Eley Introduces Match Grade Rimfire Ammo for Semi-Auto Rifles


I love Eley ammo. I used it all throughout college when I was shooting with the Penn State rifle guys, and it continues to be my go-to brand for accuracy testing in rimfire firearms. New for 2015, Eley is introducing two new lines specifically to service the growing number of semi-auto rimfire rifles. A supersonic “force” brand will be coated in a special finish to allow for easier feeding, and the “contact” brand will be subsonic ammo for quiet shooting and accurate groups. Both will retail for right around $8 a box.


New from UTM: Home Live Fire Practice Kit for Civilians


Going to the range can be a major pain in the ass. The noise, the expense, the time it takes to get there, the crowded firing line, the oppressive rules… It definitely isn’t ideal. In an ideal world, you should be able to practice with your firearm in the comfort of your own home — the backyard, basement, garage, what have you. Maximizing your time spent on drills and pulling the trigger rather than the administrative BS of going to a range. That has never really been available before for the average American, but UTM has just released something that will let you practice with your own rifle in your own home, without any major modifications: the UTM Civilian Target Ammo kit.

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Sharp’s Rifles Introduces 25-45 Ammunition and Rifles


There are some states in this great nation of ours that don’t let you hunt with anything 5.56 caliber or smaller. For those who live in those states, if you want to use an AR-15 to hunt, you need to get it in a non-standard caliber. There have been a smattering of intermediate cartridges to come out over the last decade to try and appeal to the hunting crowd, from 6.5 Grendel to 6.8 SPC to 300 BLK, and now Sharp’s Rifle Company wants to add another entrant to the caliber wars: 25-45.

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Winchester’s W Wins the West


Winchester’s W Train & Defend is a certified hit. And that’s not us talking, you voted Big W’s new ammo the best new gun food of 2014. You like the idea of simplifying the process of choosing ammo for both range time and personal defense that’s easy-shooting. So it was our solemn duty to corner Winchester’s Jason Gilbertson at media day today and present him with a plaque to memorialize the honor. Congrats to Winchester.


New from Magpul: PMag D60 60-Round Magazine

The antis are going to have a field day with this one. So what? Civilian disarmament advocates thought it was a great idea to limit New York state’s legal gun owners to seven rounds. [Note: legal gun owners. Criminals ain’t got time for that.] Gun control advocates see mag limits as a shining path to total disarmament. They can’t – and won’t – get their heads around the stark simplicity of the Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” mandate. In short, they will damn Magpul’s new, easy-to-clean, we-can’t-wait-to test-its-reliability PMag D60 60-round mag. They’ll shake their proverbial fists and wave the metaphorical bloody shirt, using the . . .

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Smith & Wesson Using Razor Blade Strategy to Win Army Contract?


TTAG never holds posts for more than a day; even the “evergreens.” Not so fool.com. Writer Rich Smith’s post on the competition for the Army’s new sidearm sat on the sidelines for almost a week, during which time TTAG’s post on the Army’s decision to punt Beretta from the competition to replace the Beretta 92 appeared. His prose may be delayed by bureaucracy but he’s no fool, our Rich. Smith sees Smith & Wesson’s November hook-up with General Dynamics as part of a clever strategy to win the Army’s handgun contract . . .

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SIG SAUER Launches 300 BLK Ammunition Line


300 AAC Blackout is a popular caliber, but that popularity comes at a price. Namely about $0.50/round. The problem is classic supply and demand, and in this case the demand is far outpacing the supply. With the first production run of the .300 BLK based civilian MCX rifles in full swing, SIG SAUER is leveraging their new ammunition manufacturing plant to try and give their customers a little assistance and bring down the price. Needless to say we’ll be getting our hands on some of their ammo shortly for testing purposes. And an MCX. And an MPX. Stay tuned, and make the jump for the press release.

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Liberty Ammunition Wins Patent Lawsuit over Army’s M855A1 Ammo


Right around 2007, the U.S. Army started putting a new bullet into the field. Improving on the standard SS109/M855 ball ammunition, the new loading used a lead-free projectile with a steel insert and saw improved performance as well as better penetration over the old faithful. There was much rejoicing. After five years of active use in the field, it looks like the Army’s new round might have infringed on a previous patent by one-time TTAG ammo sponsor Liberty Ammunition. A Federal court judge agreed and has awarded the company north of $15 million for the government’s error. Far, far north . . .

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Brits Call for New Ammunition Laws After Paris Attack


“Tougher restrictions on ammunition are needed to stop British-based jihadists carrying out Paris-style gun attacks, former security minister [Lord West] has said,” reports dailymail.co,uk. “He said the UK’s tough anti-gun laws were a crucial tool in the fight against terror – but demanded further action to tighten restrictions on ammunition.” Needless to say, Lord West also reckons his former employers need more British taxpayer loot . . .

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.380 AmmoQuest: Buffalo Bore 100 gr. Hardcast Flat Nose Regular and +P

I have been asked repeatedly to test Buffalo Bore’s .380 +P ammo. Well, “asked” is a kind way to put it; badgered would be a more accurate word, but hey, I like testing, so I don’t mind. However, I really don’t care for the idea of a non-standard caliber like .380 +P. I wrote an article explaining why, but the gist is this: gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers got together and created a standards-setting organization (SAAMI) which, appropriately enough, set the standards to which gun manufacturers design guns . . .

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Question of the Day: How Much Carry Ammo is Enough?


This article originally appeared at ammoland.com and is reprinted here with permission. 

Ohio --(Ammoland.com)-  There is an old saying that says, “There is no such thing as bringing too much ammo to a gunfight!” Those concerned with personal protection and concealed carry seem to have accepted this as fact. Yet, FBI statistics indicate that on average most violent encounters are over within a few seconds and that if gunfire is involved, only 2-3 shots are fired. If this is true, then why is there so much concern about ammunition capacity in firearms used for self-defense in the United States? Prior to the 1970’s . . .

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