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This is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: They Get Kidnapped and Killed

(courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

I haven’t watched the ISIS decapitation video of American photojournalist James Foley. But I read borderlandbeat.com, which regularly posts pictures of the mutilated bodies of Mexican drug thugs and innocent civilians. The contrast in coverage between is stark. With police and government collusion, psychopathic criminals are kidnapping, raping, torturing and/or killing tens of thousands of disarmed Mexicans. One American is decapitated and the world is shocked by Islamic terror. Shocked I tell you! You could say, well, Foley was American. Guess what? “Nearly 70 kidnappings of U.S. citizens were reported to the U.S. Embassy and consulates in Mexico between January and June of 2014 . . . 71 Americans killed in Mexico in 2012 and in 2013 the number increased to 81.” Note: the cartels are here, in America. The Islamic terrorists, not so much. Yet. Make the jump for Mexico questions travel alert issued by U.S.-cites EPN’s “impressive results” (reprinted with permission) . . . 

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Ikraine Ukraine We All Kraine for the Ukraine Edition

Young girl representing Ukraine points a gun at her own head (it's complicated) (courtesy dailymail.co.uk)

In the image above, a Russian model – representing the Ukraine – is pointing a gun at her head. Why’s that, you ask? Let’s start before this suicidal moment . . . “The girl in Ukraine’s blue and yellow colours holds up a gun and points the weapon at the participants representing Russia and the US. The image seems to suggest the Russian view that Ukraine – whose leaders are often branded fascists by the Moscow media and political leaders – are the aggressors in a conflict that has led to the worst crisis in the region since the demise of the Soviet Union.” In Russia, victims aggress you! And then . . .

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Anti-Gunners at the Gun Range: No “Come to Smith & Wesson” Moment

Sigh. This is NOT how I introduce someone to the joys of pistol shooting. First, we go over the four rules. Then they dry-fire a Ruger SP101, using proper grip and stance, working on trigger pull. Then it’s live-fire with a .22. Ruger Mark III, a semi-automatic pistol with minimal recoil and sonic signature. (A nine-millimeter Beretta 92 is a heavy gun but it’s got way too much kick for a newbie.) Load one round at a time. The target, a blank sheet of paper, is no more than six feet away. Off you go. Trigger discipline after each shot. Gun pointed downrange. And that’s just the technical stuff. If we’re talking about anti-gun de-programming . . .

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Huey P. Newton Gun Club Holds Dallas Open Carry Rally

Some 30 African-Americans marched through the streets of South Dallas, Texas on Wednesday. According to myfoxdfw.comThe Huey P. Newton Gun Club “said the show of force served as a reminder of the right to bear arms to protect themselves from criminals and from police.” (Press release after the jump.) “They are trying to protect the community,” said Jacey Cofer with Mothers Against Teen Violence. Wow! A Mother Against group that’s for guns. Now you’re talking! The march had at least one tense moment . . .

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Officer Darren Wilson May Have Suffered Post-Concussion Syndrome

Officer Darren Wilson (courtesy hinterlandgazette.com)

We now know that teenager Michael Brown punched Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson hard enough to inflict a fractured eye socket. Police sources told foxnews.com that Wilson was “nearly beaten unconscious by Brown.” In all likelihood, Wilson’s injuries caused a concussion. A brain injury. Which means Wilson may have been suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome when he opened fire on Brown. “The condition is associated with a wide range of symptoms,” wikipedia reports, “physical, such as headache; cognitive, such as difficulty concentrating; and emotional and behavioral, such as irritability.” Substitute the word “aggression” for “irritability.” injuryresrouces.com describes the after-effects of traumtic brain injury (TBI) this way . . .

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Anti-Bloomberg NRA Ad Advocates Snacks on the Dash

The NRA’s new political ad adheres to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Specifically rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The target in question is anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg. washingtonpost.com says the NRA’s forking-out $500k to show the ad in Colorado and . . . elsewhere. “Michael Bloomberg has declared war on the NRA and our five million members,” executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action Chris Cox declared. “We will not sit back and let him use his billions of dollars to impose his radical anti-freedom agenda on the American people.” The ad paints Bloomberg as a Big City outsider trying to ban rural voters’ snack foods, sodas and guns. One problem . . .

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Fayobserver.com: Gun Buybacks Suck. So What?


TTAG has been highlighting the futility of so-called “buy-backs” since ever. Not only do gun buybacks have no appreciable impact on firearms-related crime, the practice panders to and promotes the gun control gestalt (i.e., guns are the problem). Not to mention the fact that gun buybacks create a black market for stolen firearms and destroy valuable evidence of crimes. Oh, and the hypocrisy of anti-gun politicians proclaiming that they’re “doing something” about “gun violence” by subsidizing gun buybacks with taxpayer money is extremely galling. By now, though, there are plenty of people who see that the emperor has no clothes. Does that deter the anti-gunners from their buyback jihad? It does not. To wit this via fayobserver.com . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the World’s Ugliest Gun?

