Why We’re Losing The War on Guns

Face it: the squeaky wheels of gun control –the whining teens, their socialist instructors, their mainstream media cheerleaders and their deep-pocketed enablers — are getting all the grease. That’s how post-Parkland hysteria led to the degradation of gun rights in Florida and elsewhere: they drowned out gun rights supporters’ silent majority . . . Yes, […]

Florida Republicans Caving on Gun Control

Since February 26, 2018; I’ve been on the ground here in Tallahassee fighting the forces of civilian disarmament. It’s been an uphill battle thanks to the Florida Republican Party. On Feb. 21, SB 7026 was introduced to the Florida Senate. It’s a wicked piece of legislation. It makes anyone that possess a bump stock or similar accessory a […]

Republican Congressman Brian Mast: “I’m Republican. I Appreciate Assault Weapons. And I Support a Ban.”

“The Second Amendment is unimpeachable,” Representative Brian Mast of Florida’s 18th Congressional District writes in an Op-Ed in tThe New York Times  “It guarantees the right of citizens to defend themselves.” You know. You love it. Let’s all say it together: I support the Second Amendment BUT… I accept, however, that it does not guarantee that every […]

Socialism and the Second Amendment

Wayne LaPierre spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The NRA’s Executive Vice President warned Americans about the rising tide of socialism. “Socialism is a movement that loves a smear. Racists, misogynists, sexists, xenophobe and more,” he asserted. “These are the weapons and vitriol these character assassinations permanently hang on their targets because socialism feeds […]

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Was Warned About Cruz School Attack – Twice – And Failed to Act

“Feb. 5, 2016: a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy is told by an anonymous caller that Nikolas Cruz, then 17, had threatened on Instagram to shoot up his school and posted a photo of himself with guns,” miamiherald.com reports. “The information is forwarded to BSO Deputy Scot Peterson, a school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas […]

BREAKING: Armed Officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High “Never Went In” During Shooting

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has announced that the deputy assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a School Resource Officer, Scot Peterson, failed to intervene in the spree killing that left 17 dead . . . During an investigation into the shooting, the Sheriff’s department reviewed security camera footage that showed Deputy Scot Peterson […]