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Quote of the Day: Never Again Again (If You Have A License) Edition

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“If there is even a one in a hundred chance that by doing a certain action someone might save a person’s life then they are obligated to do so, so that we may live by God’s commandment’s, not die by them.” Rabbi David Yosef quoted in Senior Shas figure: Anyone with a gun license should carry firearm on Shabbat [via jt.com] [h/t JE]


BREAKING: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Is Resigning; Grand Jury Decision Due Sunday

Soon to be former Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson (courtesy controversialtimes.com)

“According to multiple media sources, Darren Wilson, the Ferguson Police Officer at the center of the Michael Brown shooting is in the final stages of resigning from the Ferguson Police Department,” controversialtimes.com reports. “An announcement about his status may be made as early as Friday of this week.” Which makes perfect sense. Our sources tell us that the Grand Jury will no-bill Wilson on Friday, but release its decision on Sunday. Those who think that the resulting protests (and resulting clashes with police) will be localized to Ferguson or even St. Louis better think again. The website fergusonresponse.tumblr.com lists planned demos across the U.S., from Tuscon to Bangor, and beyond.


Guns & Ammo to Sue Guns Save Life for Diss of Taurus Curve Puff Piece

Guns & Ammo's Taurus Curve article (courtesy gunsandammo.com)

John Boch at gunssavelife.com doesn’t care for the new Taurus Curve. “By all appearances, it seems to be a striker-fired double action semi-auto. It comes with an integral belt clip and can be stuffed right inside the waistband in the appendix, inside-the-waistband carry mode. That kids, is dangerous . . .Would you stuff a loaded Glock down the front of your pants, sans holster, for everyday carry?” Boch is not enamored with the Curve’s lack of sights. “It’s got a (non-intuitively activated) laser and a flashlight, so you can waste precious time activating and the locating the laser on the bad-guy’s shirt (assuming it’s not bright sunlight and he’s wearing dark clothing) before pulling the trigger.” And, last but by no means least, Boch takes issue with Guns & Ammo’s coverage . . .

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Leno on NSSF Cancellation: “I Thought It Was a Hunting Show”

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Comedian Jay Leno’s decision to cancel his appearance at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) SHOT Show dinner left a lot of gun guys and gals disappointed. While the monetary blowback will be minimal – Leno has more money than God – the big question remains. Why? While Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America argued that Leno had come to his senses, it seems the former Tonight Show host was tricked – tricked I tell you! – into accepting NSSF cash for his time . . .

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Newark Mayor on Gun Laws: Never Mind the Constitution, Look at This Baby!

If you’re looking for a state where draconian gun control laws have singularly, spectacularly failed to protect its citizens from “gun violence,” New Jersey is it. ‘N.J. homicides soared to seven-year high in 2013 after surges in Newark, Trenton’, nj.com reported back in January. Ah yes, Newark. A city whose gang-bangers bang and bang and bang, to the point where Mayor Ras Baraka invited criminals, gang members, and police to a church in Newark for a sit-down . . .

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Guns & Ammo Announce Ammo of the Year Award; TTAG Readers’ Choice Award to Launch December 1


I tried out Winchester Ammunition’s W Train & Defend ammo at the Texas International Firearms Festival (now scheduled for November 14th and 15th 2015). The ammo dudes loaded a mag with four rounds of 9mm Train ammo and one round of 9mm Defend ammo, mixed in behind my back. The challenge: ID which round was the more expensive Defend ammo. Nope. Couldn’t do it. So, as long as you’re OK with the Defend round, the concept is sound: train as you mean to fight. Guns & Ammo thinks so. The dead tree mag’s revived its formerly moribund Ammunition of the Year award to honor T&D. By their own admission [press release after the jump] the selection process was about as independent as you’d imagine . . .

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Cerberus Stuck with The Freedom Group. For Now.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

About two years go, in the politically charged aftermath of the Sandy Hook slaughter, Cerberus Capital Group promised to sell The Freedom Group. Cerberus made the pledge to deep-six the non-synergistic agglomeration of firearms-related companies under pressure from the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS). The teachers were mortified – mortified I tell you! – by the fact that a portion of their gi-normous pension fund was vested with the money men who owned the company that manufactured the Bushmaster rifle the Newtown killer used to murder 26 people [above]. Unfortunately for the educators, no one wanted to buy The Freedom Group. As time went on . . .

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MA Fifth Grader Suspended for Shooting Finger Gun at Girls

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.44.57 AM

“Nickolas Taylor, a fifth-grader, was suspended [from school for two days] after pointing an imaginary ray gun – his finger – and mouthing laser sounds in the school’s cafeteria last Friday,” milforddailynews.com reports. Nickolas’ father Brian is not amused. “I think this is very slanderous toward Nickolas and his character. It was non-threatening. He’s just a typical boy with an imagination.” Prevaricate much? Who cares if the hand gesture was threatening? Isn’t instructing children in proper social interaction part of the school system’s remit? Anyway, here’s young master Nicholas’ description of events . . .

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Is This the Best Slo-Mo .50 Caliber Destruction Video Ever?

I’m not saying this Dan Blizerian .50 vs. Rolex YouTube video is perfect. The most glaring defect: Dan the Man shoots fake Rolexes. That is SO not the same as drilling a real Rolex. If Dan had shot a Rolex Daytona – or two or three – that would have lifted this slo-mo video straight into the legendary category, adding to the Trustafarian’s already formidable rep as the [all but literally] balls-out American consumer. Better/worse yet, how about a Patek Phillippe? Still, this production is a gorgeous thing, proving that Shiva the Destroyer is a serious babe, if you know what I mean.


Jury Awards $9m Payout for Saturday Night Special Gone Wrong

Bryco .380 (courtesy gunauction.com)

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: the vast majority of negligent discharges are a comedy of errors. Or, as is too often the case, a tragedy of errors. One after another. In this case, it started with a stalker. “In 2000 Tiffany Hardware turned to a family friend who owned a pawn shop for advice on getting a gun for protection,” ajc.com reports. “According to Lloyd Bell, one of her attorneys, Hardware worked at a call center at night and had been frightened when someone followed her to the home she shared with her daughter, her mother and her brother.” Family friend? Methinks Macon pawn shop owner Ronald Richardson ain’t so friendly no ‘mo. Here’s what went down . . .

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Black Aces Tactical’s ATF-Approved SIG Brace-Equipped Short Barrelled Shotgun Revealed


Earlier today we posted a piece reassuring readers that they can buy a SIG Brace for their AR pistol without risking ATF blowback. The post clarified a letter sent to Black Aces Tactical by the ATF, regarding their as-yet-unnamed SIG Braced Pro Series 5 short-barrelled shotgun variant (shown above and after the jump). The letter said the shotgun was legal – as long as the owner didn’t shoulder it. That was good enough for Black Aces’ owner and ex-Third Class Petty Officer Eric Lemoine. “We’ll send the gun out with warnings all over the place,” Lemoine told TTAG, “‘not to be shouldered’ will be in big letters and underlined, on the box, on a tag attached to the trigger, everywhere. And we’ll include the ATF letter in the paperwork” Lemoine insists that the warnings are not a legal work-around . . .

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