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Question of the Day: Have You Ever Been Shot At?

Thankfully, I’ve only taken fire during force-on-force training. Which sucks in ways you can’t imagine until you experience it (without protective clothing). Even so, I think that’s a no. Providing you exclude the time a farmer fired a shotgun over the heads of our pre-teen expeditionary force. But TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia includes a whole host of law enforcement officers and combat vets, many of whom know what it’s like having someone try to shoot you dead. A situation which a number of our readers have also experienced in criminal encounters of the ballistic kind. I invite those who’ve been there, done that to share their experiences with the group. What’s it like when lead bullets are aimed your way?

Tom Gresham: Don’t Support Wounded Warrior Project

This editorial by GunTalk radio host Tom Gresham is reprinted here with permission:

MANDEVILLE, LA - Does the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) have a bias against guns and gun makers? Two weeks ago that would have sounded crazy, but this week many shooters are convinced that it’s true. Hundreds of hunts and shoots are held as fundraisers for the WWP, and gun companies donate to WWP for its projects. How could it be that this $185 million (2013 projected revenue) outfit could be anti-gun? . . .

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Three Things Every Parent Should Tell Their Children About Guns

Lola was enduring Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln; a scene where the President attends a play. “Can someone just shoot him now so I can go home?” Lola whispered. Needless to say, Lola wasn’t serious. Hello? Lincoln is a movie. O.K. it’s also a form of torture forbidden under the terms of the Geneva Convention. Be that as it may, Lola knows a thing or two about guns. In fact, we recently struck a bargain: I’ll learn how to knit if Lola learns how to shoot. Meanwhile, after raising my fourth daughter from nappies to the cusp of double digits, I’ve figured out the three things every child needs to know about guns . . .

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Jesus was murdered by the GOVERNMENT!


A member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia recently reminded me to read the comments underneath the posts I blog on your behalf. “That’s where you can see that we’re winning,” he asserted. Roger that. Even comments beneath huffingtonpost.com articles extolling the [supposed] benefits of gun control are, in the main, pro-gun. Which is why more than a few website posting these anti-pistol polemics ban comments. Or delete ones that disagree with their point-of-view. Or dispense with reader feedback entirely. For example, one wonders what readers make of What Would Jesus Shoot at thedaily.com. Excerpted by patdollard.com, we get a better idea what the great unwashed [/sarcasm] think about churches offering concealed carry classes. There’s the above headline and this little gem from a commentator named daveca. . .

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New from Coonan: The Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit

Coonan makes a .357 semi-automatic pistol. TTAG has been angling for a testing and evaluation model for the last two years; receiving repeated assurances that the check—I mean, pistol is in the mail. We’ll give it another SHOT in January. Meanwhile, the Minnesota manufacturer is moving into munitions. Coonan’s just-in-time for Christmas Vampire Stake contains eight silver bullets. Well, eight lead bullets within silver cartridge cases. I appreciate the Werewolf connection. As the son of a Transylvanian, I get how Coonan is raising the stakes for vampire apotropaics. But what do silver-cased bullets packaged in a prop pencil have to do with Zombies—other than [yet another] shark-jumped marketing ploy? Oh wait. That’s it. All yours for $39.95 plus S&H. You know, sometimes I wish it was apocalypse now. Just sayin’ . . .

The Only Zombie Product Worth Buying in the History of the World Ever


TTAG’s been ragging on the undead firearms and accessories thing since the industry’s marketing mavens’ brains first went all spongy. We’ve brought you countless examples of stupid stuff painted bio-hazard green to go. Here’s one zombie-branded product I actually like: the CaseCruzer Zombie Shooting Range Universal 5 Pack Handgun Case. For one thing, there are no zombie-related markings. Secondly, who doesn’t want a gun schlepper where you and four of your ballistic BFFs can draw from the case? [Void where prohibited by law.] Like all CaseCruzers, the 5 Pack costs a bomb: $265 plus S&H. But it would probably survive one. As for the zombie marketing under which the 5 Pack labors, it’s obvious that CaseCruzer was kinda going through the motions. “Sportsmen and handgun enthusiasts probably will never face an alien invasion,” the exotically-named Tatiana Briceno opines, cleverly changing the subject. “But that doesn’t mean our new case isn’t designed for every situation.” Double negatives aside, I’m positively psyched about putting one under my X-mas tree.

This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: Piedras Negras is the Next Juarez Edition

Since President Obama’s re-election, we’ve heard nothing about Operation Fast and Furious, the ATF gun running program that armed the Sinaloa cartel with U.S. gun store guns. Nor have details of other pro-cartel black bag jobs emerged; including the DEA’s drug money-laundering “sting” and the CIA’s ongoing presence south of the border. Meanwhile, billions of dollars flows into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists and the cartels’ rape, torture, intimidation, corruption and killing continues. Denied their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Mexico’s citizens are at the cartels’ mercy—a characteristic of which they have none. Innocent Mexicans are dying in droves. As stratfor.com reports, Enrique Pena Nieto’s election promises no respite from corruption and murder. In fact, things are bound to get worse . . .

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