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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), aspiring pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

U.S. Army Kills Rifle Replacement Program After Competitor Bests Existing M4A1

SCAR 16S, c Nick Leghorn

Over the last couple years, the U.S. Army has been holding the Individual Carbine competition — a program designed to evaluate if the M4A1 rifle is still the best firearm for our soldiers over 50 years after its introduction, or if there is anything better out there. The project has been under fire from the start, and they canned the competition back in June of last year claiming that everyone failed to meet the specifications. According to new information acquired by the Washington Times, it sounds like that decision to cancel the project may have been for other reasons . . .

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FLIR Brings Thermal Optics to the Masses with $3,500 R-Series


Thermal optics are fantastic for those who hunt nuisance species like hogs, but they’ve always had one huge problem: the price. A typical thermal rifle sight has traditionally been in the same price range as a small car, which puts it out of the reach of the average shooter. The reason for that price is that thermal optics have usually been marketed primarily towards the military, with civilians a secondary consideration. Now, FLIR is introducing a line of thermal optics designed and priced specifically for the consumer — the R-Series.

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First Look: SilencerCo’s “Salvo” Shotgun Silencer

SilencerCo Salvo Silencer, c Nick Leghorn

Silencers are gaining popularity in the United States. In addition to the “big names” in cans it seems like every mom-and-pop gunsmith in the US now makes them as well, and as a result the market is flooded with inexpensive rifle and pistol suppressors. What the market doesn’t have, though, is a commercially available shotgun silencer. There have been a few one-off cans produced and short runs from smaller shops, but none of the “mainstream” shops have done a commercial run since silencers really started taking off. That all changed when SilencerCo introduced their Salvo shotgun silencer last month.

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3-Gun Shooting Tip: Treat It Like A Sport


I can remember very clearly one of the first conversations I ever had with Erik Lund of FNH USA’s pro shooting team. He took one look at my footwear and looked at me with an inquisitive look, obviously disapproving of my dapper Danner boots. I knew I had done something wrong, I just wasn’t quite sure yet. Never fear — he quickly let me know that apparently my footwear was proof that I wasn’t taking this whole 3-gun thing seriously.

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SilencerCo and Noveske: Get Out and Find Your Range

Square ranges are boring. Public shooting ranges with stalls and benches are great for getting a solid 100 yard zero or a quick test of your new gun, but the most fun you can possibly have with a firearm takes place outside the confines of the dirt berms. As our own writers Chris Dumm and Joe Grine know, some of the best shooting grounds in the United States are out in the wilderness. SilencerCo is launching a new series of videos to illustrate this point and Noveske joined them for the initial shoot to show off some of their pretty awesome kit. But there is an ulterior motive at work . . .

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Brits Find Gun Prohibition Work-Around, Finally Have a Usable AR-15

There’s some interesting stuff coming out of the United Kingdom these days, specifically a new concept for getting around the existing semi-auto rifle ban that has been in place for ages. Previous attempts to get a somewhat functional AR-15 or semi-automatic-esque firearm into the market relied on a pump action sort of design where the operator worked the action for every shot, but now a new design seems to be popping up that’s enabling our limey cousins to enjoy some of the rapid firing capabilities of the rifle that they have been sorely missing.

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Gunwatcher Shows You What Ammo is In Stock at Walmart Before You Go


One of the more ingenious inventions to come out during the Great Shooty Things Panic of 2013 was GunBot — a handy little website that trawled through all the online stores to find who had ammo and how the prices compared across different sites. I used it constantly that year, and still use it when I need to find ammo. One website trying to replicate and improve on that site is Gunwatcher. But it’s more than just being a GunBot clone. They’ve gone and done something particularly slick: give them your address and they will tell you if your local Walmart has ammo in stock . . .

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BREAKING: James Brady (Brady Campaign Namesake) Death Ruled “Homicide”


The 73 year old James Brady, former press secretary and former chair of the Brady Campaign to Reduce Gun Violence (re-named from the more accurate “Handgun Control, Inc.”), died earlier this week. Mr. Brady became a vocal advocate for forced civilian disarmament after being shot in an assassination attempt while serving as press secretary to President Ronald Reagan. Now, thirty-three years after the incident, James Brady has died and the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide.

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CA Lawmaker Proposes Banning Body Armor for All “Civilians”

Apparently it isn’t enough that the Democrats continue to find new ways to prevent citizens from defending themselves with firearms. Now they also seem dead-set on making Americans even more vulnerable in an effort to stop the occasional well-equipped criminal. The latest brain storm by California Democrat Mike Honda would ban “civilians” in the United States from purchasing body armor. The reason behind the move is ostensibly to discourage mass shooters from using body armor in their attacks, but we’ve seen how well that theory works. Just look at the success of “assault weapons,” so-called high capacity magazines capacity restrictions, waiting periods and firearms licensing and…the list goes on. The language being used to defend this proposal is eerily similar . . .

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Something is Missing From the Imperial War Museum


Walking up to the Imperial War Museum in London, the very first thing you see are…guns. Two massive honking deck guns from a battleship prominently displayed in the courtyard to be exact. From that introduction you wouldn’t be remiss in thinking that the rest of the museum would follow suit, but everywhere I went in the IWM, I felt a definite absence. There was one specific thing missing from the experience, and it was so blatantly obvious that even the little children scurrying around among the shredded hulks of enemy fighters and disassembled German rockets noted the absence. Somehow, there were no guns . . .

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Shooting Illustrated on Their Remington R51 Review: Oops


Shooting Illustrated had been pimping the Remington R51 hard. They put it on their cover, they gave it a glowing review, and even after a plethora of negative reviews of the firearm started coming out they issued a full-throated defense of their actions and conclusions. As I noted, this situation is the clearest illustration of the lack of integrity among dead tree publications. But there’s now a problem: even Remington admits the R51 was a debacle. In light of that new development, Shooting Illustrated had this to say . . .

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Remington Engineers: R51 Launched Over Our Objections


We have been chronicling the incredible failure that is the Remington R51 for quite some time now. The story took its latest turn yesterday when Remington recalled offered to replace all R51s sold to date. The story started with such promise, but as the rosy marketing hype gave way to the terrible reality of the finished product there was one question we kept asking ourselves: how did this thing ever get made? According to our sources, it looks like production may have started over the fervent objections of the people who designed the gun . . .

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