Self-Defense Tip: Distance Determines Technique

At my Krav Maga classes I stress the simple fact that different techniques are effective at different distances. When you are better off engaging in hand-to-hand or knife combat? When should you use your gun or a stick to defend yourself? To truly be able to protect yourself, you must understand the advantages and dangers of each […]

IWA Highlights: Ritter & Stark, H&K and Trijicon

The IWA — Europe’s SHOT Show — just concluded in Nuremberg. Here are a few items I found that could be headed to The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave: Ritter & Stark, the Austrian maker of high end tactical rifles introduced their new SX-1 MTR (modular tactical rifle). Key features: […]

Gear Review: Trijicon HD XR Sights

I first encountered Trijicon sights in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). I received the Trijicon ACOG sight for my M4 rifle and never looked back (so to speak). Since then, Trijicon has been one of my favorite optics/sights manufacturers. I use the Trijicon HDs on my everyday carry GLOCK 19. Naturally, I jumped on the chance to review […]