Quote of the Day: Special Dispensation Edition


“We looked at the real life examples of what happened in Louisiana when people were trying to evacuate, some on foot, and they were stopped at bridges and certain checkpoints and their firearms were seized. It took them many months to get them back, if they ever got them back, but they were just trying to comply with a lawful order to evacuate New Orleans.” – Florida State Sen. Jeff Brandes in Unpermitted Florida gun owners get exemption for hurricanes [at gainesville.com]


Bullets Over Pre-School Anti-Gun Agitprop

Description [via dixonplace.org] “A tragicomedy (with karoake and possibly a muppet) about America’s increasingly armed and dangerous toddlers, and a gun lobby that doesn’t know what to do about them. Our protagonist is a young guy with a macabre nickname, a heart of gold — and a secret from his past. When Wayne LaPoo, the powerful head of the National Machine Gun Association (NMGA), enlists our heroes help on an audacious plan to get guns into the hands of every toddler in America, will our young straight shooter become a pawn in the gun lobby’s game — or learn to choose love over fear?” False dichotomy much? Oh yeah they do. Frack Theatre that. [h/t NYAG]


BREAKING: Texas Legislature Passes Open Carry Bill


Watching laws being made is never pretty. And the process of passing an open carry bill in the Lone Star State would make any sausage factory appetizing by comparison, but both houses of the legislature just passed HB910. And as you can see from Governor Greg Abbott’s enthusiastic tweet above, the deed is now all but done. Yes, Texans will have to have a concealed carry license in order to tote a heater out in the open. And despite the best efforts of some die-hards, the local constabulary will be able to stop ‘n frisk ask to see the permit of anyone they spy with a pistol visible on their hip. But letting the perfect be the enemy of the good doesn’t get gun owners anywhere. It’s about playing the long game and after too much to-ing and fro-ing, Texas just took a big step in the right direction.


BATFE Planning to Finalize Rule on NFA Trusts in December


Back in 2013, Nick reported that the BATFE was toying with the idea of requiring all responsible parties in an NFA trust to get a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) sign-off, just as individuals are required to do. The wheels of bureaucracy being slow as ever, we hadn’t heard much on that lately. An eagle-eyed TTAG reader, however, noted that something may be about to break on that front later this year . . .

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Gear Review: Neomag Magazine Pocket Clips


I’m a SnagMag salesman. No, I don’t work for them. And no, I don’t get freebies. I buy their products just like everyone else. But I’ve bought a lot of them, I tell everyone about them and I often don’t have one on me because I’ve given it away to someone I meet that isn’t carrying spare ammunition. Please note I said “spare.” There is no such thing as “extra” ammunition. Extra is what you don’t need. Spare is what you will need sooner or later. Anyway, I may have found something I like even more . . .

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BREAKING: Democrats Introduce National Mandatory Firearms Insurance Bill

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 16:  House Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee ranking member Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) delivers opening remarks during a hearing on the Dodd-Frank Act and the definition of Systemically Important Financial Institutions on Capitol Hill May 16, 2012 in Washington, DC. The recent announcement by JPMorgan Chase of a $2 billion trading loss loomed large in the hearing as lawmakers heard regulators testify about what makes a bank or institution 'too big to fail.'  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney from the state of New York has just introduced a bill designed to require all gun owners in the United States to purchase liability insurance before they can purchase a firearm, or face a $10,000 fine. Her logic: we require liability insurance for car owners, why not require the same for gun owners? She introduced this legislation today despite the fact that her recommendation would disproportionately impact minorities and low-income families, the very focus groups which Democrats have attempted to pander to in the last few years, and stifle their civil rights. From her statement on the floor of the House . . .

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The Last Word on Why You Should Use an AR-15 for Home Defense. Or Not.

Sgt. Maj. Kyle E. Lamb (courtesy centermassinc.com)

Over at americanrifleman.com, Sgt./Maj. Kyle E. Lamb is crystal clear on the supremacy of the AR-15 platform for home defense. Anyone who thinks a 1911 is up to the task just isn’t thinking properly, apparently. “If you are among those who say, ‘If I can’t fix the problem with my eight rounds of .45 ACP, it can’t be fixed,’ I say please grab a big old mug of black coffee and wake up from your dream. No one knows who, what, when, where or why the fight will start—blowhard statements only degrade an intelligent conversation.” Yup, this is gonna get ugly . . .

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Gun Deals Gone Bad: Patience is a Virtue


A funny thing happened on my way back from lunch this afternoon. Ted Clutter from ATF’s NFA branch left me a voicemail. He didn’t sound happy with me at all. I’m usually a pretty easy guy to get along with and Ted is a pretty happy fellow, but when ATF’s NFA branch calls – it’s because something went wrong or they came up with a response to a complicated question that I framed for them and they had to research it some more. This time it was the former rather than the latter. I know Ted Clutter by reputation to be one of the folks at ATF that has more answers than questions on most things, so I was surprised to hear him calling me . . .

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Question of the Day: Where Do You Stow Your Carry Gun?


I often struggle with safe, yet effective storage places for my concealed carry weapon when I’m not carrying.  For example, I don’t wear it not while showering. So where to put it?  It seems a little silly for me to put it in the safe because I’m just going to be strapping it back on in a few minutes. So I usually choose to put the gun and holster it’s in on the top of the medicine cabinet in my bathroom.  I have two little kids and should one of them come in, the last thing I want is them grabbing mommy’s gun . . .

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Gun Review: Springfield Armory XD(m) 4.5


In a market dominated by tiny handguns, there’s a certain bravado that comes with not only owning, but carrying a pistol that weighs over two pounds loaded, and packs twenty rounds at the ready. It takes some getting used to at first. You stare at your friends salivating over the GLOCK 43 and ask why they’d want to carry a third(ish) the ammo you do. They stare back, hollow eyed.  You grow even more concerned with their desire to try to get a good grip with but a few fingers when they could easily maintain a two-handed kung fu grip with the gun you carry. It’s a weird world out there once you start carrying the XD(m) 4.5 chambered in 9mm…Read More


Guns For Beginners: “Paranoia” Is Your Friend

What if you were the subject of this walk/drive-by shooting [starts at 1:20]? It’s hardly likely. I can’t find any details on the incident save chicagotribune.com‘s recap of what we see, but I think their title of the YouTube video makes it safe to assume we’re looking at a criminal-on-criminal beef. Even so, the incident highlights the simple fact that violent events happen very quickly. Which underscores the importance of what anti-gunners call “paranoia” and what gun gurus call situational awareness. Here’s the thing . . .

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