Random Thoughts About The Royal Wedding and Gun Rights

England’s Prince Harry is marrying American actress Meghan Markle. I reckon now’s a good time to give the royal couple a proper American middle-finger salute. And to thank our lucky stars that our Founding Fathers dumped the English monarchy in favor of a constitutional republic. Strangely, the American media don’t share my antipathy to royal […]

The Kardashians Talk Gun Control. Again.

In the video below, scripted members of the Kardashian clan discuss guns and gun control. It starts out with Khloe giving Kendall Jenner solid advice about firearms selection . . . She tells her half-sister to go to the gun range and try out a few guns before choosing one, looking for a pistol with […]

Michigan State University Study: Broader Gun Restrictions Lead to Fewer Intimate Partner Homicides

Press release from Michigan State University [links and italics added]: State laws that restrict gun ownership among domestic abusers and others with violent histories appear to significantly reduce intimate partner homicides, indicates a groundbreaking national study led by a Michigan State University researcher. The findings, which come on the heels of the Texas church massacre […]

Question of the Day: Canadian Pro-Gun Rally at Sight of Massacre. Inappropriate?

“A pro-gun lobby group in Quebec is looking for another spot to protest after being roundly condemned for planning a rally at the park commemorating the 14 women killed at Montreal’s École Polytechnique in 1989,” ca.news.yahoo.com reports. “The rally planned for Dec. 2, just four days before the 28th anniversary of the shooting, aims to bring attention to what the lobby group calls ‘excessive […]

TTAG Morning Digest: White Guys Heart Guns, Gun Buyback Nets Fork and Hawaii Confiscates Dopers’ Guns

The war on white gun owners continues, as reported by The Trace . . . A new study from two Baylor University sociologists finds that when white males have lost financial stability — or think that they soon will — they find moral and emotional solace in their firearms. The study, published in the journal Social Problems, used a “gun […]

Gun Buyers Are Racists: Quote of the Day

“Obama was good for the gun lobby to use as a foil to make people believe that Obama was after their guns. I don’t think Barack Obama did anything that would have warranted that response. But the people who were most vulnerable to the gun lobby’s claims may also have greater suspicions about the first […]

Note to Gun Control Advocates: A Semi-Automatic Rifle is Not an Automatic Rifle!

How can someone take the time to write a pro-gun control editorial without taking the time to learn the difference between a semi-automatic rifle (one trigger press per round fired) and an automatic rifle (one trigger press sends multiple rounds downrange)? The cynical amongst you will claim it’s the Sugermann syndrome: an intentional obfuscation (like the […]