36 Heckler & Koch G36’s Seized In Iguala, Mexico

Heckler & Koch G36 wgere it shouldn't have been (courtesy forum.nationstates.net)

Back in January 2011, TTAG reported that box-fresh H&K G36’s had found their way into prohibited areas of Mexico. We wondered if when the guns would “seep” to the cartels. borderlandbeat.com reports that we’re not the only ones making that connection, now, in light of the 43 murdered students in Iguala. [Full report after the jump.] This will do nothing to help the German gunmaker, rumored to be up for sale thanks to financial difficulties. In fact, we’ve heard that the Freedom Group is interested. Meanwhile, in Mexico . . .

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New From Sturm, Ruger: Limited Edition LCPs!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 7.43.05 AM

Never let it be said that the marketing mavens at Ruger let any grass grow under their feet. After the tens of thousands of heaters they no doubt sold on the biggest Black Friday, well, ever, their latest move to goose seasonal sales is limited edition LCPs. And not just any LCPs, either. They’ve whipped up special versions of the the uber-popular .380 pocket guns in fetching purple and blue pastels, perfect for trimming your Christmas tree. Not only have they cranked out a very limited run of just 500 each, but they’re only selling them until the 17th (complete with countdown clock) or until they’re gone. Anyway, we’re sure you know someone who’d love nothing more than finding that Santa left one of these little beauties in their stocking on Christmas morning. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you?


Enservio: Gun Owners Lie About Their Insurance Claims

Gun safe? (courtesy sentrysafe.com)

According to the infrequently firearms-related claimsjournal.com, Enservio is “a provider of software and services across the entire value chain of contents claims processing.” Claims related to guns, ammo and gun gear account for 10 percent of the $2b claims the company processes each year. Enservio’s bean counters counted the ballistic beans; the statistical results don’t say much about gun owners’ honesty. In fact, Enservio reckons that firearms and ammunition are commonly overvalued in insurance claims by . . .

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GoPro the Official Sponsor of SHOT Show Media Day at the Range

I’ve owned and used GoPro cameras in my work at TTAG ever since the HD HERO was introduced in 2010. I currently have three in my camera bag — it used to be more, but I accidentally blew a couple up. The small form factor combined with the easy-to-use interface and excellent resolution camera make it easy to film just about everything gun-related, from 3-gun competitions (the above was filmed 100% with a GoPro Hero 3) to hunting trips and everything in between. Especially with the super slow motion capability, producing gun porn has never been so easy. GoPro and guns go together like 77 grain bullets and a 1:7 twist barrel, and now it looks like they have taken a step towards supporting that relationship financially as well . . .

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BREAKING: Sandy Hook Families Set to Sue Bushmaster, Newtown, Nancy Lanza’s Estate

Jeremy Richman, left, and his wife Jennifer Hensel, center, parents of Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting victim Avielle Richman, and Nelba Marquez-Greene, right, mother of victim Ana Marquez-Greene (courtesy AP)

“The parents of 10 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School have filed or soon will file notices in probate court that they plan to make wrongful death claims on their children’s behalf,” msn.com reports. This they’re doing as a prelude to suing Bushmaster, Newtown and/or the Newtown School Board and the estate of Nancy Lanza (the mother of spree killer Adam Lanza, murdered by her son before the attack). “The deadline to file civil lawsuits against the town of Newtown or the school board is Sunday, two years after the shooting. There are circumstances where a lawsuit against a private company, such as a gun manufacturer, could be filed within three years but . . .

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Remington Model 700 Trigger Recall Not a Recall. Or Is It?

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.49.54 PM

You may recall that we reported that Remington is recalling every Model 700 rifle made to refit the gun with a new trigger. Apparently not. Nope. It’s not a recall. It’s an “opportunity for any concerned consumers who have the Remington Model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, 770, 600, 660, XP-100, 721, 722 and 725 rifles with either a Walker trigger mechanism, or a trigger mechanism which utilizes a ‘trigger connector’ to have Remington install a new trigger.” The clarification hails from the Lanier Law firm via PR Newswire [full text after the jump]. The presser also proclaims that the court settlement announced on Friday was not an admission of guilt. Yes, well, see the official notice to customers above. Seems Remington didn’t get the memo . . .

