Evolution of the Winchester Lever-Action Rifle

By T. Logan Metesh Unless you’re a lifelong student of them, it can be hard to keep all of the details of the Winchester lever-action rifles straight. So, here’s a “cheat sheet” of important facts and figures. It’s by no means comprehensive, but it’ll make sure you don’t confuse a Model 1876 with a Model […]

Ed McGivern’s Fast & Fancy Shooting

When the October 1974 issue of American Rifleman came out, featuring a cover story on Ed McGivern to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, it would have a lasting impact on shooting sports to this day. Noted professional Team Smith & Wesson shooter Jerry Miculek credited that issue as being the one that got […]

My Friend the Knuckleduster

No, I’m not being cheeky calling the knuckleduster revolver my friend. Instead, I’m using its actual name. James Reid got a wonderful belated Christmas present in 1865. On December 26, he was granted US Patent number 51,752 for his new revolver that could fit in the palm of your hand. He would refer to the […]

Book Review – Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor

You may have read Black Hawk Down and/or Lone Survivor. If you have (hell, even if you haven’t), next on your reading list should be Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor by Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha. The publisher calls it “[t]he only comprehensive, firsthand account of the fourteen hour firefight at the Battle of […]

The US Military’s Last Flintlock Pistol

The concept of percussion ignition was invented in 1805 by a Scottish Reverend named Alexander Forsyth. English-born artist Joshua Shaw invented what we know as the percussion cap in 1822. Living in the United States, Shaw patented the cap in the US and not his native England to avoid legal action against him by Reverend […]

The Holy Grail of 1911s: The Singer 1911A1

John Browning’s 1911 is arguably the most iconic handgun of all time. Everyone knows what you’re talking about and can picture one in their head. A total of 2.7 million 1911s were made during its unprecedented 75-year-run as the standard sidearm of the United States military. And that doesn’t take into consideration the massive number […]

How Sam Colt Won WWII

Sam Colt went to London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851 to display his new guns and to show off what he had accomplished in the world of manufacturing. After all, this was the “Great Exhibition for the Industries of All Nations,” and he wanted to make a big impression. Englishmen were amazed at the rapidity […]