BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Provisions Added to Larger Natural Resources Bill, Hearing Tomorrow

One of the two main priorities for gun rights advocates (along with national concealed carry reciprocity) under the Trump administration has been passage of the Hearing Protection Act; removing suppressors from National Firearms Act regulation, delays and fees. The HPA seemed to be the easier bill to pass, low-hanging legislative fruit as it were. But it’s […]

Gun Review: IAC Hawk 981 Shotgun

I was wandering through my local gun store the other day and saw a pistol grip 12 gauge pump with an 18.5” barrel with Hawk 981 stamped on its side. I like to think I’m fairly up to date on firearm manufacturers, but had never heard of Hawk. A quick Google search and I learned […]

Gear Review: Peregrine MAGnet Gun Caddy

The best ideas seem to be the most obvious ones and I stumbled across one the other day at my local gun store. The Peregrine MAGnet Gun Caddy definitely falls into the obvious good idea category. Basically it’s a piece of hard foam with a slot to hold a gun barrel attached to a magnet mounted […]