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Does VT Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Want to Ban Handguns?

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taken heat for accepting the NRA’s support early in his political career and his vote for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The left-leaning mainstream media has fixed on Bernie’s supposedly pro-gun stance as his achilles heel. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Sanders trotted-out his usual defense – with a twist. “Coming from a rural state, I think I can communicate with folks coming from urban states, where guns mean different things than they do in Vermont, where [they are] used for hunting.” In fact, Bernie’s morphed from a “guns are OK for self-defense in rural areas” to a proper “guns are for hunting” Fudd. Check it out . . .

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Former MD Gov. Martin O’Malley: Gun Control Extremist or Just Honest?

Martin 'Omalley (courtesy reason.com)

Writing for The Boston Globe, ex-Maryland governor and presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley reacted to the shooting in a LaFayette cinema with a call for more gun control. “We need comprehensive gun safety laws to save lives,” O’Malley opines, using the gun control-euphemism-of-the-moment. Come to think of it, considering his radical suggestions for combatting “gun violence,” I reckon we can substitute the words “90 degree slippery slope to a complete gun ban” for “comprehensive gun safety laws.” Check it . . .

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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Jefe Joshua Horowitz is a Liar

After blogging hundreds, if not thousands of anti-gun rants I’m finally fed up. The CNN editorial This could have prevented Lafayette movie theater killings has brought me to the point of complete exasperation. In it, the Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Josh Horowitz [above] argues that better gun laws would have stopped John Hauser from opening fire at a cinema in Lafayette, LA. Specifically . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Barack Obama Suicide Edition

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.31.26 AM


Yup. It’s real. Iran’s “supreme leader” tweeted this graphic Saturday. Quite why President Obama is depicted committing suicide with a hammer-fired compact pistol of some sort is anyone’s guess. At the risk of alienating [both of] our left-leaning readers, President Obama doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who’d be troubled by failure of any sort. The idea that he would off himself after launching an unsuccessful war against Iran is laughable, on several levels. Anyway, this tweet tells us more about Iran’s belligerence than Obama’s psyche. Trusting them in a nuclear proliferation deal is like trusting the ATF to respect the Second Amendment. If you know what I mean.


Random Thoughts About Disarmed Disney World

Disneyworld entrance (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Upon entering Disney’s Hollywood Studio, “Joe” searched my backpack. There were three pockets in the front of the pack and several on either side. Joe didn’t open any of the pockets to examine any of their contents. Not good. This time of year the Disney entertainment industrial complex is wall-to-wall with shvitzing tourists, jammed in a huge confusing space with multiple choke points and no clearly marked exits. If a terrorist somehow smuggled explosives or firearms into the House of the Mouse and attacked Walt’s “guests” it would be a very bad thing indeed. Saying that . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s GunBroker.com’s Number One Selling Revolver?

(courtesy 123rf.com)

The same folks who own GunBroker.com broker TTAG’s advertising. And for that we give them thanks; their sterling salesmanship gives me, Dan, Nick and the rest of the TTAG crew the freedom to focus on providing you, gentle reader, with the gunblogosphere’s freshest and most frequent content. Some of which is genuinely surprising. For example, did you know that GunBroker.com’s best-selling revolver isn’t a Smith & Wesson? Ah, but what is it? Guess, then make the jump for the reveal via the manufacturer’s proud presser. I bet you won’t see this one coming . . .

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Firegild Exclusive Firearms: Mexican Drug Lords Need Apply?

(courtesy firegild.com)

Our salacious friends at Because Guns turned us on to Firegild Exclusive Firearms. In case the image above and the ones over at BG’s gallery [click here to view] aren’t self-explanatory, and I think they are, the company’s website tells us that their work is “Inspired by laissez-faire freedoms and the reckless pursuit of seeing beauty in the blending of forces, this boutique venue brings a celebration of blissful furor to firearms, from simple or sublime elegance, to dazzling brilliance.” So now you know: Firegild’s marketing prose is just as overwrought as their jewel-encrusted guns. Still, Polly Davis Ditch’s passion for obscure objects of bedazzled desire seems clear enough. As is her distaste for corporate America . . .

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Guns for Beginners: ALWAYS Call the Police


“The motorist said he was stopped at a red light on 1st Ave and S. Lander Street, next to a black Ford Expedition,” komononews.com reports. “When the light turned green, a third car blew through the intersection, cutting off the victim and the Expedition. The victim honked at the third car as it sped away, and continued on. Moments later, the victim told police the driver of the Expedition pulled alongside him and displayed a handgun.” Really? Did the Ford driver really brandish his firearm simply because another vehicle honked at him? And did this happen then? . . .

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Americans for Responsible Solutions Supports Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act

(courtesy americansforresponsiblesolutions.org)

Why Are So Many of America’s Women Murdered with a Gun? Americans for Responsible Solutions asks in its online anti-gun agitprop, promoting the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act. That’s a tough question, one that makes one wonder how many is “so many” and is that many many compared to the many other women who die from many other causes? Of course, the pronoun “one” doesn’t include gun control advocates who cling to the belief that “one” woman murdered with a gun is too many to not create new gun control laws. People who bend stats to their will to make sweeping generalizations that [seem to] justify civilian disarmament. Like this . . .

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“Stymied” On Gun Control, President Obama Vows to “Keep Working On It”

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.11.56 AM

“U.S. President Barack Obama says the issue that has left him ‘the most stymied’ is the debate over gun control,” ctvnews.ca reports. “Obama tells the BBC [click here to watch] that he’s frustrated’ that the U.S. “(is the one advanced nation on Earth that) does not have commonsense gun safety laws, even in the face of repeated mass killings.'” The CIC made the statement just hours before the Lafayette theater shooting (which counts as a mass killing because the shooter took his own life). “Obama says that while fewer than 100 Americans have been killed by terrorism since September 11, 2001, tens of thousands have been killed by gun violence.” In other words . . .

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