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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: MMA Edition

Joe Riggs before he shot his hand (courtesy mmafighting.com)

Joe Riggs out of UFN 51 after ‘unfortunate accident’ with gun, the headline at mmafighting.com proclaims. Setting aside the “unfortunate” descriptor, I’m not a big fan of the word “accident” when it comes to negligent discharges. I prefer “negligent discharge.” It’s a term that ascribes blame for an inadvertent ballistic event. “The UFC announced Tuesday that ‘Diesel’ injured his hand while cleaning his own pistol and won’t be able to recover in time for the UFC Fight Night 51 card in Brasilia, Brazil, on Oct. 13.” Yeah, about that cleaning thing. Are there really people stupid enough to shoot their hand before cleaning their gun? Shouldn’t that whole “accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun” thing be reserved for police suicides, protecting widows’ pensions? Anyway, the passive part . . .

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Jury Acquits Man for Firing Warning Shot at Wrong-House Cops

I know we’re a little late in this one, but it’s good to see a jury exonerate a citizen for taking ballistic action against Virginia cops investigating the wrong house – even if a “warning shot” is an extremely ill-advised tactic for any defensive situation. Assuming that’s what it was; warning shots are usually aimed upwards. Anyway, what’s up with the reporter’s assertion that “In a neighborhood where weapons are everywhere, Brandon Watson didn’t hesitate to grab his own legally purchased gun.” Is there a set weapons density that justifies taking-up arms when you’re facing a home invasion? And while I agree with the reporter that both sides of the encounter were lucky that night, one side suffered more than the other. Cops need to have a protocol for ID’ing themselves, and stick to it. [h/t SA]

IN State Police’s Active Shooter Advice for Disarmed Bus Drivers

(courtesy vimeo.com)

“Outside of RamRodz gun cleaners, we are a full scale tool & equipment manufacturer,” TTAG reader Dan Engelsen writes. “As such I subscribe to a ton of industry newsletters. Saw this one today: School bus safety videos show responses to shooter. We recently had a bill [Senate Bill 229] that allows bus drivers to carry on a bus if they have a concealed carry permit and they’ve been authorized by the school or school district to possess a firearm. Click here [or on the image above] to see the Indiana.gov website video teaching bus drivers how to deal with an active shooter on a school bus. According the the video, the driver should abruptly apply the parking brake and/or swing the vehicle left and right, and then run or physically engage an armed individual. There’s no mention of a defensive firearm.”

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Take That Everytown for Gun Safety Edition

“Deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of NW 94th Street in Vancouver at approximately 11 p.m. after hearing reports of shots fired and a man injured,” kptv.com reports. “When deputies got there, they found 44-year-old Scott Grossman dead. Deputies said Grossman’s girlfriend shot him with a pistol at close range. They said she had not been detained or arrested, and all deputies would say was that they were treating the case as a domestic violence homicide.” Considering Everytown for Gun Safety’s recent domestic violence PSA – wherein the victim is GLOCK-shot by a domestic abuser, we can file this one as life imitating art, only better. Much better. [h/t TP]

Taurus Fires US CEO Mark Kresser

Ex-Taurus CEO Mark Kresser (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Taurus International Manufacturing, the US division of Forjas Taurus [has] fired multi-year CEO Mark Kresser,” gunnuts.net reports. “Based on the information received, Mark’s firing was a sudden change for a company that had been attempting to re-invent its image under his leadership in the past several years.” Last week, Brazilian ammo maker CBC/Magtech upped their stake in Taurus, purchasing a controlling interest. No doubt Kresser’s departure is tied to the takeover. TTAG’s sorry to see him go . . .

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Quote of the Day: Boys Will be Boys Edition

Zsofia McMullin and Sam (courtesy blog.stenhouse.com)

“As a parent, I struggle with finding the balance between ‘he’s a boy, boys play with cowboys and knights,’ and ‘oh my god, if he plays with these toy guns, will he turn into a violent person?’ I know the line may not be that fine, but with regular school shootings in the news, I wonder if the standards for these sorts of things have changed..” Zsofia McMullin, My 4-year-old loves toy guns and I don’t know how to parent that [via washingtonpost.com]

George Zimmerman is Not A Security Guard. Again. Still.

Pompano Pat's DeLand, FL

“Police in DeLand report that two officers spotted (George) Zimmerman and his dog parked behind Pompano Pat’s, a motorcycle and gun store, on Sunday shortly after midnight and approached him,” dailymail.co.uk reports. “Zimmerman, who was acquitted last summer of the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, told officers that the owner had given him permission to be there to provide security after a recent burglary, according to the police report. No citations were issued because ‘There was no evidence to support that a crime had occurred or was about to occur,’ Officer Jessica Mayo wrote in the report.” Only one small problem . . .

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