Gun Review: Wilson Combat GLOCK 19

Earlier this year Wilson Combat announced they were putting their gunmaking know-how up against about a million garage GLOCKsmiths. Enter the “Wilson Combat GLOCK Custom Pistol Enhancements.” RF and I are fans of, and owners of, a few different Wilson Combat pistols. I’ve found their 1911s to be consistently high quality and great shooting guns. […]

Gun Review: Kimber K6s DCR .357 Magnum

The J Frame-size magnum revolver has been the quintessential backup gun for decades. And for a good reason. They’re easy to carry, fast to deploy and pack a heck of a punch. Kimber, known for their mid-market 1911s, got into the wheelgun game a few years ago with their version of the powerful snubby. Unsurprisingly, […]

New from Cimmaron Firearms: New Revolvers, Pocket .380ACP

Texas-based Cimarron Firearms has released some beautiful new pistols for 2018. The Wild Bill 1851 Conversion above comes in .38 Special, while the Buffalo Bill Conversion is chambered in the traditional .44-40.  Both revolvers evoke Fats Domino’s My Blue Heaven, bedecked in a surfeit of machined engraving. In the neat but why column: Cimarron’s Pocket […]

New for 2018: Les Baer Premier II 5″ in 10mm

Showing us all a little 10mm love, Les Baer has released their Premier II 5″ in the almost magnum automatic. The 10mm Premier II features a fully supported chamber at the back of the the 5″ stainless steel barrel and a green fiber optic front sight. Les Baer is guaranteeing 3″ accuracy at 50 yards.  […]

New from Ki`ote Rifle: LRP and Overwatch Models

TTAG is proud to have published head gunsmith John Stewart’s series on what to expect from a custom bolt action rifle. For 2018, the King of Ki`ote Rifle has released two standard models to start customers on their journey to the ultimate precision rifle . . . Ron Grobman and I both got to spend some […]

New from STI: DVC Omni

I got so tired of writing the same thing for STI — great accuracy, spectacular reliability, smokin’ fast, five stars (or thereabouts) — I quit reviewing them. Copy and paste for whatever gun they send me. The thrill was gone. The new STI DVC Omni rekindles my interest . . . STI took fast, accurate […]

Hands on with the GLOCK 19X

I finally got my hands on the new GLOCK 19X. It’s a GLOCK 19 slide atop a GLOCK 17 frame. So how does it shoot? I’m glad I asked . . . The GLOCK 19X shoots a lot like a GLOCK 19 with a GLOCK 17 frame. All kidding aside, X marks the spot for […]