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Question of the Day: Should TTAG Use the Names and Photos of Spree Killers?

“Take that f***ktards picture down!” TTAG commentator GE howled underneath Connecticut Gun Control and the Big Lie About Spree Killing. GE’s not alone in his opinion that TTAG shouldn’t post pictures or names of spree killers; our very own Bruce Krafft shares that opinion. I, obviously, do not. I believe that individuals in specific and society in general need to look long and hard at homicidal maniacs. It’s one thing to say that murderers live among us, it’s another to stare them in the face. Looking at the face of evil is one of the best ways to turn civilian disarmament proponents into gun rights advocates. I know. It happened to me. The moment I looked into a knife-wielding mugger’s cold dead eyes I knew that I had no business telling people to be disarmed. Hell, I had no business being disarmed. Am I wrong?


President Obama: Americans “Just Want to See Some Progress”

President Obama in Colorado pushing civilian disarmament

Standing in front of a gaggle o’ police, President Obama renewed his pitch for civilian disarmament. The Prez took a more conciliatory tone than his previous attempt, where waving the bloody shirt got his condescension on. Although Mr. Obama made a stab at calling for a federal high cap mag and modern sporting rifle ban (weapons from the theater of war don’t belong in a movie theater), he focused his rhetorical energy on universal background checks. Even then there was a distinct whiff of defeatism (combined with the usual petulance); the CIC said expanding the background check system wouldn’t be a magic bullet solution to crime and plaintively declared Americans “just want to see some progress.” Obama also poo-pooed the black helicopter crowd. Gun owners have nothing to fear from the government because “the government are us.” Speak for yourself boyo. Oh wait. Anyway, not gonna move the needle.


OMG! Nikon Makes Rifle Scopes! OMG!

“For years the Nikon camera company has been synonymous with wildlife photography,” dailymail.co.uk recalls. “Stunning images of animals are used to promote its products, features on top wildlife photographers appear on its website and the firm even sponsors several global conservation projects. So it may come as quite a shock to animal lovers to discover that the Japanese manufacturer also produces a rifle scope specifically designed to be used for big game hunting in Africa.” Shock? Actually, the headline says fury. (Which is better than furry but there you go.) Evidence? One Italian wildlife photographer’s moaning: “Stefano Unterthiner, winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the year in 2008, himself a user of Nikon cameras has now condemned the firm for producing such a product.” Now that’s what I call a damp squib. For now.


Incendiary Image of the Day: In A Slave State, No Less Edition

First Baptist Church Providence, RI April 2, 2013 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

A fellow Rhode Islander and member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia pinged me yesterday. He wanted to assure me that the Ocean State wasn’t going to follow New York and Connecticut and go full retard on gun control. There’s nothing firearms related on the legislative calendar. I told him I’d believe that when I didn’t see it. Twenty-minutes later I drove past this sign in front of the First Baptist Church on North Main Street. It was like running into Jamie Eason at Dunkin’ Donuts. Even so, I’m still headed to the Lone Star State, where people respect human rights, and those that don’t know that those who do aren’t defenseless. Not that I am, but you know what I mean.


Denver Cops Balk At Obama Anti-Gun Agitprop

“A Denver police officer has asked the city’s ethics board whether it’s appropriate for President Barack Obama to promote his gun control proposals Wednesday at the department’s training facility, saying it creates the impression that Denver police support Colorado’s recently passed gun-control laws,” denverpost.com reports. “Danny Veith, a technician and 18-year-veteran [and career suicide victim], said he and several officers have discussed the situation with each other and on social media. ‘My concern is our police department is being used as a vehicle for partisan political influence,’ Veith said.” Check this: Denver Board of Ethics director Michael Henry responded to Veith’s concern. Publicly . . .

