Question of the Day: Do You Care if Your Firearms Provider Donates to Charity?


Debusk Arms co-owner (courtesy

The firearms industry is awesome. The vast majority of gun people with whom I interact are straight shooters. I reckon that’s because they believe in something other than lining their pockets. The major players prove the point by donating millions to the NRA and other pro-2A groups. It happens on a smaller scale, too., for example, donates 20 percent of their net profits to JWT’s mates at (who welcome good old-fashioned contributions). Question: do you care? If their prices were roughly the same, would you buy from Dubusk instead of just to support vets? By the same token, does GLOCK’s mega-checks to Wayne’s mob influence your buying decision? Or does charity begin – and end – at home?



OMG! A Gun Store! Near a School! OMG!

Future home of a gun store? (courtesy

“An Arlington strip mall off Lee Highway in the Cherrydale community has everything from restaurants to salons to a frame shop,” reports. “McLean-based Nova Firearms has announced it’s opening a new store in that empty space this summer. Building owner Kostas Kapasouris says, ‘They want to have exclusive, expensive sporting goods and I guess that probably includes expensive guns.’ Kapasouris confirms a lease has been signed but he insists the community is overwhelmingly opposed to a gun shop being here . . .

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‘Smart Gun’ Maker Armatix Crashes and Burns


Oh no. Dontcha just hate getting bad news on a holiday weekend? “The manufacturer of the only so-called ‘smart’ pistol available on the market today has entered chapter 11-style restructuring proceedings in Germany, the company confirmed to Fortune yesterday. ‘This is a corporate restructuring, not an insolvency proceeding,’ a spokesperson said in an emailed statement. ‘Armatix will continue operations and does not anticipate any changes to its majority shareholders.'” Uh huh. Maybe that’s why, despite our best efforts, TTAG’s been unable to buy one of their whiz-bang .22 caliber pistols from the only US retailer willing to sell them . . .

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Shockwave Sued by SB Tactical Over Pistol Brace


Word comes that Alex Bosco over at SB Tactical is suing the guys behind the Shockwave pistol arm brace for patent infringement. Shockwave produces a rigid plastic “blade” that they claim improves accuracy when firing a pistol (in the non-ATF enraging “proper” manner), and does so with a single rigid vertical blade instead of the two floppy rubber-y affairs that SB Tactical’s brace uses. You might think that this distinction would be enough to make the design unique, but SB Tactical seems to think that Shockwave’s design is shockingly similar to their own patent. So much so, in fact, that they have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Shockwave to get them to stop selling the thing.

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Colt Firearms Teeters on the Edge of the Abyss

Colt Python (courtesy

“Colt Defense LLC’s debt rating has been cut to the lowest level possible after the hand-gun maker skipped an interest payment and extended its deadline for creditors to approve either a debt exchange or a prepackaged bankruptcy,” reports. “Standard & Poor’s reduced Colt’s rating two grades to D from CC . . . The new rating means S&P considers the company ‘in default or in breach of an imputed promise’ and that it has ruled out the possibility the manufacturer will make good on a missed interest payment during a 30-day grace period.” The rest of the article is full of investor speak. Suffice it to say . . .

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UPS: Why We Ban Silencer Shipments, Generally

Walther P22 with silencer (courtesy

Statement from Steve Gaut, Vice President, Public Relations, United Parcel Service:

UPS accepts for shipment certain firearms, firearms ammunition and firearms accessories as long as the shipments comply with applicable law and are shipped in accordance with company policies.  These shipments are between licensed manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and exclude consumer shipments.  UPS has for many years restricted shipments of silencers or mufflers as part of the company’s firearms and ammunition policy. Click here for the company’s general policy. UPS recently became aware of a shipper that tendered silencers for shipment . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Seizes 3,000 Guns from Stag Arms

Stag Arms Model 9 9mm AR-15 (courtesy

Stag Arms is a relatively well-known AR-15 manufacturer with a big presence in the 3-gun community. So it was a bit of a shock when word came that the ATF had seized 3,000 of their AR-15 rifle lower receivers over a legal compliance issue that’s usually covered in the first five minutes of any “Gun Industry 101″ class. The complaint from the ATF alleges that these thousands of lower receivers were just lying around the shop completely un-serialized, which is a huge mistake if true. Stag’s answer to the ATF on that allegation doesn’t fill me with confidence . . .

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Remington Outdoors (Formerly Freedom Group) Offers Investors A Way Out

2013 anti-Freedom Group protest (courtesy

“Having failed so far to find a buyer, the $20 billion investment firm, Cerberus Capital Management, essentially will let its investors sell their stakes in the company, Remington Outdoor, formerly the Freedom Group, and move the manufacturer out of its funds and into a special financial vehicle,” reports, haltingly. Did you catch that “essentially” bit? Here’s the catch . . .

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BREAKING: Tracking Point Going Bust?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.21.44 PM

A TrackingPoint tipster writes:

I cannot give you my name as I was a former employee and still looking for employment and do not want this to bite me in the rear. But I wanted you to know first. As you know TrackingPoint went though a “corporate restructuring” at the end of February, where they laid off between 45 and 60 percent of the company. Fast forward ten weeks, and they had another board meeting on Friday . . .

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UPS Bans Suppressor Shipments

SureFire SOCOM300-SPS Silencer (courtesy ammoland,com)

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) press release [via]:

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) this week learned that United Parcel Service (UPS) had changed its policy regarding the shipment of firearms suppressors. New policy states that UPS will no longer ship suppressors, even between licensees. NSSF is working with UPS executives to determine what prompted the enforcement of this unwarranted policy. We are unaware of any thefts or losses that would explain the shipping company’s sudden decision to enforce a prohibition against shipment. NSSF will keep you apprised of developments. Separately, NSSF is also working with the U.S. State Department to achieve a change policy to allow export of suppressors.


U of Maryland Researchers Think They See Gun Control in Stock Prices

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.50.19 PM

Reader TT writes:

University of Maryland “researchers” — and I use that term loosely — use a false assumption that a drop in stock prices must be due to the stock market’s belief that gun control is coming.  They define mass shooting as four or more deaths.  In addition (or more conveniently for their “study”) they only track stock prices in the short term after these shootings.  The intervals used were 2, 5, 10 and 30 days after each shooting. They claim stock price declines any time after that could not be directly attributed to the mass shooting. The stock prices tracked are Ruger and Smith & Wesson . . .

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TAC-CON 241 Trigger Shipping May 8th, 10% Off Pre-Orders


The original TAC-CON 3MR trigger isn’t my particular cup of Earl Grey. I don’t see the benefit of an assisted reset trigger when I can get the same functionality for a fraction of the price elsewhere. But there is one thing that TAC-CON is making that I’m excited about, and that’s their 241 trigger system. It gives you the ability to move quickly between a single stage trigger pull for close range work and a crisp two-stage affair for distance targets with simply a flip of the safety . . .

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