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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Got Revolver?

Smith & Wesson 686 at TTAG HQ (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

At the moment, I’m the literal blogger in his pajamas, squirreled away in TTAG’s above-ground bunker. As my PJ’s aren’t suitable for home carry, I’ve got a Smith & Wesson 686 by my side, loaded with Hornady .357 hollow-points. While I own a number of high(er) capacity semi-automatic pistols, I find the Smith an endlessly reassuring firearm. It’s got nothing to do with reliability. It is . . . what it is. A gun. The gun. I can’t really explain it, other than to say I can’t imagine not owning revolvers. Or buying more. Do you share this addiction view? Which revolvers do you own/cherish?

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The Washington Post Connects Trump to “Extremist”Militias

(courtesy washingtonpost.com)

One of the advantages of gun blogging: you develop a sensitive ear for “background chatter.” If a trend’s developing amongst gun control advocates’ media enablers, I get a sense of it early. For example, last week Vice published a documentary sounding the alarm on America’s citizen militias. Today, The Washington Post published Patriots at the gate: The Americans preparing for battle against their own government. A harbinger of gun owner vilification to come? Definitely. Check out the bits of the article linking “extremists” to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: This Is The NRA The WaPo Is Looking For


“The NRA, which believe it or not used to be an organization devoted to promoting gun safety and good marksmanship, has succeeded over the last couple of decades in freighting guns with all kinds of cultural associations, making them one of the most powerful markers of identity in American life. They’ve encouraged people to think that gun ownership makes you self-reliant, independent, masculine, strong, capable, and patriotic — and anyone who thinks that 30,000 Americans killed by guns every year is a problem worth addressing must not be any of those things.” – Paul Waldman, Donald Trump’s corrupt bargain on guns [via washingtonpost.com]



Stolen Guns? Ban Gun Stores! Oh Wait . . .

12,000 Guns Stolen from Stores Over Past 2 Years the headline at abcnewsgo.com proclaims. Hang on, why a two-year sample? Why not one year? Or, I dunno, five? Because twelve thousand stolen guns sounds really bad — despite the fact that it’s a tiny rounding error compared to the millions of guns sold by said stores. While the antis will no doubt seize on this info to inflict their usual mantra on our civil rights sensitive ears — SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! — The People of the Gun will look at the stealing stats and conclude criminals gonna criminal. Students of history will recall bank robber Willie Sutton’s famous remarks on his chosen career and offer a similar reason why so many gun stores are being burgled: that’s where the guns are. Here’s how abcnewsgo.com raises the alarm:

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NBC: “The Truth About Guns And Gun Control”

We were a little worried when Glenn Beck published a book entitled Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns. Turns out it it had nothing to do with the truth about The Truth About Guns. In this case, with NBC hijacking our catchphrase, we’re more than happy to leave our lawyers chained up. ‘Cause this segment actually does . . . wait for it . . . tell the truth about guns. “The gun show loophole,” the availability of automatic firearms, stats about firearms-related suicides, and the fact that gun control advocates are disguising their desire for civilian disarmament. Well, not that last one. But the truth will set them back. If you know what I mean.


USA Today’s Four-Point Plan to Stop Negligent Discharges That Kill Kids

"Holston Cole, 3, shot himself with a semiautomatic pistol found in his father’s backpack, according to investigators." (text and photo courtesy nytimes.com)

usatoday.com starts their editorial When kids fire guns: Our view by excoriating irresponsible gun owners. “You’d think gun owners would understand that kids are surprisingly good at finding guns that aren’t kept secured and unloaded,” they opine, “yet the toll goes on, year after year. Maybe gun buyers should be required to listen to the heartbreaking 911 call from the father of the 3-year-old in Georgia, who can be heard pleading with his son to ‘stay with me’  before the boy died.” What to do? they ask. You know, other than leaving personal responsibility to people. The Eds have a four-point plan . . .

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New from Freedom Munitions: Boar Buster Ammo

Freedom Munitions Boar Buster Ammunition

Press release [via ammoland.com]

Lewiston, ID – Freedom Munitions – America’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of ammunition– announces the immediate release of their first line of hunting ammunition, Boar Buster. As with all of Freedom Munitions’ offerings, Boar Buster is proudly made in Lewiston, Idaho, USA. Freedom Munitions’ Boar Buster ammunition was designed for flawless function and performance when hunting with modern sporting rifles. Utilizing only . . .

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Secret Service Officer Shoots Armed Intruder At The White House

It’s probably not a good idea to pull a gun on a U.S. Secret Service Agent. If you’re within, say, 10 miles of the White House, doubly so. And, so, once again, we have a firearms-related event that will be perceived very differently by either side of the gun control “debate.” Pro-gun rights advocates will rightly point out that the only thing that stopped this bad guy with a gun was a good guy with a gun. The anti-gun rights jihadis will see this incident as more proof that America is gun mad. Mad I tell you! We must stop crazies from getting guns by stopping everyone from getting guns. Or keeping their guns. Or not registering their guns. Or something. And so it goes . . .



Donald Trump Promises Terry Brother Answers on Fast and Furious

Brian Terry (courtesy cnn.com)

by David Cordrea [via ammoland.com]

The brother of a slain Border Patrol agent says Donald Trump has promised answers about the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” program leading to Brian Terry’s death. Kent Terry met with Trump, and says the presumptive Republican nominee will use his authority to act if he’s elected president, Terry said in a Twitter post Tuesday . . .

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