Heckler & Koch Modified G28 Headed for U.S. Army This Year

Four days ago we learned that the U.S. Army’s new Squad Designated Marksman Rifle will be ye olde 7.62mm Heckler & Koch G28. The German-made rifle — modified for our troops’ dining and dancing pleasure — replaces the  M110 SASS 7.62 compact sniper rifle. “As well as providing better penetration of enemy forces’ armour, it is expected […]

Nick Freitas: TTAG Gun Hero of the Day [VIDEO]

The video of Virginia delegate Nick Freitas talking about gun control [below] went viral on Facebook. Why wouldn’t it? He slams gun-free zones, government policies that create broken homes, the “abortion industry” and the ineffectiveness of gun control laws in Europe. Mr. Freitas highlights defensive gun uses. And turns to arming teachers . . . […]

Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15 Finally For Sale? [VIDEO]

We first caught sight of the double-barreled Gilboa Snake rifle in June of 2012. “That’s some heavy sh*t,” our man Foghorn pronounced. Two years later, Nick got to grips with the gun at SHOT. He figured out how it worked, and how it passed ATF muster. “Machine guns are defined as firearms that send more than one bullet downrange with a single trigger action . . […]

Trump DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Docs. Cover Up Uncovered?

John Crump writes [via ammoland.com]: After six years of being stonewalled by the US Justice Department, we might finally get the details of the Eric Holder and Barack Obama era failed gun-walking operation that blew up into a scandal known as “Fast and Furious.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a statement stating that the Justice Department will […]

.380 for Self-Defense? Question of the Day

I pocket carry a Ruger LCP II chambered in .380. “Some among my colleagues consider any pistol in 380Auto caliber to be inadequate for serious purposes,” gun guru John Farnam writes below, “and maybe they’re right.” Hang on; I carry my gun fun! But seriously folks, shot placement, shot placement, shot placement. And a .380 […]

Federal Gun Violence Restraining Order – The Most Dangerous Gun Control Bill in the History of the United States?

“Two senators — one Republican and one Democrat who, as one of them said, disagree about “90% of the time” on gun policies — teamed up Thursday to introduce the latest proposal to address mass shootings,” cnn.com reports, “a bill that would allow federal courts to issue gun restraining orders against potentially dangerous people.” Uh-oh […]

American Guns Reality TV Star Richard Wyatt: Six Years in Jail for Tax Evasion, Illegal Weapon Sales

“A Wheat Ridge gun dealer who became a Discovery Channel reality TV star was sentenced to 78 months in prison for failing to report $1.1 million in income to the IRS, conspiracy and dealing firearms without a license,” denverpost.com reports. “Richard Wyatt, 54, was found guilty last year in U.S. District Court on 10 felony counts.” His lawyer asked […]