BREAKING: U.S. Army Switching to Hollow Point Ammunition

Hollow point bullet (courtesy

Sources tell TTAG that the United States Army is switching from ball to hollow-point ammunition for its next generation handgun. The Army dropped the bombshell yesterday at the Modular Handgun System Industry Day in Picatinny, New Jersey. The event was held as part of the Army’s procurement process to replace the Beretta M9 handgun and the ammunition used for the gun. After making the announcement, an Army lawyer mounted the stage to mount a defense for the switch hollow-points . . .

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Dutch Special Forces Adopt 300 AAC Blackout


I’m a major 300 AAC Blackout fanboy. I think the cartridge is perfect for my needs: killing things at about 50 to 100 yards using the shortest, quietest, and lightest gun possible. Apparently the Dutch special forces agree with my assessment as they have now announced that they are switching from their 5.56 NATO short barreled rifles to the 300 BLK cartridge. 300 BLK isn’t perfect for every application, but it was more or less custom designed to fill the role that the Dutch will be using it.

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Question of the Day: Got Ammo?

Academy ammo guy (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The Big D and I were cruising around town, looking for 10mm ammo for an STI double-stack 1911 (part of Jon Wayne Taylor’s quest for the perfect truck gun). We rocked up to an Austin Academy Sports and headed for the firearms department. It was the department of no 10mm. And only two boxes of .22 per customer. When I asked the salesman (above) what’s up with the .22 blues he said one word: “plastics.” Wait. Wrong movie. “Hoarding.” . . .

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Sara Tipton: Mommy Life Meets Gun Life, Walmart Edition


My two-year-old son recently decided it would be epically hilarious to bust my sunglasses. I disabused him of that notion as gently as possibly – after he’d smashed the glasses to smithereens. With my left eye still healing, the summer sun bearing down on my California redoubt, and my Jeep-driving street cred in dire need of cool shades, I headed to Walmart for some UV eye pro. Oh, and some ammo . . .

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Why I Shoot .40 Through My Unmodified 10mm GLOCK


10mm Auto came first. The FBI chose a watered-down loading — a 180 grain bullet at 975 fps instead of more like 1,300 fps — and a large-frame S&W pistol through which to shoot it. By the time the contract went through, Tom Campbell, S&W employee, had realized that the powder capacity of the 10mm’s 25.2 mm-long case simply wasn’t necessary to achieve this same velocity, and the .40 S&W with its 21.6 mm-long case was born. For all intents and purposes, .40 S&W is really “10mm Short & Weak.” Brief history complete, let’s skip to the part where I’ve chosen to shoot it regularly through factory-stock 10mm GLOCKs. . .

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TTAG Reader Discount: 10% to 15% Off Eagle Eye Ammo


Eagle Eye Ammunition is TTAG’s official ammo sponsor for accuracy testing. That partnership happened for one simple reason: Eagle Eye is the most consistent ammunition we have ever tested, and their lot-to-lot deviation is practically nonexistent. It gives us an excellent baseline to directly compare the accuracy of different guns, which gives you readers better information when looking to buy a firearm. And now Eagle Eye wants to make that same ammo available to you readers at a discounted price.

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Review: Winchester Long Beard XR Ammunition


I love hunting. It’s hard to choose which game I like best: turkey, duck or sheep. But there’s no doubt which animal’s the hardest to harvest. For those of you who have never shot turkey before, it’s all about the calling. When a tom starts responding to your calls, you’re suddenly Dr. Doolittle. You’re having a conversation with another species. It’s all lies, of course . . .

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Kinetic Ammo…Cheap, But Is It Worth It?



I recently had the opportunity to shoot a lot of ammo from Kinetic Range. In particular, their 9mm 115gr lead round nose that is coated with their proprietary “Hi-Tek” coating. This coating is applied in order to prevent fouling. Kinetic argues that this allows them to manufacture ammo that’s less expensive than plated bullets, yet still doesn’t create fouling issues and can be used in guns that discourage the use of bare lead bullets – such as GLOCK and H&K . . .

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Question of the Day: My Gun, My Ammo. Yours?

I have a date with ShootingTheBull410 to test that exact gun with that exact ammo. So we’ll be able to check out the real-world veracity of Wilson Combat’s claim for their custom ammunition. Meanwhile, I fired my X-TAC Compact with 100 rounds each with Wilson and Gold Dot ammo at the range and discovered no discernible difference in accuracy or reliability. Which makes me wonder, does it really matter? With the exception of R.I.P. ammo . . .

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