Amarillo Open Carry in the Snow

Open carry Texas is keeping the heat on the Texas legislature. This time with an open carry march this past weekend in Amarillo. In the snow.  More than 2,300 open carry marches have been conducted in Texas in the last 18 months. No other social movement has been as effective in organizing and gaining followers in the last few decades. Open carry has struck a cord with the Texas gun culture. Many became educated as to the state of the law. Some could not believe that they didn’t already have rights that are commonly in place in most of the other states . . .

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Contractor Loses His Pistol Because…Off-Body Carry

A building contractor who was renovating rooms at an extended-stay hotel in Columbia, Tennessee had his pistol taken from an unsecured toolbox while he was working, reports Kara Coleman in The Daily Herald, and so far, it doesn’t sound like he’s gotten it back. “The contractor, Donnie Rosenbaum, said an unloaded Keltic (sic) .380-caliber pistol (hey, at least she got the caliber right) was in his unsecured toolbox in his room at the motel on Nashville Highway, according to a Columbia Police Department report. Rosenbaum’s son said he saw one of Rosenbaum’s employees take the handgun because Rosenbaum’s 13-year-old nephew was present and he did not want the teen having access to it.” . . .

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Salon Anti-Guns-on-Campus Rant: Arming Women is Victim-Blaming


“Let’s be clear,” Andrea Flynn urges at “People aren’t raped because they aren’t carrying firearms. They are raped because someone rapes them. What a sinister new twist on victim blaming. As if anything positive could come from adding loaded weapons to the already toxic mix of drugs, alcohol, masculine group think, and the rape culture endemic in college sports and Greek life on campuses around the country.” Commentator afeastforyourmind caught the contradiction inherent in Flynn’s argument and let her have it with both barrels (so to speak) . . .

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This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They’re Called Racist, Sexist and Homophobic

“Alexander Ross, a sophomore political science major, has been trying to get the student government at Kalamazoo College to engage in a conversation about campus carry for five weeks,” reports. When Ross finally got his three minutes in front of the council he protested the delay in a quiet voice. An unidentified member of the Student Commission ain’t got time for that. “Time’s up,” she interrupts, to begin a six-minute rant against Mr. Ross. Apparently, anyone talking to the commission dissing their protocol “coming from a white male privileged stance in life” is “disrespectful.” It’s gets worse . . .

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OMG! Ghost Guns! In California! OMG!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.19.49 AM

In a painstakingly researched and thoughtfully reported piece (click the image above to view it) from Sacramento’s, the threat presented to the populace by the spreading scourge that are “ghost guns” is laid out for Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public and the rest of the low information types watching at home. Reporterette Melinda Meza rounded up – or, more likely, was rounded up by – BATFE agent Graham Barlowe to let Golden Staters know that there’s trouble, right there in River City. With a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘G’ and that stands for GHOST GUN! The problem is that, against all odds, California governor Jerry Brown vetoed Senator Kevin de Leon’s bill last fall that would have required anyone cobbling together his own firearm — even a shadetree gunsmith working in his own garage — to ask our friends in Washington for permission and a serial number . . .

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Question of the Day: Are You Worried About Being Shot by a Cop?


“Law enforcement personnel, including campus security, are allowed to carry firearms, and they are highly trained in their use,” Montana’s asserts, carving out cops from their opposition to campus carry. “But when responding to a call for help, how are they to tell the difference between the bad guy and the victim when both are pointing guns at each other?” It’s the same old question that comes up any time . . .

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SHOT Show 2015: Chiappa X-Caliber Survival Rifle/Shotgun

Although the Chiappa X-Caliber was actually first shown at SHOT Show 2014, it only started shipping a few months ago. It’s a lightweight survival gun configured as a break-open over/under with a 12 gauge shotgun barrel on top and a .22 LR barrel on bottom and a dual extractor in between. What truly makes it a survival gun is that it can shoot at total of 10 different calibers, including. . .

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EDC for CCW: FNH USA’s Limited Edition Bawidamann Tactical Fixed Blade Knife


A fixed blade for everyday carry? Really? Yes, it’s more than possible given the right carry options. And those options are some of the best parts of the product of the collaboration between FNH USA and Bawidamann Blades. FNH announced their limited edition run of these S35VN tactical blades just before the SHOT Show and auctioned the first one off to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. So how good are these knives? Click over to The Truth About Knives to read our full review of this exceptional blade . . .


ATF: An SB-15 Stabilizing Brace On AK Pistol is Legal (But Be Careful How You Do It!)


The AR-15 buffer tube is the universal attachment point for aftermarket stocks. Just about everyone makes an AR-15 compatible shoulder stock, and even newer piston-driven guns that don’t need a buffer are being designed with an adapter to allow the use of existing stocks. For those with firearms like AK-47 pistols, adapters are available to allow you to mount an AR-15 buffer tube so you can then add an AR-15 stock or brace to your gun if you want. According to a new letter from the ATF, though, it appears that bolting a buffer tube to your AK-47 pistol might now be considered “manufacturing” a short-barreled rifle, and therefore illegal without a tax stamp . . .

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Quote of the Day: Big Tent Edition


“I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment. And I believe in the sanctity of life and I believe it begins at conception. I also have an abiding belief in my savior Jesus Christ. I also believe it is time for hard-working Log Cabin Republicans to be chartered into this organization.” – California Republican Party Secretary Patricia Welch, in California GOP recognizes gay faction of party [at]


Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate: Jennifer Thorne Edition

Jennifer Thorne (courtesy

Gun control advocates are fixated on the term “a good guy with a gun.” It’s a swipe at the latter half of NRA jefe Wayne LaPierre’s famous post-Newtown press conference sound bite: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” As far as gun control advocates are concerned, there’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun (except police and other armed government agents, of course). Here’ a recent example . . .

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