Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Childhood Tragedy Edition


The mainstream media often reports negligent discharges (ND’s) in the passive voice. This is particularly prevalent in stories of police ND’s and ND’s that claim the lives of children. The technique sugar coats the shock and deflects blame from the person responsible for the “accident.” Unfortunately, it leaves readers with the impression that the gun was somehow responsible for the damage done. For example, “A 12-year-old girl is dead after a rifle discharged, fatally shooting her during a youth hunting event on Drummond Island,” Michigan’s reports . . .

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Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Endorses “Gun Safety Champions,” Puts Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Jefe Shannon Watts On Tour

When former Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his intention to plow tens of millions of dollars into his civilian disarmament campaign through Everytown for Gun Safety, it was clear the ballistic bully boy was playing political hardball. So far so bad. Bloomberg made a major misstep when he reacted to the recall of  pro-gun Colorado Dems by portraying Colorado Springs and Pueblo as “roadless” rural outposts. In fact, Bloomberg’s support has become political fodder for his chosen candidates’ opponents. Everytown’s announcement of their “Gun Safety Champions” won’t motivate anti-gun voters (if such a thing exists) but it will help get out the pro-gun vote (which exists). Click here for the drop down list of Bloomie’s 16 faves, all of whom are lauded for supporting .  . .

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Defense Distributed is Up To Something, Coming September 30th

In politics, the term “October surprise” refers to a last minute plan to disrupt the opponent and sway the election. The point of the exercise is that the news will break so close to the day of the vote that the opponent has no time to effectively react or regain the narrative before the election in November. It usually comes in the form of something like news of a drug arrest in the opponent’s past or other embarrassing occurrence. As for Defense Distributed’s use of the term in this teaser video, I have no idea what’s up their sleeve. Which is kinda the pint. But Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed, the people who brought you the first 3D printed gun, are up to something. Stay tuned.


ShootingTheBull410 Takes Federal’s Guard Dog Out for a Walk

By ShootingTheBull410

Following up on last week’s drywall test, this video is a more thorough examination of Federal’s Guard Dog for general purpose self-defense use in a 3″ barrel 9mm pocket pistol. In this video, I put Guard Dog through the regular ballistic gel test, as well as repeating the footage from the last video where Guard Dog faced off against four sheets of 1/2″ drywall and then impacted a block of ballistic gel . . .

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BREAKING: Three Dead At Alabama UPS Facility

Crime scene (courtesy

A former employee at an Alabama UPS facility shot two UPS supervisors before taking his own life. “The incident happened just before 9:30 a.m.,” reports, “as police received multiple calls of an active shooter at 4601 Inglenook Lane, the customer service center and warehouse. ‘Patrol units responded quickly, they rallied and made entry,’ said Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper. ‘They were able to clear the building and, of course, during the shooting, multiple employees exited the facility.’ Once the officers arrived and entered the building, they found three dead people inside the business. ‘It appears it was the shooter still wearing his UPS uniform and two other employees,’ the chief said. The shooter is believed to be a 45-year-old white male from the Argo area . . . Police this afternoon confirmed the shooter was fired from his job.’He received his final papers Monday,’ said police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards. ‘Today he was not expected to return to work because he was no longer employed there.’”


Gear Review: Magpul ACS-L Carbine Stock

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.54.44 AM

There’s little doubt that Magpul’s innovative designs have done more to promote the idea of “tactical chic” in the last couple decades than any other company. They were one of the first to actually put some effort into designing visually appealing firearms accessories instead of simply sticking to the pre-existing military designs that seemed stuck in the 1980s. While they may have initially made a name for themselves for their visual style (and helpful mag pulling accessories), what has kept them in the spotlight is their ability to innovate and produce useful designs that solve problems. One of their latest: the ACS-L carbine stock . . .

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Question of the Day: Should the NRA Talk About Iraq?

NRA watchers will tell you that the gun rights group is dragging itself kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The NRA has hired a squadron of commentators who are as far removed from the racist, redneck OWFG stereotype as Barbara Palvin is from Jabba the Hut. While much of the resulting YouTubery begins with a disclaimer separating the NRA from the editorial content therein, the Life of Duty segment does not. In the episode above, the on-screen talent tells viewers that the U.S shouldn’t have pulled out all its forces from Iraq. Huh? What’s that got to do with guns? In fact, doesn’t that kind of partisan politics alienate potential firearms freedom folk? Shouldn’t the NRA steer clear of all non-gun-related issues?


Gun People and the Jagged Marble


By Rhonda Little. [Republished with permission from]

I like marbles. I don’t really like guns.

No. Hang on: that’s wrong. That second sentence is not actually true. I do like some guns: there are many that are simply beautiful, much like the oddly mesmerizing beauty in the colorful smooth glass toys of children. Allow me to edit my intro with this more accurate statement:

I don’t feel comfortable around guns.

In fact, guns make me decidedly uncomfortable. They are tools of death, tools of pain. A guns is not a tool of creation, it is a tool of destruction. That said . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Keep On Truckin’ Edition

Crime scene San Antonio (courtesy

We recently ran a piece about running into fake cops (Self-Defense Tip: Call the Cops on the Cops). We know of at least one interstate trucker who can relate. “Joshua McCann was in San Antonio to pick up a motorcycle from a local shop and haul it back to Michigan for a customer,” reports. “But, when he pulled into the shopping center, a man claiming to be a police officer stopped him and instructed him to get out of the truck. After exiting, the driver asked to see a badge. The suspect allegedly told McCann that he was going to steal the truck and that’s when the 22-year-old sprang into action .  . .

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Open Letter to Open Carrier at Starbucks: Stop!


From Mary Keane
Cheyenne [via]

This is in open letter to Bruce, who sits at Starbucks every morning with a gun, bullet-proof vest and assault rifle:

I am writing this letter to the paper because I do not feel comfortable saying this to your face, being that you are armed for combat.

I look forward each weekend to spending time at Starbucks with my boyfriend and two dogs. But we decided about a month ago not to go if you were at Starbucks: We do not feel safe with you there . . .

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Quote of the Day: The Accidental Gun Owner Edition

Berit (left) and Brett Anderson (courtesy

“We didn’t want to live in a reality where the gun — and violence — became our go-to option for dealing with major problems; a lens through which we see the world. Even if that problem was an armed intruder. Rather than living according to the fear of having to protect ourselves from a man in a ski mask, we’ve chosen to protect ourselves from the more likely reality of accidentally hurting ourselves or someone we know.” -  Berit Anderson [above left], How one young couple resolved their own gun debate [via]


Man Shot in GA Target Parking Lot

“A man was shot Sunday evening in the parking lot of the Target store at The Prado shopping center on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. The man, whose name has not been released, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wounds to the back and arm,” Steve Rose said. TTAG reader KA writes: “Well, I wonder if Shannon and friends would consider getting carjacked and shot in the back in a Target parking lot #offTarget. Personally, I find victim disarmament zones leave me feeling #targeted, to use their vernacular. Oh well, at least it didn’t happen inside the store, because, you know, that would be against Target’s, um, polite request that guns stay in the car. Best wishes to the guy who got shot.”