Gun Preview: Canik Stingray C 9mm

I reviewed the Canik TP-9 back in December and liked the Turkish P99ish import. Now we take a look at another budget-minded Canik knockoff, their Stingray C CZ 75 clone. Full review to follow.

The best Father’s Day gift idea comes packed in cosmonline. Grab a big gift basket, two Mosin Nagants, a tin of ammo, and a whole lot of spare time.  You and your father can spend a few hours bonding over the tremendously tedious process of cleaning all the cosmonline from your new-to-you rifles. Then, after hours of shoulder-to-shoulder scrubbing, washing, and waiting, you can take them out to the range together, filled with a sense of accomplishment and bliss when you hear that first crack usher forth from your freshly cleaned Russki rifle. And you can both reminisce over how all of your hard work finally paid off. Note: If you were born before the 80’s, replace “reminisce” with “bitch about how kids nowadays are no damned good and don’t understand hard work.” Either way you and your father will be closer than ever!