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OMG! Colorado Gun Owners Aren’t Nuts! OMG!


Colorado has plenty of guns, millions of gun owners and not a lot of gun laws. So what up with denverpost.com? Their article Why Own a Gun? Colorado gun owners speak out seems like a non-problem in search of an already implemented solution. To his credit, writer Monte Whaley knows he’s dealing with a straw man. “Granted, whether someone owns a gun doesn’t matter to most people most of the time.” And then . . .  Columbine! Aurora! And yet gun sales surge! “Who are these people?” Whaley wonders. “Anarchists? John Wayne wannabes? The unhinged? That’s something The Post wanted to find out when it asked on Facebook: ‘Why do you own a gun?'” Ah. Facebook . . .

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong: DragonSpy Edition

You may recall that the Texas Navy recently commissioned six bad ass gunboats to patrol the Rio Grande. The thirty-foot crafts boast bullet resistant plating and six machine guns. They cost, wait for it, $3.5m. But that’s not the real cost. How much do you reckon taxpayers need to fork out to put some 20 officers on the water, including overtime, benefits and pensions? Why not have an unmanned craft that one geek can run from the comfort of his Texas Department of Public Safety cubicle? If I lived by a lake and I could order the NEANY DragonSpy with a semi rather than fully-automatic 7.62 . . . no, probably not. Friggin’ ATF.



Shock! Gun Sales Set to Soar if Obama’s Re-Elected

That crack about looking at an assault weapons ban in the presidential debate certainly did its part to stoke firearms sales. If the voters return Barack Obama to the White House for another term, fuhgeddaboutit. That said, there must be an upper limit to the number of firearms any given gun owner’s safe will keep and bear. That said, newbies may be fueling the current sales surge, as states liberalize concealed carry laws and gun culture 2.0 kicks in. In that sense, the firearms industry can’t lose. If Obama stays, so does Heller and McDonald (the Supreme Court decisions striking down handgun bans) and Call of Duty. If Romney replaces Obama as Commander-in-Chief, restrictive gun laws may fall even faster, with national reciprocity for concealed carry on the horizon. A couple of pro-gun Supreme Court nominees and Bob’s your gun-toting uncle. Good times.


Question of the Day: Bear Spray or Big Bore Revolver?

Over at ammoland.com, FWP Region 2 Bear Management Specialist Jamie Jonkel informs readers that black bear and grizzly habitat overlap with humans’ happy hunting grounds in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley. “We hope that all this heightened bear awareness, combined with bear spray in the hands of more people, will help to keep hunters safe out there.” To that end, the Big Sky State’s giving away over 100 canisters of bear away (and a bunch of inert ones for practice) to help outdoorsmen resolve grizzly “bear and hunter conflicts.” [NB: Bears don’t attack. They “conflict.”] Which would you carry and deploy against our ursine pals: bear spray or a big bore revolver? Or, perhaps, a rifle at the ready?


It Should Have Been a DGU: University of Akron Edition

Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Houston upheld the federal law prohibiting anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a handgun from a federal firearm licensee (a.k.a., gun store). Previously (on “Who Wants to Defend Their Life”) . . . “Three girls, who are members of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, had left a campus dance, and were walking down a sidewalk near Lee Jackson Field when two men, wearing all black, robbed them shortly after 10 p.m.” At gunpoint. In the Kappa Kappa Gamma parking lot at Akron (OH) University. According to the report at newsnet5.com, campus police have a simple solution to this ongoing threat of gun violence . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: The 911 Operator Can’t Help You

Again, you don’t really need to stay connected to the 911 operator in the middle of a defensive gun use. Once you’ve provided the basic deets, once the cavalry’s on its way, maintaining situational awareness is job one. How you gonna do that with an operator jabbering away in your ear? Doing something—running, hiding, fighting, shooting—is job two. How you gonna do that with an operator jabbering away in your ear? If you want to record the unholy event—which is no a bad idea for a legal defense—just throw down the ‘phone. If you can (i.e. you’re not hiding) shout things like “I’ve got a gun!” “The police are on their way!” and/or “Don’t make me kill you!” I wonder: has any 911 operator ever advised a caller to hang up the ‘phone and take care of business?



Quote of the Day: Gun Control No Matter What Edition


“Thus, even if we learned, say, that laws against child abuse did not, by themselves, reduce rates of child abuse, we would still have a strong ethical justification for keeping such laws on the books. Similarly, even if we could not show, for example, that laws banning private ownership of semi-automatic weapons actually reduced mass killings, a civilized society might still have sound ethical reasons for retaining these laws, as statements of its moral values.” – Ronald W. Pies, MD, Why Psychiatrists Must Confront Gun-related Violence [via Psychiatric Times]


Chicago Cops Deploy Shot Spotter. Again. Still.


In its ongoing, increasingly desperate and obviously ineffective attempt to stem the rising tide of gun violence, Chicago’s throwing everything against the proverbial wall. Well, not everything. Kidnapping and torture are now off the menu. At least officially. Until the Windy City cop retires. Where was I? Oh yes, crime fighting in the gun control capital of the country. The city recently put unaccountable felons (a.k.a., “violence interrupters”) on the payroll, shoveling taxpayer money to the recently renamed Cure Violence Chicago non-governmental organization. They’re also going high-tech, installing ye olde Shotspotter shot spotting technology. You know; so they can ID shooters and arrest them. This despite the fact that chicago.cbslocal.com reports that . . .

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Question of the Day: Are Women Better Shooters Than Men?

“God made man,” the saying goes. “Samuel Colt made them equal.” But did he? Generally speaking, are female and male shooters equivalent? (Which would make you wonder why competitions are separated by gender.) Or are there differences (e.g., a willingness to accept instruction) that separate the fairer sex from the XY chromosome set when it comes to sending lead downrange safely, efficiently and accurately? If so, who’s better? Drilling down (so to speak), who’s the better shot in YOUR household?


Where’s MY Ammo Handler?

If I’m not mistaken, at some point the crowd is chanting “party like a rock star.” And if you look closely you can see the range safety officer from the recent Knob Creek machine gun shoot lying prone somewhere off in the distance.


OMG! Dallas Star Brings Glock to LAX Airport! OMG!

Regular readers of this website will know that the groping goons working for the Transport Security Theater Group confiscate weapons from aspiring airline passengers on a daily basis. Not from hijackers, obviously. From just plain folks who—d’oh!—forget they’re packing a gun. Or a knife. Or a pair of tweezers. Or a large bottle of shampoo. It was only a matter of time before someone semi-famous got caught in/on the net for not leaving home without their heater. That would be 70’s beefcake, former Dallas star Jack Scalia. “The 61-year-old, who played Nicholas Pearce on the hit show, was apprehended at LAX Airport in Los Angeles after he was found to be carrying a Glock 9mm,” dailymail.co.uk reports. And . . . that’s it. I reckon these stories works in our favor. Regular exposure to tales of law-abiding citizens so comfortable with their gun they fall afoul of the feds helps normalize self-defense firearms. At least subconsciously.