Thales Australia: 5.56mm Ammo with 7.62mm Lethality

Thales Australia is developing a new family of high-lethality small arms ammunition, including a 5.56 mm round [not shown] that the company says outperforms 7.62 mm ammunition [shown] at all ranges,” reports. “The so-called F9 technology is scalable in calibre, from 4.6 mm up to .50 calibre, and is being developed in collaboration with an undisclosed overseas partner, Graham Evenden, Thales Australia’s Director of Integrated Soldier Systems, told IHS Jane’s on 20 August. The initial focus is on 5.56 mm ammunition. Trial batches use a projectile developed by the overseas company, low toxicity, optimised propellant from the Thales-operated Mulwala propellant and explosives plant in southern New South Wales, and cases produced at the Thales-owned Benalla munitions facility in northern Victoria.” Spock! Analysis!


Russians Fear Ammo Sanctions. How About You?

The U.S. and EU ban on Russian-made firearms is hitting the country’s rifle industry hard. How hard? Let’s just say that the Kalashnikov Concern - which went bankrupt in 2012 – is very. Concerned. But maybe not as concerned as the Russian ammunition industry. While seventy percent of Kalashnikov’s weapons went to U.S. gun owners, 80 percent of Russia’s overall ammunition exports go to American gunners. reports that “Any additional sanctions targeting Russia’s arms industry could have a cascade effect that would destabilize Russia’s ammunition production industry.” Which would suck for the Motherland’s fighting forces. Or not. “The Russian military and security services have large stockpiles of ammunition, and since 1990 the volume of state ammunition orders have fallen 20-fold.” I guess Cold War 1.0 was good for the Russian Army. Ukraine-fired Cold War 2.0? We shall see. For thee? That’s another story.


ShootingTheBull410 on the Brenneke Black Magic Short Magnum Slug

A couple of weeks ago we a test of .454 Casull vs. a 12-gauge slug (specifically a Remington Slugger). That slug did great, but it got me thinking — how much better might something like a Brenneke slug perform? So, this week, it’s a straight-up ballistic gel test of a Brenneke Black Magic Short Magnum one-ounce, 2 3/4″ shotgun slug. And (spoiler alert) it’s just plain incredible. About 150 fps faster than the Slugger and much more destruction — heck, the ballistic gel slow-mo shot alone was worth it (and should forever put “caliber war” claims to rest. Handguns are handguns, but a 12-gauge loaded with Brenneke slugs…well, I almost think Jayne Cobb might nickname it Vera.


Question of the Day: Should There be a Limit to the Amount of Ammunition You Can Own?

ammo stash


This one comes straight from “This question is being posed after a large amount of weapons were found in domestic dispute case in Saddle Brook. A man was stabbed by his wife, and she was charged. The police found the husband’s gun collection and confiscated it in accordance with protocol. He may be charged for the massive amount of gunpowder in his possession. Does the man’s large gun ammunition collection pose a threat to others? Some feel that his gun collection is no different than any other collection. As long as he isn’t using the guns or gunpowder to harm anyone, he should be allowed to have it. Others are concerned about the man’s intentions – what is the man’s reason for having such a huge amount of ammunition in the first place? Should there be a limit to how much ammunition a person can own?” Go get ‘em tiger!


ShootingTheBull410 9mm AmmoQuest: CorBon DPX 95gr

In the never-ending 9mm Ammo Quest for the best pocket pistol load, TTAG published my test of CorBon DPX 115-grain, and it was really an excellent performer. But it also triggered quite a few requests, all along the lines of “when are you going to test the 95-grain version?” Now, normally I prefer heavier bullets over lighter rounds, all other things being equal, but testing from the short-barrel pocket pistols has forced me to re-evaluate that default position . . .

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9mm Wins the Caliber Wars

“On July 25, 2014, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a pre-solicitation notice for a family of pistols chambered in 9mm — and in so doing, fanned the embers of ‘the great debate’ over pistol calibers,” Mike Wood reports at Hey! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? Of course, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion anyway. The .40 caliber round adopted by the FBI and thousands of police departments after the infamous FBI Miami shootout (a cluster-you-know-what of epic proportions) was a panic-induced compromise that didn’t provide 9mm capacity or controllability, or .45 caliber controllability and terminal performance. But don’t take my word for it. Wood rings the death knell for .40 . . .

