Why I Agree With Panera’s Decision on Guns in Their Stores


Reader MAC writes:

Imagine you’re at a close family member’s funeral and one of the cars in the procession has a rubber pair dangling from the tow hitch. Or there’s a baby crying incessantly in the movie theater. Let’s be honest, the only good reason to carry an AR-15 into Panera is because there are zombies waiting outside. I know, Panera issued a blanket request which didn’t differentiate between concealed carry and open carry. They’ve effectively disinvited all guns . . .

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Against All Odds, Funny Frequently Works Best


As several of you may know, I just had a birthday. Every year I take a step back to reflect on my (long) list of failures and my short list of accomplishments. Following that evening of bourbon-fueled navel gazing, I started looking through my desk drawers and my Facebook page and I found a certain story that the readers of TTAG may find interesting . . . Continue Reading


Smart Tech Challenge’s ‘Smart Gun’ Search Misses the Mark


“There’s a group from Silicon Valley that just gave a 17-year-old $50,000 to keep playing with guns. The Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, based in California’s tech capital, announced it is funding a young innovator from Colorado who is integrating a biometric sensor into a firearm that requires an authorized user’s fingerprint to discharge — and they claim the sensor is 99.99% accurate with fingerprint recognition — even with partial prints.” So reports theblaze.com. Young Kai Kloepfer is the recipient of the first tranche of cash from the group that says they’re looking for the iPhone of guns . . .

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BREAKING: Panera Asks Customers To Leave Their Guns At Home

“On Monday, Panera Bread became the latest U.S. company to ask customers to leave their guns at home,” huffingtonpost.com reports. “The bakery-cafe chain joins Starbucks, Chipotle, Target and a handful of other restaurants and retailers in making such a request, which comes amid an increasingly heated debate over the role of guns in public places.” Note: just like the aforementioned companies, Panera is not banning legally carried firearms from its stores (as they have a legal right to do). They’re asking customers not to carry in their stores. The statement says . . .

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GunUp Announces Magazine for Magazine Winners!

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In August, TTAG and GunUp the Magazine announced that we were giving away 10 Troy Battlemags each to two lucky winners. All you had to do to enter was send a screenshot of a freshly downloaded GunUp the Magazine App to GunUp, and you were entered. Now it’s time to announce the winners . . .

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Integrally Suppressed Sub-2000 From Liberty Suppressors


It seems like the small and quiet firearm is all the rage these days. I love my suppressed 10/22 takedown, but there’s something to be said for applying the same treatment to a 9mm carbine like the Kel Tec Sub2000. Liberty Suppressors posted these images on their Facebook page (via Reddit) of a concept design they did for that very firearm using an integral silencer and a rather short barrel. It looks bad-ass, and given the volume of the can, no doubt it would be whisper-quiet as well. There’s just one problem . . .

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TTAG and GunUp…Together Again!


Once upon a time, TTAG was a part of the GunUp blog network. But sometimes partners need to take a little break from each other and so we went our separate ways about a year and a half ago. The good news is the break is over. We’re tanned, rested and ready to move back in with GunUp…for the sake of the children. And our readers. GunUp’s firearms industry strength will allow TTAG to increase its revenue, meaning better, happier writers. And that will translate into more and better content for you, our readers. We’re glad to be back with GunUp and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership. Press release after the jump . . .

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Germany Might Be About to Adopt the HK416 Instead of G36


Heckler & Koch has been under fire recently in Germany for their G36 rifles. Soldiers in the field have been complaining about the terrible accuracy they are seeing during sustained firefights, and the complaints have been so persuasive that the German government stopped buying them altogether. A proper solution to the issue hasn’t been found yet, but there’s some circumstantial evidence to support the idea that Germany is about to switch from the G36 to the newly designated G38 — otherwise known as the HK416 . . .

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Chipped Guns and Smartphone App Edition

Inventor Mark B. Barron's arsenal  (courtesy vice.com)

“Los Angeles-based entrepreneur named Mark B. Barron [above] has created a new app called Lockdown, which he believes could decrease the country’s number of gun-related crimes,” vice.com reports. “The app works with a ‘clip’ containing a GPS chip that a user can attach to his gun. The owner leaves his gun in designated areas and enters a code when he wants to remove his weapon. If someone removes the gun without entering the code, the smart chip sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone. The gun owner can then cancel the alert, or forward it to police, family, neighbors, or anyone else he’s chosen as an emergency contact on the app.” What could possibly go wrong? According to Vice writer Justin Glawe . . .

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Israel Exporting Ammo to Federal as U.S. Releases Ammo to Israel

(courtesy federalpremium.com)

You may recall that America released ammunition supplies to the Israelis during their recent “police action” against Hamas in Gaza. You may be surprised to learn that Israel has been making and exporting ammunition – albeit pistol rounds as opposed to 120-mm and 40-mm rounds – to America for Federal Premium. That’s the revelation unearthed by an investigation into the Israeli-owned shipping company Zim, the target of recent port blockades organized by Palestinian solidarity activists in California (don’t ask). According to truth-out.org . . .

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Smith & Wesson’s Stock Tanks

Smith & Wesson rode the post-Obama II, post-Newtown gun sales surge like surfer Serena Brooke rides a Gold Coast roller. Smith racked up historic profits and increased their already impressive market share. They made so much money, in fact, they dodged the bullet of their bone-headed brand extension into the security business. The party’s not over, there’s plenty of cash to be made in the new normal, but the Cristal has run out. “Gunmaker Smith & Wesson [stock price] was down more than 11% in early trading after the company slashed its full-year sales expectations for the second time in two months,” businessinsider.com reports. Guess what Smith pumped out during the surge that’s dragging them down now. . .

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