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Nammo 40mm Airburst Ammunition Is A Hit!

Press release:

RAUFOSS, Norway, Nov. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nammo has developed and qualified smart ammunition to offer a solution to the Anti-Defilade ammunition requirement from the US Army. During a successful Mk19 Crew Combat Systems demonstration at the NSA range/FtBenning, GA [not shown], Nammo’s Air Burst capability was the clear highlight for everyone present . . .

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LA City Council: Dealers Must Email LAPD After Every Ammo Sale, Owners Must Store Guns Disabled

“The Los Angeles City Council tentatively approved a measure to require electronic tracking of ammunition sales, and considered a second gun control measure,” abc7.com reports, preparing to get out the bloody shirt wavers. “In an effort to keep tabs on who is buying bullets in the city of Los Angeles, the city council approved an ordinance that requires gun stores and dealers to automatically email the LAPD after each sale of ammunition.” LAPD Captain Charles Hearn reckons that’s OK because dealers already keep logs of ammo sales. This just makes it easier to…you know. Be proactive! So what’s the second measure? Bringing itself in line with all of Massachusetts . . .

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Ferguson PD Botched Brown Investigation


The way I read it, Officer Darren Wilson’s account of the Michael Brown shooting paints a picture of a pissing contest. While it looks like a good shoot, I don’t think Officer Wilson did much in the way of de-escalating the situation before it spiraled out of control. Once Brown mouthed off, Officer Wilson came down on Brown like a ton of bricks, including, by his own admission, swearing at him. I reckon Wilson’s behavior set something in motion he couldn’t control – until he could, leaving Brown dead on the pavement. One thing is for sure: the Ferguson police failed to follow protocol in the shooting’s aftermath . . .

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Quote of the Day: Gun Culture to Blame for Michael Brown Shooting

“A system in which legal police shootings of unarmed civilians are a common occurrence is a system that has some serious flaws. In this case, the drawback is a straightforward consequence of America’s approach to firearms. A well-armed citizenry required an even-better-armed constabulary. Widespread gun ownership creates a systematic climate of fear on the part of the police. The result is a quantity of police shootings that, regardless of the facts of any particular case, is just staggeringly high. Young black men, in particular, are paying the price for America’s gun culture.”  – Matthew Yglesias, We shouldn’t talk about Ferguson without talking about guns [via vox.com] [h/t DM]


How to Hunt Deer in the Suburbs

Oh deer! (courtesy suburbandeerservice.org)

AmmoLand.com‘s HCom writes:

What a terrible afternoon! Two horseback riders had ridden by down the neighbor’s property line and now the other neighbor’s boy was out on his ATV tearing up the ground. He was buzzing by so close I had to turn my face because the breeze was blowing the dust in my eyes. Disappointed, I was about ready to get down out of my treestand when I saw a slight flicker of antler in the sunlight. My binoculars picked out a massive buck bedded down within 100 yards. Now I couldn’t move, nor did I want to! . . .

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This Is What Happens To A Disarmed Populace: Their Crime Rate Plummets!

One in five crimes not recorded by police, dailymail.co.uk‘s headline reveals. Nearly a million offences a year are ignored by target-chasing officers. I’ve posted the eye-opening stats after the jump. Startling, but not surprising. Not if you understand the dynamics of gun control. First, you disarm civilians in the name of public safety. Then you claim that it worked. Even though it didn’t. Because the general public must not, under any circumstances, take responsibility for their own safety. That power, once reclaimed, leads all kinds of anti-statist ideas (e.g., individual liberty). So the Powers That Be direct the troops to cook the books. (Just like they did in New York City and Chicago.) Antis on both sides of the pond celebrate the carefully staged “victory” of “common sense” gun control, ignoring the rapes, assaults and murders that are a direct result of their agenda. Despicable. But predictable. Don’t let this be us . . .

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San Antonio Express: Open Carry is “Openly Dumb”


Openly dumb? That’s dumb. But then it’s only a headline writer’s idea of pithy. The real stupidity here is the “argument” the San Antonio Express’ Editorial Board uses to condemn open carry – ahead of the Texas legislature’s determination to put a bill on Governor Abbott’s desk. “Say you’re at your local store or on a public street and a guy, obviously not a police officer, is walking toward you with a hoodie over on his head. Feel safe? We suspect not. Nor will the cop who encounters that guy in a traffic stop or tries to give him a ticket while he’s jaywalking.” I’m sorry. Did I say hoodie over his head? I mistyped. It’s “a gun on his hip.” But you see how that works. Here’s more . . .

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Question of the Day: Are You Buying a Gun on Black Friday?

Like dozens of gun sellers [list here], our friends at Florida Gun Supply are about to run a Black Friday sale. Their electronic portal opens at 12:01am on Friday morning and closes at 12:01am on Saturday morning. To make sure they stock the right guns at the right price, FGS is asking customers what firearm(s) they’d like to buy to mark the end of the ritual turkey sacrifice? [Click here to fill out their form.] Good question. If you’re planning on purchasing a firearm or two or three on Black Friday, what gun will be enjoying a little family time this weekend?


LaserLyte Secures Patent for Center Mass Laser Sight

The LaserLyte’s center mass laser sights have been out for some time. Now the company would like it to be known that the U.S. Patent Officer has finally blessed their invention with a patent. Press release after the jump. And speaking of jump, that’s my main problem with laser sighting systems: the dot (now dots) jump around. That’s especially unavoidable when you’re aiming the dot (now dots) in a hurry like, say, in a defensive gun use. Here’s the thing . . .

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FBI Report: Bad Guys Shot and Killed 27 On-Duty Cops in 2013


The FBI has released the 2013 edition of its cheerfully titled Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted. [Click here to read. Press release with summary after the jump.] Once again, the greatest danger the police face is . . . accidental death. The report reports that 49 police officers died in accidents (26 killed in motor vehicle accidents, two “accidentally shot” ). “Felonious acts” killed 27 law enforcement officers. All but one of those died from gunfire. Bad guys with handguns took out 18 cops, the rest used shotguns or rifles. Six of the cop killers were “under judicial supervision” when they pulled the trigger. The total stat represents a drop of 22 percent from the previous year. It’s also worth noting that America is home to around 750k sworn police officers. So a policeman has a .0036 percent chance of being shot to death by a bad guy. That’s one out of 27,778 officers . . .

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Tennessee Bail Bondsmen Go Bananas

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.31.30 PM

“Two bail bondsmen terrorized seven children and their mother inside a suburban Atlanta home after the woman’s husband failed to show up for traffic court in a different state,” nydailynews.com reports. “The armed bounty hunters kicked in the door of the Lawrenceville home and threatened to shoot one of the children.” A family member caught some of the action on cellphone camera (in the video above). Under certain circumstances, bounty hunters can kick in a door to grab their prey. Holding a family hostage at gunpoint? Not so much. Bail bondsmen Kevin Roberson and Khalil Abdullah are now in jail. Bail unknown.


Navy Vet: 80 Hours of Training = Common Sense Gun Control

Shawn VanDiver (courtesy Twitter)

“Shall not be infringed.” The last four words of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution are pellucid: the right to keep and bear arms is a no-go area for government regulation. Any government regulation. Because all government regulation is an infringement on Americans’ gun rights. Take government-mandated firearms training for concealed carry license holders (or not). It may seem like a damn good idea, but like all infringements it’s a slippery slope to tyranny. Writing for thedailybeast.com, former Navy weapons instructor Shawn VanDiver is our teacher . . .

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