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We’re Going On a Bear Hunt. We’re Going to Catch A Big One. And Gut Him Like a Fish

“The [400 pound] bear was shot by a slender young lady friend of mine from east Texas,” Jim Green of downeastgunworks.com writes. “She worked really hard for this bear and has been after him for about 3 years now. She got him this morning at first light. The bullet struck the bruin in the flank on a quartering away shot. He dropped from a single shot, but it did pulverize his insides a bit . . .

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Quote of the Day: Stone Temple Pilot Edition


“I knew he was trying to kill me when he was smashing my head into the concrete.” It seems Vanessa Mascolin was able to tell the difference between a “shoot” and “don’t shoot” scenario without too much trouble. “She said that [Robby] Gilmore was trying to collect rent money from her, but she had already made arrangements with the landlord,” kesq.com reports. “On Saturday night the argument escalated, when he was chasing her around the pool area, then he hit Mascolino in the head and punched her in the face and broke her hand. ‘I was kicking to try and get him of from me, he kept pulling and punching my head then I shot him in self-defence,’ said Mascolino.” I mention all this not because Mascolin forgot to STFU after a DGU but because . . .

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MSNBC: 3 Reasons Why The Firearms Industry’s Going Great Guns

“Dealers and analysts have several theories [as to why gun sales have been soaring since President Obama took office]. One is that hardcore gun enthusiasts fear the lousy economy will set off a crime wave. Another is that political upheaval over the federal debt may lead to riots like those in Greece and London. Still another popular, if paranoid, belief that’s taken hold among gun-rights advocates: that Obama is waiting until he is reelected to separate Americans from their firearms, prompting worried gun owners to stock up in anticipation.” And here’s one msnbc missed: Americans are taking advantage of liberalized concealed carry laws to buy smaller handguns (which have passed long guns in popularity) to protect themselves from violent crime. Who’d a thunk it? [Click here for "U.S. Gun Sales Surge 15th Straight Month, Up 13.5%"]


ATF Death Watch 71: Gunwalker Scandal Expands to . . . Indiana

 “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has acknowledged an Indiana [gun] dealer’s cooperation in conducting straw purchases at the direction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Exclusive documents obtained by Gun Rights Examiner show the dealer cooperated with ATF by selling guns to straw purchasers, and that bureau management later asserted these guns were being traced to crimes.” This latest front in the ATF’s Gunwalker scandal raises all kinds of questions about the scope and scale of the Bureau’s supposed law enforcement activities . . .

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Question of the Day: How Do You Choose a Tactical Training School?

TTAG Commentator Aaron Woodin writes: “There are a lot of tactical training schools and instructors out there. How do you know before, during and even after the class if these people are worth the time and money? It occurred to me that anyone not having served in Law Enforcement or Military (and perhaps some that have) might not have a good reference point, that someone fairly new to firearms might be taken in by a slick website, feel good about their instruction because the guy has an authoritative air, and then go home confident in their new skills, perhaps overly so. Gunsite Academy and Thunder Ranch have an excellent reputation, but who’s to say we shouldn’t question what we get from them, let alone all of the hundreds of smaller operators out there? Tell me what you think.”


Met Police Urges UK Public to Drop the Dime on Pirates

Sky News [UK] had a little chin wag with Police Detective Chief Inspector Theresa Breen works for the Serious and Organised Crime Command. Monty Python alert! How long before she’s transferred to the Humourous and Disorganized Crime Command? ‘Cause anyone who considers a flintlock pistol a suitable weapon for an armed robbery and/or intimidation is havin’ a laff, mate. (If I’m not mistaken, that’s a flare gun nearby. At least the vic will know when the hostilities are about to commence.) Needless to say, UK gun grabbers live in a firearms-ignorant, irony-free zone. But don’t tell Rupert Murdoch’s minions. They’re busy tooting their own horn for passing along viewer info that led to this dangerous weapons cache. Could it get any worse? You bet your Nellie! Over to you DCI Breen . . .

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Beware of the Man with Seven Types of Guns

I reckon only two factors should limit the number guns an American citizen should own: their ability to buy them legally and store them safely. Of course, that’s none of my damn business. But if we’re looking at establishing a base line for gun ownership, a self-defense-oriented newbie should start with a high-quality handgun that they can comfortably conceal and shoot. And . . . that’s it. If they feel under-gunned, they should buy another handgun for their significant other. If that doesn’t work out—and even if it does—they should proceed to master an inside toy (shotgun) and an outside toy (rifle). Anything after that is gravy. IMHO. [h/t to thefirearmblog.com]


ATF Death Watch 70: Arm the Mexicans [NSFW After the Jump]

Two facts have pushed the ATF Gunwalker scandal into the media mainstream. First, email evidence revealing the not-so-surprising fact that the ATF attempted to cover up their role in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Second, email evidence proving that White House officials knew about Operation Fast and Furious before, during and after Terry’s sudden, bloody end. Not even The New York Times—the “newspaper of record” that’s shunned and buried the Gunwalker scandal—can ignore the fact that the Obama administration is guilty of criminal conspiracy in the murder of a federal law enforcement officer. Or can they?

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The Campaign for Real Music in Shooting Videos

What IS it with shooting videos and crap music? It’s either generic death thrash chain speed rottweiler metal or synthdiscoelvatorsomamuzak. I know! Let’s ask YouTube! “If you use an audio track of a sound recording owned by a record label without that record label’s permission, your video may be infringing the copyrights of others, and may be subject to removal.” Make that WILL be subject to algorithmic exorcism, and a stern warning. Automatically. Of course. Also of course: “YouTube offers a library of authorized music to liven up your video. Try AudioSwap now!” Or as the above example indicates, not. Until and unless licensing becomes cheap, we’re stuck with gun porn with 70’s porn music. Sigh. My first AudioSwap attempt after the jump.

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Self-Defense Tip: This is The Back Up Gun You’re Looking For

Over at usacarry.com, commentator and CCW license holder Terminal Lance called his local po-po about the legalities of shooting a dog. The constable told Lance that the canine eliminator would face the same investigation “as if it were a person you shot.” The castle doctrine’s “no duty to retreat” caveat wouldn’t apply “because the dog has no way of knowing what it is doing is wrong.” Huh? The cop also said Lance should “expect a GIANT pain in the ass if this happens.” Two words for those who expect to encounter bad dogs: Kimber Pepperblaster (or similar). While I’m still contemplating the benefits of carrying pepper spray for two-legged aggressors, this super-slim Kimber is the best way to defend yourself against wolf descendants without the danger, expense and hassle of a ballistic solution.