Getting Started in CMP Competition Shooting – Part 1

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has long been a governing body in the arena of shooting competitions around the country. For some, the National Matches at Camp Perry seem like a mythical fantasy land where famous marksmen made history, surely not the territory for a lowly pleb like you. Well that, dear reader, is where you’re […]


It was the most intriguing front door I’d ever seen: a column, much like a silo, concrete and sterile. As I approached, a sliding door opened. I entered the space. The door closed behind me. Steel walls in a circle surrounded me. There wasn’t a visible exit. It was like the transporter room on Star Trek. The only […]

AK vs. AR: Why the 7.62×39’s Time Has Come

Brace yourselves. Here comes another skirmish in the age-old war between the AK and the AR rifle families. The primary points of contention have always been contrasting ideas of reliability, lethality, and accuracy. The differences have polarized an otherwise likeminded group of individuals. Many of these individuals have even gone so far as to create […]