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Obscure Object of Desire: John Moses Browning’s Mansion

John Moses Browning is generally recognized as America’s greatest gunmaker. The designer of the venerable 1911 semi-automatic pistol (amongst other famous firearms) lived the latter part of his life in a mansion in Ogden, Utah. The historic residence is up for sale. Asking price: $350k. Click here for the listing. Click here for TTAG scribe William C. Montgomery’s most excellent history of the Mormon miracle maker.


“Norway is a Peaceful Nation”

When news of the Norwegian atrocity first broke, I caught it on CNN. The news net drafted-in a Norwegian journalist for some instant analysis. “We are a peaceful nation,” he protested, shaking his proverbial head. A media meme was born. A native-born spree killer shoots scores of children in a country that prohibits private ownership of firearms for defensive purposes and the press plays up the country’s non-violence. Hello? Like every nation on earth, Norway’s history is written in blood. From the Viking period to its struggle against Nazi tyranny to the war in Afghanistan, Norway has been and always will be a nation of warriors. Just like every other nation on earth. Turning your back on that tradition, both as a society and individually, leaves you open to slaughter. Just sayin’.


Gun Tweet of the Day: “6 dead, 4 injured in Texas roller rink shooting. Fuck guns, man, fuck them. Fuck gun companies, fuck lax gun laws, fuck their existence”

According to his website, Craig Phillips is a Hollywood script doctor. According to his Twitter page, Mr. Phillips is a “wannabe screenwriter.” What’s wrong with this picture? (So to speak.) It’s the same problem bedeviling many if not most gun control advocates (a group to which Mr. Phillips belongs): they speak authoritatively from a position of profound indeed willful ignorance. Saying that, in a previous Tweet, Phillips writes . . .

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What the World Needs Now: New Mossberg AR-15


“Though referred to as the ‘modern rifle’, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has been deployed with military personnel and law enforcement agencies for decades,” Mossberg’s press release proclaims. “More recently, this very adaptable and versatile platform has become popular with recreational shooters and hunters alike.” Note: the correct nomenclature for firearms manufacturers wishing to avoid the term “assault rifle” is “modern sporting rifle.” This despite the fact that the term is about as popular as “facial tissue.” What’s more (or less), if you remove the word “sporting” from your product description your long gun could soon be replaced by a post-modern rifle. I nominate pistol caliber carbines for the job. Meanwhile, Mossberg’s AR is here, and not a minute too soon . . .

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Question of the Day: OFWG Gun Training. What’s Up With That?

OFWGs are Old Fat White Guys. We coined the term to highlight the fact that overweight white males—whose mid-life crisis coincided with Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America—seem to account for a disproportionately large percentage of shooters preparing for an full-on, multi-magazine gunfight. The people who really need this kind of training: law-abiding citizens of color living in high crime neighborhoods. The people who can afford it—and seriously love it—OFWGs. I’m all about freedom of choice, the joys of capitalism and Second Amendment rights. But what are the psycho-socio-economic underpinnings to this caucasian phenom? Are OFWGs retarded adolescents replaying gunfighting scene from Hollywood’s fertile imagination? Is it SHTF paranoia? And while we’re at it, what real-world drills should they be practicing? Ex-wives with knives? What?


Norwegian Spree Killer Anders Behring Breivik’s YouTube Video Revealed

“I can guarantee an attack of this magnitude will cause Norwegians to demand stricter gun control as a response,” ex-TTAG commentator Jadegold prognosticates over at MikeB302000‘s joint. “Why? Because they understand they have a problem and are willing to work to prevent other such tragedies.” Under the inflammatory title The NRA Comes to Norway, JG has wastes no time vilifying those who support armed self-defense and championing aspiring gun grabbers—without providing any factual information on Norwegian gun culture and laws, or how killer Anders Behring Breivik obtained his firearm. For the first part of that missing info, one need only turn to the the hive mind at wikipedia.org:

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Question of the Day: What’s the Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Seen Someone Do With A Gun?

Yes, I’ve seen someone look into the barrel of a gun after it failed to fire. And plenty of people drawing their weapon with less control than a first time golfer wielding a driver. Not to mention women hopping around with a loaded gun after hot brass flew into their cleavage. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen someone do with a gun? First person. Not via video.


Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Plaxico Burress

“I carried a loaded gun into a nightclub and the gun accidentally discharged,” Plaxico Burress told about 100 kids courtesy the Urban League of Broward County. “I ended up shooting myself, my own self, in the leg.” Clearly, the ex-con, ex-NFL player doesn’t read TTAG. If he did, he’d know there’s no such thing as an “accidental” discharge. And even if there was, it’s not the gun’s fault. Still, Plaxico’s rehab from his gun charge jail sentence is well under way—at least from the PR perspective. “I was playing professional football at the time. I had just won a Super Bowl. I had just received a brand-new contract. I had just signed a shoe deal with Nike. The choice that I made, basically it took everything away that I worked so hard for.” And that choice was . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Make Your 911 Calls Short and Sweet

“He’s mad; he’s got the gun,” she whispered. “I don’t want anybody here.” The mixed messages to a 911 operator hailed from the wife of Ohio state Sen. Kris Jordan [via dispatchpolitics.com]. She was having a bit or what the Brits call “argy-bargy” with her better half. Or his better half. In any case, a politician who can’t smooth over a domestic disturbance would never have become a politician in the first place. “I love my husband,” Mr. J said after a symbolic good night’s sleep. “We had a disagreement. We have talked through it, and we’re both committed to each other, and we’re working on strengthening our relationship even more.” Well good for them! And lucky for the Js the cops didn’t come in all guns blazing. Of course, it it had been you or me . . .

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Calling Foghorn: Deconstruct Cop Gun Death Stat STAT

Stats can kill. Rational analysis. Whenever you see a stat-based MSM story, you can bet that someone somewhere is trying to “sell” a particular point of view. For example, this from officer.com: “Police officer deaths, including those fatally shot in the line of duty, are on pace to rise for the second straight year, despite a sustained decline in violent crime across the country. Overall officer deaths are up 14% so far in 2011, while deadly shootings have increased by 33%, according to a midyear report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), which tracks law enforcement fatalities.” What’s wrong with/missing from this picture . . .

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