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Quote of the Day: Freaking Somalia Edition

Somalia (courtesy bbc.co.uk)

“There is no debate about the horrific, Third World worthy gun violence in our society. The problem is that so many people are willing to tolerate it, justify it because of a poorly written, outdated paragraph in the constitution. 30,000+deaths a year, because freedom. Well, I want freedom FROM guns. I don’t want a bunch of yahoos with concealed carry permits itching to prove their manhood walking around. Studies prove that the states with the laxest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence, that having a gun in your home makes you less safe, that suicides drop dramatically without gun availability. Who wouldn’t want to emulate Australia, or England, or Japan? I don’t want to live in freaking Somalia, I just want to know I won’t get shot if some moron thinks I cut him off on the highway. What the f**k is wrong with us?” – Pssdov commenting on Debate on Gun Violence Limited by Either-Or Thinking [via politicsusa.com]


Question of the Day: What Will You Do Under Stress?

In the video above, Dutch cops “storm” a man who’d taken over Dutch broadcaster NOS’ news studio. The lead cop has his finger planted firmly on the trigger. The other has considerable difficulty holstering his standard-issue Walter P99 Q NL (that recently replaced the old Walter P5). Was it stress that caused the cops to fail to be operators operating operationally? In fact, stress degrade firearms self-defense skills like searching for a suitable link for an Israeli supermodel degrades my ability to finish this sentence in a timely manner. How well do you perform under pressure? Have you ever done force-on-force training? If so, what did you learn there?


WFAA Forgets to Mention Membership Numbers for Huey P. Newton Gun Club

Ever since I first noticed the media noticing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I’ve complained of carefully chosen camera angles. It’s the Moms’ media enablers’ attempts to hide the fact that MDA events are sparsely attended. Well, here it is again. Except this time, Dallas’ WFAA used editing to hide the fact that the police-averse Huey P. Newtown Gun Club consists of six – count ‘em six – members. The written version of the story is similarly bereft of numerical context . . .

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Wilson Combat GLOCK Barrel: GLOCK Perfection Perfected?

GLOCKs are perfect. Well, they’re profitable. Wildly profitable. If Gaston Glock’s mob set out to improve GLOCK perfection – as oxymoronic as that might seem – every penny spent upgrading the gun would come out of the company’s bottom line. And, potentially, raise the gun’s price. Why bother? Why perfect perfection and punt profits? How many pistoleros say “I wish my GLOCK was more accurate?” Enough, apparently, for Wilson Combat to stretch its 1911-o-centric brand to sell upgraded GLOCK barrels. For $159. Is it worth it? How much accuracy do you need in an everyday carry gun? As much as possible, I reckon. In other words, shut up and take my money. Or does that decision evoke the old “fool and his money” paradigm?


Convicted Felon Wields High-Powered Assault Truck in Mass Murder

Suge Knight and his Ford Raptor (courtesy worldstarhiphop.com)

“Did y’all cover this yet?” Mr emails TTAG central command re: Suge Knight’s arrest for a hit-and-run fatality involving his Ford Raptor. “Three things spring to mind:
1) Is this a gun control success story? I mean, it’s not a ‘gun crime’ so I can feel safe, right?
2) Why does anyone ‘need’ anything more than a base F150? You know, the kind of truck ol’ Grandpa took hunting?
3) Do TTAGs’ readers have a modest proposal of ‘bad features’ that CA lawmakers can use to define (and ban) an ‘assault truck’?”


Question of the Day: Is Colion Noir the James May of Guns?

UK automotive programme (that’s how they spell it) Top Gear has three presenters. Jeremy Clarkson is TG’s Alpha. Clarkson’s booming bombastic voice, take-no-prisoners pronouncements and tortured metaphors are pure punk poetry. Richard Hammond (a.k.a., “The Hamster“) is Clarkson’s mild-mannered whipping boy, the straight man who evokes the spirit of Shemp HowardJames May (a.k.a., “Captain Slow”) is the Top Gear’s house toff. May’s intelligent insights are so laid back he’s in constant danger of falling over. I reckon Colion Noir fancies himself Jeremy Clarkson but is, in fact, increasingly, James May. May Noir find an appropriate alpha to elevate his work to the heights to which it so clearly aspires. Amen.


Boston Globe: Require Doctors to “Advise” Patients About Guns

Doctor and Patient (courtesy golocalworcester.com)

“WHILE MASSACHUSETTS already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, and took steps last year to tighten access to firearms, the data show there are simple measures that could be taken to further curb gun violence,” bostonglobe.com‘s editorial writers opine. “One glaring place to start is to recognize that gun violence against the most vulnerable members of society — children and youth — is largely preventable. Massachusetts health care providers could lead the nation in helping lower the rate of firearm suicides among teenagers by adopting a requirement to advise parents about the risks of guns in the home.” Really? Where’s the evidence that a doctor talking to the parent of a teen would reduce the risk of firearms-related suicides (of the teens)? Oh, I forgot. Facts are either optional or malleable for civilian disarmament crusaders. Like this . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Bill Whittle

I reckon Truth Revolt’s Bill Whittle [above] is the best pro-gun commentator commentating on YouTube today. Fans of firearms freedom may grouse that NRA-sponsored pro-gunner Billy Johnson is Whittle’s equal, but I reckon Whittle’s quiet sarcasm gives him the edge. In any case, in both cases, this is how pro-gunners run rings around the antis: by presenting a logical, fact-based argument for defending and extending Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms . . .

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New Hope Shooter Had No Business Walking the Streets

Raymond Kmetz (courtesy startribune.com)

Sheriff: New Hope gunman bought ammo on day of shooting, had gun illegally the headline at startribune.com proclaims. Because guns. In fact, Raymond K. Kmetz [above], the 68-year-old man who shot and wounded two policemen in New Hope, Minnesota City Chambers, had a long history of mental illness. Despite focusing on the gun used in the attack – “Authorities do not know how Kmetz got the gun, which the sheriff described as a ‘pistol-grip shotgun with the serial numbers ‘obliterated'” – the paper’s coverage clearly indicates that Kmetz was a known nutcase and violent threat to pubic safety. To wit . . .

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FBI Crime Report: More Guns, Less Crime


The FBI has issued a press release on its semi-annual Uniform Crime Report. [Full text via Ammoland.com after the jump.] The FBI’s UCR doesn’t say anything about increased gun sales; that’s not the Fibbies thing. Click here to sample gun owning/buying stats for the same period. Suffice it to say: gun ownership is increasing while crime is declining. Important to note: correlation does not equal causation. We can’t say that crime is decreasing because of rising gun ownership. But we can say crime isn’t increasing because of increased gun ownership. Spin that one, Moms Campaign to Demand Everytown for Gun Violence Safety . . .

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How to Fly With A Gun

Replica Air Soft Gun - SMF

This article was originally published by Texas Law Shield and is reprinted here with permission.

Last year, over 1,800 guns were confiscated in airports across the country by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the majority of them loaded and in travelers’ carry-on luggage. Despite many of these cases being accidental, there are potentially devastating consequences that accompany being found with a handgun in your carry-on luggage, or a firearm that has not been properly processed in accordance with TSA policies and federal, state, and local law. We hope that this article will give you the knowledge necessary to avoid the unnecessary hardship of being caught at the airport with a prohibited weapon . . .

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