Red Dot On A Handgun? Not As Useful As I Expected

I spent this past week in Phoenix shooting the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Competition. I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack, which isn’t bad considering that I borrowed all of the equipment. And the guns. And hadn’t practiced with any of it. Or at all, really, for months. Anyway, I was competing in the new “stealth” division, which gives shooters the freedom to have red dots on all their guns — handgun included. I hadn’t spent much time with a red dot-equipped handgun before. Now that I have I can say this with absolute certainty: meh . . .


NSSF Fantasy Camp Pro Shooting Tips

Have iPhone will travel. Our Maximum Leader’s attending the NSSF’s Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas. Fortunately, not everything that’s happening in Vegas will stay there. He collared some of the best pro shooters in the business to ask them about their gear and pry a shooting tip or two out of them. Pros like Jessie Duff, above. You may not have been able to be there, but there’s no reason you can’t benefit from their wealth of knowledge . . .


Keanu Reeves, 3-Gunner

Did he hone his run-and-gun skills while filming The Matrix? Dunno, not that it really matters. As I’ve heard someone say, culture eats strategy for lunch. Seeing celebrities safely (not to mention deftly) handling firearms removes the stigma so much of the media and entertainment industry work so hard to attach to anything gunny. So it’s good to see Keanu chose the red pill of reality rather than the blue pill so many of his colleagues have swallowed. We’d love to see him become an advocate for gun rights, too. Because there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

[h/t Tyler Kee]