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Incendiary Image of the Day: Financial Disaster Edition


RF just forwarded this photo he took in the stock room of Sportsman’s Finest, his LGS in Austin. Those are the store’s recalled Remington Sevens and 700s, waiting to be FedEx’d to Big Green for repair. That’s one relatively small retailer. Can you imagine what the back room of your average Dick’s Sporting Goods looks like? Or an Academy? Gander Mountain? Then multiply that across the country and let the dollar figure that this will cost the Freedom Group boggle your mind.

Texas DPS Ditches S&W M&P Handguns Over Reliability Issues

Texas DPS started switching over to the new Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm handguns recently for their state troopers. The polymer framed striker-fired handguns are popular with police departments and competition shooters. The ability to carry more rounds per magazine (9mm vs. .357 SIG) in a lighter gun were among the stated reasons for the change. But it appears that the latest wave of recruits in training have experienced an “unacceptable” number of issues with the new gun, and the department is rolling back the changeover, moving back to their tried and true SIG SAUER P226 pistols in .357 SIG. As an owner of a P226, I can’t say I blame them. Here’s the word to the troops from the man himself, forwarded by a source close to TTAG . . .

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TrackingPoint Unveils their AR-15 / AR-10 Rifle Features

TrackingPoint is best known for their precision rifles, which use a scope and trigger system that turns long range shooting into a point-and-click video game. They said when they started making the guns that the goal was to have a semi-automatic version as well,  and it looks like that time has arrived. TP has just released a video showing off the features of their brand new AR-15 and AR-10 rifle platforms, chambered in 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO, and 300 BLK, and it looks pretty good.

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SIG SAUER Sues ATF For Calling Its Muzzle Brake a Silencer


Without a doubt, the SIG SAUER MPX rifle is one of the coolest things to be unveiled in the last couple years. It’s a pistol caliber carbine that has all of the same controls as an AR-15 and feels just ever-so-pleasant to hold. But while the gun itself is cool, one of the best things about it is that the civilian version has the same barrel length as the military and law enforcement versions, but with a gigantic muzzle brake out front to bring it up to the required 16″ in length. And not only is it a functional muzzle brake, SIG claims that you could buy a shroud for the brake later on a form 4 (as a registered silencer) that slots over it to turn it into a silencer — a part they will happily sell you down the road. Except there’s a problem . . .

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Gun Nuts: Front Sight Sucks

“There are a lot of great training schools and instructors out there,” Caleb writes at “Long time readers of the blog know that I’ve never included Front Sight in that list, and there are good reasons for a lot of that. If Front Sight was just a training school using obsolete techniques, that would be one thing. But there are many, many problems with Front Sight that extend beyond just their training.” Specifically, Caleb slates the school’s . . .

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Update: Tactical Triad Cleaning Kit Now Available (With TTAG Discount)

Just over a month ago I had the chance to test out and review 300 Below’s new Tactical Triad firearms cleaning and lubrication kit, but it wasn’t yet actually available for purchase. This has since changed, and you can now purchase the entire kit as well as many of the individual components on Amazon. Links, details, a follow-up on the review (including a technical note and some comments from a TTAG reader on his experience with it) . . .

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Ruger Issues Recall for SR-556VT AR-15 Rifle


Ruger came out with the SR-556 a couple years back now, and it was very well received. The piston-powered rifle seemed to be rugged and reliable, and when I abused one out in the desert of Arizona it worked like a charm no matter how I neglected it. But it seems that a flaw has been identified in the “varmint” heavy barreled version of the gun that could lead to the gun “going off” when you don’t want it to, and Ruger has issued a recall for all varmint variety rifles. Make the jump for the low-down from their website . . .

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