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Bing Bans Bullets (And Guns Too)


You may recall the kerfuffle when TTAG reported that Google’s shopping section removed firearms and firearms-related products. [NB: After consulting with our far-flung Armed Intelligentsia, I reckon Google’s ban is regional. Red state, blue state?] Just a quick heads-up: same deal at Bing, only worse. Microsoft’s minions don’t allow any firearms or firearms-related advertising of any sort anywhere on their system. Here’s the skinny from disallowed content guidelines.

Weapons, knives, firearms, and ammunition

Advertising is not allowed that promotes firearms or weapons of any kind. Such content includes . . .

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HuffPo Tim Kreider’s Final Fantasy: Disarm Civilians

“A dwindling few voices in the press wonder whether better gun laws might not be a good idea,” Tim Kreider over at huffington.com writes. “And the gun lobby laments aloud that no one was carrying a concealed firearm at the scene of the crime.” Just a quick point here. Did Kreider take five seconds to wonder if any of the relatives of the 13 people murdered in the Midnight Movie Massacre wish that their loved one had been armed on that horrific night? And what of the survivors?

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New from Turnbull: .308 TAR-10

“As one of the premier builders of quality rifles today, Turnbull Mfg. Co. is pleased to announce their latest project, a carbon steel 308 semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.625x51mm/.308 Winchester.” Full marks for self-confidence. But you still have to ask: what sets the $5k TAR-10 apart from its lesser-priced rivals? The TAR-10 308 is a gas operated semi-auto that locks with a rotating bolt. The rifle comes with both a 10 round and a 4 round detachable magazine.” So far, so SCAR. “Unlike any other AR style rifle, the TAR-10 is built of steel and color case hardened using Turnbull’s proprietary finish. The receiver is made from a 8620 billet, with the upper and lower halves attached in the AR style. The upper receiver has a built-in high rise picatinny rail sight platform, eliminating the need for special scope risers. The pistol grip, buttstock and forend are American walnut and sling swivels are standard.” Aha! They’ve got wood! Do you, for the TAR-10? Features and specs after the jump.

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FPS Russia Posts Video of Cameraman Injury (5:25)


There are readers who believe that criticizing (and criticizing and criticizing) FPS Russia for endangering himself, his cameramen and people downrange is like slating Snooki for being a drunken slut. Maybe so. But I believe that gun safety is a non-negotiable. If you want to entertain millions of people by “blowing shit up” go for it. If you make money doing so, good for you, Kyle. But shooters who flagrantly and publicly violate gun safety rules bring firearms ownership into disrepute. Be they criminals or clowns, they hurt those of us who want to protect our right to keep and bear arms, by giving comfort to our enemies. I’m the last person to scream “there ought to be a law!” But I refuse to shy away from pointing out that FPS Russia ought to know better. In fact, he probably does. And that’s a shame.


Check Your Weaponry: Monsters Are The New Zombies


Birchwood Casey Darkotic Targets have been a big hit during the zombie shooting craze that has been sweeping the nation. The new Darkotic Monstroid targets expand the line to include the kind of monsters that keep us up at night.” Can you PLEASE shut off the TV so I can GO TO SLEEP? No wait. I think they mean “real” monsters (putting this post smack dab into opposites day). “Eight new scary monsters are available, including the Snack Rabbit™ Jackalope, Dead Sea™ Sea Monster, Freezer Burn™ Yeti, Night Watch™ Werewolf, Final Harvest™ Scarecrow, Farm Hand™ Chupacabra, Grounds Crew™ Garden Gnomes and Scar Tissue™, a chainsaw wielding maniac.” Clearly, head shots are no longer the thing. At the very least I’m thinking a flame-thrower for the Scarecrow and some sort of arbitration for the Grounds Crew. One more thing: Gnome Alone III.


Gun Tweet of the Day: Inconvenient Truth Edition

Facts of School is spot on: we live amongst crazy people with access to guns. There are evil people are out there, somewhere; in your classroom, church group, boy scout troop or online reading your blog. Or maybe just strolling into your movie theater. That’s the inconvenient truth revealed by the Midnight Movie Massacre in Aurora, Colorado. It’s no wonder that some Americans focus on the guns used; it allows them to mentally distance themselves from the actual crazies. But turning a blind eye to mental illness puts them and society in greater danger. At the very least, ID and monitor people who don’t seem quite right in the head. More than that, be polite to everyone you meet and have a plan to kill them. ‘Cause being polite may not be enough.


