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BREAKING: Former CNN Anchor in Motel 6 Shootout

Former CNN journalists Chuck de Caro and Lynne Russell (courtesy nbcnews.com)

We joke about shower carry on this website. But it’s no joke. Check this out: “[Former CNN Headline news anchor Lynne] Russell — a licensed private investigator and former Fulton County, Georgia, sheriff’s deputy with two martial arts black belts — told NBC station KOB that she and her husband had stopped in Albuquerque for dinner with a friend and were planning to get up early because they were traveling.” A man with “a 40-caliber big shiny silver handgun” pushed her into her Motel 6 room just as her husband was coming out of the shower . . .

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GunDetect [Kickstarter] Sounds an Alarm If It Sees a Gun

The above video for the aspiring GunDetect system doesn’t show the system. Make the jump for the image. Meanwhile, its creators want you to know this — they’re not playing politics. “Our goal with GunDetect is to find common ground and avoid the debate about gun laws, since we are technologists with a technical solution that can provide an unobtrusive layer of safety. We’re particularly interested in making sure children are safe, which is a goal we share with the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program and with the numerous gun-safety advocacy groups. If our GunDetect system gives an early warning and helps save a child’s life, then all the work we’ve put into creating this product will be rewarded as the most important contribution we can make in our careers.” Here’s their presser on how it works . . .

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How Bloomberg Fudged the Numbers to Claim Gun Control Reduced CT Firearms Fatalities

Our man Leghorn did an excellent job fisking the gun control movement’s claim that “tight” gun control laws led to a reduction in firearms-related homicides. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Legislative and Policy Research Director Elizabeth Karasmeighan had a bash at Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic bile, too ant it’s worth a second look . . .

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NJ Gov. and Presidential Hopeful Chris Christie Uses Executive Actions to Shore-Up Support with Pro-Gun Voters

NJ Governor Chris Christie

Garden State Governor Chris Christie issued the following press release concerning self-defense and gun rights. [Click here for copies of Executive Order 180. Click here for the new Attorney General regulation.]

Acting on his commitment to ensure a fair application of the state’s gun laws that respects individual rights to possess firearms and that also protects public safety, Governor Christie today took action to make commonsense changes to New Jersey’s gun regulations that ensure victims of domestic violence or violent crime, or those living under a direct or material threat, have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay. The Governor announced that the Attorney General will file a regulatory change that will ensure expedited, priority firearm application processing for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, or those who have a demonstrable threat against them, including those who are seeking to obtain or carry firearms for self-protection . . .

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Waco Judge Bans Release of Biker Shooting Video, Gags Case Against Cops

Dallas Attorney Clint Brodden (courtesy wacotrib.com)

We’ve been reporting on the Waco biker shooting since the Twin Peaks incident first hit the ‘net. The first clue that the authorities were covering up the police shootings: the cops arrested 100 people at the scene. Then the judge set bail at an absurd, unconstitutional $1 million each. Then the Justice of the Peace released the autopsy results on the nine people killed in the shoot-out/massacre – without specifying which victims were killed by police (easy enough as the cops were firing 5.56 ammo from rifles). And now that cases are heading to court, there’s more evidence that there’s a massive cover-up of the events of that day. wacotrib,com reports . . .

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Question of the Day: Are The Police Trigger-Happy? 

Omaha cop (courtesy davyv.blogspot.com)

In the wake of the Waco biker shooting, where authorities refuse to release the video footage and the full autopsy reports on the bikers shot to death by police at Twin Peaks restaurant (post to follow), the question arises again: are cops trigger happy? Do they have a tendency to shoot fellow civilians without good cause and/or legal justification? Over at efficient.gov, law enforcement officers and criminal justice academics addressed the question. Their answers (republished with permission) after the jump. What’s your take? Are a small minority/some/many/most cops too quick on the draw, or not?

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Cell Phone Gun Case Edition

Cell phone case (courtesy 6abc.com)

Do you live in an open carry state? Then wearing this call phone case shouldn’t be a problem. Using it, however, could put you in harm’s way whether or not your state recognizes your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. According to 6abc.com, “The Ocean County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office is warning the public about sporting a particular cell phone case that’s designed to look like a gun. The prosecutor’s office points out that police officers have a hard enough job ‘without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone may decide to pull their cell phone out without thinking during a traffic stop.'” Or any other time, really. The comments underneath the post are predictably derisory . . .

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New Yorker Funny Guy to Gun Rights Advocates: You’re Morons

Andy Borowitz (courtesy wikipedia.org)

New Yorker writer Andy Borowitz is tired. He’s too tired to fact-check studies that “prove” that gun ownership is a bad, bad thing for both individuals and society at large. Too tired to read TTAG’s analysis of the faulty methodology required to produce these foregone conclusion. And he’s tired of people who dare question this “settled science” on gun control. So he wrote this semi-moronic – sorry semi-ironic “news satire” instead . . .

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UK Police State Kicks Into High Gear After Tunisian Gun Attack

“Britain is a nation united in shock and in grief,” British Prime Minister David Cameron writes at telegraph.co.uk. “As the names and identities of the victims in Tunisia emerge – and the horror of what they faced becomes clear – those feelings grow. Everyone is asking the same thing: how can a day at the beach for families and friends have turned into a scene of such horror?” Because someone with a gun was able to shoot 30 defenseless British tourists (amongst others) without any immediate armed intervention? That’s not quite how David puts it . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: F*&k Chris Kyle Edition

(courtesy Abby Martin Facebook page)

Plenty of people took offense at the movie American Sniper. They considered Chris Kyle a homicidal tool of American imperialism. Very few, however, broke cover to express this opinion, what with patriotic Kyle supporters being so passionate in his defense. D.C. denizen and artist Abby Martin has no compunctions about poking the [non-Russian] bear with her “F Chris Kyle” T-shirt. Scarily (predictably?) enough, the image has already garnered 615 likes on her Facebook page. “Chris Kyle was everything that is wrong with this country,” her Facebook friend Cynthia Tarana Cone comments. Something tells me Ms. Martin is going to get a LOT of friend requests from people who may not be so friendly . . .


The Fear of Guns

(courtesy politicalhumor.org)

Dan Wos of the Defining Success in America blog writes:

When I was a kid, my Dad took me out hunting and target shooting. He loved it. Me, not so much. It just wasn’t my thing. I tried, but I just wasn’t interested. I mean, I didn’t dislike guns and I wasn’t scared of them. I just wasn’t all that interested. When he would buy a new pistol, he would show it to me and I could tell he loved these things. Of course I showed interest and they were actually kinda’ cool, but I was more interested in my guitar so I never really jumped on board with the whole “gun thing” . . .

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