How I Freaked Out the Anti-Gun Media

During last weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, I gave a presentation on home defense concepts. One of the the suggestions I offered was keeping a gun – locked securely in a quick-access safe – in your child’s room. Just in case. As you may have heard, my tip was picked up by members of the anti-gun media (yes, that’s redundant) and has been spun as advice that gun owners store their firearms in their children’s room . . .

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Gun Guru Rob Pincus: Why I Go to Mos Eisley


At 2pm EST, I’ll be talking live on NPR, defending gun rights. Why go to the media equivalent of Mos Eisley? Doing my job sometimes means that I have to interact with people who don’t agree with me. By putting myself in a position to try to influence those people who don’t agree with the majority of responsible gun owners in this country, I am better able to do my job. What job is that, you ask? . . .

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Gun Rights and Responsibilities: Circling the Wagons

Rob Pincus will be on Fox News’s On the Hunt program today from 12:00p to 1:00p eastern talking about firearms rights and responsibilities.

I see lots of people talking about rights these days, but not so much discussion about our responsibilities as firearms owners. Similarly, I hear lots of people talking about how are rights should not be “infringed”, yet we accept infringements like background checks, getting permits to carry, restrictions on fully automatic and suppressed firearms. The gun debate going on in our country right now is very polarizing. I think we could move further in the direction that we want to go by adding a couple bullet points to the dialogue . . .

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At What Point Does Unification Become Counterproductive?

Last month, when Cheaper Than Dirt! responded to the tragic killings in Newtown, CT by suspending all online firearms sales in the interest of re-examining their marketing approach (presumably to emphasize “sporting” firearms) and followed that miss-step up with ridiculous price gouging of ammo and magazines (400+% markups), they got what they deserved: Swift Backlash from the firearms community and a loss of many thousands of customers. Since that time, reports of them canceling back-orders and selling the same items for the new higher prices have been rampant. Yet, I was still told by some people at SHOT Show last week that we should not ostracize or boycott them, because we need to be “united” . . .

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Rob Pincus: The Real Meaning of Jerry Tsai’s Resignation from RECOIL

Jerry Tsai has stepped down as editor of RECOIL. The debate surrounding Tsai’s pre-resignation statements—and all the conversations that will be had about RECOIL in the near and (possibly) distant future—shouldn’t be about one man’s opinions. It should center on larger issues that affect each and every gun owner. As in “what limits should be put on civilian firearm ownership?” At the end of the day, there shouldn’t be any limits on gun ownership—short of the intent to harm another human being outside of a defensive action . . .

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Rob Pincus: Aiming for A Woman’s Pelvis in a DGU is a Bad Idea

RF recently sent me a link to Guest Post by Stacy Paxton on the Differences Defending against Male and Female Aggressors. I found it completely ridiculous. There’s almost nothing in the article I could let stand without challenging. Ms. Paxton’s main thesis: armed self-defenders need to have different strategies depending on the sex of the attacker. First, the source . . .

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Mark Craighead, RIP

My good friend and industry leader, Mark Craighead passed away yesterday. Mark owned and operated Crossbreed Holsters with his family and friends. I received the news today from the family and they asked me to pass on their thanks for the thoughts of the firearms community and their assurance that things would continue as expected at Crossbreed. We have lost a great asset today . . .

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Rob Pincus: A Gun Wouldn’t Help a New York City Cabbie


I’m totally in favor of people having the right to carry a defensive firearm regardless of job or jurisdiction. But I’m not sure how much a firearm would help a cabby in NYC when they have a gun to their head or a knife to their throat. Going for a pistol is a recipe for a really bad tie. At best. Unless the cabbie in question (and peril) has taken one of Craig Douglas‘ Vehicular Brazilian Jui-Jitsu courses to learn how to fight (and control a bad guy’s weapon) in a car. As a self-defense instructor there are times when you have to explain to people that are violent encounters where you really are fucked. This would be one of them.

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