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Brits’ Knickers Twisted by Fictional Shotgun Felon

The Archers radio series traces it’s roots back to Morse Code, when underemployed telegraph operators looked for a way to bore each other to death. [/sarcasm] Nowadays, fans of the farm-based radio series take it so seriously they complain if a fictional character breaks British gun laws. “In the latest plot line Matt Crawford [not shown], a wheeler dealer property speculator who has recently got out of prison, is featured joining in at the first shoot of the season,” telegraph.co.uk reports, for those of us who missed the last 66 years of riveting radio drama. “Annoyed listeners have pointed out that as a convicted criminal it would be impossible for him to gain a gun licence and therefore use a shotgun.” Furthermore . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Be Careful Out There

“University of Idaho officials say at least one police officer knew of alleged gun threats against a graduate student before she was shot and killed by a professor she had been dating,” huffingtonpost.com reports. “Katie Benoit [above] complained to the university in June that professor Ernesto Bustamante had threatened her with a firearm three separate times during the relationship. Moscow Police Chief David Duke said Friday he was unaware of gun threats until after Bustamante shot and killed Benoit on Aug. 22 and committed suicide. On Wednesday, Duke said the officer on the assessment team reported after the shooting that the team had brief talks about gun threats.” Now what does that tell you?

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Ten-Year-Old’s DGU Saves Halloween Candy

chronicle.augusta.com  reports that a 10-year-old in South Carolina successfully defended his Halloween candy from a vicious, sugar-crazed predator. According to the police, the 28-year-old candy snatcher said she recognized some boys from her neighborhood trick-or-treating. She “jokingly” told the lads she would steal their candy. One 10-year-old responded with an appropriate verbal warning. “No you’re not.” When the woman continued to move towards the youngsters, the 10-year-old drew a 9mm handgun and pointed it at the perp. Fortunately, brandishing defused the attack. “Obviously, we don’t encourage anyone under the age of 18 to carry a concealed weapon,” a police spokesperson commented. “Appropriate charges will be brought. But this incident highlights the need for parents to supervise their children for their own safety and protection. The children’s I mean.” [/sarcasm.]


Mexican Bloggers in Cartel Crosshairs. And Vice Versa


The info war between Mexican bloggers and Los Zetas drug cartel is one of the most fascinating developments in a story distinctly lacking in good guys; a tale typified by an endless, relentless procession of horrific violence. On one side, netizens who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. On the other side, drug thugs wielding guns and grenades with enough money to buy Belize. And then some. Click here for STRAFOR’s most excellent analysis of the current state of play, which includes this . . .

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TTAG’s Comment Posting Policy

TTAG commentators are free to criticize my posts. Or anyone else’s posts. They may do so as vigorously as they please. But they are not free to flame the website, its authors or fellow commentators. The definition of flaming is like the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography: I know it when I see it. And yes, ultimately, it’s my decision. It’s also true that I tend to remove comments about TTAG’s editorial stance or style underneath an unrelated post. Experience tells me that navel gazing hijacks the thread and, eventually, the whole site. When an editorial issue reaches a certain critical mass, I break it out into a separate post and allow more freedom to let slip the dogs of war. As I’ve done here. As for Bob S. . . .

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Kimber Solo Back in Action


You may recall that my FFL guy had some “issues” with his Kimber Solo. Specifically light primer strikes. He sent it back to the company. About a week later the nine mm returned with the following listed on the invoice: striker safety lever replaced; barrel chamber reamed & polished; trigger bar replaced; test fired OK – after repair; feed ramp polished. Steve and I finally managed to rendezvous for some range time. And the gun she works! Despite the pocket rocket’s high running costs and snappy recoil, Steve may be going Solo for his everyday carry. Meanwhile, TTAG’s T&E Solo has arrived. Between the two guns, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what this piece is and isn’t. Full review next Monday.


Incendiary Image of the Day: The Internet Doesn’t Do Irony Edition

I recently swapped emails with a reader offended by my post on a Glock high-capacity magazine that looked like male reproductive organs. The commentator took me to task for calling the image obscene, and flagged my remark about the mag’s potential to enhance spree killer lethality. Das ist ein witz. I ran into the same problem with my post Three Reasons Not to Home Carry. Some readers thought I was serious. Avoiding irony and sarcasm—or at least slash-tagging it—would be the nice and easy way to do it. There’s just one thing: we never do nothing nice and easy. Nor does gun snapper Oleg Volk. The man just loves to piss off gun grabbers (bless his heart). Hey, someone’s got to do it. That said, tactically, I have issues with his work. In this case, if Mom is drawing, she should already be scanning forwards for monsters and dumping the kid and crouching. At least that’s the way I do it . . .


ATF Death Watch 112: US AG Launches “Ban Semis” Defense

The number of pols calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s head over the Fast and Furious gun running scandal continues to multiply. As do the number of weapons “recovered” from the program’s “customers.” foxnews.com confirms that two out of the 108 weapons confiscated during a recent drug bust have been traced to the ATF’s “Guns for Goons” program. In this case, the law enforcement effort was called “Operation Pipeline,” led by Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. azcentral.com reports that the Sheriff’s Office busted a Sinaloa Cartel member muling $2 million worth of heroin. Oddly, the drug thug’s arrest revealed a capture and release policy . . .

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ATF Death Watch 111: Will the Real Gunwalker Scandal Please Stand Up?

In Washington, Gunwalker is all about scalps. Who’s going to lose their job for green lighting the ATF’s plan to allow U.S. gun stores to sell some 2000 firearms to Mexican gun smugglers (a program that contributed to the death of two federal law enforcement officers and at least a dozen Mexicans)? U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder? DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano? President Barack Obama? With all the focus on the inside-the-beltway fallout from the ATF’s black bag job, it’s easy to lose sight of the real scandal, which continues unabated . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Focus on Shot Placement


The MSM coverage of this Quebec cow killing has focused on its necessity, or lack thereof. “Police officers who shot two cows that escaped on their way to the slaughterhouse say they had to kill them because they were a threat to the public,” the AP reports. “Gatineau police spokesman Pierre Lanthier said Monday the cows charged police. Lanthier says it occurred near a primary school and says the cows could have killed a child.” For our purposes, set aside the idea of the cops waiting for a shotgun or rifle (as they did) and notice how many shots were required to send Elmer to the great meat processing factory in the sky. Of course, there’s a few key differences between a bovine that’s [temporarily] escaped from the slaughterhouse and Mr. Bad Guy. For one thing, bad guys are way harder to shoot . . .

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