Gun Review: CZ 75 B Limited Edition

In 1949, SIG SAUER created the P210 semi-automatic pistol for the Swiss Army. Apart from production innovations, the P210 earned an enviable reputation for excellent recoil control. In terms of precision and reliability, the gun was the Glock of its day. In 1975, Ceska Zbrojovka released the CZ75. If you were feeling charitable, you could say the CZ’s slide-in-frame design echoes the SIG’s. More importantly, the CZ75 repeated the legendary SIG’s winning formula: a relatively heavy, heavy-duty sidearm that helps shooters place rapidly-fired bullets with unerring accuracy. With the success of their semi, CZ created a family of firearms, including various calibers, trigger systems and frame materials. The CZ 75 B is one of the best of the breed . . .

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