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ShootingTheBull410 9mm Ammo Quest: 147gr Gold Dot

Still trudging through the 9mm Ammo Quest, ShootingTheBull410 just put the Gold Dot 147-grain to the test.  Gold Dots haven’t fared particularly well through the short 3″ barrel, so the question is — will these heaviest-of-all Gold Dot 9mm’s work satisfactorily? Or should they be relegated to use with longer-barreled guns?  Watch the video for the answers.

ShootingTheBull410 9mm AmmoQuest-Barnes TAC-XPD 115gr

ShootingTheBull410′s quest for the best-performing defensive ammo for a 9mm pocket pistol rolls on with a test of the Barnes TAC-XPD. It comes in a shiny black box with a high-tech clear window, and even the bullets themselves are black…perhaps invoking the old “Black Talons”?  But the Barnes solid copper bullet has already been tested and found to be a superb performer when it was loaded in the Cor-Bon DPX round. The Cor-Bons, though, are less expensive, come in a plainer box and are loaded to a higher velocity. How will the same bullet do in Barnes’ own shiny black version? Check out the vid to find out.

New from SIG SAUER: Elite Performance Ammunition

SIG SAUER Elite ammo

Porsche makes most of its money selling SUVs, but the Mom-mobiles weaken the sports car maker’s brand. Eventually. I repeat: brand extensions are profitable in the short term. Long term they take a company’s eye off the ball. IMHO. In SIG’s HO “Every product SIG SAUER produces will have the same attributes for which our firearms are known around the world – reliability, accuracy, and unparalleled performance,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER director of product management. As for the Elite Performance Ammunition .  . .

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ShootingTheBull410: 9mm Ammo Quest – Winchester Ranger

When it comes to defensive ammo, you’ve probably heard it said many times – “I use what the cops use.”  But is that really the best idea? The thing is, the cops don’t use little 3-inch barreled pocket pistols. So how does cop ammo, designed for full-size duty pistols, perform from a pocket pistol? In this latest installment of the 9mm Ammo Quest, ShootingTheBull410 puts Winchester Ranger Bonded 147gr Law Enforcement Ammunition through the 3″ barrel to find out.

Housekeeping: A Note About Our Liberty Ammunition Sponsorship Agreement


Yesterday we announced our new partnership with Liberty Ammunition. They will be supplying ammo for our reviews, and in return they get to call themselves our official sponsors and we’ll give them a nod when we use their rounds. Some of you seemed to be a little concerned that we might be selling our credibility for the price of a little 5.56 NATO ammo. To clear the air, I’d like to add my two cents, being the Testing & Reviews Editor for TTAG and all . . .

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Liberty Ammunition is Official Ammo Supplier to TTAG


We don’t have to tell you that, depending on the part of the country and the caliber, ammo can be difficult to get. Still. When you’re in the business of reviewing guns, that can be a problem. Which is why we’re so happy to have solved that problem in most cases by partnering with Liberty Ammunition for our gun food needs. Here’s their press release . . .

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Non-Pro Tip: Measuring Group Size Better


A couple days ago RF posted a “Pro Tip” from Ammoland on measuring shot group size. I’m not a pro, but I took exception to some of the assertions in that write-up. After I did a little whining in the comments it was suggested that maybe this actually warranted a follow-up post. So… here she is. What was inaccurate in that Pro Tip piece and how can you measure your groups more easily, precisely, and quickly? Well first . . .

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