TTAG Daily Digest: Swiss Guns, Ohio Teachers, AR15 Bullet Wounds and More

The Swiss are heavily armed. But mass shootings are rare here – “But”? Don’t they mean “and”? . . .  In Switzerland, the government also banned immigrants from eight countries, including Algeria, Sri Lanka, Turkey and nations of ex-Yugoslavia from owning firearms. This rule stems from political conflicts and hostilities that simmer within these groups, posing […]

Three Reasons We Shouldn’t Arm Teachers

This morning a presumably pajama-clad President Trump Tweeted his support for arming teachers. Not all teachers. “Highly qualified, gun adept teachers.” Teachers with military or special training experience.” How many? The President wants 20 percent of their total population. As America is home to an estimated 3.2 million elementary and secondary school teachers, President Trump […]

New from Wilson Combat: Ranger AR Rifle 243

I own an FN SCAR-16. I love it — if for no other reason that shooting it is a better muscle builder than all the arm machines at Gold’s Gym combined. Don’t get me wrong: all that weight tames the fearsome recoil of the .223 cartridge. See what I did there? See what Wilson Combat […]