Obscure Object of Desire: Steyr M9 and M40

When most firearms enthusiasts hear the name Steyr, they think of the AUG [above]. That’s only natural.  It is Steyr’s most memorable gun.  It cuts an instantly-recognizable profile. It screams “COOL” and “HIGH-TECH” at equal volume. But Steyr’s history of military and civilian gun making traces back to the late 1800s. Steyr was a serious player in the handgun game until World War 1 . . .

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Red-Dot Scopes – A New Standard?

Bushnell Red Dot Scope

Red Dot Scope

Red-dot & reflex scopes are handy.  Highly-visible reticle, fast acquisition with both eyes open, great for low-light conditions.  Recently they have gotten even better, with adjustable reticle patterns, dual-color reticles, and even a variable-size reticle model from Bushnell. But red-dot scopes have a weakness: battery power.  Most people who use red-dot scopes have had a battery die on them.  Hopefully they had a spare battery handy.  If not, good luck hitting the target with no reticle to aim with. Trijicon and other companies have attempted to deal with the battery issue by powering their scopes with tritium capsules and/or fiber-optics . . .

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Shooting Instructors (So to Speak): Jeff Cooper vs. Massad Ayoob

Most of us have seen the YouTube videos of “shooting instructors” doing questionable and dangerous things. What sane person would take a class with the guy who advocates running at his assailant while shooting? “Shoot you to the ground” I think he called it. Stupid is what those of us who watched the video call it. And even when you find an instructor whose philosophy you trust, it can sometimes seem as if they’re speaking a different language. So what are the qualifications of a shooting instructor? There’s actually two questions: what are the actual qualifications of the instructors and what should they be? Ideally, that Venn diagram would have 100 percent overlap, but the world is not a perfect place . . .

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Quality: 1911 vs. Glock Vs. Taurus

The 1911 Sucks post sure stirred up some strong emotions. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I had a great time debating the issues and I learned a lot. But there were also some other issues that were raised and not addressed to my satisfaction (being the sort of guy who likes facts and evidence). For instance: just how reliable are 1911s? How reliable are Glocks? And, from the comments, some people took exception to my characterization of Taurus as a brand with hit-or-miss quality, so what is the real deal with Taurus quality? How can those questions be answered? I thought of a way to get some baseline metrics on those issues. And since I was burning up vacation time from work, why not use it to be productive?

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The 1911 Sucks

I have said it before and I will end up saying it again: the 1911 an old design that is more trouble than it is worth. I don’t say it to be confrontational, or to draw attention to myself. I say it because I see my fellow shooters mindlessly parroting the gun equivalent of Chuck Norris Facts whenever the 1911 comes up in conversation, and I just don’t get it. I am not surprised that the 1911 is out of place in today’s world, and you shouldn’t be surprised either. What other 100-year old design is still in daily use? In the comment section of another blog, I summarized my skepticism of the 1911′s attributes thusly:

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