Gun Review: Ruger 10/22 Target Rifle

Ruger’s ultra-popular 10/22 is fun, reliable, handy, fairly accurate and one of the most easy to customize platforms in the gun world. I’ve owned three over the years and always regret selling them. But as I became a more proficient shooter I eventually grew out of the standard 10/22 carbine. While the standard 10/22 models are […]

New From Aeroknox: the AX//01 1911 Slide

Aeroknox may the best little machine and design shop you’ve probably never heard of. Corey and his Leander, Texas-based team turn out some beautiful and innovative products. The latest addition to their product line: a unique steel 1911 slide that’s sure to make your John Moses Browning pistol stand out at the range. At $385 the […]

Gun Review: Savage B22 FV-SR .22LR Rifle

The futuristic lines of the Savage B22 FV-SR .22 LR rifle weren’t enough to put one on the set of Valerian or Blade Runner 2049. But the updated bolt gun’s certainly more modern-looking than my three venerable Ruger 10/22s. What intrigued me most about the Savage B22 FV-SR: it includes Savage’s Accutrigger. Is that much-touted bangswitch is all […]

Obscure Object Of Desire: Engraved Mauser C-96

I recently found myself in Fredericksburg, Texas (a short drive from TTAG’s secret above ground bunker). I remembered a Jon Wayne Taylor article on a gun store in “Fritztown”: Texas Jack Wild West Outfitter. I decided to test my girlfriend’s patience and stop in. I’m glad I did . . . Texas Jack has an engraved pre-war […]

SHUSH Bill Introduced in Senate Would De-Regulate Silencers

Senators Mike Lee (above) and Mike Crapo (below) have introduced the Silencers Help Us Save Hearing or SHUSH bill in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. If enacted, SHUSH would go a step further than current version of the Hearing Protection Act that’s being considered by classifying suppressors as firearms accessories. Here’s Senator Lee’s press release: […]

Silencer Shop Makes ATF Form 1 Easier

The Silencer Shop had made filing an ATF Form 1 for your short barrel rifle/shotgun or silencer easier. For $34.95 plus the $200 Tax Stamp, The Silencer Shop will take care of the necessary paperwork to file a Form 1 with the ATF. According to Nick, NFA processing times are probably going to be declining […]

Gun Review: GSG MP40 9mm

A phone call from my FFL woke me up. “Your special order just came in, it’s a German Sport Guns MP40 in 9mm.” He sounded a bit confused. I rushed down to my LGS to start the 4473. The salesman dragged out a large cardboard box. It was unusually heavy. Much to my surprise, we […]

Gear Review: LaRue Tactical MBT Trigger

When I became a regular shooter I became a trigger snob. Most of my trigger time was spent behind a Remington 700 in 17 fireball (the first and only wildcat I have owned), a well broken-in M14 and a Kimber Custom Grand Raptor. I’d shot plenty of other guns, but not regularly enough to have […]

New From Ruger: SP101 Match Champion .357 Revolver

Ruger has announced a new addition to their family of impressive revolvers. Their new SP101 Match Champion is chambered in .357 Magnum has polished and optimized internals and a 4.2-inch barrel with an 11 degree target crown. These beauties have an MSRP of $859 and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. Stay tuned. […]

Sig P320 80% Frame Update From

When teased us with an announcement of an upcoming 80% frame insert for the SIG P320 we had a few questions. So we reached out to the good people at and they were kind enough to provide some answers…which led to even more questions. From We don’t have a release date or price […]

New from Primary Arms, Advanced 30mm Red Dot

Primary Arms makes some pretty good optics for the money. And their lineup now includes a 30mm red dot. The new Advanced Red Dot has some great features and a lifetime warranty. MSRP is a reasonable $129.99 and mounts run $14.99 when purchased with the optic. From Primary Arms: Our full size 30mm red dot […]

SHARE (Silencer) Act Hearing Cancelled After Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting

The House Committee on Natural Resources has cancelled the legislative hearing on the “Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement act.” The bill contained a strengthened version of the Hearing Protection Act removing regulation from silencers/suppressors. Rep. Jack Bergman, a member of the Committee, was at the GOP baseball practice this morning that came under attack. No […]