Purdue Study: Arming Victims Would Save Lives in Terrorist Attacks

The question that arises every time there’s a terrorist attack or mass shooting is one of how to stop it from happening again or minimize the casualties. The common response from gun control activists and the media is always to ban guns and further restrict the rights of law abiding citizens, relying purely on a emotional response and lacking any scientific evidence. One study out of Purdue University is seeking to put some actual science behind the question of whether concealed carry or any armed defense would reduce the impact of a terrorist attack like the one in Paris. Their results: yes, guns would save lives.

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You Are the Best Concealed Carry Advocate


By Brandon via concealednation.org

When my friends find out that I carry, we start to talk. Most are interested in the topic and have never really … talked it through. I’ve had dozens of conversations that happen just like this and in the end, that friend is usually seriously considering a firearm for self-defense and concealed carry. If you’re providing the correct information, you are the best advocate for concealed carry . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Draw Your Gun in This Situation?

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.31.21 AM

So, “Gene” sees a group of men attacking an older man in a supermarket parking lot in broad daylight. Gene draws down on them (click the image above to view the video). Problem: he doesn’t move and get behind cover as he does so. Relevance: not much, given the result, but worth noting. Problem: the assault turned out to be a domestic. Relevance: it’s worth noting that domestic disputes are a cop’s worst nightmare and so, yours. Point of information: As Gene stops the assault, he hears a shopper calling 911 saying “there’s a man with a gun!” Relevance: a lot! If a responding cop sees . . .

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Why We Need to Be Armed Against Terrorists

Paris shooting (courtesy businessinsider.com)

The argument against “allowing” civilians to be armed against terrorists: they would be completely ineffective. Worse, they might shoot the wrong person. Or be shot by responding police. And there is a “danger” that “untrained” civilians would accidentally shoot someone in the normal course of carrying a firearm. The possibility that an armed civilian would shoot the wrong person or the cops would shoot an innocent armed civilian during an active shooter event is what it is. But the rest of the objections are just plain wrong. Fatal negligent discharges in public are as rare as hen’s teeth. As for the effectiveness of armed defense against terrorists, I’ll let TTAG commentator JR in NC explain . . .

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Man with Loaded Ruger LCP Slips Through TSA Screening, Boards Plane


The TSA and their blue-gloved gropers have become a running joke. I say that not only as a somewhat intelligent American, but because I’ve seen it from the inside. I used to work as a risk analyst on a Department of Homeland Security contract analyzing the risks to American citizens from all sorts of threats including terrorism. I had access to classified information detailing exactly how inept the TSA was at performing their assigned duties. Hint: I make my peace with God before boarding any commercial airliner. A man in Atlanta proved my point yesterday when he boarded an airplane with a loaded handgun . . .

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SIG SAUER Announces New Shorter Carry Edition P229


On the cusp of the Texas Firearms Festival, SIG SAUER (one of the main exhibitors) is announcing that they have sliced off the nose of their P229 handgun. Originally designed as a more concealed carry friendly version of the iconic P226 the gun was still a little big for some buyers, but the new version is about as small as you can get before you start falling into the “mouse gun” category. Press release after the jump . . .

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Gage Park Shooting Shows Why Gun Control Activists Hate Concealed Carry


A shooting  in Gage Park, in Southwest Chicago, illustrates why gun control activists resisted legal concealed carry in the Windy City as long as they did. Earlier this week, a legally carrying customer of a currency exchange store shot and killed an armed robber who was attempting a holdup while the owner’s two teenage sons were working there. To understand why civilian disarmament types hate the idea of concealed carry permits, you just have to read the comments of some of the other merchants in the area . . .

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How to Talk To Businesses That Ban Guns


By James England via concealednation.org

In a previous article, we discussed several large chains that had standing “no weapons” policies in place for a majority of their nationwide venues. This is very annoying for the responsible concealed carrier who tries to stay within the laws. A big one we keep hearing about: the issue of carrying concealed into movie theaters. Who doesn’t love watching a great movie on the big screen? Thankfully . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Three Things They Don’t Teach You In Your Concealed Carry Class

I oppose mandatory firearms training. It violates our Second Amendment protection against government infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. That said, I’ve been impressed with the instruction rammed down my metaphorical throat. Tedious yes, but comprehensive; instructors cover everything from how a gun works to the legal use of deadly force to anger management and firearms retention (added in Texas for licensed open carry). Plus live fire! But the classes don’t cover everything. Here are three things they don’t teach you in a concealed carry class . . .

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Question of the Day: Open Carry in Schools?

Kenneth Herman (courtesy courier-journal.com)

Rift Emerges Among Gun Owners Over Concealing Weapons in Schools, the headline at The New York Times [gleefully?] proclaims. The story details Michiganders’ fight over gun rights within the state’s pubic schools. In this corner, we have gun owners like Kenneth Herman [above] who wants to open carry in schools (as is their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right). In that corner, we have gun control advocates who want a total gun ban in schools (because guns). In this corner, we have gun owners who want to be able to carry concealed in schools, who are OK with a ban on open carry in schools. The antis are the antis. But where do you stand on open vs. concealed in schools? Before you answer, check out the horse trading going on in the Mitten State . . .

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Concealed Carry Stops Armed Attacker in Chicago. Meet Reginald Gildersleeve

Reginald Gildersleeve (courtesy mugshots.com)

TTAG Tipster JE writes:

At 45-yeards-old, Mr. Gildersleeve was previously sentenced to a total of 35 years in prison for no less than 10 felonies. [Click here for his rap sheet.] He was recently out on bond for a current case, in the city with the history of some of the strictest gun laws and criminal laws in the nation. He was out of jail terrorizing the neighborhood. Only not anymore. He’s the guy shot by a licensed concealed carry license holder in Chicago.


Maine Cuts Reciprocity With Several States, Enacts Constitutional Carry


Here’s an alert we received from Texas Law Shield:

If you have a Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas or Virginia handgun license, you need to know that your state-issued carry license is not valid in Maine. This comes as a result of Maine enacting a type of “constitutional carry.” We congratulate Maine on becoming the latest state to practice some form of permitless concealed carry. For folks in one of the states where Maine does not recognize your carry license, this means you can still carry in Maine, but subject to a few unusual and important exceptions you need to know . . .

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