There’s No Need for College Campus Police to be Armed: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“Officers who patrol dangerous neighborhoods, where people carry guns and use them in crimes, need to be armed themselves. But officers who patrol bucolic campuses where very little crime and even less violence occurs —campuses like SUNY Adirondack’s — don’t need the capacity to kill.” – Will Doolittle in Spending money on unnecessary weaponry [via] […]

Gun Rights or Medical Marijuana…You Can’t Have Both

This is becoming more of a problem every day . . . Patients must choose: Medical marijuana or gun ownership The town drunk can buy firearms. So can someone who has been involuntarily placed in a mental hospital for a short stay. But anyone who wants to treat their Crohn’s disease with medical marijuana is forbidden from owning a […]

TTAG’s Top 25 Posts of 2017 Countdown: #10 – #6

Now we’re down the the top ten of our list of the 25 most read stories in 2017. Here are numbers ten through six which, as you’re about to see, is heavy on gun reviews. And what guns seem to attract the most eyeballs ’round these parts? Polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm handguns. Well, mostly. Anyway, here […]

Despite End of Operation Choke Point, Firearms Businesses Still Face Financial Services Discrimination

By Scott Hawksworth Being a gun dealer isn’t easy. Sure, the previous president (AKA The Greatest Gun Salesman of All Time) offered a sustained sales boom to gun dealers everywhere. But, over the last decade, internet sales have created clear winners and losers. The high volume/low-margin sales model of national dealers, such as Buds Gun Shop, hasn’t […]

Gun Tweet of the Day: Sarah Sanders Shoots Trap

The Tweeter in Chief is nothing if not expert at trolling the media. And White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is no slouch herself. She’s been the target of a barrage of media incoming fire since she was promoted to the position. But it all seems to roll off of her back. She posted the […]