Taurus Judge: Not the Best Choice for Carry?

The Taurus Judge series of .410-firing pistols proves that aggressive marketing can sell ice to Eskimos. The self-defense pistols aren’t ideal for handgun buyers seeking stopping power or concealability. Why are so many otherwise intelligent people purchasing — and presumably carrying — these enormous hand cannons? Let’s go to the tape . . . There […]

The Irony: Anti-Gun Activist Shot Dead In Chicago Violence

Chicago’s non-stop violent crime keeps mortuary services and hospitals busy. Among the customers this weekend: 58-year-old anti-gun, anti-violence “activist” Willie Cooper. At one point in a wild weekend in Rahm’s Wild West, thirty people fell to (mostly gang-related) gunfire, nine fatally, in the span of 18 hours. Contrast that with 54 percent of American counties […]

What Age To Teach Kids Gun Safety?

  Here’s an inconvenient truth: firearm safety education saves lives. However, some people fear them and don’t want anything to do with teaching their kids gun safety. At the same time, others agonize over when to start teaching firearm safety in their home.  What’s the right time to start teaching your kids to respect firearms? […]

Gun Control March From NRA to DOJ A Damp Squib?

Organizers claim 2.6 million women attended the Women’s Marches earlier this year. Barely hundreds bothered to show up for this weekend’s much hyped Women’s March from NRA headquarters to the Department of Justice. The Capitol’s sweltering mid-summer heat and humidity may have discouraged participation, and added to the hot air spewed by the organizers at […]

The Truth About Pistol De-Cockers

by Frank Sharpe There are a number of operating systems common to modern pistols, and we still see most on the range regularly. However, 85 percent of the guns students show up with fall into the polymer, striker-fired category. The last 15 percent feature other operating systems. These include 1911-style guns, a few other rarer […]

Why Don’t You Carry a Reload?

Millions of Americans carry a firearms every day. And that number’s growing all the time. Yet not all of them pack a reload. IN fact, it seems safe to assume that the percentage that carry a reload is smaller than the percentage of people who have faith in our federally elected officials. Then again, no […]

The NRA: The Left’s Latest Bogeyman?

The left’s descent into full-on derangement continues unabated with each passing day the Trump administration remains un-impeached. So when Dana Loesch so effectively pointed out the behavior of violent bullies on the left, vowing to fight them with “the clenched fist of truth,” the NRA and Loesch became public enemy #1 for America’s social justice […]

Independence Day Weekend Murders Pile Up in Chicago

The Chicago Police Department worked hard over the Independence Day extended holiday weekend. Their bosses told them to put a lid on the all-too-well-known violence in America’s largest open-air shooting gallery. Sadly, their efforts failed. Despite canceling days off, paying a ton of overtime and mandating work for their corps of cops, violence over the holiday […]