The UTAS-15 12-gauge shotgun is no looker. In fact, if I had a dog with a face like that I’d shave its butt and make it walk backwards. OK, the UTAS doesn’t have a face. And I’d rather have one than not if I needed one. A practical point that raises that whole “beauty is as beauty does, who cares if a GLOCK is as sexy as a brick” deal. But with so many dead sexy heaters waiting for homes at your local gun store, why would you buy an ugly gun? And yet, people must. Otherwise none would be made, right? Anyway, what gun do you reckon is the world’s ugliest? Hi-Point 995TS 9mm carbine? Chiappa Rhino snubbie.


Attorney General Eric Holder: A Message to the People of Ferguson. MO

US Attorney General Eric Holder (courtesy usatoday.com)

Since the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, the nation and the world have witnessed the unrest that has gripped Ferguson, Mo. At the core of these demonstrations is a demand for answers about the circumstances of this young man’s death and a broader concern about the state of our criminal justice system. At a time when so much may seem uncertain, the people of Ferguson can have confidence that the Justice Department intends to learn — in a fair and thorough manner — exactly what happened . . .

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New Report: Nearly One Out of Ten Burglars is a Murderer

(courtesy foxnewsinsider.com)

The Electronic Security Association bankrolled a burglary study at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology. Understanding Decision to Burglarize is based on interviews with 422 randomly-selected, incarcerated male and female burglars across three states (North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio) who never ever lie. Over at ammoland.com, the ESA’s press release lists the top six items burglars take from home – which doesn’t include firearms (go figure). But there’s plenty of interesting info for armed home defenders in the rest of the report. Such as . . .

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Ultimate Concealed Carry’s Prayer

I always carry an extra magazine in my left front pocket. Problems? I can’t put anything else in the pocket, and I’ve got a LOT of clobber to carry (e.g., flashlight, phone, keys, tactical pen, wallet, two knives). Also, the sharp bottom end of the mag tears a hole in my pants pocket. So I really like the look of the SNAGMAG. It uses the same pocket snagging system that makes my Emerson wave knife the fastest opening knife on planet earth. We’ve already reviewed it, and Nick seemed to like it, so I’m agitating to get one for myself as well Meanwhile, I found Ultimate Concealed Carry’s Prayer on their website. Which I’ll share with you (afta da jump). Do you say a prayer when you tool-up? I do. I pray that I won’t have to use my firearm. But God knows I’m ready if I have to . . .

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Miss America Contestant Asks: Can I Be Franchi With You?

Miss America contestant (courtesy ammoland,com)

You may remember Theresa Vail as Miss Kansas 2013, the first Miss America contestant to display tattoos during the swimsuit competition. The comely Army vet didn’t take the title, but she made a whole lot of friends with her outspoken views on sexual harassment and unabashed love of hunting. Leave it to the Italians to realize to capitalize on the Sunflower Staters shotgun stylings. Franchi is sponsoring  Vail’s new Outdoor Channel reality show Limitless with Theresa Vail (due in 2015) and adding her to the brand’s prostaff team. “I’m beyond excited,” said Vail in a press release (after the jump). And so she should be. She’ll be winging all over the world on Franchi’s dime to shoot exotic and dangerous game with a $1k Franchi Intensity 12-gauge. Glamor. Guns. Good! . . .

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New from Asymmetric Technologies: ASP Shoulder-Mounted AR-15 Butt Stock and Magnet

Asymmetric Technologies has unveiled its Advanced Shoulder Pocket (ASP) system. It’s an “individual rifleman weapon stabilization system that assists a shooter to maintain a stable, repeatable and precise firing position with minimal effort.” In other words, you pop the ASP butt pad onto the end of your AR-15 and attach a shoulder strap thingie to your tactical LBE (load-bearing equipment) vest. The magnet in the buttstock links up with the magnet in the strap and BA-BAM! You’re locked and loaded . . .

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Housekeeping: The Anti-Cop Bias Thing Again

There’s this idea – a myth really – that local policing used to be low-key, even-handed and, well, friendly. While we’re busy deploring the current pace, scope and scale of current police militarization, it’s important to realize that law enforcement officials have been on the wrong side of the battle to defend and extend our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights for many, many years. (Birmingham Sheriff Eugene “Bull” Connor’s treatment of civil rights protestors springs to mind.) Not all cops. Maybe not even most of them. But enough of them that I feel fully justified highlighting the threat as and when it appears. You can call me anti-cop all you like. Below if you wish. But I’m committed to defending Americans’ gun rights and civil liberties against all enemies. I welcome any and all who share in that mission, police included. Questions?


Question of the Day: Should There be a Limit to the Amount of Ammunition You Can Own?

ammo stash


This one comes straight from nj.com. “This question is being posed after a large amount of weapons were found in domestic dispute case in Saddle Brook. A man was stabbed by his wife, and she was charged. The police found the husband’s gun collection and confiscated it in accordance with protocol. He may be charged for the massive amount of gunpowder in his possession. Does the man’s large gun ammunition collection pose a threat to others? Some feel that his gun collection is no different than any other collection. As long as he isn’t using the guns or gunpowder to harm anyone, he should be allowed to have it. Others are concerned about the man’s intentions – what is the man’s reason for having such a huge amount of ammunition in the first place? Should there be a limit to how much ammunition a person can own?” Go get ‘em tiger!