127-grain +P+ Ranger-T, Federal 9BPLE 115-grain +P+ (a.k.a., “Illinois State Police load”): ShootingThe Bull410 Ammo Test

This is a test of two legendary rounds, the 9mm Winchester 127-grain +P+ Ranger-T, and the famous “Illinois State Police load”, the Federal 9BPLE 115-grain +P+. These are pretty much the rounds that made 9mm not suck; the 9BPLE in particular is really the first 9mm load that earned a good reputation as being an effective 9mm round for law enforcement use. However, these are old, old designs, dating back to the ’80’s. That’s before the modern standards were put in place, and before three-inch barrel pistols were prevalent. These loads . . .


Last week nydailynews.com reported Carhartt Jacket Stops NYPD Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124-Grain +P Hollow PointsIt was a major WTF story. So we commissioned our ammo tester ShootingTheBull410 to test it out. This is the not unexpected result.