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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Operation Clean Halls Edition

 Opeation Clean Halls (courtesy officer.com)

“Jay Victorino was standing outside his mother’s apartment when he was grabbed by police, and he says if she hadn’t come downstairs to identify him he would’ve been arrested on a trespassing charge,” the AP reports. “That’s because his mother’s South Bronx building is one of thousands of private dwellings patrolled by the New York Police Department under a program known as Operation Clean Halls.” According to nyc.gov, Operation Clean Halls “offers police patrols in residential buildings to prevent drug use and sales. Landlords can request that the police conduct patrols in the hallways and stairwells of their building to remove non-residents who are loitering.” Ah yes, loitering. Not to mention any other crime the cops detect. Sherman, set the Way Back Machine for the 1990’s . . .

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Veterans Administration to NY SAFE Act: FOAD

You know that Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times? Check this from military.com: “The federal Department of Veterans Affairs says its mental health professionals won’t comply with a new gun law in New York that requires them to report the names of patients they believe likely to hurt themselves or others. The reporting provision is set to take effect Saturday.” As we reported earlier, Governor Cuomo’s office has yet to issue exact guidelines for mental health professionals required to report “dangerous” patients to the State so that their guns may (or may not) be confiscated. A practice which will deter seriously mentally ill people from seeking help and increase the danger of spree killers. While vets won’t [publicly] agree with the second part of that statement, they do with the first . . .

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Mark Kelly Is Still A Liar, A Hypocrite and A Gun Lover

In our last post on former astronaut, professional husband (of a spree killer’s survivor) and gun control advocate Mark Kelly, we repeated an assertion that Mr. Kelly didn’t take immediate possession of an AR-15 purchase because he’d asked for gun mods (trigger job, flash suppressor). Since then, the store in question, Diamondback Police Supply Co. of Tucson, Arizona released a statement about the reason for the “delay” . . .

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Chicago Trib: Gun Purchase Paper Trail ≠ Gun Registration

 Armslist.com (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Ask police chiefs — we asked ours — about the need for background checks on gun buyers,” my.chicagotribune.com suggests. “They will tell you universal background checks would reduce the number of guns ending up in the wrong hands.” See how that works? The civilian disarmament industry creates a catchy name—“assault rifle” or “universal background check”—ties it to a piece of gun control legislation and voila! Gun rights gone. Why? Because voters don’t have the time for or interest in investigating the truth of the matter. But it is there. For example . . .

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The Hidden Cost of Newtown

 Essex Town Council meeting kicking the concealed carry permitting process to the RI AG's office (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Last year, I was looking to open a state-of-the-art gun range. The cops were on board. And why not? The Providence po-po need a world-class training facility (i.e., one that doesn’t close in winter) to hone their firearms skills with simunitions, a 360-degree live fire shoot house, separate cleaning and storage areas, classrooms, the works. And then Sandy Hook. The gun range project died on the spot. The post-Newtown push for civilian disarmament claimed another victim. Throughout the country, the Sandy Hook slaughter’s blowback is making us less safe, both as a society and individually. Check this tale from a commentator john B in Warwick, RI . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: William Shatner’s Star Trek Pilot Laser Rifle

Tibby's' rifle (courtesy juliensauctions.com)

No wonder Dr. Dehner only has eyes for Captain Kirk’s laser rifle; that thing’s worth a fortune. When the prop from the second pilot (never seen in the series) goes under the figurative hammer next month, Julien’s Auctions reckons it’ll fetch between $40k and $60k. That said, there are doubts about the legality of the sale in California—given that the rifle has an adjustable stock (a military feature) and the laser doesn’t conform to U.S. FDA/CDRH’s regulation 21 CFR 1040.10. Click here to read the deets on the futuristic firearm.


OMG! AR-15s for Sale! In the UK! OMG!