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Smith & Wesson: On the Ropes Again?


Somebody should hire me as a brand consultant. I wouldn’t charge much; I don’t have much to say. Keep the brand as narrow as possible. Focus the entire company’s efforts on realizing and promoting the brand premise, from designing the product to pushing sales to providing customer service. If a new product doesn’t fit you must acquit. If you’re Smith & Wesson, you make revolvers. And . . . that’s it. Smith just about got it right with their semi-automatic pistols. The M&P brand is far enough removed from the S&W brand to establish its own identity. But can it stretch to AR’s? Nope. As good as the rifles are – and they are very good – the branding isn’t strong enough to sustain AR sales, or margins. Don’t take my word for it . . .

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BREAKING: Remington Agrees to Replace Triggers in ALL Model 700 Rifles

Remington Model 700 (courtesy donshobbyguns.com)

“America’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington, has agreed to replace millions of triggers in its most popular product—the Model 700 rifle,” cnbc.com reports. “Under a nationwide settlement filed Friday in a federal court in Missouri, the company is agreeing to replace the triggers in about 7.85 million rifles.” The agreement, which must be approved by a federal judge, follows the Remington recall of tens of thousands of 700’s equipped with X-Mark Pro triggers. Those guns, manufactured since 2006, had “excess bonding agent used in the assembly process” that could cause the guns to “unintentionally discharge.” The new recalls covers all Model 700’s made since 1962. Though likely to cost the company nearly a billion dollars and take years to complete, the agreement may clear the way for Cerberus to off-load The Freedom Group. Watch this space.


FNH USA Releases FNS-9C and FNS-40C Compacts?


We first caught wind that FNH USA was designing a compact version of their excellent polymer-framed striker-fired FNS-9 and FNS-40 handguns at last year’s SHOT Show. “That trigger, those ergs, thirteen rounds and a seventeen round spare with rock solid reliability in a concealable FNS-9,” RF enthused. “Gentlemen, meet my new carry gun.” Since then, FNH has rolled out a competition long slide FNS and . . . that’s it. Now, almost two years later, it looks like FNH USA will start shipping the FNS-9 and FNS-40 Compacts sometime around shortly, thanks to what may be a premature posting by High Plains Gun Shop . . .

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New from CZ: Scorpion EVO S1 Pistol


If you twisted my arm and forced me to pick the most fun SMG I’ve ever shot, then the CZ Škorpion vz. 61 SMG would be my choice. It’s not the deadliest firearm ever built, but it’s a sexy beast and tons o’ fun to shoot. CZ hasn’t really had a “new” bullet hose in a while, but in the last couple years they finally came out with a sexy line of SMGs known as the EVO S3. And now they’ve brought them to the US . . .

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Kalashnikov Rebrands Itself: “Weapons of Peace”

“Kalashnikov, Russia’s legendary firearms producer, has revamped its corporate image, unveiling a new ‘CK’ red-and-black logo – not to be confused with Calvin Klein – a new slogan, three streamlined weapons brands and its own survival gear,” rt.com reports. It’s good to know that Russian oligarchs are just as susceptible to branding B.S. as Cerberus’ fat cats (e.g., Remington’s 1816 lifestyle brand). Privyet? All branding starts with the product. Build a better AK and then worry about marketing. Ready for the new slogan? In English, it’s . . .

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John Hollister, Derek Smith Quit AAC


It really is the end of an era for Advanced Armament Corp. As we reported back in May, the entire AAC factory is being shuttered in preparation for moving the production to the new combined Remington plant in Alabama. This includes laying off all existing employees, including those who made the company what it is today. According to our sources (and confirmed by AAC’s handy computer systems) two more of those employees have walked out of the office for the last time, and their names are John Hollister and Derek Smith . . .

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