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‘Gun Violence’ Never Happens in Sweden. Except When It Does . . .


Rinkeby shooting and stabbing crime scene (courtey thelocal.se)

Rare Gun Violence Erupts In Stockholm: 1 Dead, 3 Injured In Shooting And Stabbing In Sweden the headline at ibtimes.com proclaims, forgetting last March’s pub shooting in Gothenburg, the Malmö shootings, a more recent drive-by shooting in the same city and other firearms-related crimes. “After a rare case of deadly gun violence erupted in one of Europe’s safest capitals Sunday afternoon, three suspects entered a police station and were arrested on suspicion of their involvement. One person died, and three others were injured in Rinkeby, a neighborhood in the Swedish city of Stockholm, according to Swedish authorities, and just three hours later, three suspects turned themselves in, Swedish Television News reported.” As the Bard would say, methinks they doth protest too much. Like this . . .

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Question of the Day: What Do You Practice at the Gun Range?

I spent a warm Saturday morning at Best of the West Shooting Sports with the organizers of the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival (November 14 and 15). As usual, I practiced moving, drawing and shooting while moving. So no standing still stances for me. When I’m in a square range, I go all isosceles and practice r-e-a-l-l-y slow fire or maximum accuracy, then speed up to double taps (Red’s doesn’t allow rapid fire). I always finish by drawing numbers inside shapes on a target, and depend on the kindness of strangers to call out a number or shape to shoot. I start the target at five yards and then push it out to 25. What’s your go-to gun range practice routine?



Quote of the Day: Enact, Repeal…It’s All Good in Gun Control World Edition

Judge H. Lee Sarokin (courtesy addictionincorporated)

“I have no doubt that some additional legislation, such as background checks, will help stem the tide of this endless gun violence. But the real answer is in repealing existing legislation — the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.” – Retired Federal judge Judge H. Lee Sarokin, End Gun Violence by Repealing, Not Enacting Legislation [via huffingtonpost.com]


War Against Mexico’s Autodefensas Continues: Jesús Bucio Assassinated

Assasinated Autodefnsa leader Jesús Bucio Cortés (courtesy razon.com.mx)

Mexico’s autodefensas are armed citizen militias attempting to protect local populations from drug cartel-related extortion, rape, torture and murder. To that end, the autodefensas oppose the corrupt politicians and police working for the drug thugs. At the same time, the autodefensas try to protect residents from the domestically deployed Mexican military, whose human rights record is deeply shameful. You know; if they felt shame. Borderland Beat reports that the ongoing three front war against the autodefensas has entered a new phase; targeted assassination of its leaders. I wonder whom the U.S. government supports . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Greg Gutfeld [VIDEO]

Not everyone who reads this site is a fan of Fox News. I get that. Fox’s “Interrupter-in-Chief’,” for example, is decidedly squidgy on gun rights. While Billious Bill O’Reilly may sit astride Fox like a cantankerous colossus, there’s plenty of firearms-freedom loving commentators down at the sharp end.  Check out this clip of Dana Loesch giving Nomiki Konst what for. Ann Coulter takes no prisoners, gun rights wise. But the endlessly sardonic Greg Gutfeld is the best – least strident yet most passionate – of the bunch. This particular clip is remarkable only in that Gutfeld turns to Geraldo and says . . .

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Slain Journalist’s Anti-Gun Father: “They Messed With the Wrong Family” [VIDEO]

Speaking on CNN’s State of the Union, the father of slain journalist Alison Parker announced that “they messed with the wrong family.” Wait. What? Who is this they of which Mr. Parker speaks? The man responsible for his daughter’s life is dead. As far as we know, he wasn’t part of a criminal conspiracy. And the aggressors are: “NRA supporters and lawmakers who voted against passing stricter gun laws.” As you know doubt know, Alison’s killer passed a background check when he purchased his firearm. He had not been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution. So what gun control law could have saved his daughter? Parker said . . .

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Colion Noir: Post Live-TV Murder Bloody Shirt Waving Is No Good for Anyone [VIDEO]

In the wake of the Roanoke live-TV homicide, gun guru and firearms fashionista Colion Noir recaps all the arguments against background checks, replaying clips of politicians calling for more gun control. It’s a compelling video for those who haven’t been following the “gun debate” since the Sandy Hook slaughter. For those of us who have – and how – Noir’s plain speaking is a welcome addition to the voices of reason opposing attempts to degrade and destroy our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. How’s this quote from TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day for telling it like it is . . .

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NYPD 1, Innocent Bystander 0

Crime scene where NYPD accidentally shot bystander Felix Kumi (courtesy nytimes.com)

“The New York Police Department said that in the midst of the sting, a suspect pulled a gun on the undercover officer, stole the cash changing hands in the transaction and ran,” nytimes.com reports. “When the officer opened fire, police officials and witnesses said, he shot the suspect, but he also hit Mr. Kumi, 61, who was walking to retrieve his van from a nearby repair shop.” And killed him. The police “excuse” for the negligent discharge: the dealer in question pointed a gun at an officer as he fled. (You gonna argue wit dat?) New York’s Finest didn’t just fire ONE stray bullet . . .

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Bexar County TX Sheriff Shoots Man with Upraised Arms [VIDEO]

The man who shot the video above, Michael Thomas, sold the exclusive rights to San Antonio’s KSAT12. The local TV station chose not to show the actual moment police gunned down a man with his arms raised in surrender in Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas. Apparently he wasn’t reaching for a weapon at the time of ballistic perforation. “Law enforcement officials say the deputies made multiple attempts to subdue the man using tasers and riot shields but were unsuccessful,” thinkprogress.org reports. “The officials said deputies arrived on the scene to find . . .

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NJ Pistol-Packing Pastors Denied Right to Carry [VIDEO]

New Jersey Second Amendment Society president Alexander P. Roubian writes [via Ammoland.com]

It is not every week that you get contacted by two pastors who want a concealed carry permit to protect themselves and their church. With a rise in violence targeting churches and religious groups do you blame them? Watch our video story on Chasing News below. When I was contacted by Pastor Kevin Bernat and Pastor Jeff Kovach two weeks ago, I honestly did not know what to think. They told me about their insane experiences in dealing with the New Jersey gun laws and how local authorities would make up rules which clearly violate NJ statutes. What is even crazier . . .

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