Camera Parts Fashioned Into Non-Functional Firearms. Awesome!

“Art is meant to send a message, to inspire or to provoke emotions,” proclaims. “Inside a Denver metal shop, two artists are doing just that by turning old cameras and photography equipment into sculptures of life-like firearms.” Photographer Jason Siegel and metalworker Keith D’Angelo claim their work isn’t anti-gun . . . The artists said […]

81% of Gun Owners Believe They’d Win a Defensive Gun Use

Marking the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, CBS News conducted a national poll on firearms and firearms-related issues. While the news org’s post focuses on attitudes towards mass shootings and gun control, there’s a lot of fascinating data in the survey that didn’t make the highlight reel. Check out the stats on defensive gun […]

Springfield Armory Reveals 1911 TRP in 10mm [Video]

Before now, Springfield Armory only offered a 10mm 1911 TRP (Tactical Response Pistol) through their Custom Shop. Reflecting the market’s growing desire for guns chambered in the mondo caliber, the Illinois gun company has added two 10mm “Operator” TRP’s to their regular lineup. [Press release below.] They ain’t cheap, but quality never is. That said, […]

Sandy Hook Slaughter: Could the Police Have Prevented The Spree Killing?

“In the five years since 20 students and six educators were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Connecticut State Police have been unable to complete a report that law enforcement across the country look for when preparing for future incidents of extreme violence,” reports. While I have nothing but contempt for Sandy Hook hoaxers . […]

Bismarck PD Switches from Smith & Wesson M&P to Sig Sauer P320 with X-Ray Sights

“On Tuesday, the city commission approved nearly $30,000 for the purchase of 140 Sig Sauer P320 duty-size handguns with X-ray sight,” reveals, “and 20 Sig Sauer P320 compact-size handguns.” The BPD are ditching their Smith & Wesson M&Ps. “The department needs to replace our handguns due to some documented malfunctions and reliability concerns over the […]

Question of the Day: Do You Hunt?

I’m pro-hunting. As the Dallas Safari Club asserts in its big ass billboard defending its January convention, hunting preserves endangered species. (Yes, even lions!) And there’s no doubt that hunting helps conserve natural habitats. But I don’t hunt. Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m not PC, squeamish or sentimental. I’d have no problem […]