State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the United States Debunked


Our old friends at CNN are at it again (still). This time they’re breathlessly yet loudly pronouncing the results of a study posted in JAMA Pediatrics. The report title is innocuous enough; State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the United StatesCNN takes the idea and runs with it. They headline their take Stricter state gun laws keep firearms out of hands of youth complete with a two-minute video featuring “The Loneliest Club” [click on the link to watch]. That would be a group of 40 people who have lost loved ones to CGUs (Criminal Gun Uses). As far as I can tell the video has nothing to do with either the study or the story, but hey, you gotta tug those heartstrings somehow! Anyway, the article opens up thusly . . .

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MN Legislator Wants to Go Out With a Bang, Pushes for Firearm Registration


Minnesota State Rep. Kim Norton (D-Rochester) isn’t planning on running for re-election, so has decided to spend her last days in public service pushing for expensive, idiotic, nanny-state, feel-good measures which she knows won’t pass. As stated in the Rochester Post-Bulletin piece Norton to push for stricter gun laws in final term: “Fed up with gun violence, retiring Rep. Kim Norton said she plans to introduce a package of ‘common sense’ gun law changes during her final legislative session.” . . .

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The Real Truth About Suicide and Guns

Lindsay Lohan (courtesy

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop unit – collectively known as The Trace – is pumping out civilian disarmament content by the barrel full. Recently, The Trace published an article on firearms-related suicides called Why Suicide Prevention Depends on Gun Restrictions. That particular piece of misdirection’s based on the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s report The Truth about Guns & Suicide – which I eviscerated hereBottom line: both anti-gun groups would have you believe a simple idea. The science is settled. No further discussion is necessary. Guns cause suicides . . .

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7 Incredibly Incoherent Straw Man Arguments For Gun Control!


When I was about 10 years old, I found a copy of Cracked magazine and though it was knee-slapping hilarious (the parts of it I understood, anyway). Unfortunately Cracked seems to still be alive and… well alive anyway, and providing the nutty social commentary that so tickled my adolescent funny-bone lo those many years ago. TTAG reader Pete directed us to the Cracked website and their opus, 7 Incredibly Biased Arguments Against Gun Control by Luke McKinney  . . .

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Who’s ‘Delusional’ Where Guns and Crime are Concerned?


Dale Hansen over at HuffPo is using his bully pulpit (okay, with 798 likes and 18 shares, maybe that’s being charitable) to lambaste Vince Vaughn (whose recent pro-gun comments to GQ UK have stirred up a minor firestorm) and the various members of FoxNews’s The Five. In the process Dale manages to display either abject ignorance and credulity or an unusual willingness to lie through his teeth when it supports the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex agenda. Here’s the quote Dale’s knickers are so bunched over . . .

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Hypocrisy, Distortion and Lies, Or Just Another Day at Stop Handgun Ownership Violence


John Rosenthal has his knickers in quite a twist. He’s the co-founder of Massachusetts-based Stop Handgun Violence and is the man responsible for the iconic 252 foot long anti-gun billboard which used to face the Mass. Pike near Fenway Park. Unfortunately his craving for filthy lucre recently overcame his principles and he sold the parking garage where the sign was mounted. He thought he would be able to keep spreading his message (for free no less) as four media companies had agreed to donate space on 36 billboards to the cause . . .

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Everyone Is Entitled To His Own Opinion, But Not His Own Facts


Although first articulated by Bernard M. Baruch in 1946, I have always associated that. saying with Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. And I have never seen a more perfect example than in a recent “research” paper by director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center David Hemenway, and an article about that study by Alexandrea Boguhn published at That’s because all this “study” has done is collect a bunch of opinions . . .

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Wait, Who’s David and Who’s Goliath in this Story?


It seems a definitional change has taken place somewhere recently. Apparently scofflaw local governments are now the “little guys” and law-abiding citizens who just want their local governments to obey state laws are the “big bullies.” At least that’s the way Susan Winston sees things at HuffPo with her piece “David Vs. Goliath, or Do You Really Want Someone Totin’ a Gun in Your Park?” She’s talking about Pennsylvania’s over 40-year-old preemption law which, after being more and more blatantly ignored by cities and municipalities across the commonwealth was finally given teeth in this past legislative section . . .

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Deer Don’t Wear Combovers


When I first saw Congressman Eliot Engel’s picture at the head of his LoHud editorial “Deer don’t wear Kevlar” the very first thing I thought was, Don’t mock him because of that idiotic comb-over; that’s an ad hominem attack and is beneath the People of the Gun. Besides, maybe he just doesn’t own a mirror. But the more of his piece I read, the more I realized; the C-O did not lie. This guy is a moron. And no, that is not an ad hominem attack, it’s a considered opinion based on the fact that he has to be be a moron to think that anyone is going to fall for his line of complete and unadulterated horse hockey . . .

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Anti-Gunners: If They Didn’t Have Double Standards, They’d Have No Standards At All


Recently the “gun-violence prevention” group States United to Prevent Gun Violence made waves with a video depicting a supposed gun store in New York City. Purporting to cater to first-time gun buyers, their actual goal was to conduct “a hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths. Every gun has a history. Let’s not repeat it.” For those who have not yet seen the video the “history” they are talking about is violence committed with each specific firearm model they offered. But I am not here to address the actions of gun-hating, freedom-abhorring, despicable wretches who gleefully dance in the blood of victims. I’m here to address antis in general and their reaction to a New York State Rifle & Pistol Association (NYSRPA) press release . . .

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