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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

Gun Review: Armalite M-15 18″ 3-Gun Rifle


Things have been changing over at Armalite. There’s been an invasion of 3-gun shooters, and it has had a radical impact on the company’s products. They’ve gone from producing National Match style AR-15 rifles that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 1990’s to offering what might be the slickest 3-gun rifle on the market in less than a year, and the man behind the push is Tommy Thacker, former 3-Gun Nation national champion and pro 3-gun shooter. The flagship product they are leading off this new charge with is their M-15 3-Gun Rifle, a gun designed to Tommy’s specifications, and it might just be the new go-to gold standard for 3-gunners.

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First Protecting the Second: Cody Wilson, SAF Sue the State Department


Cody Wilson is the man behind Defense Distributed. They’re the folks that pioneered one of the first 3D-printable firearms, the “Liberator.” When they first released the gun, the CAD files that allow anyone with a 3D printer to make a copy of the gun were hosted directly on their servers and freely available to the public. The U.S. Government predictably freaked out, and the State Department sent Mr. Wilson a nice letter demanding he remove those files from the internet or face a hefty fine and jail time for violating ITAR regulations (originally designed to keep high-tech military weapons out of the hands of hostile governments) . . .

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Gun Review: Wilson Combat .308 Project


When you think “Wilson Combat,” you think Bill Wilson and his love affair with the 1911 platform. The man is so ga-ga over Browning’s masterwork that he built an entire competition shooting sport around the gun, and now produces what are arguably some of the finest hand-crafted 1911 handguns the world has ever seen. But Wilson Combat does more than 1911s and the odd 92FS — they’ve been in the custom AR-15 business since time immemorial. One place they have yet to firmly plant their foot is in the .308 AR-10 market, which is something their latest creation attempts to fix.

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Shooting Tip: Practice with Iron Sights

A couple days ago Tyler posted an article lauding my shooing abilities in practical situations. That got me thinking about the differences between Tyler’s firearms education and my own. Tyler has merely adopted the iron sights since Appleseed shooting; I was born with them, moulded by them. I didn’t see the light of an exit pupil until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding. Shooting with scoped rifles may be more accurate at long distance, but sometimes its that inaccuracy that makes you a better shooter.

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BREAKING: Gunfight Erupts at Islamic Cartoon Exhibit as Officers Thwart a Possible Terrorist Attack


[UPDATE: 9:45 PM TTAG Central Time] The injured security guard has been released from the hospital. He’s A-OK.

Reports are coming in that there has been a shooting outside an Islamic cartoon exhibit in Garland, Texas. According to local news sources, two individuals drove up to the event and opened fire on one of the security guards standing guard outside. That guard was indeed hit, and was taken to a hospital where he is being treated for non life threatening injuries. The two individuals were subsequently shot and killed by other armed police officers before they could injure anyone else. The police are currently searching their vehicle for explosives, and the attendees of the event are currently locked inside singing the Star Spangled Banner . . .

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Gear Review: HT Speed Draw Holster


I hate SERPA holsters. I think they’re difficult to use properly and without the proper training they increase the likelihood of putting holes where holes shouldn’t be. [ED: SERPA redesigned their release button after RF pointed out its specific design defect.] But there’s a problem: they’re convenient, and they work. They provide effective retention of the handgun, yet the mechanism is dead simple to disengage even under stress. Finding something that provides the same retention and ease of use with a different mechanism is rare, but they exist. HT Holsers took a stab at that problem, and their solution is the Speed Draw concealed carry holster . . .

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Technical Drawings: SIG SAUER’s Custom Shoulder Taper for Silencer Mounting


SIG SAUER’s new line of silencers is nifty for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that they are all about improving the way silencers and firearms interconnect. The typical way a thread-on silencer interfaces with a firearm is through a 90 degree shoulder at the end of the threads, which is okay but doesn’t always keep the silencer tightly locked onto the muzzle. SIG SAUER is trying to fix this by manufacturing their silencers and rifles with a radiused shoulder — increased surface area increases the friction between the parts, and keeps silencers from un-screwing mid firefight. And now they are releasing those technical drawings publicly.

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BREAKING: Michael Moore Demands Police Disarmament, Says 2nd Amendment Will Protect Us

mm-gunsMichael Moore is one of the most outspoken opponents of gun rights in the world. He believes that Americans are “gun-crazed killers,” for example. But just moments ago, Michael Moore seems to have finally realized the point of the Second Amendment. In the aftermath of the rash of high-profile “excessive force” cases against police officers, Moore has tweeted a series of demands on how to improve the situation. His second proposal (the irony is not lost here) is that the Second Amendment will protect us if we disarm the police. Has Moore finally seen the light, and come to understand that guns save lives and protect Americans? Or is he just choosing the lesser of two perceived evils? We’ll have to wait and see how quickly he returns to his “disarm all the citizens” norm.


BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Hires Everytown for Gun Safety Campaign Manager

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to gun control. When she announced her run for the presidency two weeks ago I posted a little round-up of all the comments she has made on the record about her desire for things like mandatory registration, assault weapons bans, and that gun owners are potential terrorists. It seems that she is taking things a step further now, as her campaign has hired the Minnesota state director of the Michael Bloomberg funded gun control  group “Everytown for Gun Safety” to manage her Minnesota campaign.

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TAC-CON 241 Trigger Shipping May 8th, 10% Off Pre-Orders


The original TAC-CON 3MR trigger isn’t my particular cup of Earl Grey. I don’t see the benefit of an assisted reset trigger when I can get the same functionality for a fraction of the price elsewhere. But there is one thing that TAC-CON is making that I’m excited about, and that’s their 241 trigger system. It gives you the ability to move quickly between a single stage trigger pull for close range work and a crisp two-stage affair for distance targets with simply a flip of the safety . . .

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Silencer Review: Dead Air Armament Sandman (S and L)


It seems like silencer companies are coming out of the woodwork these days. Everyone and their brother makes cans — heck, my local FFL has a shop-built silencer they’re hawking. But while the basic design is simple enough making something that works, works well, and works well every single time is a challenge. It pays to have someone who knows what they’re doing at the helm, and in the case of Dead Air Armament they might have the best shot of any of the new silencer companies at making a big splash. Not only are they leveraging the engineering knowledge of Bergara Rifles to make their stuff, they’ve got Mike Pappas (formerly) of SilencerCo fame keeping them on the straight and narrow. Their first product being released shortly is the Sandman silencer, and I had an opportunity to test it out before anyone else.

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BREAKING: 7th Circuit Court Rules Assault Weapons Ban OK Based on Feelings


In a 2-1 ruling today, the Federal appeals court for Illinois ruled that the “assault weapons ban” in Highland Park — enacted just days before a new preemption law went into effect banning exactly that kind of law — is constitutional. The majority opinion written by Seventh Circuit Judge Frank Easterbrook relies heavily on the idea of “home rule” for the majority of its rationale, but buried in the text is the true reason why this court believes that infringing on the right to keep and bear commonly used firearms is legal: it makes people feel safe . . .

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