Obscure Object of Desire: Boogie Regulator Eye Pro


Back in the day, your humble correspondent was a skydiver. And then I looked the wrong way at the parachute packer’s supermegainfernohot girlfriend and experienced what’s called a streamer (two facts which may be related). Upon deploying my reserve chute and landing I broke my ankle (as in facing the wrong direction). Eventually, I ended up here, wondering what holster suits armed skydiving. But my peepers protection package is sorted; I’d go with a pair of Boogie Regulators from Smith Elite Optics. That said, even though I consider myself a “tactical athlete,” this twice-divorced gun blogger isn’t all that happy having his Boogie regulated by anyone. Just sayin’ . . .


Breaking: Shrink Referred Spree Killer Holmes to CU “Threat Assessment Team”


“The University of Colorado Denver psychiatrist seeing accused murderer James Eagan Holmes was so alarmed by his behavior that she notified the campus-wide threat-assessment team that she helped create years before,” The Denver Post reports. “Dr. Lynne Fenton, identified in a court document as Holmes’ psychiatrist, in June took her concerns to members of the campus’ Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team, but no further action was taken.” 7News reports that Dr.Fenton contacted the BETA team in “the first 10 days” of June. The team didn’t confer or refer the matter to police as Holmes was already in the process of leaving the University (after failing his doctoral prelims). Yesterday, University Chancellor Don Elliman said Holmes—I mean the University was innocent until proven guilty. “I believe, until it’s been demonstrated otherwise, that our people did what they should have done.”


WA Gun Thief Gets 125-Year Sentence


“Superior Court Judge Pat Monasmith sentenced Christopher G. Nichols [above] to 125 years in prison, despite the fact that he had no role in the 2011 killing of Colville resident Gordon Feist,” spokesman.com reports. Not exactly true (obviously). Back on June 28, 2011, Nichols and his mate Eric Booth broke into a home on Bradeen Road in Stevens County. The two men stole a firearms safe complete with firearms. That was the end of it for Nichols. Booth and two co-conspirators knocked on Mr. Feist’s door, pretending they’d run out of gas. The Vietnam vet was driving the threesome back to their car with a can of gas when Booth shot him in the head using one of the stolen guns. The murderers were caught, convicted, testified against Nichols and got their tickets . . .

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FPS Russia Wounds His Camera Man: “It Was Worth It”

I’m not sure what’s worse: this inevitable “accident” or FPS Russia’s comment on his Facebook page. [after the jump] “My cameraman took some shrapnel today, but we made a pretty cool video so I guess it was worth it (he doesnt share my opinion)….” I wonder if the cameraman has a good lawyer. If he does he might want to search “FPS Russia Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day.”

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Tales of Terror from Mexico’s Tarahumara Mountains. And We’re Worried About Syria?

The following article by Patricia Mayorga, The Tarahumara Mountains: The Narco Tales of Terror, is republished here with permission from borderlandbeat.com. It’s worth noting that Mexico’s constitution protects its citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. Only not so much.

Chihuahua, Chih. 7-27-2012 (apro). – Stories of terror in Guadalupe y Calvo Municipality, located in the Tarahumara Mountains, repeat themselves day after day, without municipal, state or federal authorities doing anything about it. In the community of Ojito, for example, an armed group last Wednesday, July 26, executed a young man, 27 years of age. The victim, Saul Martinez Rodriguez, was decapitated in front of his relatives . . .

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Question of the Day: Who Needs an “Assault Rifle”?

Over at thepostsearchlight.com, Dan Ponder (no kidding) wonders Do I have the right to an assault rifle? Well yes Dan, you do. But the fact that James Holmes used a modern home defense sporting black rifle to kill 13 people in Aurora, Colorado (although we don’t know how many were murdered with his Remington 870 or .40 caliber Glock) has rattled this professed Second Amendment supporter. “When it is no longer safe to attend a movie without being mowed down by automatic weapons recently purchased by someone visiting a psychiatrist for possible mental illness, it is time to reexamine the beliefs we are holding so dear . . . I can’t figure out how assault weapons have a place in our society.” Care to enlighten him?