Editing Comments (Or Not). The Saga Continues . . .

Providing TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia with the ability to edit their comments continues to elude us. I’m in contact with the company that develops the WordPress plugin we utilize for comment editing. Over the past year or so, the company was bought by a new company; I’ve had a little trouble getting them engaged to assist us on this problem. I am continuing to work on the issue and will do so until it is resolved and working as it was designed. Thanks for your patience.



TTAG Site Issues: No Comment

As many of you know, TTAG has been experiencing technical issues over the last week or so. At the present, I am working on two issues that are causing the greatest pain to the armed intelligentsia:

Comment/post editing functionality
Periodic timeouts when posting or commenting

The first is a bug that we have so happily stumbled upon between WordPress and the Ajax Edit Comments plugin. I have an inquiry in with the developer, so hopefully we can nail down what it is pretty quickly. At the moment, if you are a registered user and logged into the admin portion of the site, the edit functionality appears and works as advertised. The second issue is a side effect of an implementation to combat our future growing pains . . .

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TTAG New Site Design

The new TTAG site design has arrived. We hope you’ll find it happier, shinier, cleaner and faster. As with any new site, there are a few kinks to work out. If you could email stephenm@thetruthaboutguns.com with a description of any item(s) that aren’t working, how it/they occurred and any other pertinent information (including your browser), I would be most appreciative. Rest assured that I’ll address any and all bugs as they occur, and rectify issues as best I can as fast as I can. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding various WordPress upgrades to enhance the user experience. RF and I and the rest of the TTAG crew will work hard to make them work. We appreciate your patience. And that’s The Truth.


Site Update

This morning we experienced some temporary issues with posting articles and comments within the site. We apologize for the aggravation. I have corrected this issue, but a root cause has not been found.  I am planning to continue to test things throughout the day. Please let me know if you notice any quirkiness with the site.  Thanks for everyone’s patience.


TTAG Site Upgrades & Changes

Over the last week, TTAG has been making things “better” for our readers. My grandfather used to always tell me “if it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it.” Well, in this case, as many of you have noticed, I broke things on a couple of occasions. But as our maximum leader had explained to me over the weekend, sometimes you have to break things in order to make things better. Now that things have been ironed-out and the proverbial baby has been put to bed, things have definitely improved for the better . . .

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