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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

FACT: Guns Used More Often to Save Lives Than to Murder


Despite hanging out with the likes of Dan and RF and Tyler Kee, I still have some anti-gun friends. Every once in a while those hoplophobic folks decide to stir up a debate about gun control, and the arguments are the same every time. “Guns are designed only to kill! Why would we want to keep these evil things in society? Shouldn’t we do our best to reduce availability of these killing machines?” It’s an argument that may make sense if you start with the premise that guns are clearly evil and dangerous, but I look at things a little differently . . .

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2016 TTAG Reader Demographics Survey Results


Every so often we like to take a survey of our readers. Not only does it let us know if we’re doing a good job (and identify areas we can improve upon), but it also gives us a glimpse into who exactly our readers are. We’ve been poring over the numbers for the last few weeks, and now I’d love to give y’all a peek at the results . . .

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Gear Review: KDG Sidelok Red Dot Mount


I test a lot of guns. Some of them come with a scope mounted already, but the vast majority require that I put some sort of optic on there to test it out. Normally this is a huge pain in the butt, moving optics from one firearm to another. I’ve tried a few alternatives on the market for quick detach red dot mounts but none of them have really worked all that well. Now Kinetic Development Group has released their Sidelok red dot mount, and after testing it for a few months I think I’ve found a winner . . .

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ATF Approves Modified X-Products Can Cannon: No Longer a NFA Weapon


As we reported last year, the the ATF had declared the X-Products Can Cannon an “Any Other Weapon” thereby making it a restricted item under the National Firearms Act. The main point of contention: the chamber which contained the blank cartridge had an opening at the front. The ATF determined that this small opening made the item a “firearm.” X-Products has since fixed this with a permanently welded block. The good news: the ATF sticklers now seem pleased enough to allow the company to continue selling the item without NFA paperwork. From the website . . .

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Just Arrived: Honor Defense HG9SC


The concealed carry pistol market has exploded in the last few years. Single stack striker-fired 9mm handguns specifically designed for concealed carry are especially hot — GLOCK has the G43, S&W has the Shield… The list goes on. One new manufacturer in this market is Honor Defense, a small business that’s bringing out their very first handgun: the Honor Guard. It’s a mixture of a few of my favorite things, and one of the very first production models just landed on my desk . . .

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FIREClean: ‘Rich Blogger Is Bullying Our Poor, Tiny Company!’

FIREClean courtesy cleanergun.com

We’ve been covering the ongoing drama that has resulted from Vuurwapen Blog’s analysis of FIREClean for some time now. To bring you up to speed, VB posted some analysis that indicated that FIREClean was chemically similar to standard vegetable oils such as Crisco. As it tends to do, the internet then went crazy, immediately latching onto the idea that FIREClean = Crisco and taking that idea to its absurd conclusion. Naturally FIREClean wasn’t pleased about the chain of events. As we reported earlier . . .

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Dead Air Launches Retro Comblock AK-47 Silencer


There’s something strangely beautiful about the Cold War Soviet-era style. When you’re relying on secluded, secretive designers and slave conscript labor to actually manufacture stuff the results can be, well, interesting. Case in point: the old Soviet era PBS-1 silencer. A device so strange looking that it seems more at home in a modern art museum than a battlefield. For those looking to have an “authentic” Soviet Afghanistan experience, though, it’s required equipment, and now the folks at Dead Air are designing a can to make that happen . . .

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Liberty Launches New Centurion Compact 9mm Silencer

centurion glock17

I really like Liberty Suppressors. Instead of making military focused silencers, the company has catered specifically to the needs of the average civilian shooter and they’re cranking out some excellent multi-caliber rated products at a price point that nearly everyone can afford. Their Liberty Mystic-X is still my #1 choice for new silencer owners, since it works on an array of calibers and easily disassembles for cleaning. That is, it was my #1 choice. Liberty has just launched their new “Centurion” can, which is a shorter version of the Mystic-X . . .

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Red Dot On A Handgun? Not As Useful As I Expected

I spent this past week in Phoenix shooting the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun Competition. I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack, which isn’t bad considering that I borrowed all of the equipment. And the guns. And hadn’t practiced with any of it. Or at all, really, for months. Anyway, I was competing in the new “stealth” division, which gives shooters the freedom to have red dots on all their guns — handgun included. I hadn’t spent much time with a red dot-equipped handgun before. Now that I have I can say this with absolute certainty: meh . . .

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H&K Reportedly Wins Contract to Replace Aging M-110 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles


The U.S. armed forces have been using the M-110 Semi-Auto Sniper System, designed and manufactured by Cape Canaveral-based Knights Armament Corp, for the last eight years. The concept behind the platform makes sense in modern warfare: giving designated marksmen and snipers the ability to rapidly engage multiple targets while enjoying some signature reduction benefits from the attached suppressor. That’s great on paper, but when placed into combat in the dusty and dirty environments of the Middle East the M-110 exhibited serious reliability issues. The military went back to gun manufacturers looking for a replacement, and it appears that H&K has come out on top . . .

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BREAKING: TSA/DHS Propose Authorized Concealed Carry Program


In conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration has just announced a proposal to allow armed Americans onto scheduled domestic flights. The Authorized Concealed Carry Program (ACCP) will create a new class of trained and approved concealed carry permit holders who will be allowed to carry on airplanes . . .

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British Gov’t Compiles Database of Rifle Club Members to Monitor for “Terrorists”

(courtesy lincolnshireecho.co.uk)

Here in the United States, the latest proposal in the gun control debate is to ban anyone on the “terrorist watchlist” from buying guns. This seems like a good idea for the average low information voter, but a quick peek behind the curtain shows that this might be the most dangerous and blatantly unconstitutional proposal that has ever been discussed. Over in the United Kingdom guns are already a taboo subject so when the Crown decided to add all of these “dangerous” gun owners to a central database for a similar reason no one batted an eyelash — or even noticed, until they spilled the beans in a “case study” buried deep within a boring government report.

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