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Connecticut Gun Control and the Big Lie About Spree Killing

 Adam Lanza (courtesy  PBS/Frontline)

A ninth grader from Arizona called me yesterday for a school paper on gun control. “What new laws would you pass to prevent spree killing?” he asked. None, I answered. You can’t legislate away crazy. Not to mention the 500-pound amphetamine-crazed gorilla in the room: terrorists. (Cough Fort Hood cough.) While “lone wolf” spree killers like Jared Loughner, James Holmes and (finally) Adam Lanza inspired the current push for civilian disarmament, odds are this country will eventually face a Beslan-style terrorist attack. Whether it’s at a school, shopping mall, state house or whatever, when that s hits the f, the time for laws will be long past. I repeat: no law is going to prevent spree killing. Not that the New York Times wants to face that fact . . .

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Click Here to Read Connecticut Gun Ban Bill 1160

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 10.07.37 AM

New York legislators had twenty-minutes to read the SAFE Act before they voted on it. What’s the bet they didn’t? Flash forward to today, when Connecticut legislators are due to vote on their very own gun ban bill. The Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety released a summary of the bill yesterday. The 92-page bill dropped this morning. Click here to read the Bill 1160. A few details . . .

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Quote of the Day: Gun Control Zealots Edition

Thomas Sowell (courtesy ricochet.com)

“The gun control crusade today is like the Prohibition crusade 100 years ago. It is a shared zealotry that binds the self-righteous know-it-alls in a warm fellowship of those who see themselves as fighting on the side of the angels against the forces of evil. It is a lofty role that they are not about to give up for anything so mundane as facts– or even the lives of other people.” – Dr. Thomas Sowell, Guns Save Lives [via townhall.com] [h/t AWW]


What IS the Point?

There’s a lot of information in this short clip. For one thing, we get to watch an attractive woman espousing the pro-gun position. For another, it’s nice to see pissed-off antis turn on what Sean Hannity used to call The Anointed One. My main takeaway: God bless gridlock. The leftie on the right complains that the Prez didn’t get anything done on gun control in the 10 or 20 days after Newtown: “He should have just tucked it under his arm and got it done.” Fascist much? Whatever else you can say about our political system, sloth rocks.


Bluegrass Ballistics: CMT’s Guntucky

In another sign that post-Newtown squeamishness about firearms-related TV is fading, Country Music Television (CMT) is running a reality TV series [sic] about Knob Creek’s “colorful” Sumner family. GUNTUCKY hits the small screen on Sunday, April 21 at 9:30 p.m. EST, with back-to-back episodes. Suffice it to say, there’ll be more (and better) explosions than ten FPS Russia uploads, a bit of T&A (though nothing to touch American Guns), manufactured domestic abuse and plenty o’ gun porn. Make the jump for CMT’s take on the series. As much as I love Knob Creek’s machine gun shoot, I just know I’m gonna prefer the county’s bourbon. Again. Still. So to speak . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: Promatic Running Boar Target

Move and shoot. Shoot and move. Shoot at stuff that moves. One more: move and shoot at stuff that moves. There. That ought to cover it. And if you’re looking to develop those skills for sporting or self-defense, buy yourself some land in a free state and commission Promatic to install their Running Boar targeting system. You get a 150-foot track, a wireless remote with speed control and a target board that auto turns at each end of the track so the target’s facing the right direction (boars aren’t very good at running backwards). Oh wait. What about targets that move front to back and as well as side-to-side? You’ll want robot targets. Only it’s only a Marathon man. And when it comes to hunting prep, it’s four legs good, two legs bad.


IDPA Cancels Colorado Regional Championship

In the aftermath of Colorado’s post-Newtown civilian disarmament legislation, the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is joining Magpul, Hi Viz, the Ourdoor Channel and thousands of hunters in telling Colorado to piss off. Here’s the presser [via ammoland.com]:

Organizers of the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship, initially scheduled to take place July 4-6 2013 in Montrose, Colorado, have announced that the match is being canceled in the wake of Colorado’s recently passed gun control laws. An estimated 300-plus shooters from the neighboring states and across the country were expected to attend the three-day competitive shooting event. This is the second shooting competition to abandon the state after a recent announcement by firearms maker Ruger that it was moving the 2013 Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championship out of Colorado . . .

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