Match Director: Competition Makes You a Better Shooter [Contest Entry]


By RenagadeDave

Practical pistol shooting is lauded by many as the ultimate in preparing for self-defense, while dismissed by others as potentially getting you killed in the streets. Regardless, the simulated stress of performing in front of others while on the clock with challenging target presentations is not something most folks get exposure to on a square range. Those who have access to proper pistol bays can’t be bothered to lug out all the props. I’ve been a match director for an International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) match for about a year now. While it’s clearly a game at its core, it still tests fundamentals in a way that self-directed practice doesn’t. Each week we have 25-35 shooters of varying levels of experience and skill, so conservatively I get to watch 75,000 rounds (plus my own training regimen) poke holes down range.  The experience has been invaluable, and taught me a lot about competition shooting, shooting in general, and people . . .

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Red Dot On A Handgun? Not As Useful As I Expected

I spent this past week in Phoenix shooting the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Competition. I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack, which isn’t bad considering that I borrowed all of the equipment. And the guns. And hadn’t practiced with any of it. Or at all, really, for months. Anyway, I was competing in the new “stealth” division, which gives shooters the freedom to have red dots on all their guns — handgun included. I hadn’t spent much time with a red dot-equipped handgun before. Now that I have I can say this with absolute certainty: meh . . .

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NSSF Fantasy Camp Pro Shooting Tips

Have iPhone will travel. Our Maximum Leader’s attending the NSSF’s Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas. Fortunately, not everything that’s happening in Vegas will stay there. He collared some of the best pro shooters in the business to ask them about their gear and pry a shooting tip or two out of them. Pros like Jessie Duff, above. You may not have been able to be there, but there’s no reason you can’t benefit from their wealth of knowledge . . .

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What’s Your ‘Sight Thought’

There’s a lot to be said for the KISS principle. Keeping it simple when you’re under pressure minimizes extraneous factors and frees you up to preform smoother, better and faster. Golfers — most of the best ones, anyway — have swing thoughts. Robert collared Kay Miculek at the NSSF Fantasy Camp this morning. She revealed that her “sight thought” is to see her front sight as a little chomping Pac Man, gobbling up ghosts as she moves from target to target. Do you have a sight thought? What is it?

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Keanu Reeves, 3-Gunner

Did he hone his run-and-gun skills while filming The Matrix? Dunno, not that it really matters. As I’ve heard someone say, culture eats strategy for lunch. Seeing celebrities safely (not to mention deftly) handling firearms removes the stigma so much of the media and entertainment industry work so hard to attach to anything gunny. So it’s good to see Keanu chose the red pill of reality rather than the blue pill so many of his colleagues have swallowed. We’d love to see him become an advocate for gun rights, too. Because there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

[h/t Tyler Kee]


Calculating Muzzle Velocity and Trajectory With Five Shots (Or So)


For years now I’ve been a long distance shooter. For much of that time I’ve been missing targets at long distances. There isn’t any shame in missing. Most of you have missed more shots than you’ve made, except that one time you lucked out and actually hit that pop can that somebody else left on the target rail on the 300 yard line of your local range. That time, you had everything just right. So, as the title says, how does one go about figuring things out with only five shots? I’ll tell you one thing . . .Read More


FN Introduces FN-15 Competition Rifle


FN has a long history of manufacturing specific competition versions of their regular military and law enforcement focused firearms. Once they perfect the internals they paint the exterior their special shade of blue. The last time I saw something come out in this line was an SLP shotgun, and while there was some discussion of a competition version SCAR I don’t think it ever made it past the prototype phase (although the blue SCAR that Larry Houck had was pretty awesome looking). FN’s now out with a competition AR that’s a direct competitor to the other top tier out there, and they’ve done a pretty spiffy job of it . . .

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Gun Review: SIG SAUER 1911 MAX


I consider myself a competent shooter. I mop up in local shooting competitions. But as soon as I venture out into national shooting competitions I realize I’m merely mediocre. I can hold my own in the middle of the pack, but the whooshing sound I hear when the big boys fly past me like a freight train can be deafening. Max Michel, Jr. is of those amazing shooters, a professional pistolero who knows his way around a 1911. SIG SAUER reached out to Max and offered him the opportunity to design his dream gun for public consumption. The 1911 MAX is the result . . .

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