Gear Review: SB Tactical SB-47 Stabilizing Brace


I urgently glanced over my shoulder to ensure I wasn’t the unwitting victim of one of Eric Holder’s notorious gun-running schemes. The AR pistol in front of me had a 10” barrel and what looked like a fixed, M4 collapsible stock on it. “It’s not an SBR,” the owner quickly replied. “It’s a brace.” “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining” came immediately to mind. I had seen this piece of equipment online and immediately thought it was an SBR work-around. You could have told me that the brace was not intended to be used as a stock until you’re blue in the face and I would have called you a liar, naive, or worse. That is, until I met the inventor and learned about the inspiration behind the brace’s invention . . .

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Gun Review: Century Arms UC-9 Carbine Review


If necessity is the mother of invention, the beginning of the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 was the mother of the UC-9. The State of Israel needed to consolidate its logistical nightmare of a small-arms arsenal into a single platform in order to arm itself against numerically superior Arab forces. Luckily for the imperiled fledgling country, Uziel Gal was ready to answer the call of duty . . .

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Gear Review: Spartan Products’ Spartan Tactical Target


Tannerite targets are exciting, but you can only use them once. Paper targets are boring…useful, but boring. Sure they’ll tell you where your rounds hit after you look through a spotting scope or walk down range. Then, if you want a clean target, you have to wait for a range officer to announce the range is cold and trudge down with your staple gun and a fresh piece of paper. It’s not awful, but not optimal for recruiting new shooters. If you’re like me and shoot 3-gun or anything other than NRA high power, you want to know immediately if you hit something without having to stop and inspect your target. Salute Products’ Spartan Tactical steel target gives you the opportunity to improve shooting speed, accuracy, and efficiency with both visual and audible indicators . . .

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Game Review: PayDay 2: The Heist

I’m a huge fan of the movie Heat. I love the (fictional) rolling gunfights in the streets after a heist gone bad, the in-fighting amongst the crooks as well-made plans fall to pieces, and the seemingly perfect plan that makes your heart pound as you wait for the inevitable to happen. To save heist-movie fans like myself from federal prison or being riddled with a SWAT team’s finest .223 ammo, Overkill Software created Payday 2: The Heist . . .

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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 10-6


Some styles never fade; the tuxedo, the little black dress or the martini. They’re go-to icons of classic style and functionality. Along the same lines is the full-sized .38 revolver. Six rounds of widely-available ammo in a package that rarely fails that delivers only a little more recoil than a .22 auto. It’s the ideal bedside gun for those unfamiliar with firearms who might lack the coordination, strength or inclination to wield a shotgun indoors . . .

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Gun Review: Canik 55 Stingray-C


Chrome. It’s mankind’s way of letting everyone within a five mile radius know that whatever it adorns is not only manly, but also bad-ass. Chrome is one of those rare elements that makes everything it touches better. It’s the metallic equivalent of bacon. Sure, there may be a few items on which chrome might be deemed inappropriate, but they’re few and far between. Mmm… maple bacon cupakes… So, when I opened the Century Arms catalog and saw my favorite element adorning my favorite pistol platform, I had to get one…Canik55’s Stingray-C in 9mm parabellum. The Stingray-C is a compact CZ-75 type pistol with black plastic grips and night sights enrobed in satin chrome. Its two-tone appearance coupled with a mirror-finished barrel is reminiscent of a 50’s hot rod. But can the Stingray live up to its muscle car-like exterior? Or is it just fart-pipes, Type-R stickers, and sheet metal spoilers? . . .

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TTAG Father’s Day Gift Idea: Two Mosin Nagants and Some Elbow Grease

The best Father’s Day gift idea comes packed in cosmonline. Grab a big gift basket, two Mosin Nagants, a tin of ammo, and a whole lot of spare time.  You and your father can spend a few hours bonding over the tremendously tedious process of cleaning all the cosmonline from your new-to-you rifles. Then, after hours of shoulder-to-shoulder scrubbing, washing, and waiting, you can take them out to the range together, filled with a sense of accomplishment and bliss when you hear that first crack usher forth from your freshly cleaned Russki rifle. And you can both reminisce over how all of your hard work finally paid off. Note: If you were born before the 80’s, replace “reminisce” with “bitch about how kids nowadays are no damned good and don’t understand hard work.” Either way you and your father will be closer than ever!