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What if these DC Undercover Cops Got the Wrong Man?

The Washington Post is, surprisingly, contemplating the wisdom of carrying a firearm for self-defense. The article accompanying this video doesn’t quite get there. And there’s something very wrong about the events shown above. More on that after the jump. Meanwhile, credit where credit’s due: WaPo scribe Courtland Malloy isn’t ruling out armed self-defense for DC beleaguered citizens. At least not out of hand  . . .

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There is No Such Thing as an “80% Gun” Unless There Is


The anonymous post on the 80 percent gun—a partially finished firearm that you can complete and NOT register with the feds—inspired a lot of comments and controversy. And no wonder. The federal regulations are as clear as mud. A firearm is a firearm if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) says it is. So manufacturers send their partially completed bits to the Firearms Technology Branch (FTB). The ATF’s FTB examines the work and says yes it is a firearm—and confiscates it. And won’t tell the gunmaker exactly why. Or they say no it isn’t. And won’t tell the non-gunmaker exactly why. Unless they do. And what they say doesn’t necessarily apply to anyone else. And I’m just getting warmed-up . . .

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New .9mm CZ 75 P01 on Armslist.com

As you know, TTAG’s been following the .9mm trend very carefully. Up to now all our coverage has focused on criminal micro-nines. [Click here, here and/or here for previous sightings.] Eagle-eyed TTAG commentator MadDawg J has spotted the inevitable: a .9mm pistol for sale on the internet, at armslist.com. As our man Dan pointed out, there are those who believe that selling guns on the ‘net is a dangerous loophole of some sort or another—one through which gun sellers could drive a truck. In this case, a very small truck. Anyway, IF sellers are going to flog these .9mm pistols privately, we encourage them to include an object in the photo that gives buyers an appropriate sense of scale. Just sayin’ . . .


Glock 19 vs. Glock 30SF

I’ve been experimenting with a Bladetech 5.11 retention holster for our T&E (Testing and Evaluation) Gen4 Glock 19. When I told Eddie at AFS that I was carrying the Mass-compliant 10-round 9mm G19 in the new holster, he freaked me right the f’ out. “Robert do me a favor,” he said. “Will all your guns to me. You’re gonna use the 19 and you’re gonna get yourself killed.” First, I was startled to hear that it’s only a matter of time before I use my gun to defend my life. Second, I thought it was all about shot placement. Nine millimeter vs. 45; is it really that big a deal? I called the rabbi. He went all empirical on me. “Here’s what you do . . .”

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ISRA Condemns Proposed IL Ammo Sin Tax

The following [not the above] was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA):

The ISRA is condemning a proposal that would levy a 2% “sin tax” on retail ammunition sales in the state. Sponsored by Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), HB5167 would exact the tax on law-abiding firearm owners as a means of funding a yet to be established “High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund.” Supposedly, this grant fund would provide funding to hospitals to cover the costs of treating indigents involved in violent crime . . .

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TASER’s AXON Video System Gets Flak

Behold the face of 21st century law enforcement. The officer above sports TASER’s latest foray into police accountability: a hook-up between the stun gun maker’s AXON Flex video recording system and Oakley’s Flak Jacket eyewear. TASER reckons the combo gives wired po-po-on-the-go “flexibility, simplicity and wearability.” And if their partner/lawyer wants a quick recap? “AXON Flex systems feature Looxcie Inc.’s proprietary video over BluetoothTM streaming technology that allows officers to review events on a smartphone application supported by Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.” Will civilians get the same TASER – Oakley interface? TASER says no suh. We say Looxcie’s halfway there and T&E (testing and evaluation) please.


India Exchanges Gun Permits for Vasectomies. Or Not.


“As gun culture spreads [in India], local governments have offered to fast-track firearms licenses if men have vasectomies.” the latimes.com reports. Offered yes. Deal accepted, yes. Permit delivered? No. “[The men who’ve had the snip] say officials are reneging on the deal. One year after it started, men in one of India’s most violent regions who underwent the procedure in order to arm themselves for protection are still waiting for their permits,” the national.ae reports. “I underwent the operation only for the gun licence,” Lalit Gupta told the Hindustan Times. “The announcement appears to have been a trick.” I wonder why the LA Times missed that bit.


CSVG Celebrates President’s Day


“Those who work and volunteer in the gun violence prevention movement—including victims and survivors of gun violence—are frequently targets of harassment, intimidation and even violent threats by those on the other side of the issue,” the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) maintains. “Things Pro-Gun Activists Say takes this abuse—which too often occurs behind the scenes and without any type of consequences—and airs it publicly for all to see. Our hope is that this type of behavior will be deterred in the future.” Or is it . . .

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MO National Guard Unit Patch in Cuernavaca Weapons Cache?

“The Mexican Army reported the seizure of multiple weapons and tactical equipment Friday night in the municipality of Cuernavaca, Morelos,” borderlandbeat.com reports. “According to military authorities 19 mostly assault type weapons, 8 pistols, 153 magazines, approximately 4,000 rounds of ammunition, tactical harnesses, 1 kilogram of heroin and what appears to be a set of U.S. camouflage fatigues with U.S. hook and loop patches were discovered by soldiers inside an abandoned stolen vehicle that was located with information from an anonymous tip.” First, has anyone noticed that the Mexicans aren’t IDing confiscated weaponry since Fast and Furious hit the headlines? Second, what’s a MO National Guard Unit patch doing in a drug gang’s weapons cache?


Utah Mountain Man: 24 Remote Burglaries. And Counting.


A large percentage of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia love the wilderness—even when they’re not using their firearms to blast Bambi to smithereens. And eat him. These gun owners savor their separation from society and the immersion in Mother Nature’s natural wonders. Which includes a number of creature that want to kill you and eat you. Not to mention the two-legged killers. Or potential killers. Oh what the heck, let’s mention one. Here’s the 411 [via newsfeed.time.com] on a Utah mountain man who’s taken home invasion to the next level . . .

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Gun Registration? The 80% Solution

The following arrived in my inbox from a dedicated, anonymous, unidentified, stealthy, unnamed, uncredited, unknown, mysterious reader:

Federal law allows individuals to manufacture their own firearms. Not only is it fun and rewarding, but you don’t need a serial number on the completed gun. No one in government need know about your firearm; a fact that gives the project tremendous appeal to gun enthusiasts worried about Katrina-style confiscation. (Where do you think the authorities got the info to go after the guns?) The only caveats . . .

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