#WalkoutWednesday Stops Making Sense

If I had to describe the #WalkoutWednesday protest in two words, I’d say “acting out.” Unlike, say, the Civil Rights crusade (to which Oprah Winfrey compares this teenage tantrum), the #WalkoutWednesday Children’s Crusade is anti-civil rights. At the same time . . . it’s suffused with anger. As you’d expect from teenagers who’ve lived in […]

White House Statement: President Donald J. Trump is Taking Immediate Actions to Secure Our Schools

“Every child deserves to grow up in a safe community surrounded by a loving family and to have a future filled with opportunity and with hope.” –  President Donald J. Trump HARDENING OUR SCHOOLS: President Donald J. Trump is making sure our schools are safe and secure, just like our airports, stadiums, and government buildings. President […]

All You Need is Love: Quote of the Day

“Peace is not kept by guns. Guns are kept by those who do not have enough love in their hearts for their fellow men, women and children in the hope that keeping those guns will defend them against hatred. But guns cannot defend against hate, only love can do that. Guns are not needed for […]

“Mine’s is Real”: TTAG Catchphrase of the Day

JWT reckons we should have trademarked “operators operating operationally.” Oh well. At least TTAG added to the gunblogosphere’s lexicon with OFWG. And there’s always the chance that can stumble upon a new catchphrase that will catch the imagination of The People of the Gun. I’m hoping “Mine’s is real” will do just that. Preceded by […]

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump: Fo-Tay?

Whisker McBeardyface’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump features a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Mr. McB’s chosen firearms manufacturer is the same one that invented the fo-tay, in response to the FBI’s ham-fisted attempt to catch a couple of Miami bank robbers. If you already knew that, here’s a better piece of .40 caliber trivia […]

Gun Control -> Gun Confiscation

Gun control advocates want to ban guns. That’s the plain and simple truth of the matter. It starts with “assault rifles” and “high-capacity magazines” and “bump stocks” and proceeds to all civilian firearms. Not that you’d catch them saying that. Well there is a guy . . . Well yes, that guy. But he’s a […]