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Versa: Is This The World’s Most Dangerous “Holster”?


I haven’t tried the Versa holster, but calling it a “holster” strikes me as a vast exaggeration. Our man over at gunmartblog.com understands the obvious objections: “The biggest issue that many people have with this holster is the fact that these holsters do not cover the trigger of the handgun.” Yup, that’s an issue. Or is it? “After having spent some considerable time over the weekend working with this holster, I believe that if the gun is handled in a safe manor and typical care is taken, then there should never be a problem.” Unless there is. [Versa's website promises an "optional trigger guard" in the future.] “The other major contention others are having is the holstering/re-holstering of the firearm.” OK, now you’ve got my attention . . .

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New Video: Did Leroy Webster Fire on Cops in Self-Defense?

Recently released video of the now infamous Crown Heights shooting—where eight police officers fired 73 shots at Leroy Webster—clearly shows material exploding at Johnson’s feet as Webster frantically attempts to re-enter the building and escape the fusillade. Before Webster turned and aimed the gun at the police. The Big Apple press has ignored this obvious aspect of the video. They’ve also accepted the Police claim that it’s impossible to ID the the bullet that killed bystander Denise Gay, even though the CSI crew somehow ruled out the bullets fired by Johnson. No one wants to hamstring the $3.9 billion dollar force, but it’s way past time that the Big Apple po-po reviewed their firearms tactics, training and equipment.


ATF Death Watch 78: FBI Claim “National Security” in Gunwalker Coverup

“A third gun linked to ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ was found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, new documents obtained exclusively by Fox News suggest, contradicting earlier assertions by federal agencies that police found only two weapons tied to the federal government’s now infamous gun interdiction scandal.” Whether or not the third weapon—an “SKS assault rifle out of Texas”— is traced to the ATF’s gun smuggling operation, the FBI has been caught covering-up the true circumstances surrounding Agent Terry’s murder. Both the Operation and the extent of the cover-up remain obscured. But new details offer intriguing clues as to why the ATF sent some 2000 weapons across the border, placing them in the hands of the Sinaloa drug cartel . . .

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Brady Campaign Dennis Hennigan’s 7% Solution


Dennis Hennigan of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence reckons campus carry advocates are irrational. “The pro-gun crowd assails college campuses as ‘gun-free zones’ that allegedly leave students and faculty as sitting ducks,” Hennigan writes. “But the fact is that currently gun-free campuses are far safer than the rest of our gun-saturated country.” When it comes to calculating campus carry’s cost – benefit ratio, Hennigan wants it both ways. His polemic points to the statistically low chances of rape and assault to dismiss the need for individuals to keep and bear arms on campus. At the same time, he uses statistically irrelevant example of gun violence to “strengthen” his case for campus gun bans. To wit, the Brady Campaign’s decision to hire Colin Goddard [above] as their spokesmodel, and constantly cite his experience any time anyone suggests allowing anyone to defend themselves with a firearm . . .

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Playground Safety First! Maryland-National Capital Park Police Buys 17 Bushmaster ARs

Hard on the heels of news that Amtrak police have purchased 100 Bushmaster M4-Type Patrolman’s Carbine rifles comes word that the Maryland-National Capital Park Police are down for 17 of the same. They’ll use them to protect 400 parks, 100 miles of trails, 219 playgrounds and [an unstated number of] swimming pools, campgrounds, golf courses, horse stables, soccer stadiums, and stream valleys. “We are grateful to have the Maryland-National Capital Park Police and other agencies in the D.C Metropolitan regions of Maryland and Virginia, selecting Bushmaster rifles for their departments,” stated Rick Johnson, Director of Law Enforcement sales for Bushmaster, a division of The Freedom Group, headed by former Home Depot and Chrysler CEO Robert “I drive a Prowler” Nardelli. Given that the M-NCPPC  employs 95 sworn officers (vs. 450 Amtrak po-po), the odds of encountering a rifle-wielding member of either force are roughly the same. How reassuring is that?


M-16 A4 AN/PVQ-31A RCO Ups Marines’ Marksmanship 30%

The M16 A4 is the U.S. Marines’ standard-issue combat rifle. RCO stands for Rifle Combat Optic. Trijicon manufactures the AN/PVQ-31A [above] for the Marines’ M16 A4 rifle. In case that’s not enough to decipher our headline, ordnancemarine.com explains: “The AN/PVQ-31 is a fixed 4x optical aiming sight designed for use with the service rifle configured with the MILSTD-1913 Rail Adapter System. It attaches to the rail to provide the user a targeting tool to engage distant daylight and near low-lit targets with increased identification certainty.” The bottom line arrives via Lance Cpl. Francisco Abundes: “The first recruit training company on Parris Island to qualify with a Rifle Combat Optic device graduates today with 30 percent more rifle experts than the average company . . .

