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Quote of the Day: Jon Wayne Taylor On Hunting Edition


“I don’t hunt to kill, I kill to have hunted. Hunting calms me, puts my head in the right place, and puts me back in touch with the world I live in. And it does it in a physical, mental, and spiritual way that nothing else can. Hunting, not just walking around in nature, makes me feel grounded into the world that is happening right now, right under my feet and all around me.” – TTAG contributor Jon Wayne Taylor


China’s Attack Robots Revealed!

Chinese armed attack robot (telegraph.co.uk)

China has “armed attack robots” equipped with rifles and grenade launchers designed to be “the latest line of defence in the fight against “global terror.” That’s how the People’s Republic characterizes their contribution to Skynet. But really, is this such a big deal? Are these dinky killers – revealed at the 2015 World Robot Conference in Beijing – autonomous? And how scary is a robot named “NOBODY” armed with “minor-caliber weapons, recoilless rifles and grenade launchers?” When drones get a mind of their own, then we have issues. Until then Hammacher Schlemmer is aware.


Question of the Day: Would Eliminating Background Checks Help Prevent Terrorism?

Background checks on gun sales are a clear infringement on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (which is not subject to arguments on social utility). Background checks are also useless; in a country with more than 150 million guns in circulation, bad guys can get guns, whether they’re drug-addled spree killers, homicidal Chicago gang bangers or death-seeking ISIS-affiliated terrorists. Anyone arguing that increased background checks for firearms purchases – for gun shows and private sales – decreases the possibility of terrorist attack is . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Let the Police See You Holding a Gun During A Terrorist Attack

Anti-gun rights campaigners dismiss the notion of armed self-defense during a terrorist attack. They claim an “untrained” armed civilian will shoot the wrong person (by accident). Puh-lease. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s better to shoot at someone killing people en masse than not, even if you kill some innocents in the process. That said, this gun blogger can’t recall ANY examples of an armed civilian killing a bystander whilst trying to shoot a bad guy. In contrast, there are plenty of examples of armed police shooting the “wrong” person. Yes, there is that . . .

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Britain’s SAS Gets “Man-Stopper” Rounds for Fight Against Terrorists

According to dailystar.co.uk, “SAS: Special forces soldiers are going to play a role in domestic counter-terrorism.” So, like the French and unlike Americans, the Brits have no compunctions about deploying military troops inside the country. Hey, if you’re already sliding down the slippery slope to a police state, that’s how you roll. And to take on this new mission, the SAS are loading-up with what the Star calls super-special deadly “Man-Stopper” rounds . . .

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Quote of the Day: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Defends Constitutionally Protected Rights

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (courtesy breitbart.com)

“We don’t know all of the details about this particular incident, but we do know that our national epidemic of gun violence must be addressed. Women shouldn’t have to fear for their lives to access basic health services or exercise their constitutionally-protected right to choose.” Wasserman-Schultz: Women at Planned Parenthood ‘Shouldn’t Have to Fear for Their Lives [via mediaite.com] [h/t AM]


Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership: Trust Us to Carry Guns In Hospitals

(courtesy ammoland.com)

Dr. Sean Brodale writes:

One billion times a year, you trust us with your general health. You trust us to care for you, your family and friends 168 million times a year in hospitals across this great nation. You even trust us to care for your children in 6.3 million hospital stays per year. Yes, the general public, we as Americans, trust our doctors and other health care workers with our lives, every day. Wouldn’t we then trust those same doctors to defend against deadly violence in a hospital? Yet the vast majority of hospitals across this nation will not trust those same physicians who have a permit to carry a weapon for defense of themselves, patients and staff, to do so in the hospital . . .

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New Info on Winchester Rifle Left Leaning Against a Tree in the Great Basin National Park

You may recall that an archaeological crew stumbled onto a old rifle leaning against a tree during a survey of the Great Basin national park last November. The Las Vegas reviewjournal.com now reports that “the park sent the Winchester Model 1873 this year to be examined and stabilized in its current, weathered condition. In the process, the staff at Cody took an X-ray of the rifle and discovered a cartridge tucked inside its stock where cleaning rods normally were kept.” And so . . .

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Best Gun for a 2am Trip to the Outhouse?

Henry Mare's Leg (courtesy ammoland.com)

Major Van Harl USAF Ret writes [via Ammoland.com]

I have a small farm in the middle of nowhere that the Colonel and I have owned for thirty years. After two military careers we now actually live in the same state as the farm so we get there a lot more often. However I still do not have indoor plumbing. I built a wooden outhouse back in 1985 and it has continued to be in use to this day. A year ago we build a $2000 new metal outhouse ( read Happiness Is A $2000 Outhouse Off The Grid), but it is still an outhouse and you have to walk about 50 yards from our barn to use the outdoor facilities . . .

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Question of the Day: What Did You Buy [Gun-Wise] On Black Friday?

(courtesy pjmedia.com)

Black Friday gun deals were out there, somewhere. Personally, I’d rather suffer slide bite than darken the doors of a store on Black Friday. But the gun owner’s wallet is a lonely hunter. (Or something like that.) For those who share my antipathy to mass retail events, the Internet was abuzz with great deals on gun gear and, yes, ammo (though not .22LR). So . . . whatjaget?


What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Rubber Bullet Guns [VIDEO]

“Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is about to become the first law enforcement agency in the nation to deploy a new weapon with the hopes of preventing police involved shooting deaths,” wilx.com reports. “In addition to traditional handguns and Tasers, the sheriff’s office is adding a third weapon to its deputies’ duty belts, a ‘less-lethal’ handgun that can be used as an alternative to real bullets.” Wait, that means . . .

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