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Ben is an aspiring gun-writer caught up in the pursuit of playing with firearms for a living. He spends his days grinding his way up the corporate ladder and wishing for 5pm. His nights.. well the details of how he spends those are private.. His childhood dreams of chasing "bad guys" for a living met the unfortunate reality of student loans, bills, and promotion potential. Ben resides in the Northern Virginia area and enjoys long walks.. to the range. Ben is always on the lookout for new article ideas. Have a firearm you want reviewed? A product tested? Your suggestions are welcome!

Gun Preview – Cabot Guns Jones and Rangemaster 1911s

TTAG ran into a new American gun company at the NRA show: Cabot Guns. [Caution: link triggers autoplay audio] You may remember our exclusive April piece on Cabot’s $4,300 GI 1911. In the months that followed, TTAG secured extended trigger time with test models to verify Cabot’s claim that each pistol produced will ship with specs that “exceed national match standards.” We visited Cabot’s factory to see how the company makes [what they say is] the finest tolerance 1911 in the world . . .

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Don’t Leave Home Without it: Insight Technology HX Series Flashlights

I’ve worked with, tested, and carried the HX120 (above). The flashlight’s strobe function will put James Guthrie into deer in the headlights mode. The max brightness setting is angry enough to leave spots on your vision even at high-noon. The momentary activation function is easily operable in any of the main flashlight holds from the various schools of light ‘em up and put ‘em down. And I’m not getting any kickback when I tell you that Insight Technology has a rebate program on HX series purchases from now through the end of the calendar year. Those jumping on the HX200 (below) are looking at a $50 mail-in-rebate. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, the company’s offering a $40 rebate both the HX150 (middle) and HX120 (bottom). Press release and full details after the jump . . .

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Gear Preview: Insight WL1-AA Weapon Light

At SHOT this past January, Insight Technologies rolled out a new set of weapon lights – the WL1-AA weapon mounted tactical light. With a brightness of 150Lumens and an “on” time of 90 minutes, you might just walk right by. . .  There was no fanfare, no parade, just the humble presentation of a low profile weapon light and its sister variant which sports a laser for aim assistance. No big deal right? Been there, done that? Well, not exactly. . . This little guy’s different – and guess what? It’s for anyone.

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Gear Review: EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight

Recently, I ran some gear out at Gunsite in Paulden, Arizona – Namely the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport and their E-Series 1911Sc. The folks from Smith teamed up with L-3 Communications to outfit the crew with EOTech weapon sights for our testing; talk about a treat. The EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) fills a niche, and then spills over the rims like the head on a perfectly poured lager. So, who needs an EOTech? Why spend a bundle on a weapon sight? Crack open a cold one and read on fair Inteligentsia. . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: NC Teen Tyler Hodge and Friends

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Hodge (not shown) of Reidsville, NC. Tyler and friends were playing in the woods at a family gathering, celebrating a birthday late Sunday afternoon. At some point, a friend of Hodge’s ran from the woods and flagged down a passing car, telling the driver that his friend had “accidentally been shot with a BB gun.”  Tyler was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS at 6:45 PM on Sunday. . .

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Leupold Introduces New Tactical Optics

Press release:

Leupold, maker of accessories from flashlights to precision rifle optics, launches a new line of aiming devices targeting the tactical market. Be it a modern sporting rifle, good ‘ole Ma Duece .50, or your coveted Mk19 grenade launcher – Leupold wants to be the optic you wear. The Army likes ‘em for sniping, and they’re gunning for a contract to outfit the Marines. So, just what’s new from Leupold? Official release after the jump . . .

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