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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), aspiring pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

FBI: Crime Rate Dropped During 2013, Year of Record Gun Sales


The common refrain from gun control activists is that guns cause crime. They believe that by restricting access to firearms, they can reduce the crime rate and save lives. If their position were valid, then the opposite would have to be true as well — more guns would lead to more crime. But thanks to the FBI, which keeps track of crimes in the United States and reports on its trends, we know that despite the record level of gun sales and manufacturing in 2013, the crime rate has dropped to another new record low . . .

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Obama: I’m Still Going to Do Whatever I Want

President Obama speaks at the Easter Prayer Breakfast (courtesy whitehouse.gov)

In a press conference yesterday following the overwhelming landslide election of Republicans to the House, Senate and Governors’ seats across America, President Obama laid out his vision for how he’ll govern over the next two years. Many were expecting him to strike a conciliatory tone, offering to work with a legislative branch dominated by the opposing party. What actually happened, though, was that the president pledged to do whatever he wants and ignore any legislation he doesn’t like . . .

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Gear Review: Liberty Torch QA Silencer


The more I learn about silencers, the more I start to agree with Kevin Brittingham– fast-attach is a terrible idea. There’s no way to make it as accurate, effective, or long-lasting as a direct thread can, and what you’re left with is a series of compromises. But there’s still a market for quick-attach suppressors, the idea of buying one can quickly mounting it to all of your guns is extremely appealing, and so to service that market Liberty Suppressors introduced the Torch QA . . .

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This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Encounter Highway Robbers

Back in the days before reliable handheld firearms and cell phones, highway robbery was a thing. Groups of bandits would ambush lone travelers out in the middle of nowhere, far from help and unable to defend themselves. It was the perfect crime, and was a popular method of robbing and murdering people in the United States right through to the early 1900’s. It remains a popular method of robbery and murder in much of the disarmed world (like South Africa and India) but it isn’t something very common in much of the United States. Except in . . .

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New Ammo Designed Specifically for 3D Printed Guns


The problem with shooting most 3D printed guns is that they tend to blow up. The extruded plastic components can’t take the strain caused by the expanding gasses of the powder charge, and so the gun delaminates and breaks apart. One enterprising young man from Pennsylvania thinks that he has the problem licked. His solution: specially-designed ammunition . . .

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Gear Review: Leupold VX-1 Rimfire 2-7x28mm


Most companies don’t make a rimfire-specific scope. Instead they simply crank out a bunch of scopes rated for centerfire calibers and call it a day, ignoring the unique challenges that come with putting optics on a small caliber gun. Leupold is not one of those companies, and released a rimfire-specific optic in their VX-1 line of rifle scopes specifically targeted at people looking to put a nice piece of glass on their barrel . . .

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BREAKING: Republicans Gain Control of U.S. Senate

President Obama calls for more gun control (courtesy usatoday.com)

Throughout the last two years, the U.S. Senate has been a petri dish of bad gun control legislation. From Dianne Feinstein’s attempts to ban the vast majority of modern firearms to the Toomey-Manchin universal background check bill to which President Obama pinned his hopes (and whined like a petulant child when it didn’t clear the Democrat-controlled Senate) the possibility of a gun control bill passing out of that chamber has been way too close for comfort. Now, thanks to the efforts of the Republican party, it looks like we won’t have to worry about that for the foreseeable future . . .

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BREAKING: Abbott Wins Texas Governor Race

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott courtesy statesman.com

Open carry wasn’t an issue in the Governor race this year in Texas for one very important reason: both candidates supported it. Both Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis had voiced their support for open carry laws in the Lone Star State, but speculation was that Davis was just paying lip service to the remarkably pro-gun voters that make up Texas’ electorate. Despite reports of issues with voting machines in my home county of Bexar, Abbott has secured the Governor’s seat according to CNN. Hopefully this will mean that we will actually see some movement on open carry in the Lone Star State this legislative cycle. And maybe even campus carry.


End Ammunition Confusion with Mag Marker Bands from Faxon


The AR-15 platform is fantastic, partly because of the ability to swap from one caliber to the next with very few parts changes. That also can make it a little bit dangerous. What if someone tries to shove a magazine of 5.56 ammo into your .300 BLK gun? The day could end in tears. Or worse. That’s where a new nifty idea from Faxon comes in: magazine bands . . .

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Ammunition Consistency Testing 14: Lehigh Defense 300 AAC Blackout (110gr / 174gr / 194gr)


Looking for the latest results? Congratulations, this is it! Read on! [LAST / NEXT]

Ah, the old ammunition consistency test. We’ve been running this series for years, and while it has been on hiatus for a bit we are back with a vengeance. Today for this fourteenth installment we are testing three flavors of 300 AAC Blackout ammunition on offer from Lehigh Defense, a relatively new ammunition manufacturer with some lofty claims and nifty looking projectiles. We will be looking at one projectile from each of their three lines: controlled chaos, controlled fracturing, and maximum expansion.

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New From IWI US: Galil ACE Pistol and Rifle

IWI, the people who brought us the TAVOR bullpup rifle, have now set their sights on importing another Israeli classic. The Galil is Israel’s famed souped-up AK-47 clone, with some mechanical and aesthetic improvements over the original. I know a couple AK fanatics who have been waiting for a true Israeli Galil to become available in the states, and it looks like their wait is almost over. According to a press release (and Tim’s video) a rifle and pistol will be available sometime in February of 2015 — just about four months away now. Make the jump for the presser . . .

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FNH USA Selling Hammer-Forged Replacement AR-15 Barrels


FNH USA is known for making some amazing rifle barrels. I’ve seen their shop firsthand and was extremely impressed, and having shot a SCAR for a couple years, I know what that quality manufacturing can do. And I’m not the only one who adores their barrels — people have been known to buy their upper receivers from a certain online shop specifically to use off-label FN barrels in their rifle builds. It looks like FN has taken notice and will now start selling their barrels direct to the public, and at a remarkably reasonable price. Presser after the jump . . .

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