Kansas Senate Votes to Eliminate Concealed Carry Licensing Requirement


“Today we must vote, and when in doubt, I believe that if we err, we ought to do so on the side of freedom and the continued protection of our most basic constitutional rights,” said no gun grabbing civilian disarmament advocate in the history of the world ever. Rather, those were the words of Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle on the passage — on a largely party line 31-7 vote — of a bill repealing the licensing requirement for concealed carry in The Sunflower State. Kansans will still have the option to get a state-issued permit if they want to take advantage of other states’ reciprocity laws. The bill now moves onto the House where it’s expected to get a similar level of support.   [h/t Mike H.]


Emily Miller Gets Her DC Carry License; Infernal Regions Endure Cold Spell

No, I am not making this up: Fox 5’s chief investigative reporter Emily Miller was provisionally approved for a license to carry a concealed firearm within the District of Columbia. Miller is apparently the fifteenth such person to apply for and receive a license after following the byzantine process to become licensed to pack heat in our nation’s capital. She will now need to complete a District-approved training course . . .

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Bizarre Threats Not Good Enough Reason to Get a DC Carry Permit


Last fall, Washington Free Beacon writer Steve Gutowski applied for a concealed carry pistol license in the District of Columbia. He was skeptical about his chances of being approved, and it turned out that this skepticism was justified; despite spending a bit of time, effort, and $110 on the application, he received a form letter advising that his application has been denied. The reason: “The applicant did not demonstrate a good reason to fear injury to person or property, or other proper reason for a concealed carry license.” Mr. Gutowski apparently had received a rather strange and threatening communication in 2011 in response to an article he wrote on Occupy DC . . .

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Everytown for Gun Safety: Guns Don’t Stop Rape

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.36.34 PM

I’ve scheduled a post tomorrow on how to frame the argument that gun control advocates can’t win: guns stop rape. Ahead of that piece, I’d like to point out that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is up in arms about today’s quote of the day from Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore. Ms. Fiore said “If these young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to assault them.” Bilious billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s mob, Everytown for Gun Safety, sent out an email blast today claiming, “This grotesque display of opportunism is beyond the pale.” Irony: the bloody shirt-wavers in the gun grabbing biz don’t do it. Here’s the reasoning behind their claim that guns don’t stop rape. Well, most rape . . .

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NYT on National Concealed Carry Reciprocity: OMG! A Gun On Every Corner!


As you’d imagine, New York Times columnist Gail Collins supports national concealed carry reciprocity like ISIS supports clothing optional beaches. Collins’ editorial A Gun on Every Corner is cookie-cutter anti-gun alarmism, based on bog-standard East Coast liberal elitism. How can we allow gun owners from Mississippi – Mississippi! – to carry in cultured, urbane New York? Why, “a permit to carry a concealed weapon from Mississippi is [merely] concrete proof of the owner’s ability to fill out an application.” (Props for conceding basic literacy skills.) Untrained, bible-clinging, gun-toting southern racist rednecks on the Upper East Side? The latte-fueled mind boggles! Here’s the most interesting bit of Collins’ dietribe [sic] . . .

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NE State Senator Kills Military Spouse CCW Bill…Because Gay Marriage

As reported earlier, the Nebraska legislature was considering a measure sponsored by State Senator Dave Bloomfield that would exempt military spouses from the standard 180-day waiting period to ‘establish residency’ in the Cornhusker State before they could apply for a license to carry a concealed firearm. The legislature has now tabled the bill, though, due to concern on the part of Senator Bloomfield, that the bill might cause “uncertainty” because…the Supreme Court will be reviewing cases involving same sex marriage this summer . . .

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Memo to Mayor Mike: Gun Rights Are for ALL Americans [Video NSFW]

Anti-pistol plutocrat Michael Bloomberg recently expressed his desire to disarm African-American youths. Not to coin a phrase, FTS. All Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. More than that, it’s time that the NRA (or someone) to do a little “community organizing.” To go into minority communities to help law-abiding Americans negotiate the legal, technical and practical aspects of firearms ownership. Its not the answer to gang violence, but does that even matter? When you get right down to it, armed self-defense is its own reward. Now, song-i-fy that. [h/t DCS]


Hong Kong Phooey, Or How I learned It’s the Ordinary Stuff That Will Get You

I was pleased to see that my earlier post on off-body carry seems to have spawned a bit of debate on the topic. Although some of the people who replied raised some good points, I still think that if one wanted to play the numbers, sticking to on-body carry would be best in most situations for almost everyone Why? Well, people tend to be creatures of habit. I’m sure this is, evolutionarily speaking, a net benefit: when there’s a certain task you do on a daily basis the details of which are intimately familiar, people go on autopilot when doing it. The actions and responses just flow automatically, freeing your mind to work on other problems. If this wasn’t successful for us on some level, we wouldn’t do it . . .

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BREAKING: Bodyguard for Moms Demand Action Assaults Open Carry Texas President


We’ve already pointed out the hypocrisy on display by Moms Demand Action, the Bloomberg-funded group who demands that all Americans be disarmed and guns be banned yet hides behind their own paid armed guards. Apparently at the open carry and campus carry hearing yesterday, CJ Grisham (President of Open Carry Texas) was quietly and unobtrusively filming an interview with one of Moms Demand Action’s employees when their armed bodyguard pushed him out of the way and attempted to grab his phone (presumably to delete the video or stop him from recording). The man, pictured above in a plaid shirt being detained by Texas police (photo from OCT’s Facebook), was not arrested, but as Grisham points out it is ironic that the only violence on display at the hearing came from a paid member of Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action group, not the Open Carry Texas members. Video after the jump.

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BREAKING: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Filed in Senate


“Gun owners would be allowed to carry concealed weapons around the country under new legislation introduced in the Senate. The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would allow gun owners who have a concealed carry permit in their home state to bring their firearms in any other state with concealed-carry laws.” So touts thehill.com in reporting Texas Senator John Cornyn’s bill, filed just today. Now that’s #gunsense . . .

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Military Service, Gay Marriage, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Let’s just get straight to the facts. Politico’s Adam Learner reports that Nebraska lawmakers are busy passing a law that would “allow military spouses to avoid residency requirements in applying for concealed-carry permits for firearms.” Currently, military personnel stationed in Nebraska may apply for a permit without waiting the standard 180 days to establish residency in the state, as mandated by Nebraska state law. State Senator Paul Schumacher has offered an amendment that would allow persons receiving spousal benefits from the Department of Defense to apply for those permits without being residents as well . . .

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What (And Why) I Carry



I was recently chided here as stupid for carrying a gun in my car and in my briefcase. I was informed that any sort of off-body carry was stupid and so was my article. It’s good to know people are reading your stuff. And it made me wonder, how the People Of The Gun usually carry. My personal habits are to have one by the bedside, one in the car, and one in my briefcase. The car gun is a Kahr, and slips easily into my pocket when I deem it advisable. It’s admirably suited for its role, plus, Kahr in the car is just obvious . . .

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