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You Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Em


A couple weeks ago I wrote a post titled You Gotta Know When to Fold ‘Em. It referenced Kenny Rogers’ famous song, The Gambler, in which he teaches a fellow train rider a valuable life lesson about knowing when to push through, and knowing when to let go.  As a competitive shooter (not an operator), I suggested there are some times when things aren’t going right at the range, that it’s better just to pack up and go home.  Comments ranged from supportive to critical, as I would expect.  One particular comment criticized my mental game and my ability to work through adversity.  Well, sir, whoever you are…this post is for you.

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You Gotta Know When to Fold ‘Em


The following was written by Karla Herdzik and is reproduced with permission.

Last Sunday I had a practice day to get ready for the upcoming 3-Gun Nation Pro Series qualifier match. (Because I sucked juuuuuussstttt enough last year that I missed the cut and have to requalify. But that’s beside the point.) It was a rough day. I shot a match the day before and spent the night in a hotel next to some very…ahem, noisy…neighbors, so I started the day pretty much physically exhausted and just plain angry that I couldn’t sleep and had to listen to their ruckus all night long. But I pulled it together. Thanks to the graces of hot tea, bacon, and a very patient boyfriend, I got my head in the right place and we got to practicing . . .

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OMG! It’s an Olympian! With a Gun! OMG!

It’s bad enough that the winter Olympics still features an event like the biathlon, combining cross country skiing and *gasp!* shooting. That can be overlooked, though, since it all happens out in the woods and who the hell really watches that anyway? But a gun – even a fake one – in figure skating? Seriously? Is nothing sacred anymore? That’s figure skating pairs team Marissa Castelli and Simon Schnapir (above) doing their James Bond-themed routine in the US championships. And yes, Schnapir is strapped. When they had the gall to repeat the performance yesterday in Sochi, the ever-watchful snarkmeisters at Twitchy wondered if little Bobby Costas would take the opportunity to lecture NBC’s audience on the shocking impropriety of it all. The real question is, how long before Shannon Watts weighs in with her patented mix of disappointment and opprobrium?

Moore Wins Fifth All-Around Individual Army Small Arms Championship

FORT BENNING, Ga. – More than 200 Soldiers from around the force competed against each other and Mother Nature at the history-making 2014 U.S. Army Small Arms Championship. Snow, ice and bone-chilling weather, combined with the highest female participation in two decades and the crowning of a five-time champ, made this year’s iteration of the Army’s premier marksmanship training event one to remember for years to come . . .

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Obscure Object Of Desire: Glockworx/Zev G34 Race Gun

I’m not a GLOCK fan. I know they’re probably the most simple, reliable, functional handgun ever made, and I respect them for that. But I respect them from a distance. I’ve never owned one, nor have I desired to. Until I saw this muzzle-to-magwell custom G34 from Glockworx . . .

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Put On Your Reloading Pants


The following was written by Karla Herdzik and is reproduced with permission.

My basement is kind of a man cave. Yes, it has a washer and dryer and it’s painted pretty turquoise, but otherwise — total man cave. Across from my instruments of laundry, I keep my instruments of shooting.  My workbench has stacks of targets, wrenches, optics, target pasters, and gun cleaning supplies.  Underneath the workbench (and actually, at the bottom of the stairs) are veritable mountains of ammo.  I also stash a piece of PVC pipe so I can work on my overhead squat form, as well as a couple of kettlebells.  Seriously — total man cave, with a few small girly touches . . .
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Leupold Cuts Greg Jordan a Really Big Check


As Nick mentioned, Greg Jordan was the big winner in last night’s FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Rumble on the Range, AKA the annual 3-gun championship finals. This morning, in the Leupold booth, Sales VP Kevin Trepa presented Greg with the spoils of victory. Word among the assembled press and onlookers was that Greg already has all that newfound cash earmarked for two cases of .22LR and a venti decaf mochachino, but he was so mobbed with well-wishers we were unable to confirm that at press time.