Ask Foghorn: Zero Distance for 300 AAC Blackout?


Seth writes:

What are you using for zero distance for your blackout? I am big fan of the 50/200 zero in .223/5.56 and I am hoping there is something similar for the blackout round. I did a little experimenting on trajectory software, but didn’t come up with anything concrete.

The good news is that the old 50 yard zero works pretty well for 300 BLK as well. Here’s why . . .

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Ask Foghorn: What’s the Best Polymer Handgun?


JoshinGA writes:

Im in the market for a new full size polymer gun, probably in a 9mm. What would you recommend for a polymer duty gun? Thanks.

Funny you should ask, I was planning on doing an article on this very topic. Which is why I rang up the manufacturers of the top polymer framed handguns in the United States and asked them all to send me one. So, which is best? . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Best Rifle to Buy During an AWB Scare

Jeremy writes:

I figure everyone should probably own at least one rifle, shotgun and handgun. I’m hoping you can recommend something for me based off my needs, the current political climate and budget.

In particular, I’d like to get something that I can get now, but maybe can’t get later (esp. ammo) but can also be used for target shooting as well as hunting in case I go someday (and I would eventually like to do so). I like the idea of long-range shooting (maybe even some day up to 1000 yards) but am mostly concerned with sub-500 now. I really like the bolt action stuff but figure that will probably be available for a long time so am looking only at semi-auto stuff at the moment. A friend recommended an FNAR 308 Winchester.

There really isn’t a whole lot on the market right now, but you have options.

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Ask Foghorn: What Parts Should I Use when Building an AR-15?

Many, many many readers have written in over the last couple weeks asking roughly the same thing:

I was reading your article on Best Budget AR 15 and I tried to click on the build recommended links but most don’t seem to work now. Do you have an updates? or suggestions? I am very interested in learning more and trying to build my own.

So you want to know what my build list would look like these days? Let me knock you up a list . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Best Muzzle Brakes/Compensators for the AR-15

Reader Don writes:

I really enjoy reading your reviews and you actually inspired me to try a 3 gun competition at my local range. Even after negotiating through my California bullet button and 10 round mags on my AR, I still have a blast and plan to compete again this month. At the competition, each paper target required two shots. One thing that was obvious is that many guys were able to get that second shot off much faster than I was. Initially I attributed to me having iron (actually plastic magpul) sights on my AR while most of them had red dots. After talking to the other shooters and and them observing them shooting, it looks like the muzzle breaks make a big difference as well (my AR has the stock A2 flash hider). There were a variety of different breaks in use from sure fire to battle comp 1.0. I was looking through your past articles and was not able to come up with much info on muzzle breaks. Could you provide some information and/or suggestions on muzzle breaks? They appear to be expensive (compared to an A2 flash hider) so I wanted to see what others experiences are before I went all in.

It’s definitely the brake and not the sights. People might bash irons, but they’re damn quick if you’ve practiced with them. Let me share with you what I’ve learned . . .

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Ask Foghorn: What’s a Good Beginner Scope for Long Range Shooting?

Reader Luke writes:

I’ve been reading TTAG for awhile now and enjoy your posts on long range shooting for beginners, among others, and was looking for some advice. I inherited a Winchester model 70 xtr sporter chambered in .264 Winchester magnum. It’s a great rifle in good shape, but I would like to upgrade the scope from the old Bushnell 3-9×40 that’s on it. I’d like to start pushing the rifle beyond 100 yards and gain confidence to make a 300 yard shot, as everything I’ve read about the caliber says that it’s adequate for deer sized game out to 500 yards. Do you have any advice on what sort of scope I should look at and what kind of fundamentals I should practice in order to get to that point? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The good news, Luke, is that I have some pretty good suggestions up my sleeves. The bad news is that you’re about to open a wallet sucking Pandora’s box…

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Ask Foghorn: 6.8 SPC versus 300 BLK?

Reader Erik writes:

I’ve been reading many articles re. defensive rifles/ammo and it seems I’ve noticed your fondness for the .300 BLK round.  I am impressed as well but the overall lack of its use and the increased cost/round concern me.  I know that round for round 6.8 SPC ammo is about the same right now, but given the increased popularity of the 6.8 with many military agencies, I am betting that over time the round will become more available (just like the 5.56 is now) and will become less expensive. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

I get this a lot, actually. And its a valid question — what makes 300 BLK so much better than the other calibers available for the AR platform? And is it actually better? So here’s the truth…

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Ask Foghorn: Is Shooting Cheap Ammo Holding you Back?

Kurt asks:

If anyone shoots, odds are pretty good they’ve shot crap ammo. It’s an economical decision and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d rather shoot crap ammo than not shoot at all. What has me curious is the ammo at the other end of the scale. What if I’m really a great shot but it’s been my ammo that has been holding me back. I doubt it’s just that but what is the difference between adequate ammo and the super quality stuff? And what about other calibers, I shoot 9mm and it’s mostly the cheaper stuff with an occasionally a magazine of Hornady Critical Defense. Do competitive shooters only shoot hand loads exclusively?

Well, I actually did some less than scientific testing on just that yesterday at the range. And depending on what you’re doing the answer will be different. Let me explain . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Moving States while Waiting for NFA Paperwork?

Reader Clay writes:

I enjoy your posts and you have me convinced I need a silencer more than my kid needs diapers. The problem is I know I am going to be moving in 8 months or so – to a different state. I want to pick up a .22 sparrow silencer. Do I need to wait until I change my residence and get a new ID to begin the process (assuming it would take right at 8 months for the silencer to come in to the dealer and the NFA to process the paperwork).

I need to throw the standard disclaimer in here: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. But thankfully for you, I just went through this exact same situation with my recent Form 4, and I think I can help . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Gyroscopes for Guns?

Kurt writes:

I’ve always been doing photography and I remember there was a gyroscope that you could attach to say a Mamiya RB67 (which was a big pig of a camera) and handhold this at a slow shutter speed. Even though the gyroscope added even more weight, the added stability more than offset this. So the question is, do they make gyroscopes for rifles? If not someone should and make loads of money.

Yes, yes they do. But first, the why and the how.

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Ask Foghorn: Use Both Iron Sights and a Red Dot?

Jim writes:

I have not been into guns since I left Viet Nam. When I came home I did not want to see guns much less shoot them. Now I am older and maybe wiser. I am trying to set up a DPMS Ar 15 and I would like the ability to use both iron sights and red dot. I have a SightMark red dot on the rifle now and want to include iron sights because I am so use to them from the service. What is the best and most secure way to attach both sights??

First, thank you for your service. Second, I think you’re talking about co-witnessing your sights.

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