This is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: Bloggers are Murdered [Pic After the Jump NSFW]

Without the Second Amendment (protecting Americans’ individual right to keep and bear arms), the First Amendment (protecting Americans’ individual right to free speech) would be meaningless. As in non-existent. The enemies of firearms freedom scoff at any such notion. They point to Europe, where gun rights are gone, yet free speech remains. Or does it? Under the 2012 European Data Protection Regulation Article 17, Europeans now have the “right to erasure.” They have the right to . . .

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BREAKING: Alleged Pennsylvania Cop Killer Arrested


“Eric Frein, the suspect in the deadly ambush of a Pennsylvania state trooper, has been taken into custody after a seven-week manhunt, the Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday night.” Frein has been the object of a manhunt since the ambush shooting death of Pennsylvania State Trooper Byron Dickson and the wounding of another trooper on September 12. “A law enforcement source told Fox News U.S. Marshals arrested Frein after obtaining information that he was hiding in an airport hangar near Buck Hill, the same general area where they had been searching for him. They called him out and he surrendered without incident, the source said. He was armed but no shots were fired…. Frein has been charged with first-degree murder and various other offenses, including two counts of possession of weapons of mass destruction filed after police discovered the pipe bombs.”


Range Review: Ben Avery Shooting Complex


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen the promised land of shooting ranges. I was there all day yesterday with the guys from Tac-Con, and I’m smitten. Imagine for a second, tactical bays out to 100 yards as far as the eye can see. Pistol bays that stretch still further. A 1000-yard range with wind flags each 100 yards along the way. Trap. Skeet. And even sporting clays. Folks, I give you . . .

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Coalition Against Gun Violence: Voters Are Responsible for Virginia Tech Massacre, Other Firearms-Related Atrocities

It’s a simple enough concept: “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” In this case, the Coalition Against Gun Violence trying to convince voters that not voting for pro-gun control politicians leaves blood on their hands. In the case of the second ad below, literally. Lensed by Filmmaker Mark Pellington of The Mothman Prophecies fame, the ad above is singularly, spectacularly doomed to failure. And that’s because  . . .

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ShootingTheBull410’s .22LR 3-Barrel Quest Begins!

.22LR is a fascinating round (well, to me, anyway). It’s used for everything from plinking, to pest control, to personal defense, even Olympic competitions use the little .22LR. I did a review of the North American Arms mini-revolver, and included a lot of ammo testing from that tiny handgun. Like many of us, I have a variety of .22 firearms, and I thought it’d be interesting to see how a few types of ammo would perform from different types of guns. Sometimes a round can be fantastic from a rifle, and terrible from a handgun (or, the other way around.) Accordingly . . .

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Three Reasons I Carry A 1911


I’ve gone through a number of everyday carry guns in the last few years: a GLOCK 19, Kahr PM9, Smith & Wesson 642, Springfield XD-M, FNS-9 and a few other gats that lasted a couple of weeks. As an outside-the-waistband (OWB) guy, the GLOCK, Springfield and FN printed like The New York Times. I wasn’t happy with the Kahr and Smith’s capacity and caliber. Early this year, I bought a Commander-sized Wilson Combat X-Tac Compact. Just cause. I thought, no way I’m going to carry it. It’s expensive. It’s got an external safety. It’s heavy. It’s capacity limited. And questions surround 1911’s reliability, generally speaking (the $3250 Wilson hasn’t choked once). But carry it I do. Here’s why . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Smoothbore Security Edition

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.44.41 AM

As Ralph sagely counseled yesterday, don’t mess with old guys. That’s advice two unidentified female hoods would have benefitted from, but they were too busy boosting a car and attempting a home invasion yesterday to have seen our post. And when ID’ing their target, they chose poorly, selecting the home of a suburban Houston gentleman with some snow on the roof and a 20-gauge loaded with buckshot. “‘They knocked on the door several times. There was no answer and at that time they obviously didn’t think anyone was there and they broke a window and gained entry,’ said Walter Stensland with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office. But they didn’t get very far . . .

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First Look: Eagle Eye Ammunition


There are a lot of ammunition manufacturers out there that make some rather impressive claims about accuracy, but so far very few have been able to back those claims up with solid performance. We have been testing the big names in the ammunition world, and so far those tests seem to put Winchester on the top of the pack. Even then, they don’t make any claims about the accuracy of their ammo. Eagle Eye is a new ammunition manufacturer that not only claims to be the best on the market, but backs it up with a guarantee — 1/2 MoA accuracy from every box, every time. But it gets better . . .

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Question of the Day: Which Gun(s) Are Likely to Become Future Collectibles?

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.12.17 AM

“I have acquired a few guns over the years,” TTAG reader RB admits. “None of them are investment pieces that will show any value in my lifetime. A Smith revolver has shown to hold it’s value – which is nice. However nothing else is likely to become an heirloom (outside of just one day being old in excellent condition but very common). I’m not expecting every gun to become a collectible, but I would like one. Long story short I want a Colt SAA. Colt’s website features them, has multiple models, and even a price sheet. So where are they?” Help a guy out willya? Meanwhile, which gun(s) currently for sale do you reckon will become collectible in, say, twenty to thirty years? I’m thinking the Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR. You?


Gear Review: Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll Away for Two (ER2)


By MD Matt

Emergency preparedness is big business. From doomsday preppers to the walking dead, surviving the dark times has become as much about entertainment as practicality. Surging public interest has driven an entire industry of zombie survival, tactical readiness, bug-out bags, and disaster thwarting products. Some are good, some questionable, and many downright ridiculous. Novice preppers looking for a preconfigured emergency solution are faced with a dizzying array of conflicting advertising. Wading through this storm is often frustrating. What do I actually need? Am I buying quality products? Am I spending too much? Would I be better served building my own kit? . . .

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Upland Hunting – It’s Not All About the Birds


By Tom in Oregon

There are lots reasons to go hunting. Eating fresh, clean, “free range” protein. The exercise you can get from the walks or hikes. Spending time with friends. As usual, the logistics of getting a dozen guys on the same schedule, having everyone taking time off work at the same time proved trying. Only one of our group is retired. One is semi-retired, the rest of us work full time jobs. Out of the 12-15 guys that participate in the yearly sojourn, only seven made it this year. Still, the camaraderie of this group is incredible . . .

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