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Question of the Day: How Do YOU Convert an Anti?

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Evan in RI writes: “I was talking to a left-leaning friend of mine today at our Ivy-League college when she brought up gun control and children hurting themselves with firearms they find. I suggested teaching firearms safety in Health Education, which she predictably scoffed at. So I said to her: ‘Agree or disagree: Teaching teenagers about condoms and birth control leads to teens having sex.’ ‘Of course not.’ ‘So how will teaching teenagers to handle firearms safely lead to teens shooting up schools?’ I’m taking her to the range next weekend for her own firearms safety class, ‘Just in case I have to ever touch one of those barbaric things.’ Well, one step at a time I guess.” What’s you three-step program to convert an anti-gunner to the firearms freedom side of the fence?

BREAKING: Bloomberg Launches Everytown for Gun Safety

“Michael R. Bloomberg, making his first major political investment since leaving office, plans to spend $50 million this year building a nationwide grass-roots network to motivate voters who feel strongly about curbing gun violence,” nytimes.com reports, unfamiliar with the expression “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” Apparently Everytown will be “an organization he hopes can eventually outmuscle the National Rifle Association.” How’s that you ask? “The plans call for a restructuring of the gun control groups he funds, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. They will be brought under one new umbrella group called Everytown for Gun Safety.” I reckon Mayor Mike’s re-branding exercise spells the rapid diminution of the most effective and dangerous gun control organization in America. By that I mean . . .

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Quote of the Day: Prof. Glenn Reynolds on the Limits of State Power

 (courtesy agentgearusa.com)

“I wonder if the primacy of individual self-defense under Heller and McDonald might not have implications for other areas of the law. At the core of Heller and McDonald is a constitutionalization of the right of self-defense. The right of individuals to protect themselves against violence is so important that it is, in many ways, beyond the power of the state to regulate. Though the state might prefer to sacrifice citizens’ lives and safety in order to limit gun ownership, such a sacrifice is not permitted. This indicates that individual citizens’ lives and autonomy are themselves, in some important aspects, beyond the power of the state to sacrifice.” – Professor Glenn Reynolds, The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law [via Tennessee Law Review, Vol. 81, p. 409, 2014]  (h/t JT&T)

Dr. Laura Hayes: I’m OK, You’re A Potential Spree Killer

Dr. Laura L. Hayes (courtesy wchoa.org)

Writing for slate.com, psychologist Laura Hayes [above] reckons mental illness isn’t such a big deal, gun violence-wise. “Violent crimes committed by people with severe mental illnesses get a lot of attention, but such attacks are relatively rare. Paolo del Vecchio of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has said, ‘Violence by those with mental illness is so small that even if you could somehow cure it all, 95 percent of violent crime would still exist.’” Yes, but if vilifying mentally ill people (and taking away their guns) saves just one life . . . I kid. And kudos to Dr. Hayes for putting things in perspective. Oh wait. Oh dear . . .

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If It’s NERF or Nothing, Introducing Nothing

Over at everydaynodaysoff.com, the TTAG-reading gunblogmeister casts his jaded eye on NERF’s new rivals: BoomCo blasters. [Link autoplays.] ENDO is impressed! With Mattel’s distribution channel. Not their marketing. Roger that. This video only smells like teen spirit; it singularly fails to show the product as a serious weapon for hormone-crazed, violence-prone teens. You know, some cool kid sneaking up on some Call of Duty dweeb and firing a dart at his face – that sticks to his Coke bottle-bottom glasses. (BoomCo’s USP: PostIt Note tips.) In fact, this could just as easily be an ad for Frosted Flakes. Except BoomCo’s blasters don’t look so grrrrreat! But what do I know? I carry a 1911. And the last time I rode a skateboard, grinding was something they did in Dirty Dancing.

It Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use: Florida Bear Attack Edition

A couple of years ago, just before the school run, as a weak winter sun struggled to light-up the sky, I went outside to put some trash in the bin on the street. As I turned to head back to the house, I came face to face with a coyote. This in suburban Providence, RI. He looked at me. I looked at him. My hand went to my gun. The coyote went towards Presidents Avenue. I mention this because a) coyote attacks are a thing, b) so are bear attacks, and c) a gun is a good thing to have on your person when animals attack. For example . . .

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New from SIG SAUER: Elite Performance Ammunition

SIG SAUER Elite ammo

Porsche makes most of its money selling SUVs, but the Mom-mobiles weaken the sports car maker’s brand. Eventually. I repeat: brand extensions are profitable in the short term. Long term they take a company’s eye off the ball. IMHO. In SIG’s HO “Every product SIG SAUER produces will have the same attributes for which our firearms are known around the world – reliability, accuracy, and unparalleled performance,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER director of product management. As for the Elite Performance Ammunition .  . .

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