Is New Gun Control Bill California’s Gun Store Armageddon?

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AB 2459 is the scariest bill we have seen all year, and that’s not a fact to be taken lightly as there are already bills to ban most semi-auto rifles, ration your gun purchases, and ban all magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds at one point in time. AB 2459, authored by Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), could wipe out every single gun dealer in the state of California. In essence, if this bill passes, they may not ever have to pass another anti-gun bill again. You simply won’t be able to legally buy another gun in California. To start . . .

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.380’s Sales Surge…Again

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“The .380 semi-automatic handgun has become all the rage in firearms, as more states relax conceal-carry restrictions and men and women alike turn to a palm-sized gun that easily fits into a handbag, pocket or ankle holster,” reports. “Production of the super-small handgun is at a 16-year high, with nearly 900,000 made in the U.S. in 2014, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.” Wait. What? I thought . . .

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The Firearm Blog Tag-Line Tango: The Truth About Guns?

In the original [I would say only] version of The Producers, Broadway Director Roger De Bris emerges from a dressing room to confront the producers in an evening dress. “What do you think?” he asks the gob-smacked Max Bialystok and Leopold Bloom. “Be brutal. Be bru-tal!” Someone must have given The Firearm Blog the same instruction for this fisk of gunmakers’ tag lines. The companies in question (and our advertising reps) might file this one under “don’t bite the hand that feeds” but we applaud TFB for telling it like it is. Or at least as it’s perceived to be. Enjoy.


OMG! An Uber Driver! Who’s Carrying a Gun! OMG!


By Brandon via

An Uber passenger felt unsafe after getting a glimpse of her Chicago driver’s concealed carry firearm, which apparently wasn’t very well concealed. “I don’t want Uber drivers to be carrying guns, I want to feel safe when I’m in the car with somebody,” says Kit Graham. She went on to say that, while she felt uncomfortable after seeing the gun, the driver could have simply had the gun in his glove box. “If he feels the need to have a gun on him, for whatever reason, it could be in the glove box and not visible to the passengers, it just made me really uncomfortable.” . . .

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Question of the Day: What Gun Would You Give Your Employees?

“‘Everybody has one of these in their drawer or on their person. I would not want to come into one of my facilities,’ (Lance) Toland said. ‘It’s a 5 shot .410, just like a shotgun and you call it hand cannon.’” Toland, owner of Lance Toland Associates, an aviation insurance agency, requires that all his employees pack while on the job and gives each of them a Taurus Judge once they qualify for their Georgia concealed carry permit. He says he adopted the everyone-carries-at-work policy due to a bump in crime in the Atlanta area. As the Judge will load .45 Colts and .410 shot shells, it’s certainly versatile. Still . . .

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India’s Hidden Firearms Treasures Headed Our Way?

I was doing research on the new India Nidar revolver being produced at the Ishapore Rifle Factory when I came across this striking image of mostly .455 revolvers from a locker in some un-named Indian government facility. The person who took the picture had access to the stocks of firearms for legitimate purposes, and did nothing illegal. They answered a question on an Indian firearms forum which I found intriguing. From . . .

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Is U.S. Gun Ownership Approaching Its Limit?


Last month, the FBI racked up to the highest number of NICS checks for any January on record: 2,545,802. A bit less than 1.9 million new firearms entered the market. Globally, the United States is home to the highest number of firearms on the planet, approaching 1.25 for every man woman and child in the United States. Where will it end? That depends on how you define “need” and “want” . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG and Facebook

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Facebook is removing any and all pages that promote or enable private firearms sales — regardless of the legality of those sales. Zuckerberg’s minions have extended that ban to firearms dealers. We hope this is an oversight; these dealers submit all purchasers to a federal background check, either at their location or via another federal firearms licensee. And that was the point of the original ban: to engender “universal background checks” by eliminating pages where gun sales might forgo the process. The question is . . .

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Facebook Removes Kentucky Gun Company Page Without Notice


UPDATE: Good news. Kentucky Gun Company’s Facebook page has now been restored. It seems our friends in Bardstown were helped in getting through to the powers that be by TTAG reader Dan Silverman. It’s a great example of the People of the Gun sticking up for each other. And another example of why our readership is the best in the gunblogosphere. Thanks.


As you’ve probably heard by now, the whiz kids at Facebook have decided that their site will no longer facilitate sales of firearms between private parties. Like their decision or not (and we don’t), it’s their site, their rules. Whether or not that decision was influenced in any way by the Obama administration is an open question. So…no more individuals advertising their guns for sale next to pictures of their cats. There’s only one problem with that: Facebook has now started swinging the ban shillelagh at licensed FFL’s too. Legitimate, tax-paying, American-employing businesses that sell legal products. Earlier today we highlighted Santa Cruz Armory’s take-down. The latest victim: our friends at the Kentucky Gun Company . . .

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Mother Jones Reveals State Subsidies to Gun Companies


Mother Jones’ article How America’s Gun Manufacturers Are Quietly Getting Richer Off Taxpayers bemoans the state subsidies (grants, tax abatements, job creation incentives, etc.) handed out to gun companies relocating their factories to gun-friendly, right-to-work states. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Although MJ notes that “Southern states have long relied on financial and regulatory incentives to attract manufacturers from more industrialized parts of the country,” to say the anti-gun publication is offended by the gunmakers’ financial sweeteners would be an understatement. Here’s their list of hand-outs . . .

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