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Gunwatcher Shows You What Ammo is In Stock at Walmart Before You Go


One of the more ingenious inventions to come out during the Great Shooty Things Panic of 2013 was GunBot — a handy little website that trawled through all the online stores to find who had ammo and how the prices compared across different sites. I used it constantly that year, and still use it when I need to find ammo. One website trying to replicate and improve on that site is Gunwatcher. But it’s more than just being a GunBot clone. They’ve gone and done something particularly slick: give them your address and they will tell you if your local Walmart has ammo in stock . . .

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When Shotguns (or Ammo) Go Boom

JRF_5045 Reader Jason F. writes:

On February 23, 2014 I was at Okeechobee Shooting Sports (where I work) along with a few members and friends enjoying a game of 5-stand. I was also there to help a friend get his wife — who happens to be terrified of guns — comfortable and interested in shooting. I had grabbed a flat of Rio 12 gauge 1-1/8 #8 off the sales floor. During the outing, a shell exploded in the Fausti Caledon I was shooting. The bang was loud enough that shooters from the two neighboring fields came over to see what happened. I was literally stunned for about five minutes. My right ear went almost deaf for 30 minutes or so and was pretty sensitive to loud noises for a month . . . Continue Reading


Where’s MY Planeload of Ammunition?

C-130 (courtesy

“The Iraqi government delivered a planeload of ammunition to Arbil, the capital of Iraq’s semiautonomous Kurdish region, on Friday in an unprecedented act of military cooperation between Kurdish and Iraqi forces,” Reuters reports. “The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Iraqi security forces, under the command of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a Shi’ite Arab, delivered the mostly small-arms ammunition in a C-130 cargo plane to resupply the Kurdish Peshmerga forces as they fight militants from the Islamic State.” Anyone want to guess where that ammo came from and who paid for it? Meanwhile, points out that “recent US air strikes against ISIS are in part to destroy US military equipment, such as the artillery ISIS has been using against Kurdish forces.” Oh, and Reuters tells us that . . .

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ShootingTheBull410: 12 Gauge Slug vs. .454 Casull

The people at DoubleTap Ammunition sent me some .454 Casull rounds to test. And, in looking them over, I found that one of the rounds was a 400-grain, flatnose hardcast bullet, rated at 1400 feet per second. Now, that sounds pretty potent — heck, that’s up there in the neighborhood of a 12-gauge shotgun slug. Clearly, this called for an unlikely head-to-head test; 12-gauge shotgun vs. six-shot revolver . . .

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New From HPR Ammunition: Black Ops 9mm, .40 and .45 Cals.


Yes, the gun biz may have peaked with the effects of slack demand rippling their way through gun manufacturers big and small, but one segment of the firearms economy that just can’t seem to catch up with demand is gun food. So another option is always welcome, right? HPR says when their new lead-free “Open Tipped Frangible” Black Ops personal defense loads enter a target, “the jacket and core separate with furious force of impact, resulting in mass force trauma.” Translation: this has ShootingTheBull410 written all over it. We’ve asked for samples so the maestro can put HPR’s newest through its paces. Press release after the jump . . .

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Hollow Point Ammunition: A Basic Rationale


NOTE: This article is intended to be a basic rationale for the use of hollow point ammunition. It is not an exhaustive, ballistics-tested study on ammunition/bullet effectiveness.

My recent article on the plight of Shaneen Allen, a 27 year-old medical professional and mother of two arrested for possession of a handgun and hollow point ammunition in New Jersey raised quite a bit of commentary on hollow point ammunition restrictions. Allen was merely visiting New Jersey when stopped for a minor traffic violation. She politely informed the officer she had a handgun in her glove compartment, and her concealed carry license in Pennsylvania availed her nothing. She is facing up to ten years in prison . . .

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