Self-Defense Tip: Practice Walking Around With Your Rifle

Most people don’t use their rifle as a primary weapon but hope to get to it in time if the need arises. For those people who do use a rifle for primary defense, the ability to have it with you at all times is critical. I’m thinking of a farmer who may need to use their firearm against four-legged critters or gun owners preparing for the day when the s hits the f. Carrying a rifle all day is harder than it seems. The first time I was in a training class that required participants to carry the rifle the entire time – including breaks, reloading and lunch – proved how unwieldy it can be. The rifle swings around, hitting both objects and yourself. It’s physically uncomfortable, both in terms of weight and chafing. And paying constant attention to muzzle disciple can become tiring. By day three of my course, the inconvenience all but disappeared. If you want to be able to carry a rifle for long periods of time, there is simply no substitute for practice. For those of you who live in communities where guns are not entirely welcome, just make sure your curtains are drawn.