Is +P Ammunition Really Necessary?

When it comes to defensive ammunition, a lot of people opt for +P loads as a matter of course. It’s certainly not a bad idea on paper; many police departments and federal agencies carry +P or +P+ in their duty guns. The additional powder load nets an increase in velocity over standard rounds – though […]

The Truth About Suppressors

(via One of the biggest news items in the gun world of late: suppressors and the National Hearing Protection Act. For those not following the news, the NHPA would remove suppressors – a.k.a. “silencers” – from the list of heavily regulated devices, allowing one to purchase them without having to get the tax stamp […]

How Well Do Suppressors Actually Work?

One of the biggest topics in the gun world recently has been suppressors and the prospects for passage of bills that would deregulate them like the Hearing Protection Act and the SHUSH Act. For those who haven’t followed the news, the HPA would remove suppressors – a.k.a. “silencers” – from the list of heavily regulated […]

‘Music Wire’ Magazines: They’re Worth The Premium Price

You’ve probably noticed that some higher-end magazines from third party providers (because not all factory mags are that good) advertise that they use “music wire” magazine springs. Along with the materials and design of the magazine itself, that’s why they insist you should pay a little more than you would for factory mags in some […]

The Legacy of the Sullivan Laws

You may not know what a so-called Sullivan law is, but you’ve probably already dealt with it in one way or another. Sullivan laws, as they’re known, were the laws that largely created firearm permitting systems that remains in place today. In other words, these were the laws that required a person to get a […]

Why Doesn’t the .45 Colt Get More Love?

Much like .45-70, .30-06 and other cartridges, the .45 Colt — aka .45 Long Colt — is an old cartridge design, dating back more than a century. When first invented, it was propelled by black powder. In fact, much of today’s .45 Colt ammunition still is since one of the most popular uses for it […]

Fiber Optic Sights: Which Color?

Besides tritium night sights, fiber optics sights are the best types of everyday carry or home defense handgun sights. For those who practice the front sight press, a fiber optic sight set (or at least a fiber optic front sight) is a highly-advised upgrade. Likewise, it’s a good feature to look for in either a […]