The Heller Decision’s ‘In Case of Confrontation’ Language Could Help Expand Gun Rights Still Further

By MarkPA There has been much debate about the Second Amendment grounded in several significant Supreme Court Decisions:  D.C. v. Heller, McDonald v. City of Chicago, and Caetano v. Massachusetts. But what do these decisions stand for? What do they portend for the future? This may develop from the proposition articulated in Heller: “. . […]

The Cold Hard Truth – Accuracy Costs Money

Reader T. von Rosen writes: If cars are one of your passions, you know that speed costs money. Likewise, in shooting, accuracy costs money – in ammunition, optics, accessories, and more. The better, more consistent accuracy you want to achieve, the more expensive it will generally be. Given that it takes a big investment in […]

New York Gov. Cuomo Wants to Give Teachers Ability to Have Parents’ Guns Confiscated

Reader John Dingell III writes: New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has just ratcheted up the extreme risk protection order or “red flag” law game by several degrees. He has proposed legislation which would enable teachers and other school officials to petition courts to ‘block access to guns by students.’ Translated from the newspeak, this legislation […]

Gun Not Only Save Lives, They Save Money, Too

By Robert B. Young, MD Let’s crunch some numbers, and ponder the economic cost of ‘gun violence.’ Mother Jones did in 2015 and concluded that the cost to society of shootings in 2012 was $229 billion, or over $700 per American (of 314 million of us back then). They parse this as each firearm-related death costing $6.2 […]

In Praise of Stupid Guns

By Patriotic HIT Pharmacist Among the latest hustles and bogus gambits pursued by the gun control advocates is the so-called “smart gun” (which will be enclosed in quotes throughout because it is no such thing). It falls into the same semantic charade as the “assault weapon” which also does not exist because its fluid definition is […]