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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

New from LMT: MARS-L Rifle


The military’s Individual Carbine Competition may have foundered, but the rifles designed for that replacement program are slowly trickling onto the market. The latest gun to enter civilian distribution is the MARS-L rifle from Lewis Machine Tool. The concept behind the rifle is that every feature is mirrored almost exactly on both sides of the gun, making operation both fast and easy. Not only is there a magazine release of some sort, but the placement and the surrounding guard is identical. Which makes it a ton of fun to fire on the range . . .

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FN Introduces FN-15 Competition Rifle


FN has a long history of manufacturing specific competition versions of their regular military and law enforcement focused firearms. Once they perfect the internals they paint the exterior their special shade of blue. The last time I saw something come out in this line was an SLP shotgun, and while there was some discussion of a competition version SCAR I don’t think it ever made it past the prototype phase (although the blue SCAR that Larry Houck had was pretty awesome looking). FN’s now out with a competition AR that’s a direct competitor to the other top tier out there, and they’ve done a pretty spiffy job of it . . .

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Zenith Firearms Now Shipping MP5 Rifle


Zenith Firearms is the American importer of MKe’s MP5 firearms. They’ve been very successful with their pistol line of MP5K firearms, but they’ve been wanting to expand into the rifle lines as well. There has been a Z5 Rifle on the books with a restricted 10 round magazine for some time, but Zenith has started producing enough of the parts for their Z5 line that they can meet 922(R) compliance and sell the rifles with 30 round magazines. Now they’ve got a new rifle that takes advantage of that compliance with some cool features . . .

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New from Kalashnikov: ALFA Rifle, American 9mm AK


The folks at Kalashnikov USA have been busy. Their latest creation is the ALFA rifle, a firearm based on the venerable AK-47 platform yet modernized to compete with the proliferating pile of plastic performance penetrators (like the AR-15, Tavor, and others). I had the opportunity to chat with the guys at Kalashnikov USA and they gave me the skinny on what’s going on with this nifty looking gun…

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Team Never Quit Frangible Ammo: Safe At Any Distance


I love shooting steel. There’s nothing better in the world when it comes to practicing with firearms. Instant feedback, no need to tape or replace the face between strings of fire, and the durability means it’s a one-time expense. The problem is that when you’re using lead-based projectiles pieces of those rounds have a tendency to come back at you. And especially when you’re in an enclosed space the idea of breathing particularized lead isn’t really appealing. That’s where Team Never Quit comes in with their new frangible ammunition, and they gave quite the demonstration the other day . . .

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SIG SAUER Now Producing P210 in America


The SIG SAUER P210 is by far my favorite handgun that they have ever produced in the history of ever. The gun is an absolute work of art, with internal rails and an extremely low bore axis. The trigger is amazing as well. The problem til now has been that the P210 handguns have been manufactured in Germany and imported in the United States. Limited runs and an import slowdown have made the guns hard to find and very expensive, Now, though, for the first time, SIG is manufacturing the P210 in the United States…and with some minor improvements . . .

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LMT Introduces New Compressor Rifle


The folks at LMT have been cooking up some interesting new stuff. Their latest Compressor rifle is built with an eye towards executive protection, providing as small a rifle as possible without compromising reliability or compatibility. The lower receiver has been optimized to reduce the overall length as much as possible, but it will accept any standard upper receiver with the addition of a single weight for the bolt carrier . . .

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Paradigm’s ‘Talon’ Gyro-Stabilized Shooting Platform

Not every shooting platform is perfectly stable. There are times when you might need to take a shot from a moving platform — something like a rocking boat or a shifting helicopter. When you really need to take a precise shot from such a platform the only thing you can normally rely upon is the competency of the shooter and how well they handle the situation. For those who don’t have an expert shooter like that on staff, there’s a new piece of equipment that might be able to compensate for the motion and take a very precise shot. There’s just one problem: the thing is massively expensive . . .

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Suppressed Browning M1919


Every once in a while you see something really remarkable at the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range event. In this case, the coolest thing I saw was the suppressed belt fed Browning 1919 on the far end of the range. The fact that a suppressed M1919 exists is cool enough, but how they made it happen is equally interesting.

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KRISS Launches Vector with Factory Attached Pistol Arm Brace, More Calibers Coming Soon


The KRISS Vector has been on the market for a couple years now. Their problem is that the gun is a SMG, not a rifle or a pistol. It really needs to have a short barrel and a stock to work properly. They’ve tried every which way they can to get around the NFA prohibition on unregistered short barreled rifles, including offering a 16 inch version with a hilariously long “barrel shroud” disguised as a silencer. Now, though, they’ve finally embraced the SB Tactical pistol arm brace, and are offering a version of the gun with the brace installed at the factory . . .

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Hands On with Springfield’s New M1A SOCOM 16 CQB


The world of semi-auto .308 Winchester rifles is getting significantly more crowded these days. From the SCAR 17 to the ever-present AR-10 clones there’s a semi-auto .308 that pairs with just about everyone’s tastes. Nevertheless Springfield has decided to launch another entrant into the world of sending .30 inch diameter pieces of lead downrange in short succession with their M1A SOCOM CQB series of guns . . .

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