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Michigan Auto Repair Shop: Yes to Gun Owners, No to Gays

“Brian Klawiter owns Dieseltec shop in Grandville [MI],” cnn.com reports. “In a statement this week on his company Facebook page, he urged gun owners to visit his business, promising a discount for those who do. ‘Enough is enough,’ his post said, declaring that the voices of conservative Americans are getting drowned out. He pledged to operate his business the way he sees fit. ‘I am a Christian. My company will be run in a way that reflects that. Dishonesty, thievery, immoral behavior, etc. will not be welcomed,’ he said. ‘I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period.” Oh dear. Here’s the Facebook post:

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“The improbable flight path of this bullet makes the Kennedy single bullet theory seem plausible”

(courtesy walb.com)

“Lee County Sheriff’s deputies say 54-year-old Larry McElroy fired his 9 mm pistol at the armadillo Sunday night,” timesunion.com reports. “Deputies say the bullet killed the armadillo, but bounced off the animal, hit a fence, traveled through the back door of the mother-in-law’s mobile home and the recliner in which she was sitting, striking her in the back. McElroy’s 74-year-old mother-in-law, Carol Johnson, suffered injuries described as non-life-threatening . . . Lee County Sherriff’s deputies say McElroy was about 100 yards away from the home when he shot the armadillo.” Click here for the video on the story. And no, it’s not April 1.


Websites, Like Guns, Should Include Tough Licensing and Registration Requirements. Or Not.

 David Eggert, Chairperson of God Before Guns (courtesy cleveland.com)

The chairperson of Gods Before Guns penned an editorial for cleveland.com entitled Guns, like cars, should include tough licensing and manufacturing requirements. “Many of the same kinds of regulations that are making steady progress in motor-vehicle safety could also be effective in reducing the toll of shootings,” Dave Eggert asserts. “And because guns, unlike vehicles, are specifically designed to kill, additional measures are also appropriate. These include universal background checks, special protections for children and youth, and special measures to keep guns away from criminals and domestic abusers.” Yup, this again. For those of you who just joined us . . .

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Violence Policy Center on NRA Convention: No Fun!


Two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different. One person can look at one thing and see two totally different things. We’re talking the NRA convention and the works of M. C. Esher [not shown]. Of the two, the NRA convention is the more germane. Which why the TTAG team attended the Nashville get-together of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. We saw proud manufacturers and peaceful gun owners celebrating their gun rights. Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center probably didn’t attend the Convention. But that didn’t stop him from portraying NRAAM as a gathering of unregulated death merchants and their willing enablers. Check out his email blast below. Here’s hoping Josh’s vision becomes less Hieronymus Bosch and more Jean-Honoré Fragonard. If you know what I mean . . .

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Allan M. Schneider: Discipline is the Key for Guns In The Home

Gunroom (courtesy hollywoodreporter.com)

Letter to the editor at seattletimes.com replying to “Guns, kids don’t mix

It depends on how you raise them. We raised three children with guns in the house. However, the guns and ammunition were secured and under our control. We went shooting as a family. We belonged to a shooting club with a weekly night for training children. It was well attended by parents. As a family, we had no problems with guns. The problem is much greater than access to guns . . .

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Army Takes Delivery of First M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzer

U.S. Army press release:

ELGIN, Okla. (April 9, 2014) — Military personnel and defense contractors celebrated delivery of the first low-rate initial production M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzer to the Army during a ceremony here, April 9. “The M109A7 stands at the vanguard of a series of ground combat modernization upgrades, which will significantly enhance the Army’s combat fleet for decades to come,” said Heidi Shyu, the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology . . .

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Hey Moms! This Is Where “Children” Get Their “Crime Guns” in Flint, MI

20080515_SB SHOOTING2

Where’d they get the gun? That’s what gun control advocates demand each and every time there’s a crime or negligent discharge involving a “child” (a slippery category that usually includes teenage gang bangers). The clear implication: if the child didn’t have access to a firearm, the crime or ND wouldn’t have happened. All we have to do to prevent these shootings: lock-up the guns! OK, and stop “unsuitable” people from keeping and bearing them. But you gotta start somewhere. And remember: no one really needs a gun. Except the police. ‘Cause they’re trained and responsible. Well here’s a story [via mlive.com] that derails both trains of thought. And how . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: The History of the American Policeman Edition

History of the American police officer (courtesy historyamerica.us)

TTAG reader Chip in South Florida writes:

I just had a job cross my desk that I found interesting and thought you, too, would get a kick out of it. The Chief of Police of my fine town asked me to print this poster for a display he is assembling. It’s a neat picture showing the general progression of Police from the late 1700’s to now. It starts on the left with the Rattle Watch from the 1700’s, then Officer, Marshall, et cetera up to the 50’s with the motorcycle cop and then on up to a SWAT team of today. It is a rather neat piece of artwork, well done overall. Now go back and look at the graphic again but pay attention to the stance of each presentation. From the left . . .

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Where’s MY Buoyant Ballistic Protection?

Hope floats! (courtesy ammoland.com)

When it comes to maritime activities, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia is unlucky. Again and again, we hear of boating accidents in which all manner of firearms are tragically lost. While there’s not much we can do to save the guns, Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Systems are doing their level best to keep gun owners afloat and bullet-resistant. Specifically, their LASA Maritime Combat System, which includes a new Marine Ballistic Helmet and a lightweight buoyant ballistic insert, a ballistic buoyant shield, communications, a lightweight waterproof rucksack, pouches and holsters. [Press release after the jump.] One can only hope the system makes it to the civilian market – hope floats! – and that the new holsters prevent the kind of loss experienced by our unfortunate readers . . .

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Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser’s Open Letter to Mark Kelly About the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program

(courtesy twitter.com)

Dear Mark:

The last thing I’ll do is tell someone else they shouldn’t say something that they have said. I may disagree with you but everyone has the right to go on record any way they choose. So I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t have posted the positive tweet about the Eddie Eagle program, but I am going to tell you why your tweet isn’t true. . . .

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Anti-SWATting NJ Legislator SWATted

Carb-challenged SWAT team responds to "prank" call at NJ Assemlyman Moriarty's house (courtesy nj.com)

“Swatting” means calling in to 911 to report a dangerous situation that requires a SWAT team to deal with it. A situation that doesn’t exist. (That probably doesn’t require a SWAT team but that’s another story.) In October, after a video game store was swatted, New Jersey assemblyman Paul Moriarty sponsored a bill with penalties for people who practice the “sick and disturbing” act of “swatting.” Specifically, jail time and a fine of up to $150k. On Saturday, the day after the legislator renewed his call for action, Mr. Moriarty was himself swatted. nj.com tells the tale . . .

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