Marquette University’s ‘Mishmash’ of Policies Flummox Gun Owners

By Zachary Petrizzo Marquette University, despite its location in gun-friendly Wisconsin, requires students to comply with contradictory and nonsensical rules in order to possess a firearm in a university apartment. Marquette is currently a “gun free campus,” meaning students are prohibited from carrying a firearm on campus, “except as expressly permitted by applicable State law.” […]

Gear Review: GPM Kit Outdoor Applications Belt

Reader Greg P. Chabot writes, I’ve always had difficulty finding a comfortable belt and buckle for hiking and other activities. Having a belt buckle digging into your waist while rucking can make for a miserable experience. GPM Kit, a small Veteran-owned company based in Carson California has come up with a solution to that problem, their […]

Why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Matters to This MD

Despite what the AMA, many medical specialty groups, and the media would have you believe, not all physicians are opponents of civilian firearm ownership. That’s the whole idea behind Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership a group of ardent gun rights supporters who also happen to be practitioners of the healing arts. Take, for example, this […]

Gun Review: TriStar C-100 9mm Pistol

By: Austin Knudsen I return with another entry in my never-ending quest to find quality, affordable defensive handguns. My latest contender: the Tristar C-100, chambered in 9mm. The C-100 is manufactured by Canik and imported into the U.S. by Tristar. Canik guns have made quite a splash in the U.S. handgun market in recent years […]

Seven Ways to Avoid New Concealed Carrier Mistakes

By Brian Ford: If you’ve recently received a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit, you probably feel ready to start carrying your firearm everywhere. Just because you’ve been issued a permit doesn’t mean you’re immune to legal or other kinds of trouble with your handgun. There are some common mistakes gun owners make which can easily […]

NSSF Congressional ‘Fly-In’ Brings Gun Industry Leaders to Washington

By Larry Keane There’s something to be said about old-fashioned legwork, firm handshakes and direct conversations with members of Congress. Just one week after more than 55 firearms and ammunition industry executives came together on Capitol Hill to meet with senators and representatives, the effort is paying off. The National Shooting Sports Foundation held its […]

Despite End of Operation Choke Point, Firearms Businesses Still Face Financial Services Discrimination

By Adam Carlson Being a gun dealer isn’t easy. Sure, the previous president (AKA The Greatest Gun Salesman of All Time) offered a sustained sales boom to gun dealers everywhere. But, over the last decade, internet sales have created clear winners and losers. The high volume/low-margin sales model of national dealers, such as Buds Gun Shop, hasn’t […]