TTAG Exclusive: Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots Apples off An Apple Tree

I like Katniss. Maybe it’s because I’m a shooter. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the woods. Maybe its because my favorite games as a kid were often survival games. This is a very small tribute to a shooter girl who knows her way around the woods and has the skills and moxie to make it. All girls should know how to shoot. Whether its bows or guns, the skills, focus, and other life benefits are invaluable. Katniss represents the confidence shooting can bring :) Enjoy, and happy shooting

The Joy of Shooting From a Helicopter

Kirsten Joy Weiss ready for takeoff (courtesy Steve Wolf for The Truth About Guns)

“Don’t be scared of hanging out of the helicopter to get a better shot, you’ll have a harness.” the helicopter pilot over the blades whipping above us. “You mean this?” I held up a floppy black seatbelt, looking no more secure than the belts in the old Jetta I hoped to blow up. Well, here we goI shrugged my shoulders internally, and locked into go mode . . .

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Kay Jay Dubs: The Henry Lever Actions Have Landed!

Henry Golden Boy

There’s just something about a lever-action rifle. They’re ingrained in our history. They’re in every good western and even a few sci-fi flicks. The characters that preferred them are almost as well-known as the lever action itself. The rifle played a part in settling America’s frontier. In short, the lever-action is among a few gun designs that are practically built into America’s DNA. And yet, I had shot one but once . . .

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Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up Shooting TrackingPoint Rifles

Fate recently decided that I’d get the chance to shoot the gun that makes experienced shooters obsolete. Allegedly. I was at The Best of the West Range during off-hours helping lay the groundwork for the 2014 Texas International Firearms Festival. The TrackingPoint technical team rolled-up in their blacked-out SUV. RF made contact. The next thing I knew I was behind the trigger of the TrackingPoint’s Precision Guided Firearm, the .300 Win Mag XS-2. [Click here to read Nick Leghorn's review.] Well it works as well as they say it works . . .

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Gun Review: Volquartsen Snake-Fluted Barrel Rifle

Kirsten Joy Weiss Volquartsen Test

When the wind dies down in the west, you grab the opportunity. You don’t waver, you don’t put it off ‘til tomorrow, you don’t wish it was warmer–you go. That’s why when I looked out of my snow feathered and ice crusted window to see if it was a good day for testing, the answer was yes. The crystallized pine branches weren’t moving — no wind — and thats all I needed to see. Fast forward to the range . . .

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Volquartsen Update: The Case of the Mysterious Crown



Hello TTAG. Well, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the Volquartsen to shoot as well as it should. I dirtied it up with rounds (sometimes barrels shoot better that way), but that didn’t help. I cleaned it gently with a pull through (always breech to muzzle, of course). Still didn’t shoot well. I checked for loose parts, cleaned any gunk out of the feeder…you name it. It still was off (1-2 inch groups at 50 yards). I shot other rifles to make sure it wasn’t me (too much coffee maybe?) but those rifles shot MOA or better. Compared to the sub-MOA groups Volquartsen expects from their rifles, I knew something had to be wrong . . .

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