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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

New Jersey Considers Legislation to Repeal and Replace “Smart Gun” Mandate Law

Loretta Weinberg (courtesy eyeontherecord.blogspot.com)

New Jersey has had a law on the books that Democrat Loretta Weinberg (who introduced it) claims promotes the development of “smart gun” technology. The law mandates that once a smart gun is sold anywhere in the U.S., all guns in New Jersey must be smart guns. But as we’ve seen since it’s been on the books, when a smart gun was finally marketed, that very law was the biggest reason why not a single one was ever sold. Weinberg seems to have finally come to terms with the fact that her feel-good legislation actually did more harm than good and has finally introduced a new bill to repeal the existing law and replace it with a new and slightly improved version. In other news Hell has frozen over, and porcine aircraft are buzzing the capitol in Trenton . . .

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Secret Russian Space Station Machine Gun Revealed


Russians have sent guns into space before. Back in the day, Russian astronauts carried a combination rifle, shotgun, and survival axe  designed to keep them alive (and out of enemy hands) should they land somewhere other than Mother Russia. While weapons of mass destruction are banned from being placed into orbit, Russia didn’t have any second thoughts about placing heavily armed space stations into orbit during the turbulent 1970’s. Thanks to a Russian TV program, we’re getting a glimpse at the configuration of Russia’s orbital R-23 machine gun. The gun was intended to . . .

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EU Answer to Paris Attacks: A New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban [VIDEO]

When the Paris terrorist attacks occurred on Friday, the article that got the most traffic on TTAG was this this one about French gun laws. Tens of thousands read it and they learned that France has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. Just about all the guns the jihadis used and everything they did was illegal. Semi-auto rifles require a special license which, you’ll be surprised to learn, the terrorists didn’t have. You can only transport a gun to and from approved ranges, which the terrorists most definitely did not. And the list goes on. So now given the success of French gun laws at preventing the carnage, the European Union is apparently preparing to enact more gun control measures, specifically an “assault weapons ban” based solely on cosmetic features . . .

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BREAKING: French Police in Shootout with “Mastermind” of Terrorist Attacks


Reports are coming in that the French police are currently involved in a shootout with ISIS terrorists including one person believed to have been the “mastermind” of the attacks in Paris on Friday. There are reports of explosions and gunfire with 2 terrorists reported dead — one killed by a police sniper and another killed after exploding a suicide vest she was wearing. Three others have been arrested. The operation took place in the Saint-Dennis area of Paris, less than 10 kilometers north of the theater where the terrorist attacks took place.


Obama Pledges to Focus on Gun Control During Final Year in Office


We’ve heard time and again how disappointed President Obama is with the fact that he hasn’t passed any new gun control legislation. The root issue there is that Obama sees any and all new restrictions on firearms ownership as “good” and “progress” no matter if they would have any impact or not — the “we have to do something” approach. A logical human would understand that the reason he has failed to pass his proposed gun control legislation isn’t that Americans don’t care, but instead because Americans are smart enough to figure out when a proposal will do irreparable harm to a Constitutionally protected right without reducing the “gun violence” being used to push that agenda. Having failed miserably in the seven years he’s had in office, Obama announced in an interview that he’s planning on using his last year in office to ram something — anything — through.

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Man with Loaded Ruger LCP Slips Through TSA Screening, Boards Plane


The TSA and their blue-gloved gropers have become a running joke. I say that not only as a somewhat intelligent American, but because I’ve seen it from the inside. I used to work as a risk analyst on a Department of Homeland Security contract analyzing the risks to American citizens from all sorts of threats including terrorism. I had access to classified information detailing exactly how inept the TSA was at performing their assigned duties. Hint: I make my peace with God before boarding any commercial airliner. A man in Atlanta proved my point yesterday when he boarded an airplane with a loaded handgun . . .

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The Trace Discovers Bumpfire Stocks are Legal, Panic Ensues


The Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control propaganda organization The Trace seems to have once again proven that their raison d’etre is not (as their writers have claimed) to provide fair and accurate reporting on guns and the issues surrounding them. Instead they exist to regurgitate the same illogical emotional arguments the civilian disarmament crowd have been using for decades in an attempt to convince Americans that they’re better off without guns, except this time wrapped in a false promise of impartial reporting. The focus of their recent article was on bumpfire stocks, and while the tone is pretty much what you’d expect the difference is that they seem to be trying to use our words (TTAG’s, specifically) to argue for outlawing them . . .

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SIG SAUER Introduces 16 Inch MPX (GEN II)


SIG SAUER was at the second annual Texas Firearms Festival, and they brought along something new: their 16 inch carbine version of the 9mm MPX. The original plan was to have a gigantic muzzle brake on the end of a normal barrel, but the ATF put the brakes on that idea for now. While SIG SAUER and the ATF battle it out in court, they’ve decided to bring a rifle version of the pistol caliber carbine to market anyway using an actual 16 inch barrel. There’s just one hiccup: this is the “Gen II” version I talked about in my review of the MPX.

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UPDATE: 118 Officially Dead in One Location of Paris Mass Shooting


The news keeps getting worse in Paris. Depending on which news source you’re reading there are between six and eight locations that were hit tonight in a coordinated terrorist attack, the worst of which seems to be in a music venue called The Bataclan. Up to six gunmen, reportedly armed with AK-47 rifles, stormed into the building and began slaughtering the occupants en masse. Standard patrol officers attempted to intervene but were driven away, and the gunmen had the run of the place for a significant period of time before specially armed officers were able to storm the location and neutralize the terrorists. Current reports indicate that at least 118 are confirmed dead following the attack — in that one location alone.

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BREAKING: Mass Shooting in Paris, France — 18 Dead, Hostage Situation Reported


News is just now breaking that there has been a mass shooting in the city of Paris, France. The latest information reports that two attackers opened fire with “AK-47 automatic weapons” at the Petite Cambodge restaurant in the center of Paris, followed by one or two explosions in another part of the city outside a soccer match that was in progress. There are reports that as many as 60 people may be held hostage at this time.

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Brethren Armament: Taking the MP5 to the Next Level


Back in the day, H&K’s roller lock based MP5 was the end-all be-all of coolness. The soft-recoiling yet hard-hitting 9mm submachine gun was universally beloved by all the guys on the tip of the spear, and the gun’s popularity is reflected in the number of on-screen cameos it enjoyed throughout the last quarter of the 20th century. But despite being the apex predator of its day no one bothered to try and improve the gun. H&K moved on to other designs and the MP5 was left to languish over time. The boys at Brethren Armament think that’s a crying shame, and have dedicated themselves to bringing the MP5 out of the stone age . . .

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SIG SAUER Announces New Shorter Carry Edition P229


On the cusp of the Texas Firearms Festival, SIG SAUER (one of the main exhibitors) is announcing that they have sliced off the nose of their P229 handgun. Originally designed as a more concealed carry friendly version of the iconic P226 the gun was still a little big for some buyers, but the new version is about as small as you can get before you start falling into the “mouse gun” category. Press release after the jump . . .

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