Putin: In Russia Everything is AK

“During a visit here,” indiatimes.com reports. “Putin watched as the [Olympic] torch was taken apart and put back together, prompting him to quip that the torch’s gas pipe resembles the barrel of the famous Soviet-designed weapon. ‘No matter what you try and make in Russia, it always turns out like a Kalashnikov,’ he joked. Putin’s remark drew smiles from International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge and Sochi 2014 chief organiser Dmitry Chernyshenko. Russian internet users have compared the silver-and-red torch’s shape to a flame used in the logo for Russian state gas firm Gazprom.” Which is completely different and not nearly as funny. And anyway, the new Russian torch looks like a New Age battle axe. Just sayin’ . . .

Question of the Day: Why Does the Media Demonize Guns But Not Knives?

Over at The Truth About Knives we’re reporting on Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt. Early reports say that the pop star’s daughter tried to remove herself from the gene pool via pills and a kitchen knife. None of those news stories—or the early morning news show commentary—contains sanctimonious blather about “easy access to knives.” The stories are all about her troubled life. Yet if Miss Jackson had put a gun to her head the mainstream media would be all over it. The gun, that is. Why is that? Why does the media treat gun-related crime and/or suicide as a separate category of news from knife-related attacks and suicides?

The idea of schlepping your concealed carry firearm onto a plane has become as improbable as a date with Bacon Babe of the Month (2007) Belinda Strange. And yet why not? Why shouldn’t you be able to carry your firearm on a plane? Does your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms end at, say, 5000 feet? You would’ve thought that the 9/11 attacks would’ve changed people’s minds about the advisability of armed self-defense on a plane. But then that’s you. And me. And Ron Paul. The rest of the world—especially the statists running the federal government—have been hell-bent on getting the TSA to continue its King Canute-like policy of drawing a line in the sand regarding personal defense in the skies . . .

Click here for coverage of the TSA’s climb-down on knife carry at The Truth About Knives.

Another day, another actor, another shotgun. Am I the only one who finds it funny-peculiar that the Mayors Against Illegal Guns use firearms for props in its civilian disarmament agitprop? In the last ad an actor right out of central casting—send us a bearded redneck with a plaid shirt and all his teeth—held a traditional wood-stocked shotgun across his lap as he railed against politicians who aided and abetted criminals and the mentally ill (his cousins?). In this one, another unnamed actor holds an ee-vill black home defense shotgun at the low-ready. His finger isn’t on the trigger, exactly, but it isn’t across the action as it should be. Never mind. It’s good to see Mayor Mike pissing away his money in Nevada, adding to his rep as the Big City gun-grabbing interloper who sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. As a Jew I only wish Bloomberg wasn’t Jewish. Know what I mean?

This CNN report on a street shooting in Oakland provides no information whatsoever as to who’s shooting whom for what reason. If this is a gangland style execution—and why wouldn’t it be—surely the Chicken Noodle News should, I dunno, mention it. You know, in passing. If it wasn’t so sad, the producer’s attempt to provide some justification for airing contextless bang-bang would be hilarious. “We’re locking people up instead of giving them some help,” Contee Vility pronounces, “giving them some hope.” Anyway, should CNN have showed the coupe de grace? [h/t DrVino]

I know I’m going way out there into OMG territory with this one. An 11-year-old special needs student packing heat is a bad, bad thing. No question. A sixth-grader getting shot in the leg after a fellow student dropped his backpack (causing a negligent discharge of the gun therein, apparently) is wrong. But I wonder how many school-age children died in car accidents in the last week. And how much media attention each of them received. Speaking of a lack of perspective . . . “We’re in big trouble,” Susanna Rivera tells the reporter. “We have to do something. We really have to do something about this. This cannot be happening anymore.” Such a great quote about kidz ‘n guns, CBS Miami ran it twice. This wasn’t a traffic accident but you can see good intentions paving the road to hell. Again. Still.