As A Matter of Fact, We Can’t All Agree to ‘Safe Gun Storage’


The Connecticut-based editorial board of the has a great idea — let’s lock up guns so that people can’t use them to commit suicide! The article’s title, ‘Agree, at least, to safe gun storage‘ makes it clear that they consider this to be one of those “simple, straight-forward, common-sense” restrictions so beloved of those who favor civilian disarmament. I mean surely we can all agree that reducing suicide rates is a good thing and safe storage laws can hardly be counted as infringements on the natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil and Constitutional right to own and carry the weapon of your choice. Right? To “prove” their point they offer up lots of facts with very little context. Naturally I feel honor-bound to provide that context . . .

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ABA Report on Stand Your Ground Laws: FUD, Flaws and Failure


The American Bar Association (ABA) has come out with a startling, indeed groundbreaking white paper: American Bar Association National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws Preliminary Report and Recommendations (which oddly enough is titled “GunReport.pdf” on their website). This report is startling for displaying just how ignorant and uninformed a ostensibly select group of lawyers can be. It also breaks new ground in attempting to re-cast crime victims as criminals for choosing to fight back while painting their would-be assailants as victims. Now I could go into one of my famous multi-thousand word, highly detailed and meticulously annotated dissertations, identifying and eviscerating each logical flaw, unsupported assumption, undulating lie and outright falsification in the report, but I am not going to do that here for two reasons . . .

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Jonathan Kay’s Hoplophobia Forged by Bigotry, Ignorance and Hysteria


Jonathan Kay of Canada’s National Post is weighing in on America’s “gun culture”. Before asking what in Hades a Canadian could know about the subject, know that he spent two years studying the conspiracist subculture on his way to authoring Among The Truthers, so his current polemic, America’s firearms culture forged by paranoia, racism and civil rights unrest, is based in part upon that experience. Which may also explain the paranoia he attributes to us “gun nuts”. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have researched this topic as fully as his book. If he had . . .

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Christy Martin Uses Excuses, Lies to Justify More Gun Control Laws


In preparation for her July 30 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s ill-named Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act, women’s boxing champion Christy Martin penned a commentary explaining why guns are bad. Titled My Gun Didn’t Protect Me, she explains how her former husband almost murdered her. My normal modus operandi is to break gun grabbers’ pieces into small bits, the better to demolish them. In this instance, though, I want you to get the full story of the attack . . .

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Michael Waldman Apparently Has No Idea What The Second Amendment Intended


Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law and author of The Second Amendment: A Biography, is dipping his toes into the citizen journalism pool. Unfortunately his shorter polemic, ‘What the Second Amendment intended‘ seems to be at least as riddled with falsehoods, undulating lies and outright fabrications as his book. Right out of the blocks, he’s off on the wrong foot: “As school shootings erupt with sickening regularity…” . . .

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OMG! Americans! Carrying Guns in DC! OMG!



Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer apparently needs a Valium, a stiff drink or maybe a couple of hits of Colorado’s newest tax revenue bonanza. Something to calm her palpitations at the thought of peasants carrying guns in the District. The title of her piece Anyone With a Concealed Carry Permit Can Now Come Dangerously Close to the White House indicates just how overwrought Steph has become. She doesn’t even manage to get through the first paragraph before the lies start . . .

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What Minnesota’s New Domestic Violence Law Really Does

There has been some confusion about the “Domestic Violence Gun Confiscation” bill recently passed in the MN House of Representatives. I have been updated on exactly what the bill does and does not do by someone in the know and it is important that people understand what’s going on. In addition, Rep. Tony Cornish really is a friend to gun owners. He worked very hard to turn this bill (which originated from Felonious Mayors Against All Illegal Guns) from a complete and utter disaster into something which actually pretty well mirrors federal law [1]. Interestingly enough . . .

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How to Understand the Hatred of Firearm Freedom

Paul M. Barrett of Bloomberg Business Week has posted an interesting screed on Georgia’s (presumptive) new gun law, How to Understand Georgia’s ‘Guns Everywhere’ Law: Four Blunt Points[1]. As is customary, he starts out with a little hyperventilation: “Georgia appears poised to enact a so-called guns-everywhere law, making it easier for firearm permit holders to take their weapons into bars, churches, and even airports.” OMG! You mean that GA is going to join 42 other states that allow carry in bars? And 44 that allow carry in (the non-secure area of) airports? Not to mention at least 31 states[2] that allow firearms in houses of worship[3]? It’s going to be all right, Paul, really . . .

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For Anti-Gunners, Statistics Are Poor Ammo for OpEd Pieces

Shawn Vestal (courtesy

Columnist Shawn Vestal of the Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review is horrified by the idea that the natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil and Constitutional right to own and carry the weapon of your choice is soon going to apply (in a rather limited fashion) to college and university campuses in Idaho. Furthermore, he seems to believe that if he piles up enough distortions, twisted and irrelevant facts and outright lies, he will get people to agree with him; at least that is what I assume he’s doing with the piles of distortions, twisted and irrelevant facts and outright lies he presents in Statistics are poor ammo in Idaho debate about guns.

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Maybe Columnists Should Undergo Mandatory Factual Safety Education Before They’re Issued a Laptop

The ignorance of most members of the dead tree media never ceases to amaze. Take, for example, columnist Winston Jones who unleashed this little gem: “I’m not sure why there’s so much emotion behind the Second Amendment. There’s never been an effort in the United States, that I know about, of the government to take away citizens’ guns. They are regulated so that felons can’t legally possess them” . . .

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Comparing Car and Gun Fatalities is Misleading and Irrelevant

Is it that time of year again already? Time for the antis to trot out some ginned up stats about which to hyperventilate and ‘view with alarm’? Our pal Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center has provided the “study”, one he hopes people will gloss over without really looking too closely. Unfortunately for Josh, debunking the panty-soiling hysteria of antis is pretty much what we do . . .

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