Gear Review: MagnetoSpeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

As we saw last week, MagnetoSpeed is branching out from chronographs into other firearms-related gear. Next up for them is a product designed to solve the frustrating difficulty of target impact verification at long ranges. Employing bright LEDs redirected by a flexible fiber optic slab, the T1000 Target Mounted Hit Indicator provides clear hit (and […]

Nordic Components Pistol Caliber Carbine: Gun Review

Pistol caliber carbines are all the rage these days, and for obvious reasons. They’re fun to shoot, the ammo is inexpensive, there are competition divisions just for them, and they often share the same magazines as your favorite pistol. As long as it’s a GLOCK. That is, until now . . . [reviewadinsert]   Not […]

At the NRA National Air Gun Championships

The National Rifle Association held their annual National Air Gun Championship this year in Bloomington, Illinois. For two days, the best of the best of America’s air gun shooters came to Central Illinois Precision Shooting range to battle it out on May 27-28th. Nineteen shooters made it through a series of local and regional championships […]

Gear Review: Explorer Cases Ultimate 3-Gun Travel Solution Kit

Explorer Cases is an Italian company specializing in durable polymer hard cases for the transport and storage of all sorts of important items, including firearms. Available in myriad shapes and sizes either empty or with various types of organizer inserts, they’re waterproof, lockable, and TSA approved. The Ultimate 3-Gun Kit, reviewed here, is one hell […]

Julie Golob: Barriers to Shooting Competition Too High

Speaking at the NSSF Industry Summit in Austin today, Smith & Wesson pro shooter Julie Golob reckons competition shooting isn’t inclusive enough. There are too many rules, the equipment costs are too high, the travel distances are too far, OFWGs aren’t welcoming, many safety officers are insensitive Neanderthals, some pro shooters are *ssholes and ranges […]