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Arizona Sports Reporter: We’re Responsible for Roanoke Live TV Murder

Jon Gold (courtesy YouTube)

Reacting to the live-TV murder in Roanoke, Arizona Daily Star sports reporter Jon Gold posted the following on Facebook:

Unlike many of my journalism colleagues, I say run the video. Show the people of this country exactly what they are allowing, every single day, in every state in the union. Do not run from it. Do not hide from it. Own up to it. Own it . . .

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World’s Longest NERF Gun [VIDEO]

When the anti-gunners’ arguments fail, they frequently go all ad hominem. Gun rights advocates, they claim, are compensating for their small penis size. Without getting into details about my own wedding tackle, I know a couple of firearms enthusiasts who are hung like a horse. Equally, as I’ve said here before, it’s a man’s testicle size that determines his character, not the length of his penis. I won’t trouble you with my own cubic centimeter count. And I haven’t taken calipers to any of my gun-toting friends’ testicles. Suffice it to say . . .

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Question of the Day: Can You Watch This Video All the Way Through? [VIDEO]

I’m not going to debunk The Young Turks’ pro-Australian-style gun control logic, such as it is. He makes his main point at 6:05: “You think we’d have more firearms and suicides if we had less guns? You don’t believe that. You can’t possibly believe that. No one is that irrational.” That’s what passes for reason in Cenk Uygur’s mind, who singularly fails to clock humanity’s past and current record of government-sponsored mass murder of disarmed populations (including the Armenian genocide of 1915).  The question here: why listen to this nonsense? I mean . . .

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Roanoke Murder Triggers Firearms Freedom Fence Straddler’s Ballistic Conversion


Rebecca Walker Benjamin [above] is the former News Manager now contributor for Alabama Media Group in Huntsville. Checking her work at connect.al.com, we learn that she’s a lifestyle reporter. Where’s your nearest farmers market? Find it on our interactive mapCheck out these photos of how Alabamians are staying cool as the temperatures riseMilitary tattoos: How common are they?. Like that. Which makes her post I want a gun, and I’m not sure how I got here remarkable on a number of different levels. Let’s start with the fact that Benjamin’s account of her “Road to Damascus” moment includes the usual pro-gun control arguments . . .

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Slain TV Reporter’s Boyfriend Doesn’t Call for Gun Control [VIDEO]

Earlier today, the  father of slain Virginia TV reporter Alison Parker reacted to his daughter’s murder by calling for increased gun control. Andy Parker vowed to dedicate his life to that pursuit and for good measure, vilified the National Rifle Association. Speaking to CNN, [not shown] Alison Parker’s boyfriend Chris Hurst had a different message: “There needs to be some action that is taken out of an event like this — out of an event like Sandy Hook, like Charleston, like Aurora, Colorado… where these things just don’t occur anymore . . .

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Russian Roulette with a Maple-Flavored Whiskey-Filled Revolver. How Great is That? [VIDEO]

I’m not real excited about watching a couple of slackers sticking a gun in their mouth – even if they are slackers. Especially when it’s a faux plastic pistol holding a cylinder of Bird Dog Maple Flavored Whiskey. Wait. What? Googling the abomination (the whiskey, not the pink revolver) I found this at bourbonandbroadleaf.com: “My first experience with Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey was amazing, but I got so wasted off it I totally forgot I had it for a couple of months.” Sounds about right. As does this take from bourbonandoak.com . . .

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Random Thoughts on the Antis’ Post-Roanake Shooter’s “Easy Access to Guns”

Roanoake shooter's GLOCK

“If the Virginia killer did not have easy access to guns, if his scheme for murdering his former colleagues had to be accomplished with knives, hammers, or a home-made explosive device, the truth is that those murders would have been much less likely to occur.” So writes Michael Brendan Dougherty at theweek.comThe conservative case for reforming America’s sick gun culture is a shambolic editorial that wants its armed IRA and gun control in America too. But Dougherty’s central argument – that the average American shouldn’t have “easy access” to guns – is making the rounds in the post-live-TV shooting in Roanoke. Let me say this about that . . .

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Father Of Slain Journalist Dedicates Himself to Gun Control [VIDEO]

A TTAG reader called me yesterday to complain that we were overly focused on the Roanoke TV killer, rather than the victims. I’m posting this video to at least partially redress the balance. I regret the fact that father of slain TV journalist Alison Parker has decided to dedicate himself to increasing gun control, which would have done nothing to save his daughter. And wouldn’t prevent future, similar tragedies. But I understand Andy Parker’s desire to give Alison’s life meaning in the best way he knows how. Our thoughts and prayers are with the survivors.


Question of the Day: What if the Roanoke Killer Had Been A Straight, White, Republican?

As we reported last night, the usual suspects made the usual pronouncements about gun control in the wake of the horrific live TV shooting in Roanoke. This despite the fact that the killer bought his murder weapon legally, passing a background check. Anti-gunners also used the attack to assert that armed self-defense wouldn’t have saved his victims. This despite the fact that their murderer, known to his victims and known to have anger issues and a grudge against their mutual employer, approached them slowly, in a space without other people, and lingered dangerously close for a good five seconds before opening fire. Once again, it’s all about the gun. But what if . . .

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NRA-ILA: Remember Katrina Gun Confiscation [VIDEO]

Fairfax, VA -(AmmoLand.com)- August 29th marks the 10-year anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, La. The memory of the devastation wrought by the storm and the resulting chaos is a human tragedy of such a vast scale that it endures to this day; and will well beyond. Further, the measures taken to disarm law-abiding firearm owners in Katrina’s wake should serve as a testament to why gun owners guard our right to bear arms so vigilantly . . .

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South African Police Blame Legal Gun Owners for Firearms-Related Crime

(courtesy saps.gov..za)

SOUTH AFRICA – (Ammoland.com) – The South African Gunowners’’ Association (SAGA) has taken note of the advertisement on the official South African Police Service website [since modified] entitled “ILLEGAL GUNS TAKE INNOCENT LIVES.’ The advertisement stated that, “the majority of these illegal guns come from legal owners who were either negligent or robbed of their gun, which ends up with the gun being used for criminal activities.” While it is an indisputable fact that illegally possessed firearms are used in the commission of crimes . . .

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