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10 FBI Agents Grilled Gun Dealers on George Zimmerman’s Alleged Racism

 “The FBI dispatched at least 10 special agents to Central Florida to investigate the Trayvon Martin shooting,” miamiherald.com reports. “The agents interviewed up to a dozen firearms dealers, gun range employees and private investigators about George Zimmerman, according to a court document filed Friday by Assistant State Attorney Bernardo de la Rionda. Another 11 investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement also joined the probe .  . .

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Obama “Under the Radar Gun Control” Comment Debunked


Barack Obama has not been an anti-gun president. His administration’s only tangible move against Second Amendment rights: the recently implemented long gun registry for some 8500 U.S. gun dealers in border states. Created by imperial fiat Executive Order, the long gun registry gives the ATF free license to trample on federal law (the Firearm Owners Protection Act) prohibiting ANY government gun registry. Otherwise, nada. When it comes to “is the president keeping away from the 2a third rail?” American gun rights groups won’t take “yes” for an answer. They believe—or say they believe to raise cash for the cause—that a re-elected Obama will be a gun grabber unleashed. Their most compelling evidence . . .

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Fatal Shooting During Filming at Dragonman’s Shooting Range CO


“The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says a 51-year-old person [not shown] died during a filming accident Thursday evening at the Dragonman’s shooting range east of Colorado Springs near Schriever Air Force Base,” denverpost.com reports. “Foul play is not suspected  . . . The film crew was outside on a range when the accident occurred. No other people were on the range at the time, officials said.” Updates as they occur.



“Gun Lobby Has Pa. in its Grip” Your Problem Being?


Holy moly am I sick and tired of all this talk of “the gun lobby” (a.k.a., the NRA). Start with this: it’s a gun rights lobby. Sure, the National Rifle Association is closerthanthis to gun manufacturers. But the NRA gets its strength and the lion’s share of its operating budget from its members. Who give the NRA money because the NRA defends their gun rights . . .

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Quote of the Day: It Must Suck Being You Edition

“It may be extremely difficult for you to remain behind cover and watch the assailant you shot lie in excruciating pain in a pool of blood. You must mentally prepare yourself for the situation in which a predatory criminal who just a few moments earlier was intent on hurting or killing you, is now writhing on the floor in pain, crying out and begging for assistance. For many, this will be the hardest part of a shooting situation. Decent people do not enjoy inflicting suffering, even on a criminal who violently attacked them, and may feel sympathy for an attacker in pain.” – NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home


Incendiary Image of the Day: This Is What Gun Control Looks Like Edition

America’s relationship with China seems a bit . . . lopsided. They prop-up our federal deficit and sell us cheap goods. We send them unfathomable amounts of money and put up with their anti-American illegal activities (e.g. faking U.S. IDs, disregarding U.S. patents and copyright, exporting of billions of dollars worth of meth precursors for the U.S. market). Not to mention China’s human rights violations. All of which are, of course, dependent on gun control. And what do we do about it? Help China catch and prosecute gun smugglers trying to arm the regime’s opponents. Nice job Uncle Sam. Not.


Book Review: God Guns Guts (NSFW)

You want a photographic freak show? Diane Arbus was the sina qua non of deeply disturbing black and white portraiture. Dwarfs, giants, transgender folk, nudists, circus performers—Arbus’ images are nightmarish in ways that Alfred Hitchcock could only image (but never fully realize). Even when Arbus attempted to take a “normal” photo the result was, shall we say, “compelling.” It’s the same ground that Ben Phillip (above) tries to tread with God Guns Guts. The photographer’s failure is both artistic and political . . .

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New From Silver Shadow: Gilboa Snake Double-Barreled AR-15

thefirearmblog.com reports Silver Shadow has officially unveiled its Gilboa Snake double-barreled AR-15. That’s some heavy shit. “The rifle, with its two 9.5″ barrels, weighs 9.4 lbs.” Double your pleasure, double your fun? I guess. Why would you want to throw two rounds down range with every trigger pull, complicating the whole reloading and mechanical side of running a mission critical firearm (aren’t they all?). The Silver Shadow knows! “The features of the Gilboa™ Snake enable operators to accurately deliver two rounds into a target without the delay of cycling and the felt recoil which make ‘double taps’ difficult to group. The Gilboa™ Snake will allow faster traversing between multiple targets by delivering two rounds with each trigger pull.” Huh. Anyway, I can see where the Snake in full auto mode would add more than a soupçon of suppressive fire. Where do I get mine?


Mexico’s Murderous Mayhem Mounts. Coming Soon to A Neighborhood Near You!

While U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bleats on about Russian attack helicopters aiding and abetting Syria’s repressive regime, eluniversal.com [via Google translation] reports that Mexico’s cartel carnage continues unabated. “The number of homicides from the dispute between organized crime groups in the 32 federated entities in the country reached 47,515 murders in the first five years of the Felipe Calderon presidency. The deaths reported by the federal government indicate that there were 62 homicides in December 2006;  2, 826 in 2007;  6,838 in 2008;  9614 in 2009;  15,273 in all of 2010, and 12,903 deaths from January to September from presumed criminal rivalry.” Yes, well, you may notice that the murder stats are cartel focused. So did eluniversal . . .

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