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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

Anti-Gun Filmmaker Assaults, Robs Pro-Gun Journalist


Making movies is expensive business, but documentary movies can have a real impact. Two years ago, Kris Koenig turned to Kickstarter to produce a documentary about gun rights in the United States called “Assaulted” that raised over $71,000 to make the film a reality. He later returned for a second round of funding – another $77,000 — to finish it off. The end result was a brilliantly composed documentary. Recently a filmmaker with an anti-gun history named Skye Fitzgerald tried to do the same thing, but failed with only $2,700 pledged in 30 days. A pro-gun journalist sat down with that filmmaker, who was still trying to raise funds, to discuss the project. That discussion ended with Skye Fitzgerald stealing two video cameras, assaulting the journalist, and trying to make it seem that he had been attacked by an evil gun owner . . .

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Debunking the Latest “Gun Ownership is Declining” Survey


There have been lots of surveys over the years that have claimed to show that gun ownership in the U.S. is on the decline. We’ve gone over this time and again; Robert took a swipe at the subject in 2012. Jim Barrett debunked the concept in 2013. I gave it a good fisking last year. And yet, the story being pushed by the mainstream media is that overall gun ownership is on the decline. Which is puzzling, given the ever increasing number of concealed carry permits issued, upward trending firearm sales, first time firearms purchasers, and increasing attendance at gun ranges. Nevertheless a new study now purports to perpetuate that narrative, but it can be pretty quickly debunked with the briefest examination . . .

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3D Printed Škorpion vz. 61


The Skorpion vz. 61 is one of my favorite firearms of all time. The gun is an absolute pleasure to shoot, but alas there aren’t many semi-auto versions available for those of us without tons of cash to spend on buying and licensing a full-auto gun. Thankfully, with the advent of 3D printing, we no longer need to re-engineer and mill our own lower receiver for the gun — we just need to download the appropriate files and print one out ourselves! That’s just what someone has done to the old vz. 61, and the option is now available for anyone who wants it. Make the jump for the test fire . . .

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New York Times Demands M855 Ammo Ban


The New York Times is quite possibly the least gun friendly publication in the United States. They’ve previously shown an utter contempt and disregard for fact checking and proper use of statistics when their “conclusions” paint gun owners and gun ownership in a bad light, and today’s editorial is no different. Titled “Protect the Police From Armor-Piercing Bullets,” the article is a re-hash of all the major Obama administration talking points in an effort to portray M855 as a menace to society that needs to be stopped. Shockingly, however, the Times fails to use any actual logic, statistics, or facts to make their case. Instead they build their case for a ban solely on the emotional appeal of loaded phrases to trick their readers into falling in line with their agenda. Let’s take this apart piece by piece.

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ATF NFA Branch Stops Answering the Phones


Part of the experience of buying a silencer used to be the time you’d spend on hold with the ATF’s NFA branch to check on the status of your pending permission slip. You would sheepishly ask if your stamp had been issued yet, and if the stars were sufficiently aligned just right and you had led a good and virtuous life, then the answer you hoped for would come down the line that your stamp would arrive within weeks. Now it appears that with the increasing workload on the NFA branch and generally decreasing wait times, the NFA branch phone line has been shut down — for good . . .

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Fraternal Order of Police: No M855 Ban Needed


The party line from the White House is that 5.56 M855 ammunition is unusually dangerous, and in order to keep our law enforcement officers safe, it to be banned from civilian use in the United States. We’ve already looked into those claims in our “The Truth About M855” article, but facts and logic never be obstacles to the Obama administration when it comes to proposing new limits on the right to keep and bear arms. There is one thing that may help sink the ban, though. The Fraternal Order of Police, the lobbying organization specifically chartered to act as “the voice of our nation’s law enforcement,” says that the White House is, well, full of crap. M855 isn’t specifically dangerous, and the ban is unnecessary . . .

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ATF: An SB-15 Stabilizing Brace On AK Pistol is Legal (But Be Careful How You Do It!)


The AR-15 buffer tube is the universal attachment point for aftermarket stocks. Just about everyone makes an AR-15 compatible shoulder stock, and even newer piston-driven guns that don’t need a buffer are being designed with an adapter to allow the use of existing stocks. For those with firearms like AK-47 pistols, adapters are available to allow you to mount an AR-15 buffer tube so you can then add an AR-15 stock or brace to your gun if you want. According to a new letter from the ATF, though, it appears that bolting a buffer tube to your AK-47 pistol might now be considered “manufacturing” a short-barreled rifle, and therefore illegal without a tax stamp . . .

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The Truth About M855 5.56 NATO Ammunition


The White House has said recently that banning “armor piercing” ammunition like the wildly popular M855 round is “common sense” and would make our police officers safer, which is a bold claim. Given the quality of journalism on display among the major networks these days, its no surprise that the facts of the matter have been muddled and obfuscated to the point where the details being presented bear little to no resemblance to the actual facts. Some hyperbole is expected, but in an age when the talking heads on TV start claiming that common rifles can shoot down airplanes and blow up railroads you know that fact checking isn’t high on the priority list. I wanted to take a minute and discuss the truth about the M855 round, what it is, what it does, and why it is being targeted.

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Army Refuses to Reconsider Beretta’s M9A3


Matt Cox over at Military Times’ KitUp blog apparently has the inside scoop on Beretta’s attempt to get the Army to choose their new M9A3 handgun as the service pistol of the future. Like a last-ditch promise to your girlfriend that stinks of desperation, Beretta’s proposed new handgun has been rejected outright and the breakup between the star-crossed lovers now appears all but official. For those who aren’t in the know about the current state of affairs in military handguns, let me bring you up to speed . . .

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TrackingPoint Announces New CEO, Record Sales Amid Layoffs

Gun porn courtesy of Tracking Point

This morning, TrackingPoint released a short presser trumpeting the appointment of a new CEO. The company had been headed by Jason Schauble, former Remington Defense employee who now is the man in charge at SilencerCo, but that relationship abruptly evaporated in the weeks leading up to SHOT Show last year. Now, with a new man in charge, TrackingPoint is trumpeting its company growth — but also hinting at some possible issues behind the scenes.

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FedEx Refuses to Ship Defense Distributed’s ‘Ghost Gunner’ CNC Machines


FedEx is a common carrier. They ship just about everything from prescription medications to firearms and silencers. In fact, I’ve used them before to send guns across state lines, and all they wanted to know was whether the gun was unloaded — no further questions asked. But when Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed fame wanted to use FedEx to ship his cheap his CNC machines, they refused. Why? Because — gasp! — they might be used to make guns . . .

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New From Faxon Firearms: Lefty-Friendly Dual-Ejection ARAK-21


One of the things that makes guns like the Steyr AUG and Beretta’s new ARX-100 nifty is the fact that you can swap which side the gun ejects spent cartridges. For those who are left-handed, that’s a huge deal since you’ll no longer have to put up with hot brass being launching inches from your nose. Faxon Firearms has been developing a different take on the AR-15 rifle called the ARAK-21 for a while now that already sports some interesting features (piston-powered, forward charging handle, easily swapped barrels). Their latest iteration will feature the option to choose where your casings spit out of the gun. Make the jump for the presser . . .

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