Seattle’s Jon Grant: Double the Gun & Ammo Tax!

Meet Jon Grant. The community organizer (his words) and political activist wants a seat on the Seattle city council. Among his social justice warrior campaign planks is one to double Seattle’s gun and ammo tax. Like many economic illiterates before him, Mr. Grant apparently believes that doubling the tax on gun sales in the city […]

Five Handguns I CAN Live Without

Austin Knudsen submitted a nice piece recently on five handguns he couldn’t live without. Me, I’m more pragmatic. Any handgun that goes bang every time, and shoots to minute-of-bad guy accuracy works for me. Much as I prefer concealable guns with good triggers and higher capacity, any gun that’s carried beats the perfect gun left […]

Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Bill Dead…For Now

Our own Jeremy S recently posted a review of Springfield Armory’s new XD-E pistol. As usual, he wrote a dispassionate and objective review, noting some issues with the new gun. The comments section, in contrast, had plenty of passion, yet little in the way of love for Springfield. Why all the hate? Simply put: gun buyers […]

“He wanted my gun. So I gave it to him”

A 61-year-old grandfather looked like an easy mark to a brazen 16-year-old punk at a Detroit gas station. It takes a brazen (or stupid) criminal to try to rob someone who’s open carrying a handgun. Unfortunately for the young hood, the old man not only had a gun, but also the willingness to use it. […]

Democrat NH State Rep Charged with Assaulting Gun Rights Advocate

Politicians behaving badly could be a regular series on its own. Just yesterday, a radical leftist Missouri State Representative tweeted her hope for President Trump’s assassination. Now, a New Hampshire State Representative Katherine Rogers (above) faces charges for battering a gun rights advocate. The incident occurred during a recount from last fall’s election. Susan Olsen, […]

Preparedness: How Much is ‘Enough’?

Preparedness for contingencies goes a long way to turning chaos into mere inconveniences. Finding one’s self unprepared when life throws you a curveball sucks. Hopefully, like many TTAG readers, you maintain some level of readiness for emergencies. If so, congrats. The question quickly becomes how much is enough though when it comes to ammo, food […]

GLOCK Gen 5 Launch Parties Set for August 26th

GLOCK dealers will be rolling out some new products on Saturday, August 26th. This will mark the fifth generation of “perfection” since GLOCKs first hit the market back in the early 1980’s. How many of you plan to participate in any of these launch parties? GLOCK fans will no doubt eagerly snap up the new […]

GSL Defense Training Courses Ban SIG P320 Pistols

Dallas Police have recalled the SIG P320s because of concerns about the guns discharging when dropped. At the same time, Omaha Outdoors has suspended sales of the pistol. Watching how readily the SIG pistol discharges when dropped in the TTAG video and story earlier this week convinced my fellow instructor team. GSL Defense Training has […]