Gun Control – The Other Side of the Coin [Contest Entry]

Browning machineguns

By Travis Pike

We often talk about firearms and gun control as a rights issue. We do this for good reason, the right to keep and bear arms in an American right enshrined in our founding document. We fight tooth and nail for our ability to own firearms and standard accessories like bayonet lugs. We fight tooth and nail to own magazines that hold eleven plus rounds. We fight tooth and nail because it’s our right. There is another side of the coin though, another reason to fight. While maintaining our right to keep and bear arms is the most important thing, there are other critical components to gun ownership that affect our nation. These are mainly what the gun industry does for the county economically . . .

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Winchester’s New Steel Shellcase Ammo Aims to Leave More Money in Your Wallet

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.01.58 AM

In order to maximize range time while minimizing cost, lots of shooters feed their guns steel cased ammo. The only problem – most of it is imported from Comblock countries. East Alton ammo giant Winchester’s out to give gunnies a domestic option. They’ve just announced their new USA Forged line of steel cased ammunition that will let you shoot more and spend less. Press release after the jump . . .

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Remington Offers Limited Lifetime Warranty on All 2016 Firearms

Remington has a new president CEO who’s sworn a blood oath to improve product quality. We wanted to see for ourselves what’s happening on the ground. So we sent TTAG’s Managing Editor to Big Green’s biggest factories. Findings to follow. Let’s just say that reports of the R51’s death have been greatly exaggerated. On a wider scale, as part of their commitment to quality, Remington’s offering a limited lifetime warranty on all firearms purchased after January 1, 2016. Here are the deets [via] . . .

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Black Arch Holsters to Sponsor TTAG’s Weekend Photo Caption Contest. Prizes Included!


Who? Another upstart holster maker, you say? Not at all. You know Black Arch by their now former name, SHTF Gear. They’ve just announced the new branding. Either way, they make top quality hybrid IWB holsters and leather mag carriers. And now they’ll also be sponsoring our Weekend Photo Caption Contest posts, giving you a chance to win one of their great rigs on a weekly basis. Here’s the story on the name change . . .

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FIREClean: ‘Rich Blogger Is Bullying Our Poor, Tiny Company!’

FIREClean courtesy

We’ve been covering the ongoing drama that has resulted from Vuurwapen Blog’s analysis of FIREClean for some time now. To bring you up to speed, VB posted some analysis that indicated that FIREClean was chemically similar to standard vegetable oils such as Crisco. As it tends to do, the internet then went crazy, immediately latching onto the idea that FIREClean = Crisco and taking that idea to its absurd conclusion. Naturally FIREClean wasn’t pleased about the chain of events. As we reported earlier . . .

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STI Guns: What Sales Slump?

Jens Krogh of STI Guns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I recently journeyed to Georgetown to return our test and review STI Guardian 2011. STI marketing maven Jens Krogh took receipt of the four-and-a-half star firearm and escorted me on my second tour of the Texas factory. Not much has changed — yet. STI’s new owners are due to take over any day now; they plan to update STI’s DOS-based machinery, increase production and expand the gunmaker’s reach into retail. I asked Jens about recent reports of a firearms sales slump . . .

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Universal Orlando Employee Fired For Gun in Car Gets His Job Back

“State law allows Floridians with concealed-weapons permits to keep firearms locked in their cars at work, but Orlando’s big theme parks have claimed they don’t have to comply,” reports. Florida’s theme parks have ginned up a variety of questionable theories to justify declaring even their parking lots as 2A-free zones. That’s how Dean Kumanchik found himself out of a job after a gun was stolen from his parked car at Universal Orlando in December. That’s also why Kumanchik filed suit against Universal for the dismissal. What makes Gunshine State theme parks so special? Under an imaginative interpretation . . .

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Reader: The FireClean vs. Vuurwapen Suit Presents a Real Threat to Firearms Bloggers


Reader John Dingell III writes:

The real issue in the FireClean lawsuit against Vuurwapen Blog is how blog publishers can protect themselves from legal intimidation. While a political blogger can, uh, ‘trump’ his opponents because politicians and public figures have few legal protections, in the commercial sphere targets enjoy far greater legal protections. This is particularly apparent in the financial sphere, where lawsuits against journalists often succeed. This suggests that . . .

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Gun Lube Maker Sues Blogger Over Negative Post


You’ve probably forgotten that there was a characteristic bit of cybersturm und drang last fall when Vuurwappen Blog smelled a vegan rat and sent a bottle of FireClean to, well, someone for analysis. Three labs, actually. Their conclusion: FireClean is, for all intents and purposes, garden variety vegetable oil. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if it, you know, works. Nicky wrote about the kerfuffle here. As usually happens in these situations, both sides got their backs up and flung a little poo at each other for a while, then the whole thing died down. The mega-minds at FireClean, however, are apparently woefully unfamiliar with the Streisand Effect . . .

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H&K Reportedly Wins Contract to Replace Aging M-110 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles


The U.S. armed forces have been using the M-110 Semi-Auto Sniper System, designed and manufactured by Cape Canaveral-based Knights Armament Corp, for the last eight years. The concept behind the platform makes sense in modern warfare: giving designated marksmen and snipers the ability to rapidly engage multiple targets while enjoying some signature reduction benefits from the attached suppressor. That’s great on paper, but when placed into combat in the dusty and dirty environments of the Middle East the M-110 exhibited serious reliability issues. The military went back to gun manufacturers looking for a replacement, and it appears that H&K has come out on top . . .

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GunTV Launches Tomorrow (April 1)

According to GunTV’s promo video, the cable TV service’s goal is to “spread a social responsibility message.” It’s all about promoting firearms-related education, information and safety. Yes, well, GunTV is QVC for firearms. “Our unique platform allows industry manufacturers to showcase products through our talented and experienced on-air hosts,” their presser [posted below] proclaims. “Viewers will receive in-depth, entertaining product demonstrations, and see the products in action, an important component of the purchasing decision.” Click here to live stream GunTV tomorrow, when it launches . . .

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SHOT Show 2016 Final Roundup


The TTAG crew brought you lots of great coverage from SHOT Show 2016 this January, and while I think we hit the most exiting and newsworthy items we certainly didn’t — couldn’t — cover it all. After two months, I’m officially tired of seeing the “2016 SHOT” folder chock full of unpublished photos languishing on my desktop. So, complete with captions where appropriate, here are all of the rest of the [gun-related] photos I took this year (warning: very photo-heavy post follows!) . . .

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