OMG! Gun Home Shopping Network Set to Launch in January! OMG!


There’s only one way for gun rights to win the culture war: break the mainstream media blockade. That’s a bit of a problem, obviously. Not only do all the major media conglomerates push civilian disarmament in their editorial coverage, they ban firearm advertising. In short, guns and gun rights are blacklisted. In fact, if Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet, gun control will still reign supreme. But he did. And here we are, with “new” media chipping away at the anti-gun mainstream blockade. And now, this [via]. . .

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Black Friday 2015 Set to Break Gun Sales Record. Here’s Why . . .


That bar on the right of the graph represents projected FBI background checks for “Black Friday” gun sales. The Fibbies estimate “a huge total for November 27, spokesman Stephen Fischer tells The Trace. Bureau forecasts show this Black Friday shattering the single-day record with an estimated 190,000 background checks run in a 24-hour period — or slightly more than two background checks every second.” Oh the irony! The Truth About Guns quotes Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop propagators The Trace for a story revealing that Americans are tooling-up as never before. And why is that? (The buying spree, not punking The Trace). One reason stands out . . .

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US Govt Sues EOTech Maker for Fraud, Suit Settled by End of Day


There was apparently a bit of a dust-up yesterday involving L-3 – -manufacturer of the EOTech holographic weapon sight system and the U.S. Government. The Feds had been investigating some problems with L3’s claims about the accuracy and reliability of their devices in low temperature and high moisture environments (i.e., a large block of ice). Apparently, not only did EOTech discover the problems during their own testing, but they then failed to disclose the results . . .

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Gun Sales Booming After Terrorist Attack

Even before the Paris terrorist attacks – and attacks by Islamic fundamentalists around the globe – U.S. gun sales were increasing. Call it the “Hillary effect.” In the run-up to the presumptive Democratic nominee’s coronation, a woman who never abandoned her call for a new “assault weapons” ban, American gun owners were beginning to open their wallets. Again. Still. What’s new? . . .

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A Day at the Range with Vermont’s First Suppressor Maker


Ben Haulenbeek writes:

On the national stage, Vermont is a state known for ice cream, maple syrup, and progressive politics; but within the firearms community, Vermont is well known for being a sanctum of gun rights that debunks the mainstream media’s narrative about firearms. Up until this year, the only item tarnishing the state’s otherwise gun-friendly reputation was an ill-conceived fish and game law restricting the manufacture and ownership of suppressors. If you were caught with a can, it you’d lose it and be assessed a very hefty $25 fine. That all changed in July of 2015 when H.5, legislation allowing suppressors, passed into law.  While Vermonters still can’t hunt with suppressors, the floodgates are now open and people in the state are buying cans so fast that dealers can barely keep them in stock . . .

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Why FN’s Collector Series Makes Sense


Dan posted an article yesterday about FN’s Military Collector series and the comments weren’t exactly positive. The internet was all a-flutter when FN announced that their M249 would be available in a semi-auto version for civilian purchase, but the $8,000 price tag seems to have proven too much for some people to handle. Here’s the thing: FN already has a line of FN-15 rifles marketed toward the general consumer. They’re priced competitively with other similar guns. The Collector Series is for a different buyer. It’s a smart move on FN’s part. Here’s why . . .

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How FFLs Can Limit Straw Purchase Liability Exposure


The Badger Gun case probably sent shockwaves through the FFL community. While they enjoy liability protection on guns they sell through the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, that protection isn’t absolute. Sloppy or negligent practices can open them up to, well, what happened to Badger. The law firm of Williams Mullen has as group the specializes in advising firearms industry clients on how to protect themselves. But no matter the industry . . .

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How to Talk To Businesses That Ban Guns


By James England via

In a previous article, we discussed several large chains that had standing “no weapons” policies in place for a majority of their nationwide venues. This is very annoying for the responsible concealed carrier who tries to stay within the laws. A big one we keep hearing about: the issue of carrying concealed into movie theaters. Who doesn’t love watching a great movie on the big screen? Thankfully . . .

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The Truth About The Gun Dealer Accountability Act


As we’ve reported, the civilian disarmament industrial complex is preparing to mount a major assault on gun dealers. Sorry “bad apple” gun dealers. This on the heels of the recently introduced Gun Dealer Accountability Act, a piece of legislation that defines “bad apple gun dealers” as “federal firearms licensees who have transferred a firearm unlawfully or had 10 or more crime guns traced back to them in the preceding 2 years.” As you may have guessed, the “unlawfully” bit would make what’s already a crime more criminal. As for the “10 or more crime guns” stipulation, that’s self-evident, isn’t it? Not really . . .

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H&R Firearms Reportedly Stops Production, Now Only an Importer

H&R 300AAC courtesy Advanced Armament Corp

H&R Firearms, or H&R 1871, LLC, is a firearms manufacturer that was hoovered up by Freedom Group back in 2007. Like Marlin, H&R was a manufacturer of traditional firearms — things that Bernie Sanders might call “hunting rifles” and exempt from his assault weapons pogrom. Firearms like single-shot break-action rifles, prized for their light weight, simple design, and accuracy. Word comes that Freedom Group may now have successfully euthanized another American firearms manufacturer (again, like Marlin) but this time it appears to have been a business decision and not due to poor management and terrible quality control.

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“I Would Rather Be Shot By A Smart Gun Than Sell One”

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.54.35 AM

Regular readers here know the issues involved in so-called “smart guns.” Besides all the obvious technical questions and inadequacies, one thing is indisputable: New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg (above), via her law mandating the sale of smart guns, has done more to hinder their development and adoption in the US than any other single factor. Not that she’d ever admit to that, of course, even under direct questioning by Leslie Stahl (click image above to view last night’s ’60 Minutes’ segment). Instead, she deflects as much as she can, pointing the bony finger of blame at opposition from every hoplophobe’s boogie man of choice, the big bad NRA. Sorry, Senator, but to mix metaphors, that horse hockey just won’t fly . . .

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Kickstarter Drop-Kicks Gun-Hiding Art Campaign [VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP]

Instant Access IPS (courtesy
Indiegogo will be the first crowdfunding platform to host a campaign for artwork-hidden gun cabinets,” Instant Access IPS announces in their presser. Not that there’s a lot of artwork-hidden gun cabinet crowdfunding campaigns vying for investors’ attention. Nor, as it turns out, a lot of crowdfunding sites that allow firearms-related fundraising campaigns. “Other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter wouldn’t allow us to run a campaign for our product that helps keep families safe,” Instant Access IPS CEO Mark Coons said, FWIW. “I’m thankful Indiegogo will host our campaign. Our attractive new pistol cabinet will further help efforts to keep children and families safe from gun tragedies.” I’m not so sure about . . .

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