Jeff Gonzales: How to Move and Shoot

Movement is a topic mostly misunderstood and rarely practiced. As a foundational skill, it should be part of every competent gunman’s skill set. Why is movement so important? Because a moving target is harder to hit than a static one. Movement is life If all you practice is static shooting — drawing and shooting your […]

Jeff Gonzales: Proper Trigger Managment

Most shooting errors are a result of poor to improper trigger management. Each shooter may experience slightly different errors, but they generally fall into three categories: placement, position or movement. Most modern firearms — not 1911’s — use a trigger based on a lever design. Placing your finger lower on the trigger gives you more […]

Jeff Gonzales: Concealed Carry For Beginners

Back in the day, there weren’t many resources for questions about concealed carry. Simple trial and error taught me what did and didn’t work. These days, the Internet offers an enormous amount of concealed carry advice; some of it bad, most of it good, all of it fragmented. The most important feedback I can give […]

Jeff Gonzales: Backup Gun? Maybe Not . . .

I’ve recently read a few articles promoting the backup gun (BUG). The authors concluded that a backup gun is a better option than learning to reload and perform malfunction clearances. I beg to differ. Misguided beliefs Sorry to break the bad news, but you’re not good enough to carry two guns. To do so effectively, […]

Jeff Gonzales: The Truth About Self-Defense Ammunition

In his video below, The Range at Austin‘s gun guru Jeff Gonzales simplifies the whole “what ammo for my carry gun” equation. Which is just as it should be. Obsessing about your carry ammo is a great landing at the wrong airport. Once you’ve got something that goes bang that offers adequate penetration, you’re good […]