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Kirsten Joy Weiss Exclusive: What Farago Said

Kirsten Joy Weiss swears on a stack of bibles that she didn’t read my post Self-Defense Tip: Teach One Rule to Rule Them AllIf she had she might not have made this video; the majority of comments underneath the post were far from completely supportive. Still, I stand by my assertion that muzzle direction is king. Obviously. And support Kirsten’s decision to spread the message. Again, obviously. But the most important aspect of this video is that it’s Kirsten Joy Weiss – not some OFWG – talking about gun safety in a fun, informative way. As an ambassador for shooters old and new, young and old, male and female, KJW is all that and a bag of chips (as the Brits say). So even if you don’t agree 100% with the One Rule rule, please share this video with firearms newbies. It can’t hurt. And it could save a life.

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots Apples off An Apple Tree

I like Katniss. Maybe it’s because I’m a shooter. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the woods. Maybe its because my favorite games as a kid were often survival games. This is a very small tribute to a shooter girl who knows her way around the woods and has the skills and moxie to make it. All girls should know how to shoot. Whether its bows or guns, the skills, focus, and other life benefits are invaluable. Katniss represents the confidence shooting can bring :) Enjoy, and happy shooting

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots An Egg Upside Down in A Tree

“The idea that eating raw eggs is somehow more healthy and will make you get bigger in the gym really got a boost in the PR department in 1976 when millions of people watched Rocky Balboa down pitchers-full of raw eggs while he trained to take on Apollo Creed in the the original Rocky movie,” reports. And then points out that “Salmonella enterica is the bacteria that causes salmonellosis, or salmonella poisoning. Infection with S. enterica can cause diarrhea, fever, vomiting and cramps. In severe cases, salmonellosis can be fatal, especially in children, the elderly or people with compromised immune systems. Some people with salmonellosis may also develop reactive arthritis later in life.” So eggs are dangerous and deserve to die. You’d have to be out of your tree to think otherwise.

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots a Flying Soda Can

I know we can make it. I know darn well, we can work it out. Oh, yes, we can, I know we can, can. Yes, we can, can, why can’t we? If we wanna, yes, we can, can. I know we can make it work. I know that we can make it if we try. Oh, yes, we can, I know we can, can. Yes, we can great gosh Almighty. Oh, yes, we can, I know we can, can. BOOM! That’s enough of that, then. Thank you Kirsten.

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Is Out of Sight(s)

One of the best things about watching Kirsten Joy Weiss’ videos: clocking the Pennsylvania marksman’s mastery of shooting basics. I never get tired of that moment when KJW goes bone-on-bone with her support arm’s elbow, exhales and hunkers down. Aside from her obvious physical charms, there’s something endlessly fascinating about watching Kirsten focus her mind on the shot – to the complete an utter exclusion of everything else – and then, when the time’s right, send the lead. When the deed is done, I get the feeling KJW’s more surprised by the result than any of her fans. Surprised and pleased. Really pleased. Delighted. Which is why watching these ever-improving precision shooting videos makes me feel both really old and really young. Go figure.

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss’ Valentine Card to . . . ?

I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but I will say this: Kirsten Joy Weiss has had one true love since she came of age. They had a tempestuous relationship at one point, when she and her beloved just couldn’t get it together. Yes, there was a third party involved. And yes it was a woman, who secretly and cruelly manipulated her beloved. It led to a horrendous break-up; Kirsten and her love were separated for endless months and thousands of miles. But those days are behind her now. Kirsten and her love have been reunited. As we approach Valentine’s Day, even those who hold a candle for Pennsylvania’s long gun lady celebrate KJW’s good fortune and wish the happy couple long life and endless love. Mazel tov!

TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss G.I. JOE Movie Tribute Trick Shot

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. When it comes to “performance shooting” no one can hold a candle to Kirsten Joy Weiss. Oh sure, there are plenty of sharp shots out there, somewhere. But no other trick shot artist brings KJW’s sense of style, fun and accuracy to the task. It’s only a matter of time before The Bigs come a-calling. Oh wait. They already have. While I can’t divulge the mainstream media opportunities on the table for Ms. Weiss, suffice it to say it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be bringing the pro-gun message to a whole new audience: men, women and children who’ve never shot a gun. KJW is exactly what the The People of the Gun need: a non-threatening ambassador who can de-evil-ize firearms for the masses. We’re still at the point where you can say “I knew Kirsten Joy Weiss way back when.” But those days are numbered. Enjoy.