New From G2 Research: .300 Ripout Expanding Cartrige


If you’re a regular reader, you may remember our 2013 Readers Choice Awards. The honor for best new ammunition went to Lehigh Defense for their .45 Colt Maximum Expansion round. As ShootingTheBull410 demonstrated, that’s one devastating handgun round. G2 Research seems to have been inspired by that design for their new nastily named .300 Ripout round, a 200 grain bullet that peels back on contact creating a wound channel that should have pigs positively panic-stricken. But there’s worse news for Porky yet; G2’s sending some of this stuff to Nick for testing. Mmmm. Bacon . . .

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What Caliber for Escaped Cow?


Reader Richard Ashcraft writes:

On Friday our town was terrorized by Betsy the barbaric bovine before being put down by one of Pocatello’s finest. However she managed to ram a few cars, “nearly” caused a few accidents and put many lives in danger before the police could arrive. Sunday, four more crazy cows made a break for it. I think these incidents raise some good questions in relation to concealed carry and gun rights . . .

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9mm Ammo Quest: Buffalo Bore 115 gr. +P JHP

One of the companies whose products everyone (seemingly) wants to see tested is Buffalo Bore. I think that I get more requests for tests of various Buffalo Bore rounds than for just about any other company’s offerings. One viewer took it to the next level though, sending me a money order with instructions to buy three specific loads he was interested in. Well, heck, I’m curious about the Buffalo Bore loadings too, and so yes, I gladly took him up on the offer and ordered the requested rounds . . .

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TTAG 2014 Reader’s Choice Award, Best New Ammo: Winchester Train & Defend


Over the course of the last week, TTAG asked our Armed Intelligentsia to vote for their favorite new products of 2014. Over a thousand readers responded to our call. So now we’re proud to announce TTAG’s Readers’ Choice Award winners for 2014. Our first winner is in the new-for-2014 ammunition category: Winchester’s W Train & Defend ammo. W T&D won the award by an impressive 30 percent margin. And for good reason . . .

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FrankenGLOCK Tales: 10mm From a .45 GLOCK 21

For some reason, I’ve got it in my head to convert my GLOCK 21 to shoot a wide variety of different calibers. Not that .45 ACP isn’t enough, but — well, it’s more a case of “because I can” than anything else, I guess. Last time, I fed this .45 ACP pistol some 9mm. Today I decided to plug the lightning rods into FrankenGLOCK’s neck bolts and resurrect it in a totally different caliber: 10mm . . .

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New From SilencerCo: Harvester Subsonic 300 BLK Ammunition


One of the most dangerous places on planet Earth is the space between Nick and any new 300 BLK product. So when I got SilencerCo’s press release (after the jump) announcing they’re getting into the ammo biz with their new Harvester line of ammunition, I immediately requested some samples for him to test. I still wouldn’t advise getting in his way, but at least he knows he’ll be getting some of the new silencer-optimized rounds soon . . .

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G2 Research Recalls .45 Caliber RIP Ammo for “Excessive Chamber Pressure” in GLOCKs

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 1.43.22 PM

“We have received some comments that the current issue 45 RIP is not compatible with Glock and its unsupported chambers,” G2 Research’s Facebook page reveals. “Due to this, we have revised our design to solve this issue. If you have a Glock .45, please call 678-533-2033 Ext 4 or email us through our website for a free replacement of your ammo. Check the inside of your .45 RIP box for a date. Do not use July- Nov through a Glock. This does not affect any other caliber or handgun.” Our man ShootingTheBull was not impressed with RIP ammo – to say the least. He ripped RIP a new you-know-what. [Click here for Part 2 of his review of the 9mm variant.] The fact that it could blow-up a GLOCK just adds fuel to the pyre. [h/t SL and DrVino]


Question of the Day: Got Ammo?

Some .22 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Area firearms dealers say ammunition manufacturers are starting to catch up with the high demand of recent years and that most of the popular deer calibers are in stock,” Johnston Pennsylvania’s reports. Deer schmeer. What about .22? “The availability of handgun ammunition, which also had been in short supply, is improving.” Improving or available? “Rimfire ammunition is more readily available now. However, when we get it, people buy it quickly,” a local dealer told Sigh. We saw some .22 ammo deals on Black Friday websites. Where are you based and what are you seeing – or not seeing – on the shelves of your local gun or big box store?


Nammo 40mm Airburst Ammunition Is A Hit!

Press release:

RAUFOSS, Norway, Nov. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nammo has developed and qualified smart ammunition to offer a solution to the Anti-Defilade ammunition requirement from the US Army. During a successful Mk19 Crew Combat Systems demonstration at the NSA range/FtBenning, GA [not shown], Nammo’s Air Burst capability was the clear highlight for everyone present . . .

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LA City Council: Dealers Must Email LAPD After Every Ammo Sale, Owners Must Store Guns Disabled

“The Los Angeles City Council tentatively approved a measure to require electronic tracking of ammunition sales, and considered a second gun control measure,” reports, preparing to get out the bloody shirt wavers. “In an effort to keep tabs on who is buying bullets in the city of Los Angeles, the city council approved an ordinance that requires gun stores and dealers to automatically email the LAPD after each sale of ammunition.” LAPD Captain Charles Hearn reckons that’s OK because dealers already keep logs of ammo sales. This just makes it easier to…you know. Be proactive! So what’s the second measure? Bringing itself in line with all of Massachusetts . . .

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Ammo Quest: Winchester 9mm Ranger-T 147 gr.

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a 9mm Ammo Quest video, so you may have thought I was done. Far from it!  I’ve still got quite a few rounds to get through.  I’m still optimistic that some of them will be promising performers that will rival the best I’ve found so far.  Well, actually, I don’t necessarily need to rely solely on optimism, because I just got through testing the 147-grain Ranger-T . . . Continue Reading


Guns & Ammo Announce Ammo of the Year Award; TTAG Readers’ Choice Award to Launch December 1


I tried out Winchester Ammunition’s W Train & Defend ammo at the Texas International Firearms Festival (now scheduled for November 14th and 15th 2015). The ammo dudes loaded a mag with four rounds of 9mm Train ammo and one round of 9mm Defend ammo, mixed in behind my back. The challenge: ID which round was the more expensive Defend ammo. Nope. Couldn’t do it. So, as long as you’re OK with the Defend round, the concept is sound: train as you mean to fight. Guns & Ammo thinks so. The dead tree mag’s revived its formerly moribund Ammunition of the Year award to honor T&D. By their own admission [press release after the jump] the selection process was about as independent as you’d imagine . . .

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