Wyoming Restores Right to Bear Arms in Places of Worship

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed HB 141 into law last week. The bill reforms state restrictions on First (freedom of religion) and Second (right to keep and bear arms) Amendment freedoms in the state. It repeals existing state law that bans concealed weapons in any place people are assembled for public worship. From kemmerergazette.com: Monday, March […]

Police Arrest Parent Who Handed Teacher ‘Gun’ Card

The Village of Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin is an upscale bedroom community on the shore of Lake Mendota, surrounded by Madison and the University of Wisconsin. On February 23, Jonathan M. Fitzgerald demonstrated his parental concern for the safety of his child to his child’s teacher and administrators. He has been arrested and banned from the school […]

Civilian Disarmament Agitprop for Kids, By Kids

The advocates of disarming the American people have always used emotional “arguments” to pass legislation, before calm and rational discussion can take place. They do so for two reasons: emotions subvert honest discussion and honest discussion is the enemy. Whenever there’s a fact-based discussion on the merits, Second Amendment supporters win. How low can their […]

Canada (2015): Rifle Ends Grizzly Home Invasion

It was 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, 9 August, 2015, in Kimberly, British Columbia when Niki and Mark Traverse’ pet dog, a 9 1/2 year old Jack Russel Terrior named Sid, started barking frantically. Niki went to investigate, and came within five feet of a grizzly bear. From ctvnews.ca: “It was 10 feet from our son’s […]