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Incendiary Image of the Day: Freedom’s Just Another Word for Fascism. Apparently.

(courtesy twitter.com)

Freedom means being free from “gun violence”? The only way to remove the threat of firearms-related crime would be to remove all the criminals. And crazies. And the potential criminals and crazies (as defined by anti-gunners, of course). The idea that government could restrict guns to the point where we’d be free from the threat of firearms-related crime and assault is utopianism at its finest. Or worst. Yeah, let’s go with worst . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Beware of Beginners!

Veronica Lewis (courtesy masslive.com) (1)

“A woman brought a hammer to a firearms lesson and then tried to kill her instructor by shooting him in the face with a revolver,” the AP reports from her trial. “Lewis fired three shots at [Darryl] Montague, striking him twice in the jaw and once in the abdomen, Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan said. [Veronica Lewis, above] fled, and she gave a false phone number when she was apprehended, he said. Lewis lives in a community therapeutic residence, a state-regulated home that provides short-term treatment to people with problems such as alcoholism, drug abuse or mental illness.” There’s an important lesson here . . .

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Three GLOCK “Must Haves”

GLOCK 19 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I own a GLOCK 19. That one. In terms of caliber and cool, it’s not a patch on my Wilson Combat X-TAC Commander. But my GLOCK’s a great gun. It’s got plenty of capacity, never-say-die rugged reliability and excellent ergos (for me). That said, a stock GLOCK in an inside-the-waistband holster? No thanks. Here’s are three GLOCK “must-haves” that make Gaston’s gat, um, perfect  . . .

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The F35 Sucks

Back in the day, the Air Force removed guns from their fighters. All their pilots needed to take out enemy aircraft: missiles! Yeah, no. The new F35 (JSF) has a single four-barrel 25mm rotary machine gun cannon: the GAU-22/A. And now it’s finally been test fired (above). Hang on. Back in January the JSF was banned from using its machine gun in combat until it received a software update – which wasn’t expected to arrive until 2019. Does the above test mean they cracked the code? Meanwhile and in any case, the F35 recently lost a mock dogfight to a 70’s-era F16. Check out the plane’s backers’ response [via telegraph.co.uk] . . .

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German Government Confiscates Legally Held Firearms from Bikers

An eagle-eyed bi-lingual reader spotted a story in swr.de reporting that the German government has confiscated legally held firearms from members of German biker gangs. Gangs? Google translate calls them “rockers.” Like this: “The members of the Bandidos MC Rocker groups, Gremium MC, Hells Angels MC and MC Outlaws will revoked the previously existing weapons permit due to the new legal situation, the Ministry continued to communicate. Altogether it involves about 600 persons who thus have to give weapons that they have previously possessed legally . . .

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See Something, Shoot Something

(courtesy offthegridnews.com)

In the run-up to July 4, with terrorists calling for attacks on Americans on native soil (the term “Homeland” is ultra-creepy), the mainstream media is busy reassuring citizens that America’s anti-terrorist cops stand a good chance to thwart a plot. Or, if they can’t, that American law enforcement will respond quickly and end the carnage. See something? Say something. Good luck with that. No really. Meanwhile, here’s an idea . . .

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Why It’s OK for Israelis to Own Guns But Not You. Allegedly.

Gun control advocates use tortured logic to defend their positions. Take the Bloomberg-distributed commentary Why Israel has lots of guns but few gun crimes by Rabbi Daniel Gordis [above]. It starts out like this: “Early in 2002, as the Second Intifada was raging, guns — normally ubiquitous in Israeli society — were even more in evidence. In restaurants, at synagogue and especially on the street, you could see pistols stuck into men’s belts or pants. One of my wife’s closest friends kept a gun in her purse.” And then he takes a sharp turn to the left . . .

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CA Senator Diane Feinstein: Why I Oppose National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Senator Diane Feinstein (courtesy breitbart.com)

TTAG reader MK contacted U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein to ask her support for national concealed carry reciprocity. (I know, right?) The email he received from the California Democrat – who never met a gun control law she didn’t like – was less than enthusiastic . . .

Dear Mr. XXX:

Thank you for contacting me to share your views regarding the “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015″ (S. 498).  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond . . .

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New from Ruger: SR-556 Takedown

SR-566 Takedown (courtesy ruger.com)

Ruger’s selling their new SR-556 Takedown for a staggering $2049. In theory (that’s MSRP). In practice, Bud’s Guns sells Ruger ARs for $1350. So we’re still in love with the idea of an AR where you can unscrew the barrel with a simple twist of the wrist, transport the weapon discreetly, screw-in the barrel and have at it (assuming the gun maintains zero). Wait . . .

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Question of the Day: Would America Benefit From Australia’s Gun Laws?

Australia (courtesy watchmen-news.com)

An Australian student writes:


My name is Taniesha and I am an 11th grade student in Adelaide, Australia. For my major school piece I am doing a comparative research project regarding laws, controversy and ethics surrounding the sale and use of firearms in both Australia and the United States. The question I am basing my assignment on is; “To what extent would America benefit from adopting Australia’s anti-gun laws?” As you can imagine, this has proven to be a very heavy, controversial question and I am seeking the views and opinions of both sides of the debate.  I found your website to be very interesting, and although it is not short of resources supporting your cause I would love to be able to get the personal view of someone within your organisation (or a few people, for that matter, as any and all opinions are greatly valued) surrounding . . .

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University of Texas System to Ban Guns in Research Labs?

UTMB (courtesy decodedscience.com)

Texas lawmakers recently enacted “campus carry” for state-run colleges and universities. Critics of SB 11 claim it has more holes than a golf course; schools and universities are free to force gun owners to store their guns at “high risk” facilities (e.g., dormitories), and ban guns entirely from “higher risk” parts of their domain (e.g., hospitals). William McRaven, Chancellor of the University of Texas Systems, recently sent a memo to the 16 Presidents within the system on the new firearms-related regime [click here for a pdf]. The former Navy Admiral and anti-campus carry crusader included this tidbit in his missive, which reveals and reflects his view of the new law . . .

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