Citizens Push for Gun Rights in Ukraine

Ukraine is considering rights of self defense and the legal rights to own weapons. Since the breakup of the USSR, the Soviet Empire’s former client states have been struggling with numerous issues of law, including private property rights and self defense. Ukraine has little traditional law concerning the ownership of firearms. Current law, as such, consists […]

Swiss to Debate EU-Style Restrictive Gun Control Laws

Switzerland has long been one of the safest and best-governed countries in the world. The landlocked country has historically very few firearms restrictions and high rates of gun ownership. Until 1996, the firearms laws in Switzerland were entirely up to the local cantons. Gun laws in Switzerland were generally less restrictive than in much of […]

Concealed Carry Instructor Who Stopped Mall Attack Gets Congressional Badge of Bravery

Officer Jason Falconer received the Congressional Badge of Bravery for actions he took while off duty. Falconer was a part-time officer from nearby Avon, Minnesota when he stopped a mass stabbing in a St. Cloud, Minnesota mall in September of 2016 But Falconer’s more than just a heroic cop. He’s also a professional firearms trainer for the […]