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Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

VIDEO: Shannon Watts’ Speech at the Everytown NRA Counter-Rally in Nashville

In what was billed as a protest of the NRA Annual Meeting, Shannon Watts served up a heapin’ helpin’ of the same old boilerplate this afternoon, regaling supporters of the resounding successes of Moms Demand Action’s efforts at “reducing gun violence.” The Moms head honcho addressed a crowd of 110 supporters (more than half from out of town, according to a Moms PR flak) in a downtown Nashville park, six safe blocks from the NRA Convention venue. Press releases before the event claimed that the turnout would exceed 400, but the actual number didn’t match the hype. Imagine that. Civic parks in Tennessee are currently classified as gun-free zones by state law and that may have been behind the choice of location, but we couldn’t possibly comment . . .

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Coming Soon from Zenith Firearms: Z5 (Licensed MP5) Pistol Series


The SIG SAUER MPX and CZ Scorpion may be the latest and greatest, but the MP5 is 100% classic cool. Seriously, who doesn’t want an MP5? Heck, it should probably only be sold with an Arnold Schwarzenegger approved cigar and an Armani suit. But for those of us here in the US, getting your hands on an MP5 can be difficult. Zenith Firearms is looking to change that by importing a civilian legal version of the MP5 family of firearms, produced in Turkey on German-made machines.

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New from YHM: Sidewinder Pistol Silencer


YHM has been making silencers for ages, but they’ve been mainly in the background since the silencer surge a couple years ago. SilencerCo, Gemtech, AAC, and now SIG SAUER are the big names, but YHM still makes some nifty stuff. Their latest can is a pistol silencer, which has some great features and clocks in at nearly $200 cheaper than anything AAC offers.

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SIG SAUER: “We’re Not a Flashlight Company Making Silencers. We’re A Gun Company Making Silencers.”

Back when AAC started making silencers, one of the first advertisements they ever did was a comparison between AAC’s latest silencer offering and the top competitor, Surefire. They showed the two cans side by side, and while the Surefire can was completely destroyed after a rough firing schedule, the AAC can was peachy keen*. That one image triggered a massive lawsuit, but no matter how many lawyers Surefire threw at AAC they couldn’t, uh, silence the fact that the ad was 100% true — Surefire’s can didn’t hold up. That was the beginning of AAC’s advertising style, something I refer to as the “F*ck you, we’re awesome” approach. And it looks like Kevin Brittingham is at it again.

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GLOCK 43 First Impressions


I attended a special GLOCK event last night where I got the opportunity to put some rounds through the brand new GLOCK 43. Like I’ve said, on spec, the handgun looks like it fills a much-needed hole in my personal arsenal — a handgun that can be either a pocket pistol or a holstered sidearm depending on the weather. Something I can slide in my pocket and forget about…until I need it. Now that I’ve actually had some trigger time with the gun, I think I can make a more informed decision. And that decision is . . .

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LEAKED: Video of FNH USA’s Semi-Auto M249

The above video is going to be played on a loop all weekend at FNH USA’s booth at the NRA Annual Meeting, but if you can’t make it to Tennesee (or just want to watch it in glorious high definition on your own time) then you can enjoy it here. As expected the gun is semi-auto, which means that the shooter pulls the trigger for every round fired. But unlike the open-bolt military version, the civilian version fires from a closed bolt. It’s a huge difference when it comes to the way the gun operates, but it really doesn’t change how fun the gun can be out on the range. And yes, we’ve asked for one — in 300 BLK.


BREAKING: FNH USA Releases New Guns, Including Semi-Auto M249, M4, M16


We are standing at the FNH USA booth here at the NRA show before the doors even open to get the scoop on some cool new guns being announced that have never even been rumored to exist. New for 2015, FN is releasing semi auto versions of all their military firearms including as-issued M4, M16, and even a true blue M249. Yes, really! Presser (AND VIDEO!) after the jump. . .

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SIG SAUER Officially Launches New Silencer Brand


They finally put the band back together. Launching today, SIG SAUER’s silencer line has its own website (SigSauerSilencers.com) and its own look & feel. Prominently featuring three of the most recognizable people from the old AAC (Kevin Brittingham, Ethan Lessard and John Hollister) the site seems like a continuation of the attempt by SIG SAUER to give Kevin a little space and let him do what he does best: sell awesome silencers . . .

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Can You Carry a Handgun at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville?


This weekend is the 2015 Annual Meeting for the National Rifle Association. It might sound stuffy — who likes “meetings” anyway? — but the biggest draw is going to be the trade show in the Music City Center. All of the major firearms manufacturers will be there showing off their guns, and it will be open to the public to browse and enjoy. Naturally TTAG’s finest will be on location to cover the event, and in preparation I tried to do some research into whether concealed carry is OK at the event. I found the info a little murky, so here’s my crack at clearing things up . . .

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Gun Review: Double D Armory SST Rifle


The name of the company whose rifle I am reviewing today is Double D Armory. And their logo kinda looks like, well, boobs. Which is grand for the inner kindergartner. But while their SST 5.56 rifle might appear to be a rather common AR-15 configuration with little else to offer than a name that makes grown men giggle, there’s something really really cool going on that might makes it worth a second look. But before we get to that, we need to check all the other boxes on the review template . . .

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Gun Review: SIG SAUER 556xi Russian


The AK-47 is one of the most popular firearms ever made. Millions of copies of the firearm have been used in nearly every single conflict worldwide since the gun was first produced, and it even appears on the national flag of at least one country. Its reliability is unquestioned, its effectiveness well acknowledged, and its ease of use is without equal. But SIG SAUER thought they could do better — produce a modern AK-47 for the modern world. The result: the SIG SAUER 556xi Russian.

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