New Jersey Bump Fire Stock Ban: Five Years in Prison, $15,000 Fine for Possession or Sale

“New Jersey lawmakers are making a push to ban the possession and sale of so-called ‘bump stock’ devices, like the ones used in the shooting massacre in Las Vegas, during the current lame-duck session,” reports. “Legislation to outlaw the devices was advanced Thursday from the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee by an 8-0 […]

Question of the Day: How Would National Reciprocity Affect You?

“House panel approves law that will allow firearms-owners to cross any state line with a hidden weapon,” reports. As you’d expect from a media outlet owned and named after America’s number one gun grabber, the billionaire who bought Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to further his civilian disarmament agenda, gives […]

TTAG Week in Review – December 3, 2017

Course Review: Tactical Fitness Mini Combat Rifle Low Light Course – TTAG’s resident war hero takes our Krav Maga guy’s nighttime course and [once again] discovers that adrenaline makes him stupid. I’ve said it before, and I’ve proven it over and over again. I’m an idiot in combat. To overcome my strategic stupidity, I drill tasks […]

New York Children! Turn in Your Toy Guns!

“A community groups (sic) has a strong message for parents this Christmas,” Buffalo, NY’s reports. “They want to help keep toy guns out of children’s hands…to prevent them from getting their hands on a real one.” Ellipsis indeed. How does that work? . . . “Whatever you put in a child’s hands that’s what […]

Question of the Day: More Guns, Less Crime?

“A groundswell of opinion must overcome mass hysteria that what we need are more powerful and plentiful guns. I fear for my children and grandchildren this will never happen.” And so concludes Peter Dorsen’s article Guns, guns and more guns is no solution over at Given the huge and ongoing gun and concealed carry “groundswell” over […]

Sharps .45-100 Rifle Revealed

Doug Wicklund, NRA Museums Senior Curator writes [via]: Many firearms in the NRA National Firearms Museum have come to the collection with limited provenance. However, over the intervening years, our staff has been able to piece together the trail of history that allows us to reveal the story of where these firearms have been. One of the […]

Mark V Camilla Subalpine Ladies’ Rifle: New From Weatherby

“The new Mark V Camilla Subalpine is the third custom-designed rifle in Weatherby’s line of firearms built exclusively for women,” the company’s presser proclaims [full text below]. “All are named after the ‘First Lady of Weatherby,’ Roy’s wife Camilla.” And there I was thinking they were named after Camilla Parker-Bowles, to whom Prince Charles confessed […]