Heckler & Koch: No More Gun Sales to Israel

German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch recently let it be known that they would no longer sell their firearms in some of the worlds more questionable corners. As the UK’s Guardian reported . . . The company has pledged no longer to sell arms into warzones or to countries that violate corruption and democracy standards, […]

Anniversary Present: Tricking Out My Mossberg Shockwave

  I didn’t know my fourth anniversary present would be blue steel, but by golly, my lovely bride came through for me over the Labor Day weekend. She hit a home run (grand slam?) with her first firearm present for me in a Marinecote version of Mossberg’s hot-selling, innovative Shockwave shotgun. Officially, the ATF classifies […]

US Virgin Islands Seizing Residents’ Guns, Ammo Ahead of Hurricane Irma

The post-Katrina gun confiscations were met will no end of howling about the obvious violations of Louisianans’ constitutional rights. And given the much more orderly response in Houston (where no one’s guns were grabbed) we won’t be seeing any more door-to-door “emergency” firearms confiscations. Right? Guess again. The U.S. Virgin Islands Governor has signed an […]

A Would-Be Intruder and My Near DGU

A recent story about the death of a homeless man in Champaign, Illinois brought back memories for me. The man had died, the report said, “after being subdued by police.” Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said Mr. Turner’s cause of death was an irregular heartbeat due to an enlarged heart and an enlarged left ventricle […]