LA-R15 SBR MOD-01 Raven Custom Rifle (courtesy lannertactical.com)

gq.magazine.co.uk brings us news that it’s perfectly legal to purchase and own an AR-15 in the Land of Hope and Glory, complete with 30-round mags. Sure, the aspiring AR owner has to jump through more hoops than all the circus ponies in the history of the world, ever. And yes, the Old Bill may conduct a proctological exam. But it’s doable. In fact, here’s one Lanner Tactical built earlier: an LA-R15 SBR MOD-01 Raven Custom Rifle. Lanner Tactical told TTAG it’s one of 50 to 60 ARs they make per year. Lanner can’t export lower receivers into the U.S. without ATF permission; I’m contacting an importer to see what can be done. Watch this space.


Bericht Von Internationale Waffen Ausstellung

Saiga MK-107 (courtesy thetacticalwire.com)

IWA is an abbreviation for Internationale Waffen Ausstellung (International Weapons Exhibition). It’s an annual trade-show for the shooting, hunting and firearms industry in Nuremberg, Germany. (No irony there.) I wanted to send Leghorn but the boy’s busy blogging and practicing for his debut on FNH USA’s 3-Gun team. Luckily, thetacticalwire.com had a man on the ground: Frank James. Mr. James reveals that the IWA Show was originally developed to showcase the products and skills of the German gunsmiths and firearms trade. It has since become the leading European international trade exhibition for the hunting, the shooting sports and outdoor equipment of all types and in recent years for law enforcement and personal security.” (Still no irony.) James reports that the gun above is . . .

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Mark Kelly Is A Liar, A Hypocrite and A Gun Lover

Does anyone really believe that former astronaut, professional husband (of a spree killer’s survivor) and gun control advocate Mark Kelly bought an AR-15 in order to know how “easy” it is to buy an AR-15? Why wouldn’t CNN’s Wolf Blitzer—or any of the other sick-o-phantic supporters of civilian disarmament—ask Mr. Kelly if he’s bought one before? ‘Cause if Kelly’s got an AR-15 at home he already knows the process. Which, in Arizona, doesn’t include a “waiting period.” Oh look! Mark Kelly to CNN: He and Giffords used NRA practice range. You thinking what I’m thinking? Well it ain’t what USA Today’s thinking: Giffords’ husband buys assault weapon to make pointAmongst the People of The Gun, point taken: the enemies of freedom are shameless two-faced fascists. UPDATE: an alleged eyewitness claims Kelly didn’t take delivery of his AR-15 because he’d commissioned a trigger job and flash suppressor.


A New Word for Gun Control Advocates’ Deceitful Incrementalism: “Schakowsky”

Back when I edited videotape for CNN, producers would demand that an editor finish a news “package” by a certain time. In many cases it was impossible. We had an app for that: smile, salute and say KBISFB! We never told the producers it meant Keep Believing It, Shit for Brains. And now I’d like to propose another neologism: Schakowsky. Whenever a proponent of civilian disarmament says “I support the Second Amendment but . . .”, whenever a gun grabber tries to convince the public that they support “reasonable gun control,” just say Schakowsky. Well, and the rest. Yes?


OMG! A Gun Sale Without a NICS Check! OMG!

A private citizens buys a gun from another private citizen without involving the federal government. The problem being? Anyone who thinks that the FBI’s criminal background check system stops criminals, terrorists and madmen from obtaining firearms is seriously delusional. Which means the Panorama reporter shouldn’t have been able to buy a gun. (How post-modern is that?) Hey Panorama! How about finding out how hard it is to buy a gun on the streets of New York City? Now consider this from cnn.com . . .

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The Truth About Civilian Disarmament

Banning the purchase, sale or transfer of “assault rifles” will do nothing to reduce crime. It will do nothing to stop spree killers. It will do nothing to prevent suicides or limit the lethality of suicide attempts. Banning “assault rifles” will do nothing whatsoever to benefit society. While we’re at it, banning the purchase, sale or transfer of “high capacity” ammunition magazines will do nothing to reduce crime. It will do nothing to stop spree killers. It will do nothing to prevent suicides or limit the lethality of suicide attempts. Banning “high capacity” ammunition magazines will do nothing whatsoever to benefit society. One more . . .

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