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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

The Truth About TTAG: Q2 2015


Things are slowing down here at TTAG, which is just about normal. Over the last two years we have noticed a distinct Q2 slump in traffic, which typically picks back up for Q3 and peaks right around SHOT Show. This appears to be the way of things for the foreseeable future, and to be honest that’s OK. The only times when traffic surged multiple quarters in a row was when our 2nd Amendment rights were under direct attack, and its kinda nice to not have the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads for once. That said, we’re still #1.

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BREAKING: Obama Announces Plans to Ban Guns for Elderly and Disabled Americans

President Obama at Benedict College in South Carolina (courtesy voanews.com)

The President and his staff have said it time and again: their biggest disappointment was their inability to further restrict the rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms. Now with the end of his presidency looming, it looks like President Obama might be preparing to go “full retard” on gun control laws. The new proposal would specifically impact those who receive Social Security disability benefits, banning them from even owning guns if they fit a list of conditions that President Obama and his administration deem “dangerous.”

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The Trace: Guns are Useless for Self Defense…And We Have Proof!


We’ve been following The Trace, a new civilian disarmament propaganda tool funded by Michael Bloomberg and his gun control campaigns that claims to not take sides in the gun control debate. Instead, they purport to present facts in an impartial and journalistic manner. Their first article didn’t inspire much confidence in that it proved the authors were starting out the window during high school statistics. Their latest effort isn’t much of an improvement . . .

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OMG! A Man With a Belt! That Looks Like Bullets! OMG!


We’ve come to expect the anti-gun crowd to get the vapors whenever they see anything resembling a firearm. They see firearms as fetish items and talismans of evil, so it almost makes sense that whenever they catch a glimpse of something gun-related they act like Baron Samedi just stepped onto the scene. It seems that the Boston MBTA Transit Police are getting in on the action now, having arrested a man for the heinous crime of not realizing that punk is something best left in the late 1970’s . . .

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Gear Review: Gun Pro Sure Fire Anti Nose-Dive 1911 Magazines


The 1911 platform has been around since, well, 1911. There have been so many tweaks and revisions over the years that today’s 1911 handgun might be the most well-polished and refined piece of ballistic equipment in existence. One area of the platform where that polish and refinement hasn’t necessarily been focused as much is the magazine. Most manufacturers ship their guns with mags identical to those that our grandparents took into battle against the Nazis. SIG SAUER’s R&D department likes to say “find a magazine that works and build a gun around it,” so old magazines might not be an issue in their eyes. For Gun Pro, instead of historic reliability they see something that can be improved . . .

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Gun Review: LWRC IC-A5 Individual Carbine


A few years back, the Army finally realized that it might be time to modernize their 60-year-old M-16 battle rifle. The gun has had minor tweaks since its introduction, but with all the advancements in modern technology their standard issue rifle was falling behind the curve. The call went out to manufacturers to produce a better rifle for selection as the next firearm of choice for the U.S. military — the Individual Carbine Competition. LWRC International is a smaller shop than the competition from FNH USA and Remington, but they came up with the best looking rifle out of the bunch: the LWRC IC-A5.

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George Pataki: “Bringing Guns Across State Lines is Illegal!” Uh, No It’s Not.


Former Republican governor of New York George Pataki has very gingerly placed his foot inside his very busy mouth. The Republican presidential candidate did an interview with a publication called “The Skimm” in which he discussed topics ranging from health care to gun control. On that latter topic, the New York governor seemed woefully ignorant of the existing gun laws in the United States. Specifically, he claimed that . . .

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Whataburger: No Open Carry In Our Stores


Whataburger is a well-liked and well established Texas burger franchise. You can’t roll through a small town in Texas without passing a Whataburger or two, and their delicious burgers are reason enough why. Heck, it was while sitting in a Whataburger drive-thru with Tyler Kee after my first morning hunting that I decided to move down to the Lone Star State full time. While Whataburger is a proud Texas empire, it seems that they aren’t embracing the forthcoming decriminalization of open carry with open arms . . .

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Dutch Special Forces Adopt 300 AAC Blackout


I’m a major 300 AAC Blackout fanboy. I think the cartridge is perfect for my needs: killing things at about 50 to 100 yards using the shortest, quietest, and lightest gun possible. Apparently the Dutch special forces agree with my assessment as they have now announced that they are switching from their 5.56 NATO short barreled rifles to the 300 BLK cartridge. 300 BLK isn’t perfect for every application, but it was more or less custom designed to fill the role that the Dutch will be using it.

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NFA Wait Time Skyrockets 200%


We’ve been tracking a nice, steady decline in the time it takes for the ATF to process firearm registration paperwork required to own items controlled by the National Firearms Act. At its peak you would expect to hear a reply from the ATF right around the 1 year anniversary of when you sent in the forms. In recent months that wait time has dropped damn near to the 30 day mark, but it looks like things are once again taking a turn for the worse . . .

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Kim Kardashian: My Guards Should Have Guns, But Not You Average People


Kim Kardashian…I actually don’t know who she is. I hear she broke the internet once, but I’m one of the guys running the thing and I didn’t notice so much as a blip. It turns out he’s a famous person — for what, no one can really tell me — and she opened her yap the other day and let something amazingly idiotic slip out about gun control in the United States. Like so many of her fellow famous people, Kim thinks guns are evil and scary and no one should have them. Except for her armed guards, of course. Because she’s more important than you or I, and shouldn’t have to follow the same rules she’d like to see in place . . .

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Gun Review: Linberta SA01LSTAC20 Shotgun


The Benelli M4 is a truly great shotgun. Reliable, enjoyable, and easy to aim — that’s the way to make ’em. The only problem is that it forces you to make a financial choice: do I want to buy the shotgun, or a small airplane? Benelli’s gear is top notch but it comes with a price tag that matches that awesomeness. For those of us who want both the shotgun and the airplane, the Turkish firearms manufacturer Linberta makes a smoothbore that has all the same bells and whistles as the Benelli M4 but without the jaw-dropping price tag. In theory. Is this another case of too good to be true? . . .

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