No More Hunting With Lead? No Problem

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Now that deer season is in full swing and AB 711 has put the kibosh on hunting with traditional ammo in California many of us are looking to alternatives. The whole lead scare was debunked here, but even still. While we can debate whether lead ammo is dangerous to you as a hunter, I think the whole ‘lead ammo kills wildlife’ argument has been looked upon as junk science. The only area where I might agree is in bird hunting, specifically in the wetlands here around San Francisco. We haven’t used lead shot in the San Francisco bay for decades, and the birds are doing just fine, I am happy to report . . .

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Gear Review: Tango-7 Tactical Holsters

coyoteblack for Glock 192332

What do most concealed carriers want? A custom hybrid holster without the custom price. Unlike many states that allow open carry, California, among others, is all about keeping it on the down low. We fret and fear unnaturally about printing and even leave our regular carry guns at home in the heat of summer to keep from getting the smackdown from Johnny Law. I personally hate compact pistols. Go ahead and unleash the hounds on me, it is what it is. They don’t feel right in my hand and I prefer a full frame, larger caliber gun. I like to have confidence in what I’m carrying and a pocket pistol built on a compact frame just doesn’t do it. That’s where Tango-7 Tactical came to the rescue for me . . .

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California Ammo and Gun Shortage Continues. Still.


As many of the free states have begun to see ammo and guns return to the shelves, I fully expected the same for my state. Obviously all this talk about false flags and impending doom were just malarkey, right? Over the weekend we decided to hit the local Bass Pro Shop here in the central valley of California. All things considered, I figured I’d go and drool over all the things I would love to receive as a gift, or start stashing away cash for a future purchase. To my amazement it looks like the hoarding and lack of inventory is still in full swing here in the Golden State. If you were a duck hunter or skeet shooter you have no problems. Shotgun shells were in abundance. If, however, you have a center/rim fire rifle or a handgun, fuggedaboudit . . .

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AG Harris Bans All New Semiautomatic Handguns in California


California’s Kamala Harris, the best-looking attorney general in the nation, has signed a letter mandating micro stamping technology for all new semiautomatic handguns being sold in the Golden State. [Read the letter here.] Any new model handgun must have a microstamped serial number somewhere on the gun’s frame and a firing pin that stamps a unique number onto the cartridge before (or as) it ignites the primer. I immediately reached out to Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition to confirm. Confirmed. Brandon has assured me that the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale is being challenged in court as a whole. Meanwhile for those Golden State gun buyers this means . . .

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California Ammo Sales Registration and Mag Ban Bill Revealed


California State Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has introduced California Assembly Bill AB-48. It’s now headed to committee. The bill attempts to close “loopholes” in the Golden State’s unconstitutionally restrictive firearms laws. For example, at the moment, a shooter can lend or borrow a 30-round magazine at a 3Gun competition—-so long as the other person is on site. Skinner’s skinned that cat . . .

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California Gun Ban Bill Revealed: SB-47 Hits the Street


Many of you remember Leland Yee from California. He introduced his AB 249 last year, known fondly as the bullet button ban. Most of the free world gets to simply push a nice button to release their magazines, but here in California we have this nifty little piece of crap bullet button. This was a work-around to bypass California’s AWB. Leland’s original legislation had no grand fathering and no financial restitution. Turn them in or be a felon. That was the choice. Now Leland is back, embolden by the tragedy at Sandy Hook and subsequent bloody T-Shirt waving. Lee’s SB 47 is currently sitting in committee. [Click here for the text.] This is not the only gun ban bill California is facing, but it’s one that reaches pretty deep . . .

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