X-DEF: New, Affordable Personal Defense Ammo From Freedom Munitions

At at hair under $0.45 per round, Freedom Munition’s new X-DEF is less than (or way less than) half the cost of most premium self-defense ammo. Designed and manufactured entirely in-house, the X-DEF projectiles are engineered to expand reliably, penetrate the FBI-specified 12 to 18 inches in ballistics gel, and retain their full weight. We’d test […]

9mm, .45, 7.62, .416 – Which One’s Fastest?

In the video below, the super slow-mo Joes race a quartet of cartridges. If you don’t know which one’s going to win, welcome to The Truth About Guns! Check out the Guns for Beginners tab above. For the rest of you, guess which one messes-up the melon the best/worst. Also, what rounds should these lab […]

Ammunition. To Hoard or Not to Hoard? That Is The Question

David LaPell writes [via [Ammoland.com]: I recently had a discussion with a gun owner about the availability and cost of ammunition. Only a couple of years ago, it was scarce and expensive — when you could find it. Did he think the availability of conventional ammunition could ever get bad again? He laughed . . . With […]

Three New Ammo Brands From Winchester

During SHOT Show, Chris covered the ins-and-outs of Winchester’s new WWII Victory Series Ammo. It appears to be historically-accurate enough to appease gun hipsters and shooters nostalgic for the smell of cordite. I, for one, long for the days when nostalgia wasn’t such a big deal. It was just better then; nostalgia ain’t what it […]

New “High-Performance” 9mm: Ready for Prime Time?

John Farnam writes [via Ammoland.com]: It’s no secret that 9mm is king right now, particularly among Operators who routinely carry guns, for serious purposes. – .40S&W is still around, but over the past five years it has assumed a distant second place, more distant by the year – .357SIG is all but dead. Scant demand from both […]

New from Winchester: WWII Victory Series Ammo

With the introduction of their WWII Victory Series of ammo, everything old is new. (Endorsement deal for Peter Allen?) Winchester’s new line of old ammo is loaded to WWII specs, available in .30-06, .30 Carbine, .45 ACP and even 12 gauge brass shells. An authentic WWII M1 Garand is the best way to try the […]

New from CCI Ammunition: Two New Rimfire Loads

Rimfire is back, baby! Back on shelves and back on budget. New from CCI is a .22 LR Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Point load and a .17 HMR VNT Tipped load. CCI’s press release with more information follows . . . CCI Ammunition Will Launch Two New Rimfire Loads at the 2018 SHOT Show ANOKA, Minnesota […]

New from Federal Premium: 25 New Products

Federal Premium is the ammo line for Vista Outdoors, a company whose stock price has taken a hit in the [real or imagined] Trump slump. FP’s coming out swinging, launching no less than 25 new products at SHOT Show 2018. We’ve already run their presser on the new Hydra-Shok Deep 9mm ammo. Here’s the rest […]