TTAG Daily Digest: Arming Them With Ballots, New Jersey Equality and Coming for Your Guns

Teen birthday vote drive targets pro-gun lawmakers Giffords, Watts and Bloomberg are organized, well-funded and highly motivated . . . Gun control advocates are planning to send birthday packages to newly turned 18-year-olds in 10 states where they believe pro-gun lawmakers are vulnerable. Inside each: a voter registration form. The effort is part of a […]

Gun Zero of the Day: Jeffrey Craig Zeigler

Forteen-year-old Brennan Walker knocked on a Rochester Hills, Michigan house Friday morning after he missed his school bus. All he wanted were directions so he could get to school in time for first period. Instead, he almost got a load of buckshot. The lady of the house seemed to jump to conclusions. “I knocked on her […]

The Death of Satire – Quote of the Day

“As a friend put it to me, ‘You can’t parody this anymore. If I said next on the list will be a ban on rope to prevent suicides and strangulation, they would take it up.’ But only after we finally defeat the National Cutlery Association and purge our politics of the corrupting influence of the […]

TTAG Daily Digest: Making Them Live By Their Own Rules, British Locks, Stocks and Barrels, and The Marines’ Next Rifle

Lonegan wants Menendez charged for holding a rifle during press conference Alinsky’s Rule No. 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules . . . Republican congressional candidate Steve Lonegan said Friday he plans to seek criminal charges against Sen. Bob Menendez for briefly holding a display gun at a press conference […]