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Kevin Costner: Pro-Gun Control Fudd

Actor Kevin Costner’s wife number whatever bought the actor a shotgun for his most recent birthday. Good for her! Good for him! Only Kevin is very clear that the long rifle’s for shooting Bambi, not bad guys. Which makes his new shotgun, and the rest his “heirloom” firearms OK. As for other guns and gun ownership in general . . .

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DEA, ATF Planned to Monitor Gun Show Attendees with License Plate Recognition System UPDATED

“The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives collaborated on plans to monitor gun show attendees using automatic license plate readers, according to a newly disclosed DEA email obtained by the ACLU through the Freedom of Information Act.” That’s the inside dope from the ACLU, a civil rights organization that skips the number two when counting to ten (if you know what I mean). Which means the ATF’s plan for indiscriminate search must have been fairly egregious. Yes. Yes it was. Here’s what the American Civil Liberties Union uncovered in the aforementioned email . . .

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Quote of the Day: NY Bill Bans Children from Gun Shows Edition

NY Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (courtesy assembly.state.ny.us)

“As the gun industry prepares a public campaign to broaden the appeal of guns, it is important that we establish reasonable age limits for admission to gun shows by children. Within New York State and other areas of jurisdiction, we have myriad regulations that seek to protect minors from exposure to certain potentially dangerous situations and influences. For example, a minor is restricted from watching films or playing certain video games that portray deadly weaponry and gunplay. Currently, however, minors of any age may gain unfettered access to a gun show. As our State continues to look for solutions to violence involving guns, we must begin by limiting the exposure of young children to these weapons and their capabilities.” – New York Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal in the Justification section of bill A967-2015


Incendiary Image of the Day: Texas Tribune Edition


The Brief: Open Carry Activists Don’t Bring Their Guns to Capitol the texastribune.org headline announces. “A group that advocates for allowing the open carry of handguns without a permit, also known as constitutional carry, rallied outside the Capitol . . . They were joined by state Reps. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, and Molly White, R-Belton, as well as a survivor of the 2009 Fort Hood shootings. The protesters made their position known by brandishing empty gun holsters, with some of them filled by bananas, copies of the Constitution or cans of hairspray, per a report from The Associated Press’ Jim Vertuno.” So why did the Trib show a pic of . . .

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New from Skull Hooker: Tabletop Mount

Skull Hooker Table Mount (courtesy ammoland.com)

So you shoot a medium-sized cougar, bear, pronghorn, impala or deer. Naturally, you want to display the animal’s skull to remind you, your family and friends of your hunting prowess. Only these beasties have fairly small crania. Mounting their skull anywhere other than the under stairs bathroom makes them look, well, small. Why not put the skull on your desk? Not only will it remind you of days spent in the great outdoors, a tabletop display will either creep out or impress business colleagues (win – win). Skull Hooker’s new Tabletop Mount will run you $59.95, available in brown or graphite black powder-coated finishes. Press release after the jump . . .

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This Is What Happens in a Gun Free Zone: University of Chicago Edition

Hyde Park, Chicago (courtesy Google maps)

TTAG reader VE writes:

I live in Chicago’s Hyde Park. It’s pretty much owned by the university of Chicago. Thanks to our concealed carry laws, any property owned by a university is a gun-free zone (GFZ). Since the U of C owns almost ALL of the commercial property in a six block radius – dry cleaners, ACE Hardware, Staples, the grocery story, Starbucks, the noodle shop and more – they are all posted. This is how the criminals view the campus area [via dnainfo.com] . . .

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Austin Whole Foods Bans Concealed Carry (Informally)

Whole Foods concealed carry sign (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Returning from the Sin City SHOT Show, looking to re-stock my radicchio supply, I was waylaid by this pair of signs at my local Whole Foods. I immediately realized the letters aren’t big enough for a Texas-legal 30.06 sign (1″ tall by law). And what was all that other text? 30.06 signs are supposed to have the required wording – and nothing else. Unfortunately, the signs are posted on automatic doors that slide open at the mere thought of a customer. I had to step back, wait for the foot traffic to disappear, snap the photo, enlarge it and read the text. Here’s what it says . . .

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The Myth of the Sheepdog

The above scene comes early in American Sniper. It’s the movie’s way of establishing Chris Kyle’s reason for doing what he’s going to spend the rest of the movie doing (i.e. shooting people). Chris is destined to be a “sheepdog” protecting “sheep” from the “wolves.” I have no idea if Kyle senior ever uttered those words to his son. But I’ve heard this philosophy many times from people who tool up on domestic soil. I reckon it’s a dangerous belief system. Here’s why . . .

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Self-Defense Tip [via New Hope, Minnesota City Council]: Assume A Defensive Position

Gun gurus love to teach newbies how to “slice the pie.” While the room-clearing technique is a time-tested, valuable addition to any armed Americans’ self-defense repertoire, it’s also one of the most dangerous things you can do with a gun. In most cases assuming a defensive position is your best defense when facing an imminent assault. In the video above, New Hope City, MN Council Member John Elder, a former police officer and currently a public information officer for the Minneapolis Police Department, did the right thing. Here’s how it went down [via startribune.com]. . .

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Second Amendment Foundation Launches Training Division

Alan Gottleib (courtesy seattleweekly.com)

Alan Gottleib of the Second Amendment Foundation [above] made few friends with his attempts to compromise on the Manchin – Toomey background check bill. His unsuccessful efforts to fight his native Washington State’s I-594 Initiative did nothing to enhance his reputation amongst many members of the Armed Intelligentsia (the Sipsey Street Irregulars are still seething). Still, mega-props to Gottleib for the SAF’s courtroom triumphs, which have defended and extended Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. If only Alan would stick to that arena. No chance. The SAF’s now opened a training division. [Press release after the jump.] To quote Steve Jobs, “Focusing is about saying no.” . . .

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Letter to the Editor, Columbus Dispatch

(courtesy dispatch.com)

We, as citizens of this great country, need to realize that we are responsible for our own safety and well-being. When one is being victimized by a thug, the first five seconds of that encounter are absolutely the most important. I found that out eight and a half years ago when I was the victim of a home invasion. Because I was caught off-guard, I became a victim. I was forced into being reactive during the whole 25-minute episode . . .

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Body Armor Bill Exposes Anti-Gunners’ Agenda


Federal Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor a Crime Punishable by 10 Years in Prison gunssavelives.net‘s headline proclaims. True story. “Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) has introduced a bill for consideration of the new Congress which would prohibit the ownership of certain types of body armor for civilians. H.R. 378 would make it a crime to own Type III body armor which would be punishable by up to 10 years in prison.” What possible justification could there be for making it a federal crime to purchase a product designed to protect you from ballistic harm? Here’s Rep. Honda’s reasoning (such as it is) via his website . . .

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