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New York City Creates Taskforce to Combat Gun Violence Taskforce


If only. Unfortunately, it’s just lazy copy writing. [NB: If the NRA would like to create an anti-anti-gun task force task force, we'd be only slightly confused and right behind you.] Here’s the New York City Council’s press release revealing how the duly elected representatives will combat gun violence in the wake of, uh, gun violence:

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn [above] Announces Taskforce to Combat Gun Violence Taskforce seeks to address epidemic of gun violence in communities throughout the city

City Hall – City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn today announced the creation of the taskforce that will address the issue of youth related gun violence in the city, especially in communities of more color. Council Members Jumaane D. Williams and Fernando Cabrera will serve as Co-Chairs of the taskforce. The Council’s taskforce will work with academic experts, law enforcement and community based groups across the five boroughs to examine the root causes of gun violence, locate resources to combat gun violence and develop additional ways of tackling the problem across the city.

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ATF Death Watch 77: The Hits Keep Happening

 “In the second violent crime connected with the failed Fast and Furious program, two Arizona undercover police officers were allegedly assaulted last year trying to stop two men in a stolen vehicle containing two weapons linked to the program,” azstarnet.com reports. “The Arizona Department of Public Safety officers said they tried to stop the men south of Phoenix when the driver rammed their cars, threatened them with the firearms and fled into the desert. They were caught and arrested, and a Beretta pistol and AK-47 semiautomatic assault rifle were found in the stolen Ford truck, police said.” Question: what happened after that?

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Question of the Day: Do You Adjust Concealed Carry to Perceived Threat Level?

Over at shootingillustrated.com, writer Guy Sagi reveals that he’s upping his ammo count this weekend. Maybe. “I carry two spare magazines for my primary concealment gun, a Wilson Combat CQB Elite. This weekend when I’m out I might up it to four.” Mr. Sagi’s responding to the anniversary of 911, wondering (as so many people are) if Muslim terrorists will “celebrate” the occasion by launching a fresh atrocity. Yes, well, you can’t carry on a plane. And I don’t think 28 extra .45s would have helped someone sitting in one of the Trade Towers when a jet slammed into its side. Still, point taken. Some members of our Armed Intelligentsia carry (or not) depending on their perceived threat level. I reckon that’s a bit like wearing your seat belt only when you’re going to have an accident. As for increasing the ammo count, if you can’t escape a threat in 16 rounds, it’s time to call in an airstrike. When it comes to concealed carry, are you a proactive or reactive?


Quote of the Day: Plaxico Burress (and God) Spits on the Second Amendment Edition

As part of his endorsement rehabilitation, ex-con, ex-NFL player and current NFL player Plaxico Burress has written a rambling mea culpa for globalgrind.com. No really. The piece has more elipses than a FBI transcript of a mob meeting. Except for these bits. “I was accustomed to carrying a gun, and no one even knew I was a gun owner until it accidentally discharged that night. I thought at that time that it would give me some extra security, mentally, as I had been robbed at gunpoint at one point in my life and my house had been robbed twice.” So that’s alright then. Or is it? “I read recently a line that said, ‘If it doesn’t benefit you, then it has no place in your kingdom.’ And definitely walking around the street with a gun doesn’t benefit anybody or anybody around you.” Thanks for the heads-up. Over to you Nike . . .


Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry Pistol vs. Glock 30SF: Accuracy

There are three types of accuracy. Scientific accuracy: a gun’s ability to hit what it’s aimed at from a bench rest when fired by Number Five (yes, he’s still alive). Practical accuracy: any given shooter’s ability to hit a target with a particular gun at a gun range. And SHTF accuracy: the gun’s utility for a shooter who’s firing his weapon like a New York City or Chicago cop. The above video is a practical accuracy shootout between a $3080 Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry Pistol and a $539 Glock 30. [SHTF demo ater the jump.] I fired Winchester White Box .45 ammo from five yards. I’m an OK shot, it wasn’t my best day and the light was in my eye (kidding). I’ve put more than a 1000 rounds through each gun; I’m tuned-in to both the 1911 breaking glass rod single-action trigger and the Glock’s controllable CLICK reset striker-fired go pedal. And the winner is . . .

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Marcus Schantz’s Closing Argument in the Trial of Kenneth Green


[ED: The following is the text of the closing argument presented by lawyer Marcus Schantz in the case of Kenneth Green, a resident of Chicago's South Side accused of attempted murder after shooting two Chicago police officers. Green shot the officers as they executed a search warrant. The police said they knocked and "announced their office" but no one inside the apartment heard them. The police waited 10 seconds after knocking before battering the door. The police fired over three-dozen shots during the incident---without hitting Green. The defendant's lawyer claimed self-defense.]

“Homicidal or suicidal, that’s what you have to be to shoot a gun at police officers that are in your home to execute a search warrant, homicidal or suicidal . . .

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