FN Introduces FN-15 Competition Rifle


FN has a long history of manufacturing specific competition versions of their regular military and law enforcement focused firearms. Once they perfect the internals they paint the exterior their special shade of blue. The last time I saw something come out in this line was an SLP shotgun, and while there was some discussion of a competition version SCAR I don’t think it ever made it past the prototype phase (although the blue SCAR that Larry Houck had was pretty awesome looking). FN’s now out with a competition AR that’s a direct competitor to the other top tier out there, and they’ve done a pretty spiffy job of it . . .

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Gun Review: SIG SAUER 1911 MAX


I consider myself a competent shooter. I mop up in local shooting competitions. But as soon as I venture out into national shooting competitions I realize I’m merely mediocre. I can hold my own in the middle of the pack, but the whooshing sound I hear when the big boys fly past me like a freight train can be deafening. Max Michel, Jr. is of those amazing shooters, a professional pistolero who knows his way around a 1911. SIG SAUER reached out to Max and offered him the opportunity to design his dream gun for public consumption. The 1911 MAX is the result . . .

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Pecos Run n Gun 2015: Hydrate or Die


Last year’s Pecos Run n Gun was an unmitigated disaster from start to finish. I count myself blessed that I got out with all my gear and limbs intact. Despite that feeling, as soon as I got back, I started making plans for my return. Something about the event got right down into my soul. Maybe its my daily life living in a cubicle or the love I’ve always had for West Texas, but I had an itch all year that only Run n Gun could scratch. Apparently, our resident coffee reviewer and frequent commenter, Tex300BLK (aka Wes D.) did as well. And thus, a road trip was born…

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Pecos Run n Gun: The Eagles Have Landed


Several hundred miles, one Red Bull, thirty two gallons of gas, and fourteen bags of ice later, your intrepid shooters have finally arrived in Pecos, Texas for the 2015 Pecos Run ‘n Gun. We elected to get a hotel for the first night so we could sleep in a soft bed and take a hot shower before spending the next three days camped out in the desert. The trip here has been relatively low key, though we have already had a couple hiccups . . .

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Preview: Pecos Run n Gun

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I drove the nearly six hours to Pecos, Texas, ran power walked seven miles, shot some stuff, and got stranded in the desert. Regular readers will remember that last year’s event was a cluster of medium-sized proportions. Everyone got out with their lives, and most people had fun doing it, but it was the first year that they cancelled the main event. And now, I’m headed back . . .

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#WhateverItTakes 8

TTAG is still accepting photos for our #WhateverItTakes Facebook photo album – a pushback against Everytown for Gun Safety’s campaign of the same name. And we’re making headway! Our post Reminder: Send Us Your #WhateverItTakes Selfies! is now number six when you Google search #whateverittakes, seven places ahead of Everytown for Gun Safety’s post Whatever It Takes Day of Action. Which is tomorrow! So please, commemorate Everytown’s “Day of Action” by sending your #WhateverItTakes image to thetruthaboutguns@gmail.com with the word FEELINGS (all caps) in the subject bar. The best image gets a box of their favorite ammo. All photographers get the satisfaction of putting Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic bully boys in their place.


A First Pass at The Rehn Test

In a previous life, I was pretty committed to being a scientist. Well, an engineer actually. A minor distinction to some, but the cardinal sin is to confuse the two among a certain group of my friends. I entered college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to learn what I needed to so I could go work for an Italian or Japanese MotoGP team making the next generation of fast motorcycles. Fast forward a few years to a bitter college sophomore curled up in the fetal position broken under the weight of abstract math and an electronics class that beat me up and took my lunch money . . .

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The Best Military Shooter in the World: My Daughter


Reader David Danylyshyn writes:

Canada being, well, Canada, this is likely to get zero coverage up here, but each year, the best military shooters from the best shooting cultures in the world compete at Bisley, England…all the commonwealth countries, SAS, SBS, lots of American representation, the French Foreign Legion, etc. Usually about 1300 competitors in all. This is military-replicant shooting, with short range, long range, run-downs, quick-exposure, timed fire, etc. The top British shot is awarded the Queen’s Medal each year. These are not as hard to come by as the Victoria Cross, but still damned rare . . .

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Arriving Soon For Testing: AutoTargets Digital Reactive Target System

If you’ve suffered through any of my YouTube videos, you probably know that I do most of my shooting in the woods of N’Idaho. It’s public land, which means I can’t leave targets out there. So ideally the targets I use set up and break down fairly quickly — no Hickok45-style steel range for me. Coming to the rescue to solve those boring target blues, AutoTargets looks like it’s going to provide a ton of interest and target shooting excitement while still setting up quickly. At least physically, that is, because the Android app gives you full control over. . .

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Question of the Day: What’s The Dumbest Tactical Move You’ve Seen?

Actually, the under-slide racking video above doesn’t highlight a tactical move. It’s a safety thing! “This shooter explained that he racks the slide from underneath because he is concerned about out of battery detonation,” thefirearmblog.com reports. “Supposedly another competitive shooter had a fail to fire and racked his slide with his hand covering the ejection port to capture the round. The round went off in his hand when he extracted it.” Wait. What? I reckon the RSO should have flagged his ass. Anyway, I’ve seen some pretty dopey tactical moves. My favorite: bird-like head movements masquerading as scanning for threats. What’s your pet peeve when it comes to operators operating operationally?