Republicans Who Support The National Reciprocity Act Are Not Hypocrites

How can Republicans support the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act? Aren’t Republican anti-federalists: politicians who support states’ rights as a check against the power of an overarching federal government? Isn’t their support for national (i.e. federally mandated) concealed carry reciprocity hypocritical? Yes. Yes they are. And no. No it’s not . . . The right to […]

The Normalization of Spree Killings. And?

“Two days after 26 people were massacred in a Texas church, the incident — one of the worst mass shootings in American history — had nearly vanished from the major cable news networks,” reports, wistfully. “The sharp drop-off in the number of ‘mentions’ of the Sutherland Springs shooting on the networks . . . […]

Question of the Day: What Do You Say to People Who Claim to Support the Second Amendment But Don’t?

In the video below, anti-national concealed carry reciprocity Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro declares “I take my responsibility to protect people’s Second Amendment rights very very seriously.” And immediately adds “I also take very seriously public safety. This federal bill undermines both.” Wait. What? I mean . . . I understand the [entirely meritless] argument […]

Current Prices for Collectible Guns Revealed

In the video below, our friend at Forgotten Weapons remembers the prices for collectible guns at Jame D. Julia’s fall auction. How much did a collector pay for an original [actual] assault rifle? How about the Confederate Whitworth sniper rifle? Make the jump and yes watch the video to find out. Meanwhile, own any collectibles?

How to Buy a 1911 From the Civilian Marksmanship Program

Mark Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of the Civilian Marksmanship Program writes: To all CMP constituents: The CMP Board of Directors has discussed at length how the sales of 1911s would be handled, if the CMP were to ever receive them from the United States Army. Some preliminary decisions: Decisions concerning the grade and pricing of […]

MSR-10 Hunter: New(ish) From Savage Arms

Savage entered the AR market with a bang, so to speak. The company’s joining the big boy bullet brigade with its new MSR-10 Hunter. (Full press release below.) Chambered in game-dropping .308 Win. or 6.5 Creedmoor (.338 Federal to follow), the direct impingement MSR-10’s got an upgraded free-floating barrel boasting 5R rifling. Curiously, the company […]