Ask Foghorn: What’s the Right Way to Grip a Handgun?

William asks:

I have heard of a lot of different techniques but I don’t really understand the advantage of any of them. What are the preferred grips and stances these days, what are the pros and cons? I know I probably have other issues, but I figure I should start with just holding the thing correctly. I would appreciate the help.

This whole “trying to clear out the queue” thing isn’t working. Every time I publish another Ask Foghorn piece and cross it off my list, two more hit my inbox. I’m losing ground. Oh well, such is the life of a TTAG writer. On with the answer . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Concealed Carry and Public Toilets

Tom asks:

I’ve yet to see anywhere (on TTAG or elsewhere) any advice for what to do when one is carrying concealed and has to answer the call of nature. Specifically, when you have to drop your drawers to do so.

Years ago, I made the wrong call on this very subject. But after much investigation, I discovered that there’s only one right answer to this problem of how to carry a gun when your pants are around your ankles . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Shotguns for Home Defense?

Chris asks:

I have a question on the KSG for home defense, based on the length of the shot gun the muzzle blast and noise are a lot closer to your face, obviously based on that would you consider it dangerous based on the noise that would be trapped in a room?

From what I can tell there’s a two part question here; first is the KSG is any more dangerous to the shooter than a normal shotgun and whether a shotgun is the best for home defense. Let me take them one at a time…

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Ask Foghorn: Legal Considerations for Traveling with a Silencer?

Harold asks:

What are legalities of/procedures for traveling with an NFA device? What, if any, notifications to the ATF or local LE do you need to make if you are traveling with a can? I’ve heard mixed stories of guys having to tell their local ATF Offices that they are traveling with an SBR or a can but others say that’s not needed. What’s the deal?

Here’s the caveat: I AM NOT A LAWYER and this is not legal advice. However, I will happily impart to you the sum total of my understanding of the situation based on my own travels with cans and conversations with industry experts . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Henry .30-30?

Patrick asks:

Do you have opinion on the gun? I like the idea of the companies history and the fact that is made here. I’m 67 yrs old and have always used a 30-06, (Tika), but I live in the north woods of Minnesota now and never have a shot longer than 50 yards.

In case you were wondering what’s up with the sudden deluge of Ask Foghorn posts, I’m on vacation and figured I would knock as many of these out as I could while I had the time. So, starting with the oldest AF question in the bag . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

Alan writes:

I just came across your web site, and I am very impressed. What would be your top choice for 9mm concealed carry? I’ve only seen your review of the Sig P290, Kel-Tec pf9, and the Kahr CM9. There’s got to be something that you really like better.

Why, yes. Yes there is.

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Ask Foghorn: The Best .22LR Plinker?

Brian asked WAY back in April:

I’m in the market for an inexpensive but reliable .22 plinker to help cut down ammo costs at the range as cash it tight these days. In my research one name that came up over and over again was the Phoenix Arms Rangemaster (5″ barrel) which tends to list under $200. The various gun store owners I’ve spoken too in my research have been all over the place in their opinions on this piece. Help!

I have to admit, I’ve never heard of a Phoenix Arms Rangemaster. But if cheap shooting is what you’re looking for, I have some suggestions . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Barrel Twist, and Which is Right for Your AR-15?

Tyler Kee asked (paraphrasing here):

So what’s all this “barrel twist” hoopajoop? Does barrel twist impact my accuracy? And if so, what twist is best?

Continuing with my “AR for Dummies” kick, I figured this would be a great opportunity to discuss what is probably the most confusing part of buying an AR-15 and try to make it so simple that even Tyler will understand it. So let’s begin . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Best Optic for 3-Gun Competitions

Enzo asks:

Which optics should I purchase for Stag Arms 3g? One of the stages I see for my club is 3-shots at 10 targets gauntlet style then a run to a berm where you need to put shots down range at 25, 50 , 75, 100 & 200yrds. Outside of this friendly competition which they may do more of (I hope), I will use it at my clubs 100 and 200yrds range only. What would be a good optics choice or should I just get some iron sights?

Excellent question, and the answer will be different depending on your body and what division you want to compete in. But I think I can help…

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Ask Foghorn: Polymer Frame or All Metal for Handguns?

ST asked many, many months ago:

Does anyone on your team have a preference of metal or polymer frame firearms for purchase and carry, and why so?

Is this a ‘phase’ time and experience will cause to change, or am I forever condemned to irrationally prefer the time-honored feel of machined aluminum over modern glass filled nylon?

Here’s my take…

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Ask Foghorn: What Firearms Training Course is Right for Me?

Many, many months ago Tim asked:

I live in Escondido, CA, which is in San Diego county. Can you recommend a training course near me? I want to learn to shoot shotguns and pistols, and for my wife and stepson to take the training also. I know nothing about guns except to stay away from the business end.

Here’s the problem: there are so many training classes out there that there’s neither the time nor the disk space available to catalog and review them all. But the good news is that I think I can break these courses down into three or four broad categories and give you some tips on finding a good one in each, and give you some reviews of courses our writers have taken to give you an idea of what to expect…

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Ask Foghorn: Gas System Length on the AR-15

Tyler Kee asks:

Carbine, mid length, rifle length. What do they mean? Can I run a carbine length on an 18″ barrel? A rifle length on a 16″?

What gives?

Well, you can do whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean the gun will run. Choosing the right gas system is a delicate balance between getting enough gas to cycle reliably and keeping your rifle from beating itself to death. So, which one is right for you? And what is it all about? . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Assembling an AR-15 Lower Receiver from a Stripped Receiver

Marty asks:

I am new to your site but have already read a number of great articles. So thank you for providing a resource. In a recent article about the best AR platform, you go through various options to address this question. In particular, you mention building a lower and buying an upper as an option. Have you written an article that takes a beginner gun builder (me) through the process and the options depending on what uses you are looking for? I would love to see an article that addresses the ability to have multiple caliber/range options off a customized lower platform. Keep up the good work.

I hate you all. You’re the reason I don’t have any free time. Here we go…

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Ask Foghorn: Best Budget AR-15 for Cheap Bastards

UPDATED 8/19/2012

Jerry asks:

I’m looking for an entry AR for 3-gun. I’ve read through all your AR articles in the Ask Foghorn section. Could you do a post on a budget AR build like your college friend Nate or Tate talked about in the comments section of your 3-gun 101 article?

I’ve done an article on what I think is the perfect AR-15 for self defense, and the perfect AR-15 for first timers, but I don’t think I’ve done one of these yet. So, how low can you go? Let’s find out…

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