Henry Repeating Arms’ CEO: Lever Fever Outbreak Continues Apace

Anthony Imperato (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Lever fever is a particularly virulent strain of firearms fascination. In a country where highly-customizable “military-style” firearms dominate the market, lever guns continue to entrance buyers with their romantic appeal. “Lever guns represented a distinct break from European-designed bolt action rifles,” Henry Repeating Arms’ CEO Anthony Imperato told TTAG. “They’re still a quintessentially American design, a true American firearm . . . People who buy our lever guns are connecting with our common history. At the same time, they own a very useful firearm.” Yes there is that . . .

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WSJ: Colt to File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection Tomorrow


“Gun maker Colt Defense LLC plans to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by Monday, according to people familiar with the matter, amid business and accounting troubles. The company has secured financing to continue operating while in bankruptcy and expects to remain in business after the restructuring, the people said.” The combination of years of indifference toward the civilian market combined and the gut-punch that was losing most of its military AR business have finally caught up to Colt . . .

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C-Suite Shake-Up at Remington Outdoor, George Kollitides Steps Down


Remington Outdoor Company, FKA Freedom Group and a few other monikers, just announced some changes at the top today. As a gun owner and someone who does business with ROC, I’m glad to see things are moving around a bit. TTAG has griped about Remington mismanagement many times in the past, much to the chagrin of several of their employees and to be honest – it’s my opinion that when criticism is warranted, it’s warranted. I have not personally or professionally had any issues with ROC service and products, but  . . .

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Sara Tipton: Gun Stores and Women

California legal DPMS AR-15s at J & K Guns and Stuff (courtesy Facebook)

Like most people who live in small towns, I notice small changes. When an empty storefront put bars across the windows, I wondered which direction it would go. Jewelry store? Pawn shop? Check cashing service? Was our town’s economy headed up or down? One day, I saw a neon OPEN  invitation on the window and a sign proclaiming the arrival of J & K Guns and Stuff. I’m sure some residents saw this as a bad thing. I did not . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Feelings Edition

Harbor Freight (courtesy facebook.com)


Harbor Freight Tools is a “gun free zone.” Americans cannot legally exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms within their stores. Legally (deepening on your state). There is nothing to stop American carrying their guns into the store illegally – except the law. Which honest Americans observe and criminals have a habit of ignoring. In Harbor Freight Tools stores. Take this story [via wacotrib,com], for example . . .

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Gun Deals Gone Bad: Patience is a Virtue


A funny thing happened on my way back from lunch this afternoon. Ted Clutter from ATF’s NFA branch left me a voicemail. He didn’t sound happy with me at all. I’m usually a pretty easy guy to get along with and Ted is a pretty happy fellow, but when ATF’s NFA branch calls – it’s because something went wrong or they came up with a response to a complicated question that I framed for them and they had to research it some more. This time it was the former rather than the latter. I know Ted Clutter by reputation to be one of the folks at ATF that has more answers than questions on most things, so I was surprised to hear him calling me . . .

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Update On UPS “General Ban” On Suppressor Shipments

(courtesy becauseguns.com)

TTAG reader JF writes:

So I submitted an inquiry via the UPS web portal on how to obtain the “exemption” to the general prohibition on shipping silencers. I received an auto response promising that my inquiry would be answered within four hours. Of course, that did not happen. I pinged the support ticket system again. I finally got a response that my account rep would contact me. Another 48 hours . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Care if Your Firearms Provider Donates to Charity?


Debusk Arms co-owner (courtesy debuskarms.com)

The firearms industry is awesome. The vast majority of gun people with whom I interact are straight shooters. I reckon that’s because they believe in something other than lining their pockets. The major players prove the point by donating millions to the NRA and other pro-2A groups. It happens on a smaller scale, too. debuskarms.com, for example, donates 20 percent of their net profits to JWT’s mates at veteran-outdoors.com (who welcome good old-fashioned contributions). Question: do you care? If their prices were roughly the same, would you buy from Dubusk instead of cheaperthandirt.com just to support vets? By the same token, does GLOCK’s mega-checks to Wayne’s mob influence your buying decision? Or does charity begin – and end – at home?



OMG! A Gun Store! Near a School! OMG!

Future home of a gun store? (courtesy Facebook.com)

“An Arlington strip mall off Lee Highway in the Cherrydale community has everything from restaurants to salons to a frame shop,” wjla.com reports. “McLean-based Nova Firearms has announced it’s opening a new store in that empty space this summer. Building owner Kostas Kapasouris says, ‘They want to have exclusive, expensive sporting goods and I guess that probably includes expensive guns.’ Kapasouris confirms a lease has been signed but he insists the community is overwhelmingly opposed to a gun shop being here . . .

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‘Smart Gun’ Maker Armatix Crashes and Burns


Oh no. Dontcha just hate getting bad news on a holiday weekend? “The manufacturer of the only so-called ‘smart’ pistol available on the market today has entered chapter 11-style restructuring proceedings in Germany, the company confirmed to Fortune yesterday. ‘This is a corporate restructuring, not an insolvency proceeding,’ a spokesperson said in an emailed statement. ‘Armatix will continue operations and does not anticipate any changes to its majority shareholders.'” Uh huh. Maybe that’s why, despite our best efforts, TTAG’s been unable to buy one of their whiz-bang .22 caliber pistols from the only US retailer willing to sell them . . .

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