Ask Foghorn: Perfect Handgun for New Female Shooters?

Reader Christian writes: So I’m trying to get my very petite Fianceé into shooting. She’s 5′ 2″, and weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. The term “waifish” comes to mind when describing her. So the .22lr is about right for her, since she has small hands and isn’t particularly strong. I happen to agree with you […]

Ask Foghorn: What Does +P and +P+ Mean?

Reader Randall writes: While I’m not exactly a newbie when it comes to *using* firearms, I am a newbie gun *owner*.  And now that I’m in the position of purchasing ammo, I’m finding things to be rather confusing when sorting out all there is to be had. I have Nick’s “Getting Started with Firearms” Kindle […]

Ask Foghorn: Where Have All The SCARs Gone?

Reader Nick writes: Assuming that your FNH 3 Gun Team is a marketing tool for FNH to highlight their products, you might tell them they ought to disband the team – many of those products are unobtanium. No use spending sponsorship money when there’s nothing to sell. I’ve had a SCAR 16 on order at […]

Ask Foghorn: Medical Kits for the Firing Range

  Yesterday I talked about a med kit that’s being offered for sale that isn’t up to my standards. What followed in the comments was a pretty good conversation about the benefits of clotting agents, the appropriateness of duct tape and some really good suggestions as to what makes an “ideal” med kit for every […]

Ask Foghorn: Are Lasers Really Useful?

Reader Joshua asks (nearly a year ago now): Can you tell me how useful a Crimson Trace laser system would be for a beginner? A red laser sounds pretty cool. Green laser sounds cool too, but given physics, is going to have more powerplant issues, and buying batteries is annoying, and replacing them often is […]

Ask Foghorn: Eliminating AR-15 Wobble

  Reader DrewR55 writes: I have what seems to be a common AR issue. I’ve assembled a Palmetto State Armory AR-15 and the rifle functions perfectly well. But I have what is to me an unacceptable amount of play between the two halves and this bothers me every time I handle the weapon. I am […]

Ask Foghorn: Staking your Gas Key?

Reader Donald writes: The one concern I have building [a bolt carrier group] myself is staking the gas key. I have seen a guy on Youtube do it with a $80 dollar tool but was hoping not to have to buy anymore tools for this build. What’s your thought? Can I stake it with common […]