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Review: Gun Self Defense for Women

Doc Reviews usually reviews mainstream media. His foray into firearms fail is a welcome addition to his canon — although why he fails to mention Doc’s wife-beater T shirt is beyond me. We hope to engage Doc’s talents for further explorations into the world of YouTube gun videos, both positive and negative. Saying that, snark rules. Especially when it’s punctuated by a belch. [h/t DrVino]


The Only Thing That Stops an Anti-Gunner from Making a Documentary is . . . Nothing

Produced by Katie Couric, Under the Gun is a bloody-shirt waving extravaganza making the mainstream media happy. In the interview above, the film’s director offers the usual cocktail of misdirection and misinformation. In the clip (not magazine), an unidentified “expert” makes fun of people who divide the world into “good guys and bad guys” . . .

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Chicago Cop Sues Dead Teen’s Family for $10m

Officer Robert Rialmo (courtesy chicago.cbslocal.com)

“The Chicago police officer who killed Quintonio LeGrier has filed a lawsuit against the teen’s estate,” cnn.com reports. “In a counterclaim filed last week, Officer Robert Rialmo alleges the 19-year-old whom he shot dead the day after Christmas assaulted him with a baseball bat and caused him to suffer trauma. He’s seeking more than $10 million in punitive damages from LeGrier’s estate.” According to Officer Rialmo’s lawsuit . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Texas Oilman and Hunter Kerry Krottinger

"Texas oilman and hunter Kerry Krottinger, seen here with his wife Libby" (courtesy news.nationalgeographic.com)

“Sport hunters, those who kill animals for recreation rather than out of necessity, imported more than 1.26 million trophies to the U.S. in the decade from 2005 through 2014, according to a new analysis of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s import data by Humane Society International and the Humane Society of United States. That’s an average of 126,000 trophy imports a year, or 345 a day.” Although the room depicted above is a little freaky, I have no problem with sport hunting. I consider it key to wildlife preservation. Here’s someone who doesn’t quite see it that way . . .

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“United To Stop Gun Violence” at the D.C. National Cathedral: Anti Gun Agitprop You Can Dance To!

Admittedly, dancing to the above anti-gun rights “spoken word” agitprop would require free form interpretation. (Hint: LSD.) But you’ve got to give this women credit for rhyming and clever turns of phrase. “More guns? More guns?” she asks incredulously . Uh, yes. More guns. In the hands of law-abiding Americans (without evil in their hearts), defending themselves against violent attack. Or just having fun! Meanwhile, TTAG extends an open invitation to this young woman or any other poet who wants to have a gun rights “poetry slam.” That would be a hoot — especially as our man Leghorn is an accomplished violist.


Convicted Murderer: I Heart Gun Control

John Lennon (courtesy qz.com)

Writing for qz.com, a convicted murderer writing under the pen name “John Lennon” [above] insits that lax gun laws had nothing to do with his crime. “It reminded me of the December night in 2001 when I easily obtained a (straw purchased) assault rifle from a friend and used it to shoot an associate of mine named Alex in the head. He, too, sat unarmed in a car, this one on a Brooklyn street. I killed Alex after learning that he was extorting a man who sold drugs for me. I can’t change what I did even as I feel remorse for it—the responsibility for pulling the trigger is mine alone.” Fair enough. Only not really. Mr. Lennon doesn’t take sole responsibility for his actions . . .

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Question of the Day: What Non-Gun Answers to Firearms-Related Violence?

“Islamic cleric Talib Shareef uses Arabic prayer to bless ‘United To Stop Gun Violence’ event at the Washington National Cathedral in D.C.,” LaughingAtLiberals YouTube channel informs. “Ironically, he goes on to make some sense in his speech, as he talks about the problems with the origins of someone wanting to turn to violence and crime in the first place, which is more sense than most of the speakers had that evening.” What can communities do to reduce “gun violence” — without resorting to ineffective and unconstitutional gun control initiatives?


Housekeeping: Meet TTAG Email Editor Josh Wayner


Drowning in a sea of unopened emails, TTAG put out a SOS for a capable brand fan to assume the newly created role of Email Editor. We received an embarrassment of riches: over 80 responses. The vast majority of our applicants were completely qualified for the position; we thank all aspiring Editors for their time and expertise. As TTAG expands, we’ll be going back to our well of talent for more team members. After much folding, spindling and a little mutilation, we’re happy to welcome . . .

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Quote of the Day: Obama’s Executive Action on Guns a Damp Squib? Edition

President Obama (courtesy usnews.com)

“Obama administration officials said they had no specific plans to increase investigations, arrests or prosecutions of gun sellers who do not comply with the law. No task forces have been assembled. No agents or prosecutors have been specifically reassigned to such cases. And no funding has been reallocated to accelerate gun sale investigations in Washington.” – Obama’s Lofty Plans on Gun Violence Amount to Little Action [via nytimes.com]

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Play Stupid Games . . .

The profusion of so-called pranks on YouTube continues apace. We’ve said it before, we’ll say again: many of these productions — designed to scare or antagonize unsuspecting civilians — are an excellent way to get shot. Contrary to Internet opinion, it hasn’t happened yet. But it will. And when it does we won’t say we told you so. Because you already know it.