The Making of Magpul’s 2015 Calendar Shoot

For some reason ‘behind the scenes’ videos are de rigeur these days. Recently we’ve had the GLOCK 41 tactical shoot which was impressive in its scope. And God knows the Utah National Guard won’t forget the Hot Shots calendar shoot any time soon. So with the year winding down toward its conclusion, Magpul’s now putting together their 2015 calendar featuring some easy-on-the-eyes operators, too. The super-quick cuts employed here make your average music video look like a Fellini film by comparison, so if you’re epileptic, consider yourself warned. But the bluesy Blind Boy Fuller tune is worth pressing play on its own. Enjoy.


First Look: Inter Ordnance (IO Inc) Rifles

inter ordnance aks

If you haven’t heard of Inter Ordnance, or IO Inc., they manufacture various models of AK-47s, AR-15s, a couple variations of 1911s and are working on more… Many of their AR/AK variations are 100% American made, with some having a combination of Domestic and Imported parts (mostly imported furniture).

We recently got to head out to their Palm Bay, Florida facility and check out their AK and AR lineups.
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Brownells Launches “Survival Pandemic” Kits


I’m a HUGE proponent of keeping an emergency medical kit and/or a bugout bag in your car. Terrible things happen all the time, and being prepared to meet any challenge is part of staying alive. It’s the same mentality that keeps me tooling up with a 1911 every morning. It looks like Brownells is trying to cash in on the Ebola epidemic by offering a slightly upgraded version of their existing first aid kit with some extra gubbins, and while I prefer rolling my own it’s not half bad. Presser after the jump . . .

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James Yeager: Buy Ammo and Mags NOW!

James Yeager reckons this is the best of times for gun enthusiasts, price-wise. The gun guru reckons we’re heading for the worst of times, when a Democrat will [once again] take control of the White House. He’s buying all the magazines his grandsons will need for their entire life. No doubt: ammo, magazine and firearm prices have finally come down from their post-Newtown highs. And a Hillary White House would goose gun-related sales like Barbara Palvin stimulates Victoria’s Secret volume. But it looks like the Republicans will take the Senate in the mid-terms and, I’m thinking/hoping/praying, recapture the White House in ’16. If so, prices will remain stable or, indeed, fall further. Meanwhile, he’s right. No matter what, the glut won’t last. Buy.


Does Jethro’s BBQ Strike the Right Note?



Peter in Des Moines writes:

I saw this sign on the door of Jethro’s BBQ today. Jethro’s is a locally-owned chain of BBQ joints in the greater Des Moines area. It’s known nationally for its Adam Emenecker Sandwich, which was featured on “Man vs. Food” and voted by an ESPN readers’ poll to be the 2nd manliest sandwich in America. So what do you think of the sign?  If there is such a thing as a pro-2nd Amendment sign that can also be strongly discouraging concealed carry, I’d say that this sign strikes that perfect note. It’s interesting to note that the original Jethro’s BBQ is located in a not-too-nice area of Des Moines. Exactly the kind of place where one would be wise to carry a firearm for defense of self and loved ones. I would welcome your views on the matter. Is this a good sign, or a bad sign from the standpoint of a Person of the Gun?


Eagle Eye Ammo: A New Manufacturer with Big Claims

unnamed (4)

We’ve been running a series of ammunition consistency tests for years here at TTAG, and the results have been surprising. There are some runaway winners, but for the most part everyone (even the “premium” brands) seems to be clustered around the same level of consistency. It’s a state of affairs that one new company is hoping to change in the United States, and they are making some big claims about their accuracy — a 1/2 MoA guarantee with each box. It’s something we’ve been invited to witness in person, and we’ll be reporting on it as soon as we see those results for ourselves. In the meantime, here’s their press release . . .

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Texas International Firearms Festival Sponsor of the Day: Winchester Ammunition


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The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is just weeks away! You need to buy a day pass today – your chance to sample (and buy) firearms from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Winchester Ammunition will be there. Our official ammunition sponsor will be demo-ing all of their latest gun food like the W Train and Defend and PDX1 Defender rounds. Come and shoot it!


