Enter TTAG’s Summer Content Contest: Win a Remington R1 Lightweight Executive or ZORE X Core Lock

Remington R1 Lightweight Executive .45 ACP

Here we go again. It’s finally officially summer and that time of year when we open our pages to our knowledgable, articulate and persnickety readership, giving them the chance to share their talents with the gun world. Judging by the quality of past entries, this is going to be good.

This year’s Summer Content Contest will work like the others. Simply create brilliant, entertaining and informative content on any firearms-related topic. It can be a gun or gear review, a comparison of guns, a how-to piece, a bit of history, something political or gun rights-oriented…the choice is yours. Again, as long as it’s gun-related.

Put your entries in the form of a Word doc or in the body of an email and send it to us at thetruthaboutguns@gmail.com with CONTENT CONTEST in the subject field. If you’re including photos (and please send lots where appropriate), send them separately from the content (don’t embed them in the Word doc, please).

This year’s grand prize winner will win a Remington 1911 R1 Ultralight Executive .45 ACP pistol (see our review here). The runner-up with get a ZORE X Core gun lock.

ZORE X Core Gun Lock

We’ll be accepting entries through the end of July. Post-worthy work will be published on the site until we’ve run out of publishable content and then we’ll announce the winners some time in August. You can enter as many times as you like during the entry period.

Good luck and start writing!




  1. avatar jwtaylor says:

    To hell with it. I never win.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “To hell with it. I never win.”

      Dude, you have safe after safe after FUCKING safe *stuffed* with guns I or most TTAG readers will never be able to afford.

      HUNDREDS of them, by your own accord.

      Is winning a lousy stock 1911 that important to you, compared to the thousands of TTAG readers who may have only one or maybe even no guns at all?


      1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

        It’s not the gun, it’s the winning that counts.

        1. avatar SteamTroller45 says:


      2. avatar jwtaylor says:

        Easy there Geoff, look up and you’ll see that joke.

        But as a point of fact, I’m down to about 100 guns. I know, I know, shameful. But I wanted to start a new small business and I needed some cash, so I sold off a bunch (80?). I mean, I had a ridiculous number of black tactical 12 gauge pump action shotguns, of which I shot 1. I’ve since sold almost all my pump shotguns in general. Sold 2 LCPs I never shot. (Though I liked the guns.) I had 2 Glock 40s for Christ’s sake, and a Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel. Have I EVER shot those? And then bolt guns…Jesus, it was asinine. I sold all but 2 of the Mosins. One of the STI’s a 2011 and a 1911. A Colt series 70 Government. All but 2 of the H&R single shots. Sold several AR15s, one of the AKs. All but 3 of the 22s. The 17HMR. And others.

        I’ve instituted a 1 in/1out rule now. Which I’ve immediately violated, buying another subgun, 3 black powder 44s and starting some new project revolvers.

        I also don’t have a gun safe. I have a gun room. Come to think of it, it is looking kinda bare…


        1. avatar Ing says:

          Man, I wish I could afford to have your problem.

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
          You don’t happen to have a 4-inch blued GP100 357 for sale, do you? Dan Wesson 357 pistol pack? Walnut furniture for a G3? Mauser chambered in 9.3 x62? Used Colt Delta Elite? Come on man, I need.

  2. avatar CarlosT says:

    I thought of entering in years past, but some people out there have such amazing stories I’m just going to sit back and read. This contest always brings in great stuff.

    1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

      Should I write about the boating accident where all my firearms were lost and I was stranded on Gilligans Island with Ginger and Mary Ann.

      1. avatar Ing says:

        (Obligatory joke about “gunplay” goes here.)

      2. avatar Dave in PTC says:

        Mary Ann, yes. Ginger, no! Ginger is way too high maintenance.

        Think of the ZZ Top song, Tube Snake Boogie.
        Insert into the lyrics:

        “… Ginger won’t do it, but Mary Ann will…”

        1. avatar Batterycap says:

          Your on an island. For years. Two great looking women. And you pick just one. Nay, Nay, Nay.

  3. avatar Spectre_USA says:

    I may as well give it another rip, as I’ve done so on at least one, or was it two, other occasions. I need another R1, but lightweight, and lightweight, and executive!

    Now for a subject…

  4. avatar UniversalGunCare4All says:

    I have to read this site to keep it up and running, no way am i going to start writing for them too!

  5. avatar Ing says:

    Sweet! I wonder what I should write my inevitably non-winning entry about this time… 🙂

  6. avatar Bloving says:

    Uh, Dan? I didn’t know about this before I hit the button on yesterday’s email… still counts?
    …. not that is was Winner Grade material, but still…

    1. I have it scheduled for tomorrow. But can make it a contest entry if you’d rather.

    2. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

      Ugh I hate it when I write something without really trying and it gets posted. Or so I always imagine.

  7. avatar Mark N. says:

    I have a gun review all written–except for the shooting part. (It has to happen outside; first it was too cold and wet, and now its too hot!)

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      You’re doing it backwards.

  8. avatar pieslapper says:

    Can we get one of these as a caption contest prize? Unfortunately my wit and brilliance seem to peter out after a couple of sentences.

  9. avatar E Teasley says:

    Gun go boom….Mongo happy. End of Story

  10. avatar Moltar says:

    Hmm… Ok guys should I review my pawn shop purchased Mini 14, my buds purchased Armscor (Rock Island Armory) 1911, my buds purchased SCCY CPX2, or the Ruger Security 9?
    Wait!!!! Maybe the youth Savage Rascal or Mossberg 464 rimfire probably have my boys do those….

  11. avatar Jimmy james says:

    Utra lightweight?

  12. avatar Bob h says:

    Which would be most interesting? My 70’s Smith experience, Taurus Judge 4.25″ and why it’s a great carry gun, or another PX4 review?

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