Congressional Dems Make New Push For M855 Ban

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If you’ve followed the fight to preserve Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms for any time at all, you know the battle is never truly “won.” Pro-freedom advocates engage in a perpetual game of civilian disarmament whack-a-mole, beating back universal background checks here, recalling anti-gun legislators there, then enacting preemption laws to counter local gun control laws back over here. Earlier this week, the pro-gun side took a small step forward with the news that after a deluge of negative comments and bipartisan congressional push-back, our friends at the ATF had withdrawn their proposal to ban 5.56 M855 “armor piercing” ammunition. But the congressional gun-grabber caucus isn’t taking the news lying down . . .

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Bloomberg and Giffords on M855 Ammo Ban: It Wazzunt Me

Erika Soto Lamb, spokesperson for Everytown for Gun Safety

“Gun control groups are distancing themselves from a failed attempt by the Obama administration to ban certain types of armor-piercing ammunition commonly used in AR-15 hunting rifles,” reports, almost getting it right. If you recall, the NRA’s victory lap press release fingered Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Michael Bloomberg for the M855 ban. Well, kinda. The Bloombergian bit said . . .

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.380 Ammo Quest: Federal HST

Federal dropped something of a bombshell on the .380 ACP world recently releasing their HST in .380(!) For a long, long time, the only personal defense offering Federal made was the venerable, but (relatively) ancient Hydra Shoks. Now, about a dozen years after HST was first put on the market, it’s finally available for the .380 chambering. And not only that, it claims to be particularly optimized for micro guns . . .

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Are We Missing the Bigger Picture in the M855 Ammo Ban?


Reader DB writes:

The M855 ban debate has been most frustrating, as most media outlets, even those opposing the ban, are just regurgitating the same things over and over, intermittently injecting new technical or other inaccuracies. Most commentators appear to not have read the ATF framework document, and as a result fail to be on-point. I don’t believe this is a time for standard, blanket defense of the Second Amendment, generalized gun technology/terminal ballistics, nor political grandstanding by the Republican party. The ATF framework is extremely targeted and precise in its claims, and comments not on-point will certainly be set aside . . .

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New York Times Demands M855 Ammo Ban


The New York Times is quite possibly the least gun friendly publication in the United States. They’ve previously shown an utter contempt and disregard for fact checking and proper use of statistics when their “conclusions” paint gun owners and gun ownership in a bad light, and today’s editorial is no different. Titled “Protect the Police From Armor-Piercing Bullets,” the article is a re-hash of all the major Obama administration talking points in an effort to portray M855 as a menace to society that needs to be stopped. Shockingly, however, the Times fails to use any actual logic, statistics, or facts to make their case. Instead they build their case for a ban solely on the emotional appeal of loaded phrases to trick their readers into falling in line with their agenda. Let’s take this apart piece by piece.

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Joe Nocera’s Sins of Omission on the ATF M855 Ban


Joe Nocera is the New York Times’ in-house anti-gunner and he’s is at it again, this time defending the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ (ATF) proposed ban on M855 “green tip” ammunition. “Seven or eight years ago, makers of assault rifles like the popular AR-15 began making handgun versions of these powerful weapons [AR-15s]. These handguns use the same bullets as the assault rifles, including some that are armor-piercing…. Quite sensibly, the A.T.F. realized it needed to take another look at the issue of whether certain armor-piercing bullets that had long been associated with rifles were now more problematic because they could be used in these new, more lethal handguns.” Oh dear . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Claims Guide with M855 Ban Was a “Publishing Error”


ATF Press Release on the recently revealed Regulation Guide Announcing M855 Ammo Ban. Note: this does NOT mean the AFT have given-up on their proposed ban. It simply means that they announced its adoption and implementation prematurely. We can assume that they assumed it would go through, prepared their Guide accordingly and released it inadvertently.

On Feb. 13, 2015, ATF released for public comment a proposed framework, including legal and technical analysis, to guide its determination on what ammunition is “primarily intended for sporting purposes” for purposes of granting exemptions to the Gun Control Act’s prohibition on Armor Piecing Ammunition. This proposed framework is posted for public comment only; no final decisions have been made as to its adoption . . .

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Pavlich: ATF Already Bans M855 in Latest Regulation Guide


When our friends at the ATF announced their intention to ban green tip M855 5.56 ammunition last month, lots of knowledgeable people figured that the fix was in. That the ban was a fait accompli and despite the window dressing of a 30-day public comment period, the administration had already made up its mind to end civilian availability of the “armor piercing” rounds. Now, Town Hall’s Katie Pavlich is reporting that those suspicions were well founded . . .

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NRA: House Shows Bipartisan Opposition to M855 Ammo Ban


The NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox wants our friends at the ATF to know that the House isn’t happy with the proposed M855 ban. Here’s their press release:

Fairfax, Va. – In an overwhelming show of bipartisan opposition, 238 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, opposing the Obama Administration’s attempt to ban commonly used ammunition for the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15.  The National Rifle Association worked closely with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) to gather signatures on this critical effort.

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The Truth About M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition


The White House has said recently that banning “armor piercing” ammunition like the wildly popular M855 round is “common sense” and would make our police officers safer, which is a bold claim. Given the quality of journalism on display among the major networks these days, its no surprise that the facts of the matter have been muddled and obfuscated to the point where the details being presented bear little to no resemblance to the actual facts. Some hyperbole is expected, but in an age when the talking heads on TV start claiming that common rifles can shoot down airplanes and blow up railroads you know that fact checking isn’t high on the priority list. I wanted to take a minute and discuss the truth about the M855 round, what it is, what it does, and why it is being targeted.

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M855 Ban In Perspective

According to Mark Glaze, the ATF’s proposed ban on M855 ball ammunition is designed to protect police from armor-piercing rounds. The former Everytown for Gun Safety mouthpiece reckons the fact that many common rifle bullets can do the same thing – and how – is neither here nor there. Nor is the doyen of civilian disarmament concerned that gun owners will be deprived of cartridges that they use the ammo for target shooting and hunting (a.k.a., “sporting purposes”). Gun owners should “use other target shooting ammunition that can’t pierce through the Kevlar vests that police officers wear on the streets.” Which is a problem . . .

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