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Photos: Hands On with SIG SAUER’s MPX, MCX, and P320


Over the last couple days I’ve been given the opportunity to hang around at SIG SAUER’s training facility and test out a lot of their new stuff. On the rifle side, SIG is finally close to completing their MCX rifle and are on the verge of releasing the MPX. For handguns, the new modular P320 is now shipping with more varieties to come. I’ll have a full write up of everything as soon as I get a spare moment, but until then enjoy the snaps . . .

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Elvis Presley Estate Sues Beretta for Copyright Infringment

I’m sorry. Before I report the details of the Elvis Presley estate’s legal action against Beretta for copyright infringement I just gotta say: that’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Dueling rhinestone-clad Elvis imitators competing for attention at Beretta’s SHOT Show stand using the same signature moves? LMAO. Anyway, reports that “Elvis Presley Enterprises filed the suit against Beretta, claiming the gunco hijacked Elvis’s face and good name to hawk its new model 692 shotgun.” Not so new, the 692, but it’s certainly true that the guardians of The King’s legacy are not shy about protecting his heirs’ inheritance. And have done so successfully in the past. (Just takin’ care of business, baby.) Expect a settlement soon.

How Your Local CLEO Can Screw Up Your Form 4

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.30.10 PM

I had an interesting experience with my local CLEO today. They, in conjunction with a customer that had no idea what they were doing and decided to disregard all of the instructions that I gave him, created a paperwork mess of biblical proportions. For starters, it always surprises me when I hand someone a list of instructions with everything they need to do to get ATF Form 4 approved properly…and they don’t follow it. It’s pretty simple really. That’s why I love customers who are commercial airplane pilots . . . continue reading

Freedom Group Killing AAC?

AAC suppressor (courtesy

Confidential sources tell TTAG that the Freedom Group is about to eliminate the Advanced Armament suppressor brand. [Note: we've put in a call to Remington.] According to our informant, TFG will merge AAC and TAPCO to create a new, as-yet-unnamed firearms accessory brand. If so, it’s a bold, not-to-say reckless move; both Tapco and AAC have considerable brand recognition. That said, Freedom’s shown itself to be a die-hard cost-cutter (e.g., their decision to move Marlin and Bushmaster’s manufacturing to Remington’s New York factory). Watch this space. Meanwhile, we’ve heard that the Model 700 and Seven recall will cost Remington . . .

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MAC Confirms TTAG’s Take on the Remington R51

“The gun is just flawed.” “Unfinished.” “It just doesn’t feel good to me.” “I really hope this doesn’t blow up.” “It’s just dangerous.” These are a few of the phrases that Tim at the Military Arms Channel uses to describe the Remington R51. We published our two star review of the Remington R51 a while back and got a lot of flak from the fanboys, claiming that it was a “sandbag job.” They said we were just biased against Remington and that the gun was in fact fine. Tim is one of the few people outside of TTAG who I really trust to give a fair review, and in his recently posted video . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Financial Disaster Edition


RF just forwarded this photo he took in the stock room of Sportsman’s Finest, his LGS in Austin. Those are the store’s recalled Remington Sevens and 700s, waiting to be FedEx’d to Big Green for repair. That’s one relatively small retailer. Can you imagine what the back room of your average Dick’s Sporting Goods looks like? Or an Academy? Gander Mountain? Then multiply that across the country and let the dollar figure that this will cost the Freedom Group boggle your mind.

Texas DPS Ditches S&W M&P Handguns Over Reliability Issues

Texas DPS started switching over to the new Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm handguns recently for their state troopers. The polymer framed striker-fired handguns are popular with police departments and competition shooters. The ability to carry more rounds per magazine (9mm vs. .357 SIG) in a lighter gun were among the stated reasons for the change. But it appears that the latest wave of recruits in training have experienced an “unacceptable” number of issues with the new gun, and the department is rolling back the changeover, moving back to their tried and true SIG SAUER P226 pistols in .357 SIG. As an owner of a P226, I can’t say I blame them. Here’s the word to the troops from the man himself, forwarded by a source close to TTAG . . .

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