Cleveland Gun Control Laws Struck Down by Appeals Court

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Back in 2014 the city of Cleveland proposed some strict new gun control regulations. It read like a gun control activist’s Christmas wish list, including things like a “gun offender registry”…

ATF: It’s Now Legal to Shoulder an AR-15 Pistol Equipped with an SB Tactical Arm Brace

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In 2013, SB Tactical introduced the AR-pistol “stabilizing brace.” Navy veteran Alex Bosco designed the brace for a wounded warrior who had lost an arm in combat. The ATF approved the device for general use….

Gun Review: Remington VersaMax Competition Tactical Shotgun

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Not too long ago 3-gun shooters who wanted to run a semi-auto shotgun needed to buy a “tactical” or hunting shotgun, tear it apart, and build it back up to…

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Democrats Hopeful That Trump Will “Cut a Deal” on Background Checks

  Joe Manchin is the Democrat behind the “Toomey-Manchin” background check proposal that failed in a spectacularly embarrassing manner, with Vice President Joe Biden personally presiding over the vote in…

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Here Are the Three Guns You Should Never Ever Buy

Firearms exist for a variety of needs and use cases. Hunting? Target shooting? Long-range steel slaying? Home defense? Concealed carry? I can think of a gun(s) in my collection for…

Southwest Pilot Arrested for Bringing Gun Into NY Airport

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Even among the TTAG crew there’s disagreement about whether allowing concealed carry on an airplane is a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that firearms are universally…

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Gun Review: FN 15 Competition AR-15 Rifle

Some rifle owners never do more than stand and deliver. For others, the adrenal thrill of 3-Gun competition is their ballistic raison d’etre. While run-and-gunners can shoulder most any semi-auto rifle for competition, a…

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Three Best Rifles for People Who Hate Guns

  It’s an unfortunate fact that there are some people who hate guns. That hatred usually comes from one of two places: prior negative experiences with firearms and political ideology….

Firearms-Related Road Rage Rampant? Bloomberg’s ‘The Trace’ Sounds the Alarm!

The Trace is a pseudo-journalistic enterprise backed by gun control crusader Michael Bloomberg. Despite its supposed aversion to “fake news,” members of the mainstream media have taken to republishing The Trace’s disarmament disinformation,…

ATF Creates New Department Specifically for NFA Processing

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Those who own a silencer or a short barreled rifle will be intimately familiar with the NFA Branch of the ATF. This tiny office has been overwhelmed in recent years…

Pro Tip: ATF Still Considers Unregistered Silencers Against the Law

Over the last couple months the ATF has been cracking down on “solvent trap” manufacturers — people who sell kits ostensibly for solvent traps designed to make gun cleaning less messy….

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BREAKING: Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino

Reports are coming in that an elementary school in San Bernardino has been the target of a shooting attack. KTLA is reporting at least four victims, but details are still…