Is U.S. Gun Ownership Approaching Its Limit?


Last month, the FBI racked up to the highest number of NICS checks for any January on record: 2,545,802 million. A bit less than 1.9 million new firearms entered the market. Globally, the United States is home to the highest number of firearms on the planet, approaching 1.25 for every man woman and child in the United States. Where will it end? That depends on how you define “need” and “want” . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG and Facebook

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Facebook is removing any and all pages that promote or enable private firearms sales — regardless of the legality of those sales. Zuckerberg’s minions have extended that ban to firearms dealers. We hope this is an oversight; these dealers submit all purchasers to a federal background check, either at their location or via another federal firearms licensee. And that was the point of the original ban: to engender “universal background checks” by eliminating pages where gun sales might forgo the process. The question is . . .

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Facebook Removes Kentucky Gun Company Page Without Notice


UPDATE: Good news. Kentucky Gun Company’s Facebook page has now been restored. It seems our friends in Bardstown were helped in getting through to the powers that be by TTAG reader Dan Silverman. It’s a great example of the People of the Gun sticking up for each other. And another example of why our readership is the best in the gunblogosphere. Thanks.


As you’ve probably heard by now, the whiz kids at Facebook have decided that their site will no longer facilitate sales of firearms between private parties. Like their decision or not (and we don’t), it’s their site, their rules. Whether or not that decision was influenced in any way by the Obama administration is an open question. So…no more individuals advertising their guns for sale next to pictures of their cats. There’s only one problem with that: Facebook has now started swinging the ban shillelagh at licensed FFL’s too. Legitimate, tax-paying, American-employing businesses that sell legal products. Earlier today we highlighted Santa Cruz Armory’s take-down. The latest victim: our friends at the Kentucky Gun Company . . .

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Mother Jones Reveals State Subsidies to Gun Companies


Mother Jones’ article How America’s Gun Manufacturers Are Quietly Getting Richer Off Taxpayers bemoans the state subsidies (grants, tax abatements, job creation incentives, etc.) handed out to gun companies relocating their factories to gun-friendly, right-to-work states. Well they would, wouldn’t they? Although MJ notes that “Southern states have long relied on financial and regulatory incentives to attract manufacturers from more industrialized parts of the country,” to say the anti-gun publication is offended by the gunmakers’ financial sweeteners would be an understatement. Here’s their list of hand-outs . . .

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Gun Control Backer George Soros Banks Big Bucks From Guns and Ammo

It takes a Russian TV channel to expose anti-ballistic billionaire George Soros’ firearms and ammo-related investments? Da! Unfortunately, the preternaturally perky presenter believes that “both sides” of the gun control issue are “idiots.” We’re talking ’bout “the stupidity that is guns in America.” Apparently, American gun owners are being played by our capitalist overlords. Who knew?


BREAKING: Facebook, Instagram Ban Posts Promoting Private Gun Sales

Mark Zuckerbeg (courtesy

“Facebook is banning private sales of guns on its flagship social network and its Instagram photo-sharing service,” reports, “a move meant to clamp down on unlicensed gun transactions.” Such as . . . ? Never mind. Our friends at must be over the moon, as Mark Zuckerberg’s minions once again act on the boss’s anti-gun rights agenda. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America note: “Facebook said it would rely on its vast network of users to report any violations of the new rules, and would remove any post that violated the policy.” Here’s some gloating the antis prepared earlier . . .

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Pro Tip: Don’t Get Into a Gun Fight in a Gun Store

We can think of a few places that might be worse venues for a gunfight, but not many. “A gun-store owner and his son were killed in a shootout with two customers after an argument over a $25 firearm repair fee, police told NBC station WDSU. The patrons were also taken to hospital with serious injuries following Saturday’s incident at the store near Picayune, Mississippi, which is 130 miles south of Jackson.” There aren’t a lot of gun fixes these days that will run you only $25 . . .

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NSSF: SHOT Show 2016 Bigger and Better Than Before

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NSSF press release:

LAS VEGAS — The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowSM (SHOT Show®) rang up its second highest attendance total ever, attracting more than 64,000 industry professionals during a four-day run. Held at the Sands Expo Center Jan. 19-22, the SHOT Show also attracted a record number of buyers, sending a strong signal about the health of the firearms industry . . .

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