bans Open Carry

Mercedes Benz of Austin (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I open carry in Austin. I’ve suddenly noticed that the places where I can open carry are shrinking in direct relation to the places I open carry. Bringing my CLS into Mercedes Benz of Austin for service, I discovered this sign on the door. Had a rash of open carriers harshed their customer’s “gun-free” mellow? Nope. Just little old me. This isn’t the first time I’ve inspired a “no open carry allowed” 30.07 sign . . .

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Gear Review: T.REX ARMS Holsters


T.REX ARMS came to my attention after admittedly impressive speed drill videos from their Instagram account kept popping up in my feed. I had more or less sworn off appendix carry for my personal needs, but when I picked up the G19 MOS I decided to give it another shot. I went on a little AIWB and OWB shopping spree on T.REX’s website. AIWB — appendix inside-the-waistband — carry is their specialty, and they do it well . . .

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One Million Texans Now Have A License to Carry

SIG SAUER Texas commemorative 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Texas has quietly reached a milestone,” nytimes.com proclaims. “More than a million residents now have handgun licenses, one of the biggest citizenries in the country authorized to carry concealed and unconcealed firearms . . . These license holders, just 3.7 percent of the state’s 27 million residents, are a symbol of the nation’s culture wars and a subject of scrutiny, state pride, controversy and curiosity.” New York Times writer Manny Fernandez puts the stat into numerical perspective . . .
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Maj Toure: Black People with Guns Matter

Black Guns Matter

Maj Toure is a 29-year-old black activist in Philadelphia who wants black people in urban centers to exercise their Second Amendment rights. “Toure is a young African American man who grew up in North Philadelphia watching the destruction caused by gun violence, but who nonetheless was attracted to firearms,” philly.com reports, “and became an official, dues-paying NRA member and legal gun owner.” . . .
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Gun Review: Honor Defense Honor Guard HG9SC


The subcompact semi-auto handgun market has become considerably more crowded over the last few years. These days every gun manufacturer under the sun has filled out their product lines with small pistols perfect for concealed carry. Despite this crowded marketplace, a new company named Honor Defense thinks their Honor Guard pistol is a sales-winning concealed carry semi-auto 9mm handgun — and they’ve priced it to move. At first blush, the Honor Guard looks like just about any other polymer framed compact 9mm handgun. But there are some distinct differences . . .

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After Successful Defensive Gun Use, Dallas Marine Embraces Texas Gun Culture

M<arine logo (courtesy danasokj.top)

I recently wrote about how a former Marine fought off an attempted home invasion. Donnie managed to fire three shots. No one was hit. I ran into Donnie again at a local gas station. A large, powerful black man, he makes quite an impression. We shook hands and I told him that the article had been published. He hadn’t seen it yet; he is in the middle of a move. He didn’t say, but I suspect it was a decision precipitated by the aborted home invasion. He had lost my card in the packing shuffle. He asked me: How can I bear arms? . . .

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SC: A Felon Has Rights to Self Defense


Felons do not give up their right to self defense simply because they have committed crimes in the past.  They often live a very dangerous lifestyle, and as the most common victims of homicide, they may need effective self defense more than other people. A recent case in South Carolina shows that the justice system is realizing this truth.  It investigated the shooting where Quintonio Porter, a convicted felon, shot and killed his friend, Jarrius Harding, in the middle of a gunfight . . .

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One Simple Trick for Choosing Your First Carry Gun: Guns for Beginners

Kahr MK9 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Finding the perfect carry gun requires the successful selection of size, action type (semi-automatic or revolver), trigger function, caliber, brand and (let’s face it) style. It also depends on how you’re going to carry. Open or concealed or open and concealed? Will you wear your gun in an inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband holster? Leather or Kydex? And so on. Here’s one simple rule to guide you to your perfect carry gun . . .

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Personal Defense Tip: Approach Domestic Disputes With Extreme Caution

“Just before noon on Monday, 35-year-old T.J. Antell, who had served in the Marines, watched the unfolding of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman outside a Walgreens in Arlington, Texas, authorities said. The man, a soldier stationed at Fort Hood, allegedly fired a gun twice, one bullet burying into the ground and another striking the woman. He then climbed into his truck in the parking lot and attempted to leave when Antell tried to stop him.” So reports the Washington Post. And nothing at all good came of Antell’s efforts to stop a fleeing suspect . . .

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