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Quote of the Day: Prepared, Paranoid or Both Edition

“If you have an attic, you have a snipers nest. Become familiar with your attic. If you don’t have a window in your attic, make one. The view that it will provide you of your perimeter, both outer and inner, is unmatched. You can remain virtually invisible, even after shots are fired, which gives you a huge psychological edge over any intruders. Armies have for centuries, and still to this day, seek out the high ground when defending themselves. That is no coincidence.” – Jason in Virginia writing for thesurvivalistblog.net


Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Operate on Instinct Alone


If you’re confronted by someone who’s angry or aggressive, there’s no need to go all alpha on his ass. Either walk away or do your level best to walk it down. What does it cost you to say “You’re right” or “I’m sorry guy. Let me buy you a beer” (assuming a barroom scenario)? Yes but—there are times when any attempt to “talk your way out of it” is a fool’s errand. Sometimes you can’t avoid a fight; you need to ramp-up for extreme offensive action ASAP STAT PDQ RIGHT NOW. After that it’s all about timing. Keeping your powder dry until . . . you don’t. At that point, speed, surprise and violence of action are your friends. Being friendly? Not so much. To wit:

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National Association For Gun Rights Endorses Ron Paul. And Michelle Bachman. Ish.


The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) positions itself to the right of Genghis Khan. I mean, the National Rifle Association (NRA). Which is not as bad as it sounds (if, indeed, it sounds bad). In Adam Winkler’s Gun Fight, for example, the NRA stands accused of placing political expediency and (perhaps) fund-raising ahead of principle. In semi-stark contrast, NAGR is the “no surrender” gun rights group. NAGR’s “take no prisoners” jefe Dudley Brown seems to have his knickers in a twist about the fact that Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and New Gingrinch have shunned his org’s Gun Rights Candidates Survey. Sour grapes? Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman answered, 100% correctly, apparently. Huzzah! Now what?


ATF Death Watch 126: Why the ATF Let Guns Walk


Even before the Gunwalker scandal erupted, even before drug thugs wielding ATF-enabled firearms (allegedly led by an FBI informant) murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, we’ve been asking a simple question: why? If F&F was a “sting” designed to follow American gun store guns and catch “the big fish” within the Mexican cartels, why didn’t the Bureau follow American gun store guns and catch “the big fish” within the Mexican cartels? Ten months, over 2000 illegally purchased firearms and . . . nada. By all accounts (including their own), the ATF didn’t even try to follow the guns . . .

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CBS Breaks Media Silence About U.S. Gun Sales “Seepage” to Mexican Cartels

 This isn’t an ATF Death Watch post because the ATF had nothing to do with the official sales of fully automatic firearms, grenades, grenade launchers, millions of rounds of ammo and sundry weaponry to the Mexican military, whereupon it “seeped” to Mexican cartels. Not that we know of. As for the “inadvertent” transfer of thousands upon thousands of U.S. government-sanctioned military weapons to Mexican narco-terrorists, that we knew about. We’ve been flagging it  since the Fast and Furious scandal broke bad. But now, finally, the mainstream media has peered under the full-auto AR-15 with grenade launcher-shaped rock. CBS may not be outraged, but they do appear slightly peeved . . .

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Housekeeping: Should TTAG Post MikeB30200’s Writing?

The recent QOTD by Mikeb302000 on DGUs stimulated a lot of debate. And more than a few questions about the wisdom of publishing it. As Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for this site, I don’t allow comments about the site’s editorial stance or style underneath an unrelated post. Experience has taught me that these comments inevitably and invariably sidetrack the comments section away from the point raised. Soon all posts become about the site. So I deleted the diversionary comments under the QOTD in question and opened this thread so that our Armed Intelligentsia may debate my decision re: MikeB without restriction. So was I wrong to give the gun-grabber a main post?


Black Friday Gun Sales Surge Portends Class-Based Civil War. Or Not.

“Data derived from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows that November 25, 2011, Black Friday, had the most background checks for firearm purchases in a single day (129,166) with a 32 percent increase over the previous NICS high (November 28, 2008),” the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) reports. Ryan Dube [above] wonders what that means, exactly. “Increased sales may represent is a national gear-up toward class warfare,” topsecretwriters.com‘s editor-in-chief writes, “a potential civil war between the haves and the have-nots . . .

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In America, Ruger Flag Owns You!


My Google-Fu fails me. Which came first: Ruger’s logo or Pontiac’s Screaming Chicken? As TTAG’s TTAC refugees know, Pontiac has gone to the multi-billion dollar union-bolstering bailout boneyard in the sky, taking its poultry hood tat with it. While it’s wonderful to see the mythic жар-пти́ца return to the automotive world, I’m not sure I’d pay $21.98 to look like a dime store diplomat—assuming that you’d get one Ruger flag for each side of your front fender. Freebird! Although you gotta give Ruger props for including a 17.5″ stiff pole.