The Making Of GLOCK’s G41 Tactical Commercial

You may have seen the commercial GLOCK produced for their G41 pistol, a.k.a. the other gun they introduced at SHOT in January. Now the Atlanta-based production company they hired, Modest, is out with a not-so-modest ‘making of’ behind-the-scenes look at how they created the spot, depicting some of the challenges they took on in bringing the creative types’ vision from story boards to YouTube. Hey, everyone has to earn a living, right? The premise here is a hijacked plane on the tarmac and a special forces team of operators operating specially, moving in on the target. Naturally, the G41 is the key to the whole operation’s success. Or not. As someone with a son who does this kind of stuff for a living (videos, movies, etc.) it’s six minutes well spent.


Incendiary Image of the Day: Pounding Sand Edition

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.08.19 AM

Shannon Watts’ Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has worked its PR magic on compliant, easily bullied retail operators like Starbucks, Chili’s and Panera. The anti-gunners have learned that if you gin up a dozen or so “moms” with too much time on their hands, issue a couple of press releases and pout piteously for the local TV news cameras that inevitably roll up, you’ve got a decent shot at extracting something you can tout as a victory. In the case of the above bidnesses, those “wins” were firearms non-bans, artfully crafted corporate communiqués letting customers know that the companies in question would prefer that their customers leave their firearms at home. Or in the car. These are meaningless gestures in practical terms, but the Moms get to issue another press release claiming victory, do a little Snoopy dance and move on to their next target . . .

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Blackhawk Manhattan

I recently visited BLACKHAWK!‘s Manhattan, Montana accessories operation along with a gaggle of other gun writers. BLACKHAWK! is part of publicly traded Aliant Techsystems, also known as ATK. In case you have a life and aren’t familiar with ATK’s corporate structure, the conglomerate is a firearms-related and outdoor juggernaut (they’ll actually be spinning off the sporting group, soon to be called Vista Outdoor). In addition to BLACKHAWK!, the ATK umbrella encompasses names you know like Federal Premium, Speer, CCI, Savage Arms, Bushnell, Weaver, Outers, RCBS, Gunslick, Hoppe’s, Uncle Mike’s and more. Their Montana plant used to be located in beautiful Bozeman. But when the company outgrew that facility and wanted to expand, rather than accommodating a growing business, the city fathers, in their infinite wisdom, made the process difficult enough that ATK decided to build a new 80,000 square foot operation 20 miles west on I-90 in Manhattan. It’s a beehive of activity, working to meet the demands of their military, law enforcement and gun owning customers . . .

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James D. Julia’s Response to Rock Island Auction


We recently ran a post written by Rock Island Auctions’ Joel R. Kolander in which he questioned the provenance and listings of guns in the catalog of James D. Julia auctioneers. Jim Julia has written this rebuttal:

Thank you for passing along and sharing with me a copy of the recent “trashing” of my company by Rock Island Auction Company that was presented on your website. I feel bad that I did not have the opportunity to weigh in and present my side of the story when you first printed this and although some of your readers have made a decision based on this one-sided representation, I do appreciate at least having finally been alerted so that I could set the record straight . . .

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Remington Recall Rolls On. Slowly. Unreliably.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.28.49 AM

Gun owner Jim Busch emailed this heads-up to the Virginia Citizens Defense League re: the Remington 700 and Model Seven rifle recall for XM trigger troubles. [Republished with permission from]

I wanted to provide to you a heads up regarding my experience with the Remington Model 700. The publicly available Remington online website to enter the serial number did not flag the rifle for recall when I entered the information, nor did it correctly work for Remington Customer Service when I contacted them directly. I already was aware of the the manufacturing date of the rifle, so it stymied me that the site didn’t recognize such to be subject to recall, and caused me to contact Remington directly, via telephone . . .

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