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Gun Review: Walther PPQ M2 (5″ Slide)

Courtesy Joe Grine

TTAG has a reputation for hard-hitting, no holds barred reviews. That’s why it pains me to tell you that this review is pretty much the same kind of slobbering lovefest that you’d expect from industry glossies. But after spending six months and well over 3,000 rounds running the Walther PPQ M2, Jeremy and I could find precious little to complain about. Even my quibbles amount to nothing more than minor personal preference issues. So without further ado, let me tell you why I think the Walther PPQ M2 is one of the best of the polymer wonder 9s . . .

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Gun Review: Coronado Arms CA-15


Coronado Arms is in the business of making finely crafted bolt action rifles. Founded in 2012, they seem to have made some beautiful products and are building their reputation. This past year they came out with an unexpected addition to their line of products: an AR-15 pattern semi-automatic rifle. While at first glance it might look just like any other black rifle on the market, there are one or two improvements over the bog standard rifle that Coronado Arms has included that make it stand out a bit over the competition . . . continue reading

Our P320 Winner Is…


We’ve said it before, so we’ll say it one last time. The volume and quality of the entries to our SIG SAUER P320 content contest has been mind-boggling. Picking Dave Keller’s name out of a hat as the first winner was easy. Judging the best effort from the hundreds we’ve received has been a little more daunting. But looking back over the breadth and depth of all the entries, one stood just a little higher than the others, and that was Randy in Indiana’s ‘Papa’s Rifle‘. Randy will soon be getting a package from New Hampshire, something that we hope he’ll hand down to his grandchildren some day the way his grandfather passed down that beautiful 1936 Marlin. Congrats. And thanks to all the writers who shared their time and talents with TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia.

3-Gun Tip: Don’t Use Your Sights


Match directors for 3-gun competitions are always trying to dream up ways to exploit the weaknesses of the shooters. For shotguns, stages will force the shooter to reload over and over again since keeping the scattergun full is the hardest part about shooting it. For handguns, long-distance targets and one-handed shooting are the bane of a competitor’s existence. But for the rifle, there isn’t much that the gun can’t do. The scope, however, is another story altogether. . .

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ArmsBand Competition: We Have a Winner!

IMG_2385 After ArmsBand owner Bill Davis posted a response in the comments under our What Could Possibly Go Wrong write-up, we decided to help him out. So we tapped the massive reservoir of wit and creativity that is the Armed Intelligentsia and offered up a free ArmsBand to the mega-mind who comes up with the best tag line for Bill’s ballistic bauble. Now we’re pleased to announce that the winner is Zebulon Pike for penning “ArmsBand: The Ace Up Your Sleeve.” (We could say something about the song Always Have an Ace in the Hole and this story, but that would be wrong.) Zeb, please email your address (to to claim your prize. Watch this space for Tyler Kee’s ArmsBand review.

New From RCA: Adjustable Gas Key for AR-15 Rifles


Adjustable gas blocks are great for competition shooters. With the turn of a couple screws you can turn an ultra-reliable yet hard recoiling rifle into a veritable pussycat, allowing you to get back on target faster after each shot. While it’s a great feature, retro-fitting existing guns to have an adjustable gas block is a bit of a pain. For those who have run headlong into this problem, Rubber City Armory has a solution . . .

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